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Eurolites N92160 Headlamp Adaptors for Driving in Europe
Package Quantity: 1|Style: Original Packaging|Change
Price:£3.79+ Free shipping (Addon item)

on 1 January 2017
These Headlamp Beam Deflectors - Headlight Convertors are far cheaper to buy online from 'TRAVELSPOT' than the well known multinational store that sells motor car, bicycle components and camping equipment. If you are travelling to countries in mainland Europe by motor car, then it is a legal requirement (especially in France) to have headlight deflectors fitted to the headlights of your car.
The reason being that 'we' in the UK drive on the left, whilst countries in mainland Europe drive on the right. UK motorcars headlamps deflect to the left to avoid dazzling of oncoming vehicles, and thus to drive a UK vehicle on the 'right' in Europe would mean that your headlamps would shine to the left , directly at the driver of oncoming vehicles causing danger. Fitting of these headlamp deflectors will prevent that happening. They are a 'MUST' to ensure extra safety for all motorists whilst driving abroad during hours of darkness and they are well worth the few £pounds to fit them to the outside of your headlights prior to entering Europe by car. The deflectors are 'UNIVERSAL' and come with fitting instructions - where exactly to position and stick them on your headlamps. The make and model of your car will be listed on the instructions. When you return to the UK., simply remember to remove them from your headlamps. They simply peel off whilst the headlamps are on and the glass warmed up. I found them easy to apply and remove - just follow the instructions enclosed in the packet.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 12 July 2017
These are The Standard in converting RHD vehicle headlights for driving on the right in Europe

My Dad uses these every year when touring in France.
They fit a myriad of vehicles / light setups and come with a very comprehensive / detailed instruction sheet so that you get the exactly right placement for your make and year of vehicle.
They are easy to place on and remove (a little bit of recommended solvent can help if required).

It isn’t worth getting pulled in Europe for not having corrected your headlamps. There are so many things that the Police can fine you for not having so best to avoid coming to their attention.

These at £3.36 from Family Motoring & Leisure - delivered are a bargain compared to Halfrauds who have a normal retail of £7.99

Please see my photos. Thanks. BoyBlue.
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on 4 October 2015
You can't really go wrong with it. Usual problem ensuring it lines up properly, but that's just because there are thousands of variations possible. Just choose the correct car model and year. Went on soundly and stayed on through a hot continental holiday. Who really knows what the oncoming drivers see. I did little to no night time driving, so will never know.
It came off very easily. Top bit pulled off straight away leaving the sticky section underneath. This peeled off easily with a bit of picking with finger nails. No special fluids needed.
If you're going abroad you have to have a set, so get these!
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on 7 September 2016
I purchased this product to be compliant when driving in France and because of its good price. The product came with clear instructions of how to fit the deflectors for all vehicles and while it does require care and consideration to ensure the deflectors are fitted as directed in the instructions, the product did what it said. I fitted the deflectors to my VW Touran before a family holiday to France which involved significant travel at night. The headlamp beam was deflected as required and it meant that I was able to drive through the night without dazzling French drivers and without being flashed every few minutes. I was very pleased with the product which arrived quickly and without any fuss.
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on 16 June 2017
Item arrived well packaged and on time. No problems with supplier or product. I have now used this product and report that it still works well (I've been buying this product for a few years now). When removing the adaptors it always leaves a think circle of sticky plastic film. Try to remove the thin plastic film first. I find that you have to pick at the edge and then gently pull up the film. If it starts to tear, try again on a different part of the film. Once as much of the film has been removed, it still leaves a sticky residue. On my old glass headlights, I used white spirit to remove this. I now have polycarbonate 'glass', so I used meths. Its seems to work just as well.
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on 9 June 2016
For easy installation I advise you to read provided user manual. It will help you understand exactly where on the headlamp they need stick, regarding brand and model of your vehicle. You can also find some really good advice reading Amazon reviews . Do not buy them on the main basis to be reusable, although it is feasible. Their enemy is heat, which is produced by headlights or hot weather. Most of the time can be peeled off without any damage. This improves with patience and practice. After removal you need to clean the remaining adhesive left on the headlamp. For this I use isopropyl alcohol. Undamaged adaptors can be reused if you stick them back into the original packaging or on to smooth surface such as PVC foil. Eurolites are significantly cheaper through Amazon and I would never buy them on the high street as they're overpriced.
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on 25 August 2016
These adaptors or reflectors are the real thing. Sold by Amazon, they are original Eurolites, not a cheap imitation or fake.
They don't fall or peel off easily, as long as the head light is clean, dry and warmed up.
They stick very well and in view of regular trips we tend to leave them on the headlights. This doesn't seem to detract from the UK driving experience and the level of light projected onto the road and it saves the hassle and expense of having to fix new ones for each trip.

The adaptors come in original Eurolites packaging and with the original Eurolites instructions.
Just in case of one of the very latest vehicle models, it is worth checking the website where you can download the latest instruction sheet, with up-to-date details for the latest models.

We have used these for several years and it depends on the headlights of your vehicle as to how complex the fitting wlll be. More modern head lights even have a little dot or cross as a reference point, which corresponds with the printed instruction sheet.
It can be a bit of a faff to work out exactly where to stick them, but the enclosed printed sheet is reasonably helpful.

In the ideal world every vehicle would have a switch or manual setting to alter the beam pattern for UK or continental driving. Most vehicles don't have this luxury, so these Eurolites are the next best thing.
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on 1 August 2015
I've been using the more expensive version of this type of deflector successfully for many years, but was attracted by a price that didn't look like a rip-off (as are the well-known brands). It was probably not a good idea — the driver's side deflector fell off inside the first day, and I had to magic a replacement out of a piece of duct tape (which worked perfectly well). Duct tape will do in future!
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on 5 June 2017
Have just returned from motoring on the continent and ordered these based on online reviews and price. The items arrived ahead of the expected delivery date and were suitably packaged. The information provided for the fitting of the reflectors appeared daunting initially, but once you read it through, it is very comprehensive and straightforward. The online videos recommended with the literature offer excellent fitting guidance for those who may be a little unsure. On our trip, the reflectors remained in placed and were completely effective. They were easy to fit and were removed on the Eurotunnel on our return to the UK for night driving in GB to travel home. My experience was a very positive one of these items, although the pair I purchased could not be re-used. Based on cost, effectiveness and ease of fitting and removal, I am happy to recommend these reflectors.
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on 25 July 2017
I'm not sure how effective these are at actually deflecting the beam, especially when they have to cope with so many diverse headlamp designs. They seem quite expensive for a couple of pieces of sticky plastic and must surely have a phenomenal profit margin. Still, nobody else seems to offer anything similar and if you want to at least make the gesture of avoiding dazzling fellow drivers when driving on the right they may be your only option.
As more cars arrive with xenon or led headlights which have a clearer cut off and do not need adjustment for driving on left or right these may become less important.
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