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I bought this Ring compressor a couple of years ago, so my review is based on a tried and tested product.

Having owned numerous compressors, I find that this is by far the easiest and most reliable to use. The compressor is relatively silent, and strong enough to handle normal tyre pressure with ease, unlike on my previous compressors where the motor used to struggle once over around 20 psi.

I really like the high quality metal thread connector which screws onto the tyre valve stem. Apart from offering an airtight connection, it also results in minimal loss of air whilst unscrewing. Most other commercial pumps offer a clip on system, which is fragile and quite annoying to use.

○ Great design and sturdy construction.
○ Very good tyre inflation concept and design. Rubber on the outside thus providing a solid grip, and durable metal thread on the inside
○ User custom preset cut out pressure remains in memory. No need to set the pressure every time compressor is used
○ Plug and forget. Whilst with most compressors you need to watch the display to check for the desired pressure, the Ring will stop automatically at the preset pressure. Works great!
○ Built in torch and flashing red lights (very hand at night). If inflating on the road, the flashing lights are indispensable for safety
○ The LCD display is so much better to read than the typical vibrating needle gauge
○ Can be used to deflate over-inflated tyres (summertime) by a simple push on the dedicated button next to the nozzle head.
○ Useful accessories which make this compressor appeal to anyone. Inflates footballs, lilos, airbeds...
○ Can be stowed away neatly and easily. The design of the unit makes stowing the cables easy and everything plugs back into place. Unit can then be placed in the supplied protective cover.

- None so far

It is a pity that the RAC640 cannot be used in the house. A mains connector would have made it the ideal multipurpose inflation device.

1. When the compressor is used as pictured (in the vertical position) it tends to tilt over during use. Yet the compressor has rubber pads on the side, which means that you can lay it on its side with the controls and pressure indicator facing upwards. I do think that that it was designed to be used this way.
2. When inflating more than one tyre using preset pressure, pressing the + button will reactivate the pump after an automatic cutout. This avoids the need to disconnect and reconnect the cigarette lighter plug.

I highly recommend the Ring Automotive RAC640 Digital air compressor. A must have for motorists.

The Ring Automotive RAC640 definitely merits a 5 star rating
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on 15 February 2011
Very good quality, great product.
Comes in protective case.
Very easy to use....attach to tyre, display shows tyre pressure, press +/- to set pressure you want, switch on, pump turns off when correct pressure is reached.
Job done !
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on 9 March 2011
Good product. Very easy to use and the tyres on my car, motorbike and even my bicycle all have the right pressures! (I used to have a compressor, but it was just a straight "pump" type - plus the gauge wasn't very accurate -so a real hassle to use.) This Digital one is so much easier to use -just set the pressure and it pumps to the right setting and stops automatically - great! I got fed up of the queues at our local petrol station (plus they charged for air anyway) - this is so much better! It comes in a good protective case too, which helps keep it safe/ tidy (I now keep it in my car boot)
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on 24 December 2010
Very pleased with purchase. Compressor seems to be fairly robust & all leads and hoses etc. stow neatly away. Compressor has it's own good quality carry case. Easy to understand instruction booklet provided. Compressor is easy to use and is very accurate.
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on 4 June 2011
Very easy to use - I like the digital display and cut-off. Also very quick to inflate (next to no time for car tyres!).

Shame it doesnt also have a normal plug as well (Id like to use in the garden).

[PS - dont buy from AP Motor Store - they left me waiting 6 weeks before my order was cancelled and made up stories about leaving me messages!)
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on 30 September 2014
This item purchased in 2012 for use on my car was excellent although a little on the noisy side, originally I would of given it 5 stars, but, the item failed after only 2.5 years of occasional use. During normal operation without warning the pump slowed down and smoke started coming out of it. One burnt out unit. Unit has always been kept in a dry place. I will try another Ring model and see how long this lasts.

I contacted Ring and they have now sent me a replacement 10/10/14 even though outside guarantee period. See how long this one lasts, as I said it worked well until it burnt out.
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on 12 November 2010
Great piece of kit. Was sick of waiting for the air inflator at petrol stations so bought this. Would recommend
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon 7 December 2016
I bought this compressor several weeks ago, because my car front tyres (in particular) seem to lose pressure in just a few weeks. But today has been my first chance to try it out properly.
It’s quite a sizeable unit, but light enough in weight, and comes with a zip carry bag with handle, and the compressor itself has a built-in handle on the top.

I particularly like the fact that the (approx. 3 metre lead with cigarette lighter power jack, and screw-on tyre valve connection) are stowed in the side with a built-in cable reel.
If you are using it for an air bed/football/etc. then attachments are neatly provided in a hinged compartment in the base.
The front has a torch light (switch on the top), which is very useful when using the compressor in the dark (which I did), and two outlets for the air bed etc. connections.

It has a good (blue) backlit LED display just above the 3 settings buttons for Mode (PSI/Bar/etc readings), Plus, and Minus for adjustment.
Having switched the car engine on, plugged in to the car cigarette lighter socket, and set the desired pressure, you simply switch the main control knob to either tyre or airbed output (icons clearly displayed), and in a second or two the compressor will start.
You can then just leave it to do its job, because it will auto shut-off, when the pre-set pressure is reached.

I usually pre-set compressors just slightly higher than needed, because a little air is always lost when unscrewing the tyre valve connection. If you inadvertently over-inflate, there is a quick air release button just above the valve connection piece.

It is said to inflate tyres from flat to normal pressures in around 3 minutes and an airbed in around 30 seconds. I haven’t exactly tested either of these claims, but I must say that I found it very quick to inflate my tyres from around half pressure to full pressure – perhaps slower than a garage air pump but not much (and much more convenient, with no queueing and no cost).

I can easily recommend the Ring RAC640 compressor.
But whether you buy or not, I hope that my review has been useful in some way when making your decision.
Thanks for reading it.
review image review image review image
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on 26 February 2011
Reasonably quiet machine and works well, but had to buy a cable extension for my medium wheel base van. The cable was about a metre too short. Robert
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on 6 March 2016
I bought this inflator to replace a Michelin unit which failed after 6-7 years use. I normally check my tyres every 1-2 weeks. The Ring inflator is well built and solid enough, with a decent length of power cable to run to your 12v socket and you can reach the front and rear tyres on the same side easily enough. The Ring inflator is also a lot quieter than the Michelin unit and it's easier to repack the cable and tube.
I tested the Ring inflator on the 17" Pirelli Cinturato tyres on my Mercedes W203 C Class, when the tyres were cold. Outside temperature approx 25 deg C. I inflated the front and rear tyres per recommendation to 30 and 33psi respectively using the +/- controls on the Ring inflator. After inflating, I checked the reading on the Ring against a very accurate Roadstar analog pressure gauge. The readings I found were as follows:
Front NS - Ring 30psi, Roadstar 33psi
Rear NS - Ring 33psi, Roadstar 35.5psi
Front OS - Ring 30psi, Roadstar 33psi
Rear OS - Ring 33psi, Roadstar 36psi
So, in summary, a discrepancy of +10%, which for me is unacceptable for a 12v inflator of this price.
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