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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 12 February 2010
I've been a Mac user since 1985 - I've been using the Magic Mouse since Christmas 2009 as a replacement to my 'old' Mighty Mouse. I don't want to give a detailed review as such as that has already been covered very well here. But I would like to point out a problem that has as good as stopped me using this mouse, returning to my old, non-bluetooth mighty mouse.

I've found this mouse to be good for general use ie. surfing, scrolling through picture folders etc, but using it for what you might call 'proper' computer work like spreadsheets, Word, and even editing information in iTunes had driven me to distraction. The problem comes when you want to edit text, by highlighting, editing and clicking off, or to somewhere else on the page. Because the mouse is so sensitive to the touch of a finger you can easily find that your edited text (which may have just taken the last couple of minutes to prepare) disappears the moment you're fingers leave the keyboard and return to the mouse. The slightest touch of the finger clears all that previous work if you are not very, VERY careful.

I thought that this may just be a thing to get used to (it does after all need a little practice) but after a couple of months constant use (and constant frustration) this mouse has found itself in the drawer, which is a shame because other than that I really like it. I think the way this mouse works is certainly the way ahead, but Apple need to do a far better job of it than this!

I would also like to point out that the batteries supplied lasted from Christmas day, to the end of January (barely five weeks)
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on 28 December 2010
I gave four stars because I expected a GBP 50 laser mouse to be perfect. It is not. In the following review, I will try to give a comprehensive (not long though) list of the ups and downs.

Stylish design, excellent workmanship.
Good battery life: even after 3 days of moderate use, it indicates that the batteries (the original ones provided) are at 100% charge level. You can use regular AA alkaline or rechargeable batteries, but there are also some special Magic Mouse ones. UPDATE: Over the past 20 months I used up four a pairs of AA batteries.
Touch control is fast and accurate, the same being true for the laser. (You can even play Call of Duty multiplayer with this rodent.)
Extremely large control surface: you can use the whole area from the Apple logo (this is approximately 3 quarters of the curved surface).
Good third party application support (just google it). You can program about 30 different controls, touch and click as well.
Usable with all computers sporting a bluetooth adapter, however you cannot use swipe controls in Windows without additional third party software. Please note that I have no information on usability under Linux.
I did not experience any inexplicable cursor movements reported by other reviewers here.

Tracking is really slow, even with maximum tracking speed I find the response subpar. I had to lift the mouse to navigate the cursor through the screen of my 13-inch MBP. Good news is, there is a solution: just download any free Magic Mouse control program and increase tracking speed beyond the OS X default scope. (Tracking speed is not an issue when the mouse is used with Windows.) UPDATE: Tracking speed is not an issue from OS X Lion and above.
It is indeed uncomfortable to use the mouse as a regular one e.g. click at the front edge. However, there is no such issue if you use the surface at around the middle. Thanks to its responsiveness there is no problem clicking or scrolling from the middle area: no more repetitive stress injury!

UPDATE: Ok, I see many people do not get how this mouse works, and therefore give negative reviews. Let us say, that you have a MBP, place all your fingers but your index finger on the track pad, then try to navigate with you index finger (this was just an example I tried myself, any other finger would work). Voila, it works, you can also tap to click. Same idea with the Magic Mouse, you REST your fingers on the surface and use the one needed. I usually rest 3 fingers on it: index finger (left click), middle finger (scroll), ring finger (right click). As long as you rest your fingers, you are OK, if you fidget while using a touch mouse, well, good luck finding one that will tell when you are fidgeting.

All in all it is a great product and I recommend it. But it deserves only 4 stars, because you have to adapt to it.
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on 26 February 2011
I ordered this mouse as a replacement for my wired Apple Mighty Mouse.

One of the big advantages of this mouse is that scrolling is via the touch sensitive surface - there are no moving parts, (like tiny scroll balls) to get caked up and stop working. Once you've set up the left and right buttons, these work really well and when you click the mouse the whole top surface tilts down a faction and makes a 'click' sound.

Using it feels very intuitive and natural and the design of the mouse as well as it's weight is pretty much perfect, at least for me.

One thing that does take some getting used to is the very fact that it is so touch sensitive and responsive. I'm a long time Mac user, (so not a newbie to any degree) but I did find it was very sensitive and it took me a few days to get used to it. Having said this, now, I'd never go back to an old style scroll wheel mouse, this feels so good you'll wonder why anyone actually used them.

The one thing I did do to improve the functionality of the mouse was to download BetterTouchTool which let's you modify the area that is touch sensitive and adds some more configuration options. This was especially useful to be able to create a non-sensitive area on the mouse's upper surface which makes it slightly more use friendly if you're someone who's hand tends to linger on the mouse. Having said this, it's still eminently useable without third party software.

Overall it's a delight to use and comes well recommended. It does need a light touch which can take some getting used to, but where I used to get occasional hand cramp, now I get none.

Get one, you won't regret it.
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on 9 December 2009
I ordered my Magic Mouse direct from Apple and it took quite a while to be delivered; over 1 week. However, it comes complete with 2x AA batteries, stored in a very slick plastic box where it is held in place with clear sticky tabs. Pairing was done in about 10 seconds after which searching for an Apple software update took about another 5 minutes.

I run the last of the G5 PPC iMacs, so I can only go as far as Leopard on the operating system. Some of the scrolling options are slightly limited compared with the Intel processor iMacs and Snow Leopard, in that the vertical scrolling has no 'weight' behind it, allowing the list or image to freewheel for a moment or two. I flick my finger and the image moves with my finger, just like a scroll wheel.

It is low and smooth and has seemingly caused some to comment that their hands become cramped, especially since they have to hold the mouse with thumb and finger to stop it scooting around the table top. To avoid this I placed my mouse on a mouse pad with a fabric weave top layer and all is well. I have had no hand cramp luckily but you do need to remember this is now a finger-tip controlled mouse, not a grab and shove. It is not somewhere to park your right hand (or left) with it tucked away moulded to your every hand crease and wrinkle. This needs a newer light touch and it works very well.

The top plastic layer is hinged internally at about where the Apple symbol is. Thus when you click the mouse the whole top surface moves a fraction of a millimetre with a positive 'click' sound and feel. In this respect it is like an 'ordinary' mouse. It feels quite weighty, which was a pleasant surprise, and all the better for it. Once the software has updated itself, the 'surface' can be enabled for scrolling and swiping. It is very intuitive, rather like the earlier mighty mouse with its miniature scroll-ball but this has the added feature of two finger swiping for backwards and forwards movements through pictures or web pages.

I enabled the 'secondary key' function, which is Windows speak for the right mouse button and then loaded a simply wonderful free add-on called On My Command (OMC), which lists a whole spread of scripts that, in effect, make the right-click feature the same as Windows. Copy and Paste are now simple mouse functions only; no more faffing about with Command-C and Command-V. With this and the new finger scroll movements I have found a simply beautiful elegant computer interface.

I recommend it. Get used to it, it's worth it, believe me.
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on 11 September 2010
Whilst the styling may be gorgeous, this little mouse:
1. eats batteries,
2. has a very low profile and is highly touch sensitive, which means your fingers - rather than rest on the mouse - must be held 'hovering' above it. After two weeks my middle finger ached so much I had to go back to my old mouse.
3. is temperamental connecting
4. sometimes gets 'lost' - the pointer disappears from the screen only coming back after a vigorous 'shake' on the mouse-mat
5. sometimes goes 'crazy' - the pointer deciding to jump to another location on the screen.

Overall a nice concept, very stylish but it's just not that good at performing its basic mouse functions.
Give it a try - it may fit your hand and suit your way of working, but the constantly aching finger was too high a price to pay for me.
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on 27 August 2010
I've had my Apple Magic Mouse for about a year and now I wouldn't use anything else. I found the former version, the Mighty Mouse, a little weighty and 'slow' for my liking. The Magic Mouse really is ergonomic and I think that some people haven't given it a chance. It IS different and you have to get used to it. It's worth the bother, though.

For me, one of the major advantages of this mouse is that it has no 'wheel'. The little round one on the Mighty Mouse was always getting caked up, and the thing would stop scrolling. Easy enough to clean, but annoying. No problems of that sort with this. Scrolling and swiping is easy peasy.

First of all, it shouldn't be held like, say, a Microsoft mouse. There's no need to grasp it. Personally I rest my fingers on the table around it, and when I need to move it I hold the silver sides, very lightly. Some people have complained that the sides of the mouse are sharp and hurt their fingers. But to be fair to Apple, you are not supposed to be grasping that part of the mouse at all. Or that tightly!

I don't really understand the person who said that it is so sensitive that he loses all his typing with this mouse. I use my Mighty Mouse all day every day and I type a lot of stuff. I have never had any problems of that nature at all. I think a lot of people just use the mouse out of the box without experimenting with it in the Mouse Preferences, where there are a lot of options as to how you use it and how sensitive it is. As someone else said, it really is worth taking time out to experiment with it and set it up so it works well for you. Like you would with anything - your car seat, your camera viewer, your TV remote... Everyone's hands are different and their mousing habits are different. Once set up, it's a joy to use. The fact that you can click anywhere means the actions of your fingers can be varied. Personally I find that puts less strain on my hands. I really do believe that the people getting pain from it are not holding it right. I think also that people who say it's too thin are not holding it right.

Surfing, viewing photos, dragging and dropping - I've found getting around my computer much smoother and quicker with this mouse, and much more fun.

When I first got this mouse there was an issue with battery life. As with the keyboard, the firmware was updated and now this is not an issue at all.

If you like things that are a bit different and worth getting used to, you should give this mouse a whirl. Just don't expect it to be like other mice.
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on 31 December 2014
I recently switched from Windows PC to Mac and as a fan of quality accessories I couldn’t go for anything else than Apple’s genuine.

Ordered my new mice for my new MacBook Air. I have some Logitech mouse collection already, some of them are quite pricey, like MX Anywhere and MX Performance, which are brilliant mouses, but they are not that nice in Mac world anymore, and design, simply doesn’t fit that slim aluminium body of Air.

Design and build.

What to add here, this is one of the best looking mouse you can get. I love well designed things and this mouse meets all my requirements for good looking item. It’s slim, made of genuine materials- nothing is painted! Aluminium and high quality plastic.

I rate 10/10 in terms of design & build.


It’s not the most comfortable thing on the world, but there is always a question of design or comfort, who needs what, for me, design wins no doubt. I feel my hand feels tired after some time, MX Performance is far more comfortable, with better button layout, but also it lacks touch experience, and probably my hand just have to adapt to new shape.

Anyway, I’m giving 8/10, I had some less comfy mouses before…


For any mouse, it’s the most important part, doesn’t matter how nicely designed it is, or how many buttons or how comfy, if the cursor lags, it is not the way to go. I’m sad to say, that Magic Mouse falls back in this point… Laser is far more inaccurate than on most of my Logitech mouses, and I don’t compare it to many thousands dpi gaming mouse, an everyday laptop mouse MX Anywhere does a way better, and it can do well on glass surface too… Same as MX performance… I have tested Microsoft Arc and it performed better too. I had to get mouse mat for this Magic Mouse, it ruins my desk, but at least I can work normally.

Also, this is probably not the mouse related problem but more Mac OS, an acceleration issue, I don’t know why Apple did that, but acceleration is simply terrible, it’s good when you want do some precise things, but on everyday experience, it’s just terrible, tried some things, there are quick tricks through terminal how to disable/minimise the acceleration issue, it is better now, but not as good as in Windows anyway.

5/10 here, I know Apple can do better, next generation should work on glass!


Despite it’s average pointer performance- tracking, other functions works well. Originally, this was the first touch mouse ever made, back in 2008, now there are some other competitors from Logitech for Windows and Mac. And maybe not only Logitech, this is historically, that I only consider Logitech as a quality input device manufacturer.

For first time, Magic Mouse felt slightly awkward, having only touch surface and no buttons on the top, but very quickly I get used to it and now I love those simple gestures, just tap for zoom in, or slide around the frame with just a finger touch. And scrolling is so simple and easy now, scroll roll was the first thing to fall down on most of my mices before, here this problems is eliminated in the blueprints already! I also see the coatings of this mouse to be very durable, clean plastic and aluminium, nothing painted, like on many other manufacture’s items.

8/10 this is one great mouse to work with, needs some practice, but it’s just matter of time. Also, would love to see full track pad copy on the mouse’s surface.


This is a BlueTooth mouse, so it can work only with BT enabled device, there is no USB dongle in the box. On the Apple machine, connection goes very quickly and after few simple steps I could use my mouse. Nice! But, wait, I found an issue here- I like to turn off my mouse when not using it, save some battery, when turning off this mouse, and then turning it back on, Mac looses connection and you have to go through System Preferences again to connect it, stupid isn’t? Nothing similar with USB connected mouses. Good thing is that I can use this mouse with my Sony Playstation, can’t use my Logitech (probably there are some hacks, never tried).

7/10 for this, I’d be happier just to turn on and run, don’t like those menus, but on the other hand, having no USB dongle is a bonus too.

And finally- price.

You can buy a cheap crap (sorry- mouse) for £15, but in the high end market, all mouses are expensive. The closest rival from Logitech- T631, cost even more than this. Maybe it’s better in some ways- it has built in battery and you can charge it through Micro USB connection, and it’s slightly more portable too.

7/10 , to be honest, it’s a premium device for premium products, I don’t see the price would be out of competition. It looses 1 point of not having a travel pouch in the box, like there is one with Logitech MX Anywhere, for example. Ok, there is no pouch for Logitech T631 too, but here is review for Magi Mouse.


As you see from my points, it gets above average in almost all, and I’m rating this mouse from it’s price point, obviously, comparing this mouse to something cheap, there would be 10/10 in all categories.

I’m very happy with this purchase and I do recommend this item to anyone new to Mac! This item impressed me in many ways, haven’t been so happy with new mouse for a very long time… Maybe last time I was so impressed with my new mouse was very long time ago with my first cable free mouse (that’s how they called first wireless mouses), back in begin of 2000’s. I probably missed something during those years, haven’t tried any touch mouse on Windows, but with Mac, I’m very impressed and this is something completely new for me.
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on 5 April 2015
I bought my iMac with a trackpad but quickly realised that there are sometimes you just need a mouse. It connects quickly and reliably, and, as with all Apple products, it just works. It is very tactile and sits comfortably in the hand. It is responsive and the touch surface works beautifully.

I wouldn't recommend this mouse for gaming as you will quickly miss the scroll wheel. The touch surface works beautifully for web browsing or word processing but it is too awkward to use in games.

Overall this is an essential purchase for your iMac or MacBook. Worth every penny.
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on 12 June 2014
Bought as a gift for my boyfriend. I can't say he's used it very much at all though... Whilst it looks sleek and cool, it's actually hard to handle. It's so flat that it actually makes your hand ache after a while. He's now taken to using the touchpad again rather than this mouse. A gimmick more than practical?!?
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on 3 March 2015 hand and wrist are aching after half a day using it.

What's good: the design (obviously) and the cleverness. The touch sensitive top surface for the gestures allowing scrolling and swiping is very intuitive and like the trackpad on the macbook. The setup was easy. It's nicely weighted and has a nice high-quality click when you press a button.

What's not: the comfort of using it. My hands are large-ish (I'm 6'2" and "robustly" built) but do have reasonably trim hands. I suspect that this mouse is too narrow and too low compared to most wireless windows mice I've used meaning that I have to curl my hand together laterally and angle the wrist downwards more than is comfortable. I would recommend trying before you buy, if you can.
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