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on 23 May 2000
What can I say? I saw the GLADIATOR movie on the Saturday and bought the soundtrack on the Monday. To those who haven't seen it, please go and experience this true cinematic masterpiece. The score is literally breathtaking, Hans Zimmer and Lisa Gerrard at their very best. I'm a 21 year old guy who's taste in music you would call average, Hard House, dance, Indy etc. Towards the end of the movie, the music was so amazingly refreshing and enchanting that I just broke down and cried like never before, right there in the cinema. The music touched an emotional chord deep inside and it's a moment I shall never forget. After buying the soundtrack I went home, put the CD in the player and lay on my bed. When the tracks ELYSIUM, HONOUR HIM and NOW WE ARE FREE came on, I broke down again and cried long after the songs had finished. They would have to be the most beautiful pieces of music I have ever heard, literally. I cry every time I hear it now! I highly recomend this album to anyone, a pure classic, enjoy!
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on 31 October 2006
One word, 'WOW', this was magnificent. If you are a fan of the movie, the second disc in this collection contains the famous quotes from the characters in the movie, Joaquin PHOENIX, Russell CROWE and the late great Richard HARRIS. The tempo is exactly the same, nothing in the musical content has been altered, only extended versions with the actors voice overs, "FATHER TO A MURDERED SON, HUSBAND TO A MURDERED WIFE, I WILL HAVE MY VENGENCE, IN THIS LIFE OR THE NEXT."

The first disc is the original release of the soundtrack. Usually, you have a few tracks that you do not care for, Gladiator contains the images you love, in the music.

Hans Zimmer, there are not many that can hold to your talent, my hat is off to you.
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on 8 October 2001
Some people find it hard to give music the description of beauty. Listening to this score will change anyone's perception of music forever. It is amazing, it grafts every possible emotion together to form an overall montage of defining beauty. Tracks such as "Progeny", "Wheat" and "Sorrow" link the true essence of what both this score and the film is about, together, giving clear indication of the emotions felt. Then there are tracks such as "the battle" and "the glory of Rome" that are filled with such exhilirating power that will soar your soul to new heights. And then, there are the three final tracks, which to me make one track - "Elysium", "Honor him" and "Now We Are Free" and what truly makes this score beautiful, they combine the purity of vocal and instrumental sounds to give an angelic, unforgettable finale to the album. Zimmer is fantastic in every thing he does, and this just goes to show the power he has, and Lisa Gerrard is just as majestic in both writing and performing many of the tracks. This score is probably the most effective I have ever heard and ranks up there in classic scores with others such as Morricone's "The Mission". If u buy only one score in your lifetime, buy this one!
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on 5 September 2005
Listening to this cd I both replayed the film "Gladiator" in my head and, paradoxically, forgot completely about it at the same time.
Many soundtracks, especially those specially 'scored' for the film fail to make the transition from movie to stand-alone cd - this is not one of them.
It is powerful, tender, and indescribably moving - if you like your music like this then buy this cd; if you prefer bland 'film music' then avoid like the plague.
If there were more than 5 stars to award this I would do so every time
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on 20 October 2002
When I first watched gladiator I found the music in it so powerful and intense.
The battle scene that takes place in the beginning has a superb track from this CD which has so much strength. Obviously all the music tracks in the CD make up different scenes of the film. Every song has an emotionally diverse quality to it.

My favourite song has to be 'Now We Are Free'. When Maximus is dying in the end this song plays and it ends the film in such a fantastic way. It is so sad yet the flow of it creates an overwhelming atmosphere which ends the film and this CD very well.
I found that this was great to listen to while doing homework and reading. It allowed me to focus because it was such a brilliant CD which flowed from the first to the last song.
The best soundtrack from a film I have ever listened to. Fantastical beauty and feeling and something I would recommend to anyone.
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on 18 July 2001
Lisa Gerrard's rich vocals and dynamic range provide depth, originality and a haunted emotion to Zimmer's excellent score. Together the pair have managed to conjure the desperate heat, the overwhelming fear and sorrow and adrenaline-charged battle for survival conveyed in the film.
However, one has to wonder why the CD is only just over an hour long. The track mixing often reflects the edits that accompany the film, when evidently they last for longer. This is particularly true in tracks that feature Gerrard's soothing vocals in harmony with Zimmer's mostly robust score. Zimmer's score for "Hannibal" features unabridged tracks, which is a joy to listen to. Why did they have to ration it here?
Having seen the reviews to the second Gladiator CD, it seems that the record label should have back-filled the first one with the best of the overspill OR released the entire soundtrack as a double-CD.
Apologies for sounding pedantic but marketing ideals have stolen full justice from what is a thoroughly exciting soundtrack. Don't let this minor negativity dissuade you from enjoying music that is as mysterious as it is enchanting.
A must for the collection!
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on 25 December 2001
I must have read hundreds of reviews before I finally decided to buy this soundtrack, because it's somewhat different to the sci-fi scores I usually get, but Zimmer & Gerrard soon proved themselves more than worthy of my money.
Along with the high-emotion & epic sense of character that can be found in many quality scores, "Gladiator" has a distinct element all of its own that makes it stand out. When I bought it, everyone I knew was praising this CD & I wondered what made it so special. Then I found myself simply reaching for it whenever I wanted some music... whatever mood, whatever situation. From intense & uplifting pieces like "The Battle" & "The Might of Rome" to the soothing charisma of "Now We Are Free", this is a score that will, like the unforgettable film, live with me forever.
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on 8 June 2001
The most important part of a film, other than the moving picture itself has to be the music. The wrong music at the wrong time can produce a cheesy cock-tale of bad moments for the audience. For those people that listen to soundtracks before watching the film, they can picture whether the film is good, or whether the music is bad. Titanic was one such album for me and pursuaded me to see the film, I could picture every moment of the film as I was listening. This sound track is the same. Once seeing the film, I instantly bought the soundtrack and followed the movie through inside my head, feeling the same feelings at certain points that I felt during watching the film. Hans Zimmer himself played around with The Battle quite a lot before settling on an interesting Waltz. This hits gold for me. To be experimental with soundtracks is a must - rather than produce the same theme all of the way through ie the Matrix. While the Matrix was good to listen to during the film, as a standalone it was not very entertaining. Hans Zimmer and Lisa Gerrard have produced 17 tracks each with their own theme but carrying one of the three main themes through them. They are a joy to listen to and the last three tracks, with the vocals, followed by a the slow Gladiator medley and ending on the final track just wow an audience. Ridley Scott could not have created an atmosphere anywhere near what he created without this soundtrack. Hans Zimmer is up there with John Williams as one of the best contemporary composers the world has ever seen.
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on 18 May 2016
It's always been a delightful experience to hear Lisa Gerrard sing the beautiful sounds she creates with her enchanting voice.

Coupled with the great Hans Zimmer it was a given that the music score of Gladiator was going to win awards and so it did picking up best original score in the Golden Globes and BAFTA.

For me Lisa Gerrard is the sound behind the success of this collaboration and the atmosphere she brings to the score is spine tingling.

I once had to undergo a life threatening operation alone in a foreign country with nobody I knew closer than nearly six thousand miles away. As I was taken to the operating theatre I was permitted to have my MP3 player and I was comforted to listen to Lisa Gerrard singing "Sanvean" with Dead Can Dance. If heaven had taken me at that time I'm sure it would be full of incredible sounds like this. Check out her singing it live on youtube "Lisa Gerrard (Dead Can Dance) - Sanvean"

Gladiator as a collaboration works really well and if you have seen the film you can easily imagine scenes from it as you listen to the music. When you play the album I suggest you play the tracks in sequence and with a player that allows "uninterrupted" transition between tracks. This is especially important for the last 3 tracks that can be played in sequence to create more than eight minutes of naturally flowing music that brings the story to a sad but ultimately liberating conclusion.

Amazing, emotional and an epic story told in a most passionate collaboration of sounds and composers. Thoroughly recommended and sure to leave an impression on you.
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on 27 June 2000
From the moment Ridley Scott's truly brilliant "Gladiator" opens, you know from the haunting music that it is going to be something very special indeed and not just a crash-bang-wallop action film. This soundtrack is, by degrees, beautiful, soul-destroying in its emotion, inspirational and overwhelmingly uplifting: in other words, it is the perfect score for a film which takes you through the exact same emotions. Everytime I hear it it makes my skin run cold. From the statuesque magnificence of "The Battle" through the gentle beauty of "Earth", the glorious undulating majesty of "The Might of Rome" to the final, almost devestatingly stirring ensemble of "Elysium", "Honor Him" and "Now We Are Free", the "Gladiator" soundtrack will make your heart pound before breaking it. Five stars is not enough for this unsurpassable piece of film music whoich surely must win an Oscar next year. Absolutely unforgettable, just like the film itself.
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