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Customer Reviews

4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
Style: Bodyclock Starter 30|Change
Price:£49.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

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on 4 December 2015
It took me a long time to finally buy the Lumie lamp. Having read many reviews and deliberated over whether it was worth spending a relatively large amount of money on an alarm clock, I am so glad I did make the purchase.

I have only had the lamp for a couple of weeks, but I already feel like it has revolutionised the quality of sleep that I get. I sleep all night, undisturbed and wake up feeling far better than I ever have with an audio alarm.

Many people will probably buy this light for the 'sunrise' feature, however, unexpectedly I have found the 'sunset' mode to be my favourite bit. Being able to wind down at the end of the day, with the light slowly fading is so relaxing. I think there is a great benefit from not going from a bright light to pitch black (as I previously did when using a standard bedside lamp). The gentle dimming light allows the body to drift off far more naturally.

I do also love the main 'Wake Up' feature. I always set the light to also come on with the inbuilt radio alarm, however, I am always awake by the time the radio comes on. I agree with other reviewers that the radio isn't top quality, but it does the job. It is an analogue radio so there will always be crackling and it won't ever be a crystal clear sound, but it is perfect for a quiet, gentle wake up, and far better than a standard alarm bell. I have taken to waking up with the Lumie radio and then once out of bed, I turn on my usual DAB radio. This suits me fine, but I can see that others may find the sound quality frustrating if they are used to DAB quality sound.

Having read reviews stating that the light is rather complicated to set up, I have to disagree. As long as you read the manual carefully and follow the instructions step-by-step, you will be fine, and will get the hang of the settings very quickly. I have had no trouble setting up the alarm.

Aesthetically, it is not the most beautiful light, but this is definitely a function over form item. It is actually smaller and less bulky than I had anticipated, and it fits well on my bedside table.

My one little gripe, which is in line with other comments, is that the buttons are rather 'clicky'. They may be a pain if you are setting the alarm when someone else is already asleep. You certainly can't set the clock silently.

Overall, I am very pleased with the Bodyclock. I feel that it has improved my sleep pattern, energy and mood greatly, and I would recommend it to anyone who has trouble sleeping well, waking up in the morning, or people who take a long time to get going in the morning.
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on 21 February 2017
I have had this alarm clock for 4 days and my life has been transformed. I wake up happy and wide awake, not constantly hitting the snooze button. I find the clock very easy to set, and very intuitive. I have not had to look at the instructions a single time. I don't mind having to set the alarm each night - you hit one button on the front and it simultaneously sets the alarm for the next morning and it switches off the display (the display has various options - you can have it on auto which dims it at night, completely off, and on). I have just purchased a second Lumie 250 for my daughter and I know she will benefit from it too. The radio sound is clear and good quality. I love that the light dims after 20 minutes - if you don't want it dimmed you just hit the plus button and the timer resets.

I almost didn't buy this as so many people said it was difficult to set and unintuitive. Maybe they are using a different model, but I have found it super easy. There is one control button, one plus and one minus button, and you just cycle through the options with the control button and plus - or + to change the settings. Easy.

The only negative is that the light does get very hot as its a halogen bulb. I plan to chance it to an LED bulb soon.
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on 10 January 2017
The light and sounds function of this are great and waking up is indeed a far better experience than with a traditional alarm clock. The thing that really lets this product down is the radio function. As it is an analogue radio, it is almost impossible to get any radio stations with a clear signal (the old fashioned wire style aerial can't help) and there isn't auto search function so you have to manually press the button one unit at a time to try to get even close to a signal. It doesn't have any radio memory settings so if you ever move from a station, it takes ages to find another or even go back to the one you had. What's more, if you tune the radio for the standard radio (i.e. switch it on/off when you want to listen) you still have to do it all over again if you want to use the radio in the alarm function to wake you up. I didn't buy this as a radio so I'm happy with the other functions but given the difference between this model and the far cheaper Lumie models is the radio...I'd save your money and get the cheaper version that doesn't have a radio. Shame as otherwise it is great.
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on 8 September 2016
Love this clock. Wakes me up very gently. There is no strait forward alarm switch off so I just unplug it from the mains if I wake up before the alarm cycle is finished. All the settings on the clock stays programmed for about 2 hours after I unlug it so I do not have to set it up all again. I also like that the clock light is off so it does not disturb me when sleeping. When i want to know what time is it I just press one botton and it is displayed for couple of seconds in dimm light. Over all I am very happy with the purchase.
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on 3 December 2015
I researched which lamp to buy quite thoroughly as I thought it was quite a bit of money! It is very much worth it.
I have to say I was very excited for it to arrive, I had been suffering with tiredness for the past few weeks due to the darker evenings and mornings.

I have been using this everyday for about a month now, and can say the results are brilliant.
I am pleasantly woken up before my alarm goes off, I am not tired throughout the day, no more mid afternoon slumps. I've even stopped taking my iron tablets as I don't need them, I feel so awake.
The lamp originally started up in French, which confused me slightly as I thought this was a British make? I thought the default language would be in English but hey ho I got round that after pressing holding down the middle button, then continually pressing it until it came up 'Francais' then clicked the + sign until it came up in English.

The instructions are very clear and once plugged in it is set perfectly now for each night, if you unplug it, you will lose your settings.
You just have to set it before you wish to sleep for the sunset option to kick in.

I have not used the radio and therefore cannot comment on quality.
The lamp gets very bright so is great for reading in bed.
The alarm noises are nice, not shrill or annoying, I have been using the bird song which can be set quite low so that it gently wakes you up, it doesn't stir my partner either as I keep me on my side of the bed.
It came with a bulb but no replacement so hold onto the box in the event of the light blowing so you can get the same one.

I believe this to be a high quality item and it has greatly improved my sleep pattern and by default my energy and mood!
Would recommend.
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on 29 December 2013
The good news first - this little unit does exactly what it says on the tin. It will lull you to sleep with a "sunset" produced by a halogen bulb in a white plastic dome, which fades from very bright to off over 15-90 minutes. During this time you can select "wellbeing" sounds (waves on beach, dawn chorus etc.) or the radio, and the volume will gradually decrease to nothing as the light dims. In the morning, you get the reverse sunrise effect, again over 15-90 minutes and timed so that the lamp reaches maximum brightness at the time the alarm is set to. The alarm can be one of the wellbeing sounds, the radio, an electronic beep, or the light just staying on or flashing with no sound. The Bodyclock can also be used as a reading light with the radio or wellbeing sounds in the background, with no dimming.

The build quality of the unit is excellent - the plastic dome is sturdy and is held in place by several lugs. You will need to remove the dome to change the bulb. Replacements are readily available. Nice thinking on the part of the designers.

Now for the bad news.. The controls on the Bodyclock can only be described as 'quirky'. Getting the unit to do what you want isn't as straightforward as you'd think. Examples:

* Turning the alarm on also activates the sunset - the designers assume (reasonably) that these two functions will be used together. The unit doesn't automatically switch the light on and start dimming it when the Alarm/Sunset mode is activated - however if you switch the light and/or sounds on manually, they immediately start to fade to off, according to the menu settings. If you turn the light or sounds back on after they have faded to off, you get another sunset effect, and so on. (Bizarrely the beeping alarm is grouped with the wellbeing sounds - if you wanted you could have an electronic beep that fades away to nothing with your 'sunset'!)

* If you don't want an alarm in the morning, you can activate the Sunset mode separately (but see below).

* The LED display can be set to auto-dim along with the light, but this only works if the unit is in Alarm or Sunset mode. If neither is selected, the LED stays on at full blast even if the lamp is off, and will probably keep you awake at night as it is bright. Because of this, you'll probably want to keep the unit permanently in Sunset or Alarm mode, unless you want to use the reading light for any length of time.

* The Alarm mode deactivates when the alarm is switched off in the morning - you have to remember to activate it again. This is the 'feature' that will probably cause most annoyance, as every clock-radio I've ever used sounds the radio or buzzer daily until you switch off the alarm mode. Fortunately I've got into the habit of checking the alarm is switched on and set to the right time before I go to sleep (paranoia of being late for work) so it's no problem for me to turn the Bodyclock alarm back on, which is a single button press.

I've had the Bodyclock for a week now and fortunately I've already got used to its odd controls. It does its job so well that I can forgive it being a bit fiddly to use, but I've had to knock off a couple of stars for this as it will undoubtedly irritate some buyers. The manual makes reference to displaying the "software version" on the LED - perhaps the next-generation Bodyclock will come with built-in wifi so it can go online and update its firmware, blu-ray player style?!
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on 9 March 2017
This item was something I had my eye on for a very long time. When I finally bought it, I was very happy with the delivery and the set up was very straightforward (like setting the time, alarm, sound, etc). The light, at it's brightest, is really rather bright - which is perfect, as I was worried it wouldn't be bright enough as a bed side lamp for reading. The dim is lovely, warm, and soft. It's very nice being able to choose the brightness of the lamp.

The sunset option is a great way to gently go to sleep, but generally you can only use the sunset if you've put your alarm on. It has a fantastic feature of being able to go to sleep listening to a sound (I chose the waves because is was most relaxing) that slowly gets quieter over the sunset until it stops. This is perfect for me as I suffer from tinnitus which often makes going to sleep more difficult in silence. The fact that you can adjust the length of the sunrise in the morning is great too. I found that half an hour was too fast, so 45 minutes worked a lot better for me.

Now, potentially because I am a heavy sleeper, I find the sunrise often doesn't wake me up. When it does, it's great because the wake up is very gentle and gradual. However, when it does not, I am woken up by the back-up alarm.

My main dislike about the clock is that, say on the weekend you don't want to set your alarm, the display stays bright all night. Without manually turning down the display light, then turning it up when you wake up, there's no way to dim it just for the night. If you have the alarm on, it's fine because it goes dark with the sunset. But if not, it is quite bright in the middle of the night.

Other than that though, I am very pleased with the light. Works as a fab alarm as well as a great bedside lamp.
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on 30 April 2016
Upgraded to this one after buying the starter, as it was much nicer to wake up to the radio (if songs are on and Chris Moyles definitely isn't!), and fall asleep to 80's love songs.

One slight negative is that (disclaimer: I haven't read the manual) unless you set the alarm, the time appears quite bright - too bright to sleep. So be prepared to put an alarm on extra late for that lie in that you've been looking forward to (then the clock brightness dims).

The sunset mode is really soothing and eases you into a slumber (unless your boyfriend ruins it by refusing to stop reading the BBC Sport page on his phone until you chuck it across the room), but I can't comment on the sunrise mode to naturally wake you up, as I can sleep through fire alarms and torches being shon in my eyes.
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on 27 April 2017
It does make waking up in the winter that bit easier so for that three stars for doing the job. I am slightly at a loss why a timer, bulb and variable resistor should all come to £60 as there's nothing special I can see about how it's made. One thing to note (you may like it / you may not) is that you have to remember to set it each night or it won't come on - given you can get DAB alarms with multiple timers for this money there should be a better solution.
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on 2 March 2016
Having used this clock for a few weeks now I have enjoyed being woken by the light in a gentle manner. It seems to take a step up in illumination every 5 minutes or so until it reaches the maximum light at the time for which the alarm is set, so if I set my alarm for 6.45 am it starts to illuminate at 6.15 but only very gradually until full light achieved at 6.45 am. I found the instructions just a bit difficult so opted for a youtube video so I could see what was meant. ( [...]) I haven't tried the alarm as I use a separate phone alarm so I couldn't comment on that. I haven't found the buttons to bad to use. They are a bit clicky but generally feel fine to me.

It's a bit pricey as alarm clocks go but for me the value outweighs the cost as I wake up feeling a lot better.
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