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on 10 December 2010
The quality is incredible for such a small device.

One tip for the sound is; if you use the European presets you may find that the maximum volume is to low. This apparently is due to EU legislation imposing restrictions on the maximum volume.

If you select the American or Asian presets the restriction on the volume is removed and the the maximum volume of the device will be significantly louder
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on 4 December 2012
the Sansa is a great device, suits me almost perfectly. I think its been a little improved of late by firmware updates which have addressed a few of the negative points made by others in their reviews. I've listed a few important notes below.

* a firmware updater program comes on the device and installs from it, or you can download it from sandisk website. It does everything for you, you just have to run it. My firmware is 1.02.18 which I got upgraded to after I purchased the player only a month ago, so anyone buying one should make sure they have upgraded

* the device can run in 2 USB modes - MTP or MSC. The device comes preset to 'auto', which means it will operate in the mode determined by your computer when plugged in. BEWARE !! The mode can easily switch between uses even when used in the same computer, and each operate in a totally different manner. MSC means the device will appear like a USB stick / standard disk storage to your windows computer, whereas MTP presents it as a media device which requires a MTP-enabled application to access the storage (e.g. windows media player). And media uploaded in one mode is invisible to the other! So I suggest you decide how you are going to manage your media on the device, and use the clip+ settings menu to preset the mode. I use MSC. DON'T USE AUTO !

* the 'home' button also acts as a lock for the buttons, just press and hold to lock/unlock. Very useful for when its on in your pocket. I don't think this is documented!

* the screen is perfectly readable in most light conditions and displays a good amount of information about a song or radio channel. Navigation is easy.

* mp3 player has good shuffling options, and/or you can choose to play all or just an artist or just a folder. All literally means all, whether you have your music in folders, sub-folders, or just one big list.

* FM radio reception is very good, I've had no problems listening to it.

* podcasts are well supported, and I use 'Hermes Podcast downloader' to manage mine. It will place your podcasts into the right place on the Clip+ automatically.

* you can delete media directly from the clip+ if you want. Clip the bottom navigation button whilst playing and it gives you a menu of options including delete.

* battery life is fine, charges quickly over USB, and holds well.

* the clip is strong, well made, feels very durable, and attaches easily onto anything that's not too thick. The device is very very light and doesn't need much supporting!

That's about it. My only gripe is that podcasts are 'hidden' under the music menu, whereas I would prefer them to have their own main menu entry. But that's nitpicking and overall I'm 5-stars happy with this excellent device!
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on 25 August 2010
After buying one of these for my wife for her birthday, I asked for one but VERY nearly sent it back because of the hopeless lack of volume ... but had a quick look here to see what others had written ... sure enough, a common 'problem' imposed by some European ruling (although I think mine was set rather excessively low) - thanks to A.N.Other, the solution is to go to SETTINGS, then SYSTEM SETTINGS, then RESET FACTORY SETTINGS (accept this), then to LANGUAGE, then ENGLISH and then NORTH AMERICA. Fixed - yiphee and off to order some better headphones!!! (I suppose I will have to put up with some americanised spellings now ... ho hum!)
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on 17 December 2011
To be honest if I could give 6 stars I would. Sansa for price and features have knocked all competition out of the water with this little genius. In fact the only flaw I have found, which is easily fixed, is that the volume will be too low until you set the music player to 'rest of the world' other than Europe or America. Oh and the free headphones aren't great, you will want to invest in some decent Seinnheisers or other decent headphones - this is the same with ipods and other players though so it doesn't really count against the player. Now the merits. Firstly the player sounds great and is comparable sound quality wise with players triple its modest price. Then there is the manner in which it will play pretty much anything you can throw at it, Ogg Vorbis, Flac etc. I love the fact it doesn't come with limiting software which often force you to use them as a music library (Apple are guilty here practically frogmarching you to buying from their store / and Sony have had some very buggy music library software). In fact its wonderfully simple method of drag and drop removes all hassle and complexity. This does not hobble the functionality in any manner, you just use the folder you want for the corresponding material. Anyone who, like me, had problems with software with mp3 players before and had been pulling hair out in frustration will find the transfer and loading of the player serene and hassle free. The player also comes with a FM radio and whereas in many players this was a lame bolt on which often had fuzzy reception and limited use the one included here offers auto search and save and is (most importantly) of high quality and is a pleasure to use. The final function on offer is the voice recording. I did not hold out high hopes for this, especially at the price paid but rather unbelievably the recording quality is really very high. I can use this to record my guitar playing and the results are clear and crisp. I'm shocked that it actually sounds a great deal better in playback than a cheap Dictaphone I own! The other unique selling point is of course the fact that you don't have to be stuck with the amount of gigs you shell out for originally. The player takes mini sandisk memory cards and these can very easily double the players size.

In conclusion Sansa have made a fantastic player here, please don't be put off by the austere design, it actually looks a great deal better when the tiny thing is in your hand. The screen as well is far batter than pictured - being clear bright and quite high res. Sansa seem to have done their homework here and listened to what mp3 buyers want and included it all in a cute tiny package with long battery life. And whats more it is at a really generous price, with all these functions and sound quality Sansa could easily be asking double the price. I genuinely prefer this over any mp3 player I have had (apple, sony, samsung) for many reasons the chief of which for me is the hassle free drag and drop functionality. Its great also having such a great high quality record function, its so tiny that I can carry it all the time to record any of my musings on the guitar. I sincerely cannot recommend this highly enough and the other mp3 players which are as good as this you will paying triple the price for. Job well done by sansa/sandisk.
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on 12 December 2011
I'm not gonna lie. I bought this on recommendation from 4chan forever ago. Recently came into the money to get it, and did so.

First off, it's TINY. I thought it was gonna be about the length of an AA battery, but it's shorter than my thumb, and SO LIGHT. It's called a "Clip" 'cause like 80% of the thing is a massive clip. If it didn't have the clip, I think it'd weigh a negative amount, and NASA would be all: "Dude bro, you best give that to us," which means the clip is a good thing. It's nice and unobtrusive, though, and I assume, for those that enjoy such things, it'd work just fine.

The buttons are just big and distinct enough for me to press through my pocket, but not enough to be pressed accidentally, and even if they were, you can lock it all up, so that's cool.

The thing receives FM radio too! I mean, it says it does, so I guess I shouldn't be surprised, but it's FM radio, man. I didn't even know that still had stuff on it.

What else is there... Oh yeah, the screen. It's SUPER bright, and has colour. I thought it'd be a Game Boy Green-And-Darker-Green dealy, but no, apparently not. Pleasant surprises all around.

It comes with earphones, but I'm not gonna go near them. I have weird ear hygeine phobias, so I'm just using my normal headset. The Clip is a bit on the quiet side, but one of the major reasons I bought it is because you can Rockbox it, with custom firmware, and the low volume is apparently one of the things it fixes/enhances. -- Just found out the reason it's quiet is because I told it I was in Europe, where there's apparently a really stupid law that means you're not actually allowed to hear your music. When you turn this on for the first time, tell it you're in the "Rest of the world".

While I'm here, let's talk about the SDHC slot. SanDisk have been clever. Have you seen the iPod? It's like a £100 cost for another 8GiB, right? 'Cause you can't do anything about it. They have complete control over your available space, as it's completely upgradeable. That's a good thing for companies, right? They can charge buttloads of money for no real extra cost.

It isn't just Apple, either, it's every MP3 player maker dude or dudette. SanDisk are smart, though. They put a card slot on the Clip, and then they also sell the cards. They're very well-known for flash cards, so who else are you going to go to for them? They sell more products, and you, the user, can get more for your money. Everyone's happy.

In short: Buy this.
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on 27 November 2010
This review is coming from someone who has owned iPods every time I wanted a new mp3 player (iPod video, photo, mini and touch). I decided to buy one of these because of its cheap price and great reviews. I also wanted something that was more portable and my main MP3 player (iPod video 5th generation 30gb) has awful battery life (I've had it for 3 years now so that's to be expected but I am just happy it still chugs along). I know that its very close to dying since I only get 5-6 hours of playing time on it so I bought a Sansa clip+ 4gb as a back-up/second player when it does die.

Having used the Sansa clip+ for a few hours, I have to say this is a awesome, 5-star product! It is so so, tiny, and it still has a screen (beat that iPod shuffle). At this price it is such a steal. The clip on the back is a very handy feature. The player was half charged when I first turned it on and after listening to over an hour of music the battery hasn't even gone down a little. I expect the battery life on this will be much better than my old iPod video. It is very easy to put songs on it (drag and drop), and the sound quality from it is just as good (if not better) than my iPod. The fact that it feels weightless is great (my iPod feels so big and heavy next to it). While mine only has 4gb, this a second mp3 player that can fill a lot of songs in such a small gadget.

HOWEVER the BEST thing about this is:

You guessed it: It has expandable memory!!!! This is such a GOOD feature!!! I could buy a 16gb micro sd making it a 20gb mp3 player! This is about the amount I have in music on my ipod! Even though I am unlikely to buy a 16g micro sd for this since like I said it is a secondary player, the fact that I can do this makes me feel as though my music collection is free and less restricted.
People have been complaining about the loudness, but I disagree. When I put it on the highest volume (straight out of the box without changing any settings) this is about the same volume I have on my iPod. Any louder and I think I will go deaf!!!
Oh, and another thing, the radio on this is superb! There is very little crackling if any at all and on most stations I get stereo output rather than mono sound! Another great feature!
So here are the pros:

- Super small size
- Super light
- Has a clip
- Better value for money than an iPod shuffle and cheap anyway
- Excellent sound quality
- Loud enough
- Seems to have very good battery life
- Radio is a useful and the icing on the cake
- Build quality feels sturdy
- Screen may be too small for some people (it is fine for me considering the size)
- Apart from music, this player can't do much else, but then again, do you really want it to??!! :)

If you are looking for a proper, dedicated music player that you just want to use for music only, this is the one! This is the perfect secondary MP3 player that complements your iPod too! Don't go for a slightly cheaper, generic, Chinese knockoff of an iPod that has the ability to 'play videos, show photos on a colour screen', you know you will be disappointed with the quality! Stick with this, don't go for an iPod shuffle!


(P.S. I was originally going to buy an iPod classic 80gb to replace my iPod video but I went for this because I had a feeling that I would never need that much space, it is expensive, big and since my old iPod video still works I thought there is no point until it does die haha).

Thanks for reading the review!
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on 23 March 2010
I bought this player for a long haul flight, hoping it would have decent battery life to last me through the flight. Unfortunately my unit has a major problem, the battery only lasts 2 - 4 hours, and loses charge even when the device is not on. It also takes a long time to charge and can only be charged via USB. Sometimes when it says its charging its not actually doing anything and when I turn it on it has the same minimal charge as before. At first I thought maybe there is a problem with my PC usb ports, but then tried with another computer and had the same thing happen. When I started googling this problem I found that lots of people on various forums have experienced the exact same thing and have needed to return theirs. It seems like a common flaw with the sansa clip players, which is a real shame because they're great otherwise, very simple to use and nicely designed. Even the radio works ok. However the battery life issues are inexcusable and seemingly common enough that I can't recommend anyone buy one. Especially don't buy one if you are going on a long trip and need something with a reliable battery.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 16 August 2013
First of all - I like that they will clip onto your clothing, so they are handy for the Gym or walking/jogging. Second of all - I hate i-tunes, so I prefer to use these Sansa clip MP3 players because their manufacturers don't force you to use i-tunes to get your music onto them. You can simply copy and paste music from your computer into the music folder within seconds. Third of all - I love it that the device has a screen on it so you can see which song is playing.
Initially, your computer will need to recognise the device and install its drivers - but all that is done automatically the first time you plug the device into the USB slot on your computer. You just sit back and the computer does all the work for you.
The MP3 player comes with some headphones and a USB cable to connect to the computer for music transfer and charging. A three pin plug adaptor can be purchased separately to plug the device and cable into the Mains for charging also. I have found the headphones to be good. I did buy some super duper ones but they altered the sound. The music sounded tinny and trebly. With the supplied headphones, I get a nice rich sound. So I am happy with the headphones that come free with the MP3 player.
I have bought several [maybe 8 in total, actually - some as gifts] of these Sansa clips from Amazon - most have been excellent, but I have had to return two immediately because they malfunctioned. The screen just jammed on two of them and I could neither switch the device off nor get off the screen it jammed on. Both items were replaced with no quibbles.
And two just went dead. One died just after 31 days, another after several months. And the clip also broke on two - so they are not infallible.
Do be careful though, if the battery is low they can appear to have died on you and you can keep trying to switch them on but they remain dead - BUT, wait until the next day and try again, you often get a battery low indicator come on the screen then and you haven't got a dead one at all. Two almost caught me out that way. But if they DO die on you, both the 4GB and the 8GB versions can usually be purchased on Amazon for around £20 - £30 - which is much cheaper than i-players so I still think they are good for the money. OK you can get an i-pod shuffle for the same price, but they don't have a screen to look at the track playing and you will have to download i-tunes [or some complicated software to avoid having to download i-tunes] - so the Sansa clip wins hands down for me.
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on 10 October 2012
I managed to put this through the washing machine 3 times. The first time there was water sloshing around behind the screen. One night above the fireplace and it was fine! After the third time the controls became a little jumpy. I am buying another one because i left the old one on an aeroplane. I cannot recommend this little gem highly enough, it is now up to you whether you trust the advice of someone who puts an mp3 player through the wash 3 times and then leaves it on a plane.
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on 13 August 2014
For 50 quid or so (including a 16GB sd card), this has to be the best MP3 player out there. It is cheaper to buy the 4GB version and add a card than to buy the 8GB version. So my player boasts around 20 GB which is almost impossible to beat at the price. The SD card integrates seamlessly so all your stuff is available via the "music" menu or ”audiobooks" if that is your choice. The important thing about this feature is that when you turn the player off whilst listening to something on the SD card, the item is there waiting for you when you switch back on again. (A similar player from Creative allows the addition of an SD card but treats it as auxiliary storage to be accessed via its own menu with the result that you have to re-choose anything you were listening to after a power down. Very annoying if you are in the middle of a 6 hour book and have to re-find your place.)

Loading is best done using Explorer and drag and drop. There are several preset folders on the player in which you drop your music or audio books.

The menus system is easy to use and uses the tags from your mp3 files to group into albums. Be aware that the player makes extensive use of tags for sorting etc. so it is wise to become familiar with mp3 tagging. Download MP3tag (free) from the web and learn to use it for trouble free file tagging for all sorts of MP3 players including the iPod.

An excellent feature is that the player stops at the end of your playlist or album, then switches itself off after a preset time. Great for battery life or if you are using this as an aid to sleep. This feature can be turned off by using the "shuffle" feature.

The included headphones are as you would expect and are not of the best quality but would be quite adequate for most people. A standard 3.5mm jack plug allows for any other choice of headphones.

There are one or two other features such as voice recording included and a very handy fm radio (uses the headphones as its aerial) with station presets.

All in all an impressive player with a good sound. Highly recommended
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