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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 5 May 2017
I've been buying IBRA cables for a few years now and they just get better and better. I've upgraded to a 4K TV and PS4 Pro a while back and these cables are second to none in good quality and value for money.

- High grade build and materials
- Supports 4K
- Anti tangle design
- Look really great, especially if you have no way of hiding cabling

- Difficult to bend to angle right (not really a con they're just really solid)

If you're looking to upgrade your HDMI cables to something that is great quality and value for money look no further, choose you're length and you're sorted!
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on 26 November 2016
As others have said, you can pay a heck of a lot more buying HDMI cables that are frankly not
going to make the picture quality any better than this reasonably priced item.
Sadly you can buy cables that arn't equall to the task and will disappoint, many have recommeded
the IBRA cable (use mine to connect my 5-Port HDMI Switch-Box to my TV ....assuredly sound advice
- can recommend.
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on 5 December 2017
Lovely cable, very well made. Have got a new OLED 4k tv which uses Dolby Atmos with HDR using hdmi ARC, but was having issues with sound. Sound goes to the soundbar via optical cable so whilst playing any programs/films via HDR or with dolby vision from Netflix or Amazon the sound worked fine but when reverting back to normal HD from the sky box no sound would occur no matter what settings I tried. For some reason the tv would recognise the picture signal but not the sound signal being transmitted from the sky box to the tv via the hdmi cable, but this new cable solved the problem and as cables go it does look very nice and feels extremely well built. Can now watch everything with no sound issues at all. For the price you can’t beat it.
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on 19 November 2017
I had no less than 4 HDMI cables laying around but none of them gave me what i needed. A 4k signal at 60Hz. Through all of the cables, i could feed a signal of no more than 4k@30Hz at best. Saw it as a gimmick and how many said that the HDMI cable doesn't matter. That there is no such thing as HDMI cable 2.0, 1.4 etc and that all of them gives the same results. Well, they are wrong. It does matter. Trust me, it does! That, and also the length *cough*.
The connector is all metal, heavy and feels premium. The cable itself is very thick and covered in braid. The whole thing feels premium for this price.
I trust that i won't have any issues with it in the near future. I know how many cables loose quality depending on their length but not this one. I didn't see any loss between this, being a 3m and a 1m cable of mine.
An amazing product. Buy it and you won't be dissapointed.
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on 20 December 2017
I have no idea of things electrical but I am so pleased with these items, I have noticed a difference in the quality of the picture since I changed them. This has led me to buy only the best from now on. If you want top quality images on your TV then I would recommend buying this ite!m. I originally only purchased one but when I noticed the change in the images on my TV I purchased another 3 to update my other electrical equipment. First rate product and first rate supplier.
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on 22 November 2017
When it comes to 4K @ 60Hz, quality and length really do matter. Most people won't even utilise 4K @ 60hz as all they are doing is watching TV, which typically is only broadcast in 24fps, as are just about all movies which have been shot in 24fps for the past 100+ years. When it comes to gaming though, if you have enough GPU power, you can hit 60fps in 4K and that's where it counts having the capability to hit that bandwidth.

I went through 4 different cables before finding this one. When you go over 7.6m (25ft), normal HDMI cables will fail to transmit more than 4K @ 30hz. If you need anything much longer than that, you're in the fiber HDMI category and they can be £200+

I was just about to cop for a fiber HDMI cable when I decided to try this and to my amazement, it works perfectly. The source is my PC which has a 980ti GPU in it and it's feeding in to my UHD60 4k Optoma projector @ 60Hz over a 7m cable. The one before this was a different make but it was 7.5m and although it did work, it would lose the signal intermittently.

Now I can send the others back and get myself something else in place of them :)
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on 14 January 2017
After purchasing the TV and sound bar from Sony I had problems with my old HDMI cable where I've got no sound ( could only get sound with a optical cable ☹️) so I decided to buy a 4K hdmi cable. When the cable arrived I was surprised at the quality and feel, Nice thick braided cable with gold plated ends. Once plugged in it worked right away, so I can now control my tv and sound bar with one remote control. A friend of mine paid £80 for a 4k hdmi cable ( with help from a nice man at Currys PC World 😧) I wasn't having any of that, so for £6 this is a bargain. One thing to note is that the cable is quite stiff so if you need to run the cable with tight bends you might need a different cable. I plan to purchase more of these as I'm getting Sky Q next week and I'm getting Xbox Scorpio when it comes out!! Having looked at hundreds of cables I glad I've found a cheap quality cable that ticks all the boxes, buy with confidence 😀
review imagereview image
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on 23 March 2017
Great value and quality braided HDMI lead. Solid plugs that fit snugly to TV and Sky & Bose boxes. Required 2 X 8M leads when re-positioning AV equipment away from TV, running through wall behind TV outside and back into where the equipment is placed. Works well with picture quality as good as a shorter cable. The plugs are robust so slightly bigger than the moulded plastic plugs so consider if space is tight.
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on 21 May 2018
These are great cables. I decided to update all my 4 HDMI cables (& all my ethernet cables) between my Panasonic Soundbase, Sony 4k TV, Virgin Cable box and Apple TV. I wasn't really expecting much of a change - however I definitely noticed two changes
1) the audio via HDMI ARC to my Sound-base was improved -previously sometimes sound would occasionally not come through & I would need to restart the soundbase - but with these HDMI cables it works 100% of the time !
2) the picture I can honestly say has been slightly enhanced - across the board !-Standard definition, high definition and 4K ! I would say it was more noticeable on Standard Definition, that now sometimes looks closer to HD & has less 'mosquito noise' or 'rings' on the picture - Its not a massive change -but noticeable nevertheless ! I wasn't expecting that at all - as I was also someone that thought HDMI cables were pretty much all the same, but I can honestly say these are better than the ones I had bought only 3 years previously !!
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on 27 December 2017
The cable is sending gliches to my apple tv. Few times every minutes. It is not super obvious so i am not sure if it happened from start or recently, but now i see it all the time. I tried with an other wire i have and no more glitches, the wire is no boubt the culprit. Maybe i got unlucky with the wire but i will not risk getting the same one again.
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