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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 5 January 2010
But I mean it in a good way! This is, without any shadow of a doubt, the most intensive workout DVD I've ever tried (and I have a good few, including Davina, Nell McAndrew, The Firm etc etc...) Jillian and her two helpers (one advanced, one 'normal') take you through three 20 minute workouts - Levels 1, 2 and 3. Each workout is made up of three circuits which comprise of 3 minutes of weights, 2 minutes of cardio and 1 minute of ab work.

Like me, you may well be thinking this sounds reasonable, quick and easy. It isn't! Even Level 1 is an intensive workout - lots of jumping jacks, squats, bum kicks etc., and Jillian doesn't let up for a second, constantly keeping you moving. I found I had to use lighter weights than I would for a Davina workout; the exercises are so quick and intense that I couldn't keep up with my usual ones. The exercises have a real 'military' feel and change quickly, and you are given plenty of instruction and encouragement. The music isn't great, but then you probably won't have the energy to think much about it while you're doing this workout!

Levels 2 and 3 contain harder exercises (such as burpees, mountain climbs, jumping jacks from the plank position). I've got a passable fitness level, but on finishing Level 2 I was in a collapsed screaming heap on the floor, thoroughly worked out! Jillian screams at some point in Level 2 "I want you to feel like you're gonna DIE!" - and if you're anything like me, you will! On the plus side, if you can do Level 2, I don't think you'll find Level 3 too much of a difference in intensity, unless you have weak abs as this section pushes them to the limit.

This is a fantastic workout to try if you're looking to push yourself hard, but it is NOT for the faint hearted. Jillian and her helpers are very toned, but also quite bulky - to avoid this it might be a good idea to alternate this DVD with some less intense workouts (as I intend to do!) But the fact remains - there is absolutely no doubt that if you did this DVD every day, even doing just one of the three levels per day, you would lose weight and get results very quickly.
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on 7 February 2017
Purchased this dvd quite some time ago (1 year ago) but wasn't in the right mindset I needed to be in. But have earnestly started my weight loss plan and this is the dvd to see results. You can download the 30 shred diet free on the internet and it has great meal plans and ideas.

I have been using the diet plan, though not steadfast for 3 weeks, I have inter-mingled with slim fast shakes and bars, when I am on the go that way I am still having something healthy and not bingeing when hungry and not home - I have caved slightly in the last week with some jaffa cakes.

For those that say it cannot be done if you have bad back or knees, - IT CAN - I have both (spinal fusion in back and damaged knees)- I simply modify some of the movements but keep moving. I DON'T do the the jumping jacks but I flap my arms and I kick each leg out alternately (so standing jumping jacks) - this way I am still moving, my arms and legs are still getting the work out - In fact all the jumping exercises I will not do but modify so my arms and legs are still getting workout due to my current weight and spinal issues. Once I am significantly lighter I will attempt the jumps but will NEVER overdo it due to my dodgy back.

I purchased some 20mm heavy duty exercise mats to reduce impact. The floor exercises for me and are bit of issue due to spinal fusion but I use a dining chair so my legs are still in the up position and that way my lower abs are still getting the workout without injuring myself.

Let me tell you the first week you will be suffering, panting and looking and feel like your dying! And I am only on Level 1. I had to stop the dvd a few times just to get though the cycle and then move to the next BUT after 1 week you really do feel better, your endurance has picked up, you start to feel stronger, lighter and you start to see definition developing - So don't give up even if you cannot finish the whole cycle - just do what you can each day - (I promise you will feel better in yourself after 1 week).

I have interchanged this dvd with Jillian's no more trouble zones (of which I have many) and body revolution (only phase 1 of the cardio I have managed so far). Generally, since starting 20th January 2017, I have exercised 4 times per week using the various dvd's and ensure I get an hour of workout in. The 30 day shred is only 30 minutes so I do the body revolution cardio for 30 minutes then move on to the 30 day shred.

As I said before I have not stuck completely hard and fast to the diet but have still managed to lose 10.12lbs in 3 weeks. I therefore I can imagine the claim is true that you can lose 20lbs in 1 month if I stuck properly to the diet.

For me it is all about beginning my weight loss journey since I am literally double my size since my spinal fusion op - As much as I have days I don't stick to the diet, I don't beat myself up. I take the next day and do better and I make the extra effort to get through the dvd and do a little bit extra.

So my words of encouragement are:- You can do this even with a bad back and knees - Don't Give Up!
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on 22 May 2012
Day 1
I watched the DVD through and thought it was attainable. I then completed Level 1 Day 1 and was a quivering, perspiring wreck. I knew it was going to be a challenge when my enthusiasm turned to gasping after two of the twenty minutes. On Day 2 I hope to reach three minutes before beginning to suffer. I woke up this morning with aching thighs and abdominals. Hopes are high that pain equals gain.

Days 2-4
Abdominal and thigh aches subsiding. Endurance definitely increasing. Even after four days there is improved definition - "one pack" gradually turning into "six pack". I like Ms Michaels' style - whimps need not apply. Had a brief look at Level 3 = X-rated.

Days 5-11
Still very hard work, but getting easier and recovery much faster. Even after only 11 days I can honestly say that I've never been as toned, especially around my abdominal muscles, in my adult life.

Days 12-16
Continued improvement in all areas. Abdominals becoming more defined on a daily basis. Previously tight shorts now slack. Time to move to Level 2...

Days 17-22
Other reviewers have suggested that Level 2 is not a marked step up in severity. I disagree. Twenty minutes of the higher level have left me even more of a quivering, perspiring wreck than Level 1. For me squat thrusts have always been hard and that remains the case. But there is no doubt that the benefit is felt. After six days at the higher level I am finding each part of the three circuits that bit easier (a relative term), but as I say, the end product is a truly exhausted (but ever more ripped) individual. A telling statistic is that my heart rate at rest before starting the Shred = 72, now = 60.

Days 23-28
Level 2 continues to prove a challenge, but is unquestionably becoming less lethal. Level 3 beckons before long. The effects continue to be felt: a tighter notch on my belt unused for some time is once again performing a service and yesterday I turned to the side and my wife lost sight of me. Oh, and I feel physically great.

Day 29 onwards
Level 3 was attacked after 40 days (my shredding process is indefinite). My word, it was jolly hard work. Ascending the Eiger can't be as demanding as when first trying Ms Michaels' "mountain climbers", and star jumps with 3.5kg in each hand at first seems an unlikely prospect. But it's the third circuit of Level 3 that leaves you gasping most: travelling push ups and arm/leg raises from a plank on your weights. Even now as I start that six minute turn I can't quite believe I'm going to do it, but one digs in...

So how about weight loss and toning? The former has been significant (waist line down several inches) and the latter is very satisfying (genuine six pack now evident). While my waist was previously trying to catch up with my age, they are now diverging. I have never felt as good, and as my wife wife says when she feels content, I feel like I could kick my height.

So a recommendation from me for this DVD? Oh, yes! But if you're expecting gain without pain, think again.

And don't forget, "If you think you're going to die, follow Anita". You'll soon know what I mean...

Update at eight months - my diet has not been compromised one iota and I moved from a daily shred to every other day in October. I have shredded 165 times since May 2012 and my physique is unrecognisable. I have lost one stone (I suspect that means 1.5 of fat off and 0.5 of muscle on): 12st11lbs to 11st10lbs. Still exhausted after every shred, but just love that feel good feeling. Ripped.

Update at twenty-two months - I still shred three times per week and despite continuing to eat and drink as I please my weight has remained solidly level for nearly two years at just shy of 12st. Every Tuesday and Thursday morning at 0630 hours plus on a Sunday afternoon Ms Michaels and her accomplices drag me to continued fitness. I am grateful.

Update at forty-six months - still shredding three times a week. The half hour slot at home (fifty minutes taking into account the inevitable post exercise shower) fits well into a busy life. Just love that sensation of good health about an hour after finishing.
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on 11 April 2016
The pain is made easier with a glass of wine afterwards.
Great, not too sickly 'you can do this' type stuff. Also the sessions are about 30mins inc warm up/down time so easy to fit in around your day
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on 5 May 2016
brought this dvd as i wanted to change my body shape and tone up a bit did it for a month and lost five and a half inches off my thighs hips and waist she works you hard but you will get results if you stay with it
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on 1 May 2016
This 30 day shred dvd is brilliant, I have lost 3 stone and use these workouts to stay toned and fit. Jillian takes no prisoners and so she shouldn't if you're serious about keeping fit. I do all 3 workouts at once and feel great afterwards. I have recommended the dvd to my friends and will be buying other Jillian Michael's dvd's.
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on 14 December 2013
Bought this DVD for my wife. With the diet and the workout, she's lost 11lb in 5 weeks. So proud of her.
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on 25 November 2016
Fantastic, fun and it works. Used this for a few months along with another dvd and a healthy diet. Lost over two stone and feel so healthy. I love it as only twenty mins so on busy days I could still fit in a work out.
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on 23 July 2015
Tests your willpower with visable results!
So far I have lost 2 stone in a month.
Recommended to all.
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on 27 August 2016
Love these workouts and when I was doing it every day, I was getting results (I've since had a baby and this has gone out of the window a little, but I'm going to start it up again soon). The only issue I have is that I have to watch the intro each time I put it in the machine, I wish it would just start up more quickly.
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