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4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 2 January 2016
The Logitech Performance MX is one of the best mice I have ever used. It looks stylish, it's comfortable and so far it's reliable. I had been using the Logitech G400 for almost 4 years before I decided it was time for a new mouse. I loved the G400 because it was so comfortable to use which made it an ideal mouse for me (I use the computer for at least 8 hours per day) but my G400 was looking really grotty after so much use. I probably would have purchased anther G400 or even its successor, the G400s, had I found one, but it seems both of these excellent mice have seen been discontinued and replaced with the G402 which didn't appeal to me. I have a Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Mouse for travelling which is a nice mouse but a bit too small for me to use for 8 hours a day. I have used several cheaper mice that look a little like the Performance MX in terms of design and ergonomics and since it was on sale here for under £50 I thought I'd buy one.

I've never used the MX Revolution or the MX Master (which is the successor to the Performance) so I can't compare the Performance to either of these, but in its own right this is an excellent mouse. I could have bought the Master but with it being about £70 at the moment I couldn't really justify it and I prefer the styling on the Performance. The Performance is a fairly large mouse, it's probably a little bigger than the G400 which I was using before (I have attached a few comparison photos), so if you're interested in this mouse just be aware that you may need fairly large hands to operate it. My hands aren't the biggest and this mouse feels comfortable in them. I've been using it for a few days for hours and hours at a time and it is comfortable to use, the ergonomics on it are great though having used the G400 for 4 years I am still getting used to the new shape. The mouse has a nice weight to it too. It's not so heavy that you have to drag it across the desk, but it's not so light that you tap it and it moves. It's generally a really nice mouse to use for hours and that's important when using a mouse.

The Performance MX isn't exactly a button fest, but the buttons it does have are useful. I find the zoom button particularly useful being somebody who does a lot of Photoshop and zooming into images. Simply press the zoom button once and then scroll to zoom in and out. You don't even need to hold the button down or press any keys on your keyboard to scroll. That's really nice! The app switcher button is good too but can be a little hard to press with it being in the grip, but I guess that's a good thing because it means you won't press it accidentally. There are of course the usual backwards and forwards buttons which I never use and the scroll wheel has two settings - fast or slow. Those wanting buttons should probably look at the G700s which is basically a Performance MX but more optimised for gaming with programmable buttons and various other things, but for me the Performance has all of the buttons I could want and I love that zoom button.

If you buy this mouse make sure you download and install the Logitech SetPoint software from their website. This software allows you program the buttons to your liking but more importantly it alerts you when the batteries in your mouse are running low which is really helpful. I think my G400 could also use this software but I never used it, but I'm using it with my Performance MX because I can use it to see battery alerts and also because the only way to adjust the DPI of the mouse is through this software (unless you use the software to program one of the buttons on the mouse to adjust the DPI). My G400 had a DPI button on it and of course it was weird so I didn't need the software. The software has been updated to work with the newer versions of Windows. I'm using Windows 10 x64 and it works perfectly.

Lots of the reviews say this mouse works on anything, and it seems to! The sensor is great, it works fine on my mouse mat and my wooden desk. Haven't tried it on anything else though!

Of course, when the batteries are flat you can just plug in a data Micro USB cable and you can continue to use the mouse as a wired mouse whilst the mouse charges. This is a great feature from Logitech. Normally I don't buy wireless mouse because of the hassle of changing or charging batteries especially if like me you use the computer for hours per day, but this takes that problem away. However, the Micro USB cable provided in the box, whilst nice and long, is quite thick, which can mean that the cable doesn't always stay flat, raising your mouse off your mouse mat or the desk which can make using the mouse wired a little tricky. You could always use a thinner Micro USB cable or try to flatten the cable out a bit though - over time the cable will flatten itself out anyway (mine is still only a few days old at the time of writing). The idea is great but be warned you can't actually use the mouse unless the dongle is plugged in!

The battery life is good! It actually gets better the more you use the mouse. When I first got the mouse I could get about 18-20 hours out of it (or two solid days of computing). A month later, I'm still using the computer for the same amount of time each day (about 8-10 hours) but I only usually need to charge the mouse once per week. That's pretty good and because charging it as simple as plugging in a Micro USB cable I don't mind that at all. You can even charge the mouse using the USB cable when the computer is turned off, so I tend to charge it at night. At least I don't have to wait hours for batteries to charge or find new batteries every other day. The charge time increases too. At first mine took about 1-2 hours to charge, now it usually takes under an hour.

The biggest weakness with this mouse is its receiver and this is where it is starting to show its age I'm afraid. The mouse came out in 2009 which was before most desktop PCs and laptops had Bluetooth built in and therefore it uses a little USB dongle and cannot connect via Bluetooth a lot of newer wireless mice like its successor, the MX Master, or the Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Mouse I own can. On the positive side if you use a supported Logitech wireless keyboard you can use the dongle to connect that to your PC too which in 2009 was a great feature, but I don't use a Logitech wireless keyboard, I use a Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard 4000 (I only tend to buy Microsoft or Logitech peripherals by the way!) I wouldn't mind using the dongle at all and using up a precious USB port but as others have commented if there are any obstructions between the dongle and the mouse the mouse is slow or doesn't work at all! For example initially I plugged the dongle into the back of my PC and the mouse was slow, so I plugged the dongle into one of the four USB ports on the front and it's much better now. I once plugged in a USB drive that obstructed the dongle and the mouse wouldn't connect at all.

If you have a monitor with USB ports on it, I recommend you plug the USB dongle into one of them so that you can reduce the obstructions between the dongle and the mouse and get much better performance especially given you can't use the mouse unless the dongle is plugged in, even if you have the mouse plugged into the Micro USB cable. Quite a lot of monitors have USB ports on them these days.

If you're travelling you need to be careful not to lose the dongle too as there isn't a slot on the mouse to store it in whilst you are travelling. If you have the USB cable plugged in too then you could argue that you're using two USB ports for one peripheral and in 2009 that was probably true but think of it like this - at least here in 2016 you can use the supplied Micro USB to also charge and connect other devices to your computer, for example mobile phones! Unplug your phone's USB cable and use this instead! (Unless you have an Apple device in which case, bad luck!) The supplied Micro USB cable is a data cable so you can use it to charge your devices and also connect them to the computer. I now use it to connect my Nokia Lumia 925 to my PC as well as charge my mouse!

To conclude, this is an excellent mouse, even some 7 years after it was released. It has a few small caveats for example the fact it even uses a USB dongle, the dongle reception and the fact the USB cable is a bit thick and if you don't have other devices that can use the Micro USB cable you will be using two USB ports for one device, but the mouse itself is really nice and one of the best I've used. Recommended!
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on 2 March 2017
This is the third of these I have purchased for my personal use, so I guess it is no surprise that I give it a top rating. To go into more detail though...This gets heavy use from gaming, and it is only for that reason that I have got through three of them. I also work on business type documents and I do a fair bit of browsing and networking. I must have been using them for over ten years now. I like the extra functions that this mouse has available and programable, I don't use them all regularly but most I do. I like the size and shape of this unit, it fits my hand perfectly. I much prefer wireless keyboard and mouse units so that suits me too. I have had no problems with these three units, other than the eventual sluggishness of an operation (left mouse ear this time), which is typically why I replace it, being fairly critical about crisp accurate operation. The unit is of high quality in build, feel and functionality. Anyway, enough for now, hope this helps someone.
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on 25 May 2017
I purchased this mouse on 11 November 2014 for £40 off Amazon. It has been used every single working day since then and today will make it day 4,578. I would say I was a heavy user, the mouse has always been on a table top mouse mat.

Today I have just ran into the double click problem these mice have. I went on YouTube and followed a fix and now its back to normal. Since these are now £96 (today), before the big investment I'd thought I'd do my bit with reviews.

- Fits good with bigger hands
- Mouse is accurate
- Battery lasts around 4/5 days now, normally charge it every 2 / 3 days so I don't get caught out
- Good button functions when used with a Mac software (Switch desktops etc)
- Switch it off when not in use
- Unifying Receiver doesn't need a special USB, mine runs using the USBs on the Mac Keyboard (Closer to the mouse then too)
- Good click noises and contact satisfaction

- No Logitech software for Linux distributions, you have to map the mouse buttons yourself. (Linux mint does manage to show the power status of the mouse though in multiples of 10)
- Double click issue, take a look on YouTube (I guess all mice are exactly the same)
- Logitech software on a Mac is a little dodgy. It kept telling me about an update which was stuck in a loop, this has happened a few times.
- Mouse relies on the Unifying Receiver, lose that and your in a little world of pain (Like £15 to replace a tiny USB receiver)
- Now and again you simply need to turn the mouse off and on, as it may scroll like mad or act erratic (But this could be an OS issue)

I'd buy it again for £40 yes, but for £94.84, I think its a bit much. For that price I'd expect like a 5 year warranty or something. I think its only expensive because of its shape and functional buttons. Inside is no different to other mice I've had to fix in the past. If it had some genius mouse clicking switch that would never fail that Logitech could boast it will never fail, then I'd pay £94.84. Now I've moved back to Linux from a Mac, I don't use the functional buttons now. Having said all that, it was the best of the bunch (at my time of purchase anyway). A friend of mine is on his second MX Performance mouse after the first just died with no explanation after around 15 months, His 2nd mouse is around the same age now but still works as it should.
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on 31 May 2012
I must say, I love the mouse. It works on nearly any surface, including glass, provided that glass is at least 5mm thick. The mouse wheel is notched or hyper scrolling at the click of a button. Perfect for me. And although weight never matters to me, It is fairly light too. Uses only 1 AA battery so it would, which is included and rechargable. The kit comes with everything needed to recharge the mouse through your computer, but I must say I have never done this. I tried once, but put the battery in the wrong way round. I do have a few complaints about the mouse though. The "back" button (or more precisely the back arrow button) doesnt seem to work every time I use it. Some web pages are impossible to click the back button, even though the browser lets me go back. And for the life of me I have never been able to push the scroll wheel either way, and get it to do the action I programmed it to do. It's a good mouse though. The price was a bit steep, and for that I was expecting perfection, and not the flaws I got. I know the scroll wheel moving side to side is not needed, and the back arrow not working all the time are not major issues, but like I said, I expect more for that price. If the back arrow worked perfectly, It would get a 5 stars, If it were cheaper, I would similarly put it at 5 because you expect cheap things to have some faults. But the 2 combined probably wear it down to either 3 and a half or 4 stars. I haven't quite decided.
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on 15 January 2014
Having had a range og Logitech mice over the year I was excited to order and receive this MX Performance mouse. However quickly found it was not for me.

It has a good weight to it allowing precise pointing and movement during photo editing and general use

Cons: It had the most annoying rattle when it would be moved from side to side on the mouse pad. So annoying I ended up returning this item in favour of another brand.
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on 13 March 2017
Thanks. . . . . . . .
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on 14 October 2015
Nice mouse. Still too small for very large hands (XXL glove size). A bit laggy for games but fine for word processing, spreadsheeting and internet. The mouse buttons on mine died after 2 years 6 months so not the best purchase given the price.
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on 4 September 2012
I bought this to replace a MX Revolution that was dying after five years of heavy use. My first impression is that this is a downgrade in many respects, but only a small one. Here are points to consider for other people moving from a Revolution:

The same
- The shape and feel is roughly similar. If the Revolution fits your hand, this should fit too. It's a little longer, but not obnoxiously so.
- Good response, etc. This one is supposed to be better on difficult surfaces, and that may well be true - I haven't tested it on any.
- Build quality feels good - as it should at the price - and I've no reason to think this won't last me another five years.

- The battery is now a replaceable rechargeable NiMH, and it charges through MicroUSB. The charging socket is at the front of the mouse, so it can be used while charging, with the cable being positioned roughly like the cable on a wired mouse. I don't know how the life compares as yet, but since recharging is less of a chore it matters less.
- Mouse response on difficult surfaces is claimed to be better - not tested.
- Tiny USB adaptor. (A "unified" one so you can share it with a Logitech wireless keyboard if you have one)

- The wheel no longer automatically switches between ratcheted and free-spinning depending on speed. Instead, you can switch it by pressing the (mechanical) button behind the wheel.
- That little button behind the wheel, being a mechanical switch, is no longer mappable. I used to have that as the middle button and use clicking-the-wheel to swap wheel modes. That's no longer possible. For the same reason, I don't think it's possible to have the wheel change mode according to the application you're in.
- There's a much less positive click when pushing the wheel left or right. It works well, it's just not always obvious that it's worked.
- The "second wheel" on the left hand side of the Revolution has been replaced by two buttons (mapped by default to zoom and task switch). These are nicely positioned, but don't have the wheel's benefit of having up to three functions positioned right under your thumb without moving it.
- The total number of mappable actions is reduced by two (one from the wheel, one from the button on top that is now fixed to wheel-mode).
- The forward/back buttons feel a little more awkward to reach - but this may just be a matter of getting used to a slightly different layout.

Overall, I'd rather have another MX Revolution, but in its absence this is a good replacement.
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on 26 April 2010
I was an early adopter of laser technology, I bought the first laser mouse Logitech MX1000 when it was released many years ago and it survived until recently when the middle button stopped working. Not a major breakdown, everything else functioned fine, but a significant problem for me nontheless.

Always reliable, I decided to go for Logitech again, and was very attracted to the very tiny Unifying USB dongle. A lot of people settle for a cheap mouse, you can get them for a few quid, but since it is something so important, something in constant use and so integral to computer use, I believe it is worth spending a decent amount on a mouse that does the job well. The Unifying dongle really is tiny. Once plugged into a USB port it sticks out maybe half an inch. This makes it ideal for laptops, it can just be plugged in and forgot about since it doesn't get in the way like the larger dongles.

The mouse itself is very ergonomically shaped to be as comfortable as possible, for right handed people at least. The thumb rests comfortably on a nice curved indentation, and there are 4 buttons easily accessed by a thumb press in this position. The mouse is quite light, so it glides easily across any surface. The new Darkfield technology means there are few surfaces that this mouse cannot be used on, even glass which I believe is a first for mice. Even on conventional surfaces, it is a noticeable difference in response. No stray hairs or clumps of dust have stopped this mouse yet, from day one the movement has been smooth and responsive.

The scroll wheel is a breath of fresh air. With a toggle button positioned below it, the wheel can either scroll incrementally like most mice, or it can be changed to a super-smooth free-scrolling mode which makes it easy to glide through large pages and just feels brilliantly light. It can also be pushed side to side to scroll through wide documents, a function I couldn't do without.

There are enough buttons to satisfy a gamer like me, and the smooth and light form makes an ideal gaming mouse. Using the Logitech Setpoint software you can even set a button to change DPI to make the mouse more or less sensitive depending on what you're using it for. Plus this software allows you to change any button on the mouse to function how you want it, and also program specific settings mean a button can do different things depending on the software you're using.

The mouse runs on a single rechargeable AA battery (included). The mouse can be charged via the packaged USB cable (which also has an adapter for a mains plug), but this causes no down-time at all, you can charge the mouse plugged in via USB while still using it.

This mouse is top of the range. If you want comfort, control and reliability from your primary method of input, then you can't go wrong with this.
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on 28 November 2009
If you use a computer for any great length of time in certain industries, you soon appreciate how important a good mouse is. I've tried the Logitech Laser mouse before this but buttons were in the wrong place, one button was located under the tip of your thumb, didn't work. But the MX Performance seems to have got it just right, fully customisable and the lower thumb button feels natural to use. The scroll wheel also has a speed button which is fast becoming a 'can't live without' feature.

I migrated from PC to Mac, so a compatible mouse was important (one button was never going to cut it with me) and the MX ticks all the boxes if you're a Mac user, a quick download and you're ready to use. Comfort wise, like all Logitech mice of this standard it fits snuggly into the palm of your hand, buttons have a light but solid feel and are placed just right for my hand. Tracking is smooth and precise, I've not tried it on glass yet, but I don't have a glass table. The mouse is also surprisingly light despite having a re-chargeble battery, incidentally the battery life is good so far, well I haven't charged it since purchase!

The only downside to the MX is possibly the price, it's not cheap, but I've wasted so much on mice that just don't work for me and this is a product that will undoubtedly last and will not be replaced for a long time.
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