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on 23 July 2017
I'd have given it three stars but it's a Vulcan so can't bring myself to do it... It's looks great once it has been put together, but I didn't have to assemble it. That task went to my older, clever brother who has the patience of a saint. I bought it as a Birthday present for him yet he says he never wants to look at Airfix ever again. It took him ages to perfectly line the pieces up because, the casting is a tad dodgy, and the paint colours are not that good either. That said, he has recovered - and is older and wiser, and he now has a model Vulcan that he can be proud of.
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on 29 July 2017
This is one of those old Airfix kits where you can't help muttering ffs to yourself. That's partly out of exasperation, but also because there seems to be no end to the fill,fill, sand.

I'm part-way through building it and enjoyed doing the fuselage section, reinforcing the weak and dodgy Blue Steel bombay, and have quite enjoyed the remedial work that is necessary, especially to the ill-fitting air intakes and along the seams where the two slightly warped fuselage halves join. But when it came to connecting the wings, the fit was absolutely atrocious, with huge (and I mean huge) gaps between the wing roots and the fuselage. Achieving the correct angles has been a challenge too, because the connecting stubs are poorly defined and very short. However, I've got them on now, and have begun the long job of filling and sanding but it's a disappointment which is compounded by the equally poor fit of the wheelbay hatches on the undersides; they're awful too (I'm making it 'wheels up').

I'm tempted to give it only two stars due to the poor fit issues but it's such a beautiful plane, and Airfix clearly did what it thought was right when it moulded it in the first place. The problem is, the tooling seems to be so worn now, that the kit will eventually be withdrawn. As as it's the only 1;72 scale version on the market at the moment, that will be a shame.
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on 3 February 2016
This is an old model and it shows a bit with some of the moulding not brilliant, a bit of filing needed to clean off flash. However with a bit of work and some filler it goes together quite well without too much difficulty. It is quite a big model! I would recommend the use of aerosol paints rather than the small tinlets that come with it as there is not enough and the finish will be much much better than brush painting such a large model. I've not completed it yet but it already looks good, I like it a lot!
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on 23 August 2016
Paints, brushes, parts missing, parts bent.
The parts I did have were a very poor quality.
I viewed a different vulcan kit in a local model shop and that was complete but still a poor quality model.
The paints to small and of no use.
I was told the tooling dates back to 1983.
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on 21 August 2017
requested as a gift. arrived on time recipient pleased with it
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on 24 March 2017
Great item, posted promptly and as described. Good price.
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on 20 May 2017
Its okay but needs some filler where wings join and had to buy additional paint because the pots supplied are small.
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on 21 May 2017
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 27 August 2016
This is a very impressive 1:72 model of the mighty Avro Vulcan.
More specifically it is a rally good reproduction of XH558, which you may have seen doing flying displays at air shows right up to when the aircraft retired from flying for the second time in 2015.
In the box you get the injection moulded aircraft parts, a set of acrylic paints (including two brushes), a set of instructions and a set of transfer decals. The instructions, as with all Airfix kits, are well designed and very detailed. All you have to do is follow them in the order shown and you can’t go wrong.
I found the most difficult part of this kit was assembling the big components such as the wings and fuselage. The fuselage, for example, is about 300mm (one foot) long and it contains a number of different connecting points around openings, such as the bob bay, and construction joints, such as the wing mounts. The tolerances in the injection moulding process are limited and the two fuselage parts are always slightly warped relative to each other. It is quite difficult to connect the two fuselage components together and then hold them in place until the adhesive hardens, without opening up joints in one place or another. If you have a slight gap and you force the components together to seal the gap, you open up a gap somewhere else. This is simply a consequence of the size of the components and the manufacturing tolerances of the injection moulding process used in manufacture.
In my opinion the paints set is poor. The pots of acrylic paint are too small for the size of the model and the acrylic paint itself, in my opinion, is not as good as good as more traditional modellers enamel paint. If you do want to use the paints supplied be aware that (a) you need to use a good quality acrylic primer (not supplied) first and (b) you may run out of the two main camouflage colours because the small amount supplied with the kit is simply inadequate foe the surface area to be painted. I ended up not using the acrylic paints supplied at all and instead I bought larger cans of standard enamel paint at about £1.50 per can. These worked great.
The decals are easy to apply and there is a detailed diagram showing where they go on the model.
Overall I think this is a great model kit of a famous aeroplane and I certainly recommend it. When I bought the kit it was on sale at under £30 on Amazon and I think that is a reasonable price. It is a ig imposing model and you get a lot of plane for your money.
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on 1 October 2016
okay- lets get this out in the open first.... this is a veeerrry old kit, and the mouldings are starting to show it's age. Airfix's various re-boxings of this kit can't hide that- just be aware of what your are getting yourself into. The kit itself will allow you to either build a model of the (previously) last flying Vulcan, namely XH558 or an earlier anti-flash white blue-steel carrying version from the cold war era. It builds into an impressive sized model but you will need to put in a huge amount of effort to get good results - I know, I've built 4 of them- the first 2 were poor, but the other 2 were more "acceptable". You will need some plastic filler and wet n dry to rub down.. here are my tips to get the best out of this kit:

1. When building, ignore the instructions regarding build the wings and then attaching them to the body. The best way is to attach the upper wings to the upper chassis and lower wings to lower chassis - then clamp upper and lower bodies together. This will prevent you having to endlessly fill and rub down along the wing joints (and you'll get a better/clean join)

2. If building XH558, cut up bits of sprue (the frame that the parts are attached to) to strength the inside where the bomb bay panel is- the panel is very thin and flimsy.

3. unless you intend buying aftermarket seemless engine intakes, the standard kit ones will need a load of filling and sanding. Best tool for this is a load of stirrers from a well known coffee chain with wet n dry stuck to them, so you can rub down and get the smooth appearance that real Vulcan intakes have.

As mentioned, it is an old kit, but with time,effort and patience it can look amazing- I would not recommend this to a new modeller as it has the potential to drive you mad
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