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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
Style Name: UK VERSION|Change
Price:£90.00 - £158.54
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on 4 September 2012
I bought this to replace a MX Revolution that was dying after five years of heavy use. My first impression is that this is a downgrade in many respects, but only a small one. Here are points to consider for other people moving from a Revolution:

The same
- The shape and feel is roughly similar. If the Revolution fits your hand, this should fit too. It's a little longer, but not obnoxiously so.
- Good response, etc. This one is supposed to be better on difficult surfaces, and that may well be true - I haven't tested it on any.
- Build quality feels good - as it should at the price - and I've no reason to think this won't last me another five years.

- The battery is now a replaceable rechargeable NiMH, and it charges through MicroUSB. The charging socket is at the front of the mouse, so it can be used while charging, with the cable being positioned roughly like the cable on a wired mouse. I don't know how the life compares as yet, but since recharging is less of a chore it matters less.
- Mouse response on difficult surfaces is claimed to be better - not tested.
- Tiny USB adaptor. (A "unified" one so you can share it with a Logitech wireless keyboard if you have one)

- The wheel no longer automatically switches between ratcheted and free-spinning depending on speed. Instead, you can switch it by pressing the (mechanical) button behind the wheel.
- That little button behind the wheel, being a mechanical switch, is no longer mappable. I used to have that as the middle button and use clicking-the-wheel to swap wheel modes. That's no longer possible. For the same reason, I don't think it's possible to have the wheel change mode according to the application you're in.
- There's a much less positive click when pushing the wheel left or right. It works well, it's just not always obvious that it's worked.
- The "second wheel" on the left hand side of the Revolution has been replaced by two buttons (mapped by default to zoom and task switch). These are nicely positioned, but don't have the wheel's benefit of having up to three functions positioned right under your thumb without moving it.
- The total number of mappable actions is reduced by two (one from the wheel, one from the button on top that is now fixed to wheel-mode).
- The forward/back buttons feel a little more awkward to reach - but this may just be a matter of getting used to a slightly different layout.

Overall, I'd rather have another MX Revolution, but in its absence this is a good replacement.
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on 28 November 2009
If you use a computer for any great length of time in certain industries, you soon appreciate how important a good mouse is. I've tried the Logitech Laser mouse before this but buttons were in the wrong place, one button was located under the tip of your thumb, didn't work. But the MX Performance seems to have got it just right, fully customisable and the lower thumb button feels natural to use. The scroll wheel also has a speed button which is fast becoming a 'can't live without' feature.

I migrated from PC to Mac, so a compatible mouse was important (one button was never going to cut it with me) and the MX ticks all the boxes if you're a Mac user, a quick download and you're ready to use. Comfort wise, like all Logitech mice of this standard it fits snuggly into the palm of your hand, buttons have a light but solid feel and are placed just right for my hand. Tracking is smooth and precise, I've not tried it on glass yet, but I don't have a glass table. The mouse is also surprisingly light despite having a re-chargeble battery, incidentally the battery life is good so far, well I haven't charged it since purchase!

The only downside to the MX is possibly the price, it's not cheap, but I've wasted so much on mice that just don't work for me and this is a product that will undoubtedly last and will not be replaced for a long time.
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on 15 March 2010
I use it as a "laptop everywhere" mouse. I am very happy with it.

When my laptop goes into the docking station, I use it as a desktop mouse (so I only have the keyboard attached), as the unifying adapter stays plugged into the laptop. As the unifying adapter works with many peripherals, I could just get a wireless Logitech keyboard (like K800), and leave near the docking station.
I also use this mouse as a remote controller when watching movies from the sofa. I was planning to get an infrared remote, but this gets the job done, too.

I like:
- All surfaces really (vs. MS Bluetrack doesn't work on a highly transparent surface, like glass kitchen table)
- Scroll-wheel can be switched to freewheel and rotary-click on the fly. This is the same cool as the Darkfield technology.
- DPI low/high can be changed on the fly (will have to sacrifice one of the buttons, ex. zoom or application switcher, though), the battery leds blink when dpi is changed
- Application switcher thumb button (although this is different from XP/Vista/7 built in features and only works with the Logitech software)
- Battery can be charged during use; battery can be replaced to use standard AA alkaline battery; Three leds show the battery level
- Can work in parallel with another mouse
- Small radio transmitter (so great for laptops carried in a bag, too)
- No pairing required, just switch on, and it works (vs. Bluetooth and older wireless mouses need pairing and/or connect )
- On-off switch (saves battery power)
- No lag after idle
- No silly blue led that would illuminate

I didn't like (these are just minor things):
- Logitech driver feels old-school (low res icon graphics, non-standard dialogs and menus).
- Ergonomics are fine, just too futuristic for my liking (I prefer the MS/Razor Habu Gaming mouse ergonomics).
- This is unavoidable, but the receiver takes up 1 of 4 USB slots constantly in my laptop (vs Bluetooth mouse can work with built-in bluetooth; however, I don't know how reliable is that)
- Application switcher not fast and smooth enough, so I rarely use it.
- Image zoom works in IrfanView 4.25, but doesn't work in Picasa 3.6.0 (under Windows XP).
- Back-Forward buttons are small for my liking; I prefer the huge buttons on the MS/Razor Habu ergonomics).
- Supplied USB cable is too rigid for mouse use. I use the cable of my Nokia phone, which is much softer.

In the box:
- Mouse
- Unifying transmitter
- USB cable with micro USB connector (cable also works with my Nokia phone, and can charge the mouse with Nokia charger)
- Power adapter has USB socket (compact size, works with the micro USB cable to charge the mouse or any other device, useful for overnight charging)
- USB extender cable (I've never used it)
- 2000 mAh AA NiMH battery GSYUASA EniTime (Sanyo eneloop style, keeps the charge)
- Soft carry bag for the cables (the mouse won't fit in this)
- Driver CD (outdated drives, download from a fresh copy)
- Quick manual

I tried with Windows XP/Vista/7, worked well with all of them.
I think all mouse sensors will switch to the Darkfield or similar technology in 5+ years; it is so good.
I cannot tell of the battery life yet, and didn't try it with games. Very clean glass surfaces need a few minutes to get to work (so the surface gets dusty), as the sensor uses the dust particles to track the position.
It can be used in parallel with a wired mouse on the desktop (ie two mouses connected at the same time).

This is really a "has it all" type of mouse. I recommend both for laptop and desktop use.
For laptops, I recommend it over the Logitech MX Anywhere mouse, as this one can be charged/used with the USB cable, and works on more surfaces than the MS Bluetrack range. Furthermore, the large-sized MS desktop mouses have a huge USB key style adapter, which are not comfortable for laptop use.
Products referred:
Logitech MX Anywhere Mouse (Tracks on Glass)
Microsoft Explorer Mouse with Bluetrack
Microsoft Habu Laser Gaming Mouse

Update (2011 Feb):
* My current Dell E4310 has merely two USB slots - so there is just one left for pendrive, webcam, external HDD, headset, card reader.
* Now I have Windows 7, works well.
* The middle button click in Firefox opens up a link in a new tab - somehow this only works after 3-4 click. I don't know if this is a problem with an addon in * Firefox, or a Mouse driver issue.
* I use one of the additional keys (Application switcher) to switch on off my 2nd screen, and the other auxiliary button (zoom) to move windows from one screen to the other. A great feature.
* Instead of charging, I just bring a box of four Sanyo Eneloop batteries with me when I travel, and swap when low on battery.
* Battery lasts about 2-3 weeks without switching off the mouse and daily use.

Update (2012 Jan):
The middle button click was erratic in all applications (but it seems I used it mainly in Firefox).
Logitech customer support told me to send the mouse back for warranty at the point of purchase.
There is a DIY method to fix it on Inscrutables.

Updated (2012 Apr):
Unfortunately, Amazon gives two years of warranty, which has just elapsed. No luck.

Update (2014 Jan):
The middle click button still was really disturbing, as I would use it more and more (a typical usage is to close tabs in Chrome/Firefox).
I ordered a new mouse, but the middle button had even more problems, so I have sent it back.
Otherwise, the mouse works well.
I use WinsplitRevolution to organize windows on a double screen setup, and I use "Zoom" button to move windows between screens, and the Application Switcher to minimize/maximize windows.

Update (2014 May):
The left mouse button failed. A 100 Euro premium mouse should not fail after only +/-four years of office use. My cheap totally old mouses function error free.
Reduced rating to two stars. Very disappointing.
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I have had a number of different brands of mice and bought this together with the Logitech K800 wireless Illuminated Keyboard to replace an aging and worn Microsoft Wireless Comfort Desktop 5000 set. I have got used to this MX Performance mouse very quickly - it looks good and fits my smallish male hand quite well, despite what is said about it being "big" on these pages. I'd refine that by saying the mouse itself isn't noticeably bigger than others to hold, but, because of it's high ergonomic design its footprint is unique and that is what is bigger. The finish and look is good but the mouse is lighter than it looks - as I've said in other reviews, we are no longer in a world where weight and solidity are a guide to durabilty/usability.

For a right handed person this MX mouse feels very comfortable, and, the Setpoint Software gives you the ability to customise the controls. You can change most characteristics of the mouse using the supplied software which installed first time. The MX Mouse is very precise and a joy to use on all surfaces with the scroll wheel having just a slight click to it. It remains charged for quite a long time - without switching it off and using it for say, three or four hours a day it needs a charge only once a week. The battery is a single rechargeable AA cell, so, when it needs replacing it should easy.

This mouse also has a facility to it with a Logitech keyboard, although, I found the version of Setpoint Software and dongle supplied with the MX mouse didn't seem to recognise the keyboard (for example, there was no "settings tab" for the keyboard even after the "unifying process" was completed). However, the other way around using the keyboard dongle and downloading the latest version of Setpoint worked first time after which both products work faultlessly. Another oddity is that the mouse comes with a USB charging lead and a mains charger whereas the K800 keyboard has no mains charger and relies on USB to recharge. The MX package is topped off by an extension lead for the dongle and a very neat case designed for the peripherals but not the mouse itself.

Unless you are left-handed, this mouse has to be on the list of those wanting ultimate mouse control, although, it is not designed as a hard core gamer's mouse. Yes, it costs more than others but then it delivers a lot more too. Recommended.
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VINE VOICEon 25 December 2012
This is a fantastic mouse, superbly weighted, comfortable in extended use, and extremely well designed. The configurable buttons are ergonomically placed for ease of use, the switchable scrolling is intuitive and quickly becomes a 'must have' feature. It glides around the desktop, and as it says, works on glass and other reflective surfaces.

The only significant drawback is the extremely poor battery life. It gets about 2 days per charge (which can be done at the wall socket, but I use the micro-usb cable connected to my monitor.) This is an issue even if you replace the provided rechargeable battery with your own, or use a standard non-rechargeable one.

I wanted a wireless mouse, and Logitech's mx was the best choice, using the same wireless usb port as my Logitech keyboard it still makes sense. What I didn't want was a cable on my desktop. I find myself connected far more than I would like, so two stars knocked off an otherwise excellent product. I would still recommend this mouse all in all, just be advised about the dismal battery performance.
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on 26 April 2010
I was an early adopter of laser technology, I bought the first laser mouse Logitech MX1000 when it was released many years ago and it survived until recently when the middle button stopped working. Not a major breakdown, everything else functioned fine, but a significant problem for me nontheless.

Always reliable, I decided to go for Logitech again, and was very attracted to the very tiny Unifying USB dongle. A lot of people settle for a cheap mouse, you can get them for a few quid, but since it is something so important, something in constant use and so integral to computer use, I believe it is worth spending a decent amount on a mouse that does the job well. The Unifying dongle really is tiny. Once plugged into a USB port it sticks out maybe half an inch. This makes it ideal for laptops, it can just be plugged in and forgot about since it doesn't get in the way like the larger dongles.

The mouse itself is very ergonomically shaped to be as comfortable as possible, for right handed people at least. The thumb rests comfortably on a nice curved indentation, and there are 4 buttons easily accessed by a thumb press in this position. The mouse is quite light, so it glides easily across any surface. The new Darkfield technology means there are few surfaces that this mouse cannot be used on, even glass which I believe is a first for mice. Even on conventional surfaces, it is a noticeable difference in response. No stray hairs or clumps of dust have stopped this mouse yet, from day one the movement has been smooth and responsive.

The scroll wheel is a breath of fresh air. With a toggle button positioned below it, the wheel can either scroll incrementally like most mice, or it can be changed to a super-smooth free-scrolling mode which makes it easy to glide through large pages and just feels brilliantly light. It can also be pushed side to side to scroll through wide documents, a function I couldn't do without.

There are enough buttons to satisfy a gamer like me, and the smooth and light form makes an ideal gaming mouse. Using the Logitech Setpoint software you can even set a button to change DPI to make the mouse more or less sensitive depending on what you're using it for. Plus this software allows you to change any button on the mouse to function how you want it, and also program specific settings mean a button can do different things depending on the software you're using.

The mouse runs on a single rechargeable AA battery (included). The mouse can be charged via the packaged USB cable (which also has an adapter for a mains plug), but this causes no down-time at all, you can charge the mouse plugged in via USB while still using it.

This mouse is top of the range. If you want comfort, control and reliability from your primary method of input, then you can't go wrong with this.
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Unlike most of the less expensive rechargeable mice, this uses a single AA-size rechargeable battery. I have owned this mouse for at least two years and is undoubtedly the best mouse used to date, surpassing in several respects the MX Revolution previously used. Unlike the older Revolution, it does not use a recharging cradle which I found annoying and slightly flaky, but a micro-USB lead to recharge. It is possible to recharge via a port on your PC if it supports the purpose but a recharging adapter is the better solution and was originally supplied with the product. If not now (and that it was I was told by a recent purchaser) they are now almost universal and easy and inexpensive to obtain.

Although fairly large, the mouse sits comfortably in my hand and a lady friend whose hands are considerably smaller than mine has no problems with it. It is a right-handed mouse and may not best suit left-handers. The mouse supports several functions including a scroll wheel which works in the vertical only, a pair of zoom buttons just under the thumb and an adjacent % button which magnifies screen text.

I find that the battery can be good for 2-3 days of moderately heavy use, but only about 20-24 hours of very heavy use before needing a recharge, which takes about 2 hours or less. When lightly used, it is good for about 7-10 days. I am aware that some of Logitech's current mice claim to be able to survive on a single non-rechargeable battery for several months, but they use a different technology.

The mouse requires use of Logitech's Unifying Receiver, which is supplied, and very tiny at less than 1cm deep once located in a USB socket. This device will support up to five more other Unifying products which can include keyboards, mice and some of the new touch gesture tablets now being offered primarily for Windows 8.

Although not inexpensive, it is currently being offered for much less than its original RRP which was the price I paid when it was first released. It is a little on the heavy side and slightly bulky but it does give the impression of being quite solidly built and has survived several instances of being knocked onto a hard floor without any obvious signs of harm, which is far less likely with a more modestly built alternative.

I like it that much that when Amazon offered a deal where they were sold about about half their original price, I bought a second as a spare. I also encouraged a couple of relatives to buy one each for themselves. Thoroughly recommended.
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on 5 February 2016
This is the 3rd mx performance mouse that I have bought in recent years. I have worn one out after several years of heavy use and my wife also uses one.

When my MX finally gave up the ghost ,I initially replaced it with the latest Logitech MX master mouse Which I bought for a very reasonable £64.95 from Amazon prime. On receipt I found the mouse initially quite pleasing although the button placement was awkward ,however a real problem surfaced. I like to usevhyperfast scrolling and although the MX master supports this the scroll wheel was not balanced so the wheel would turn on it's own accord ,making the use of ratchet scrolling the only option ,so I returned the item.

I bought my MX performance from Warehouse deals for £33 itarrived in new condition. I opened the unifying software to pair my new mouse and off we went.

Customisation is the beauty of this device , I use photoshop and other imaging software for which this mouse is invaluable.All of the buttons can be programmed to perform various commmands I have myone optimised for image manipulation, my wife likes web browsing so hers is set up for that.

The programming is done very simply via the supplied software , multiple key strokes can even be assigned to a button . Program specific button assignment is also possible, a feature I use for photoshop, and another configuration for web browsing etc.

the MX has 4 thumb buttons plus the scrollwheel side to side function and a button behind the wheel. The mouse is large and very comfortable in the hand, and the replaceable rechargeable AA battery lasts me around 3 weeks. It can be charged whilst in use ,but I find it more convenient to pop a fresh battery in whilst I charge the supplied one.

Wireless unifying compatible
Very accurate
Highly customisable
Decent battery life
Fantastic scroll wheel
Works on any surface

For right handers only
Might be too large for people with small hands

A top of the range highly accurate ergonomic mouse for those who demand the best from their peripherals.
review image review image review image review image
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I've had the previous Logitech VX Revolution Wireless Laser Laptop Mouse for years (3 1/2 years) and it proved extremely robust even when slung into an overstuffed bag. But it got to the point where the left and right buttons had to be clicked in a certain way to respond. The VX was really useful, but I've upgraded.
This new mouse is fantastic! Everything about the VX Revolution that didn't contribute to the smoothest experience has been improved! I'm going to sound biassed but I'm as critical of my tools as the next man, and this is a really good mouse (until they invent an eye-tracking mouse, of course).

* to switch between free running scrolling and click scrolling was a switch on the underside, now it is on top (and I find I change modes regularly. Why would you want to? To find your place in a document scrolling line by line or half page by half page [click mode], to race to the start or end [free mode]). Oh it's very useful to scroll sideways as well, but the VX worked exactly the same on this
* zooming in and out of web pages/ documents etc (needed because I have a 13.3" HD 1920x1080 screen, so things can get very tiny) I now touch a button with the side of my thumb and then use the scroll; on the VX my first finger didn't quite find it comfortable (though could still do it without changing hand position)
* the universal receiver really does stay in the laptop out of the way, which means I get the mouse out even on short train journeys because I don't do any faffing around with the receiver
* the "switch windows" button is easy to reach and use
* both the old mouse and the new are very good at tracking mouse movement on every surface I've tried

Is there anything wrong with this mouse?
* some people report a lag whilst it wakes up after going into battery saving mode. I've been using a wireless mouse for so long I don't notice - I've developed a little "pre-wiggle" to wake the mouse up before moving it, completely subconscious and I've only just noticed I do it
* you can still run out of desk space - oh, perhaps that is my desk not the mouse's fault
* it doesn't read my mind. I want it to click on the window I'm looking at so that when I type it appears in the correct document, but unless I touch the mouse, nothing happens. Oh well.

I'm pleased with this mouse, and I think you will be too. NOTE looks as though you can buy exactly the same model for £20 more - don't!
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on 12 January 2016
This is the BEST mouse - here's why!!!

- I have been using this mouse since 27 Jan 2011 - today's date is 12th Jan 2016 and it's still going strong.
- Works with OSX and Windows and other bluetooth devices via USB
- Battery lasts a good amount of time
- Has a wired charger so you don't interrupt work
- USB on mouse in angled upwards so when charging you can use without snagging the wire, a nice touch.
- I use this every day for 5 years now; it fits my hand perfectly; better than the mice Apple ship with their Macs.
- Very precise control; I am photographer an designer who needs pixel perfect control.
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