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4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on 23 April 2011
I fitted mine yesterday - I used the Autodata cable and that was it - evertyhing worked first time, mute etc. It is amazing - BT connects automatically when you switch the ignition on, even if you are mid-call, it transfers it to the Hands Free automatically. Music playback is very high quality, and you have a variety of sources, BT from phone, SD card in unit, or via the external connectors. I just upgraded mine to the latest version of the software by the USB input, a job that took about a minute. Audio quality is fantastic from the phone - doesnt sound like you are driving.

All in all can't praise this combo highly enough. If you want a BT car kit and this is in your price range, buy it.

Tim Fletcher
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on 5 March 2010
This device was the only solution to ipod playback and hands-free phone use in my model of car, and mostly it's brilliant. There are some negative things to say, though. Firstly, when first installed the ipod connection really didn't work at all. My installer willingly reviewed his work and a replacement connecting umbilicus provided a cure - reading around, problems with dubious leads and connectors are a not uncommon observation amoung Parrot users, so bear this in mind if you do encounter a glitch. Secondly, I have no problem with compatibility with my phone but make sure you check on the Parrot website that your specific model is supported - Parrot offers regular firmware updates but it is apparent from user forums that not everybody is happy all the time, and some owners end up completely fed up. Finally, there are two quirks of Parrot operation that I now accept as facts of life - skipping through playlists using the alphabet just doesn't work (all Parrot owners know this) and the unit will occasionally crash for no obvious reason and require re-booting. In summary, the thing is far from perfect and can infuriate, but crucially it remains just too useful to tear out and throw away. Sound quality is tops too.
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on 10 December 2014
I bought this and had it fitted with Halfords about 4 months ago.

Plays music really well, and has a "Virtual Superbass" option to really bring out the bass for those who like to rumble down the road. Seems to recognise most forms of mp3 & mp4 encoding (quality). Supports USB, an aux-in and the older iPhones with leads for each.
The options are all reasonably easy to understand and navigate without a manual.

The voice that speaks to you is pretty rubbish. It can't even pronounce "Mum", which you'd have thought a hell of a lot of people would have on their phone. Instead, it pronounces it "Moom". Other words (too many to list here) are also pronounced so ridiculously that you would feel embarrassed to use the feature with passengers (or business associates!) in.
The voice recognition software is also pretty crap. Maybe because it doesn't know what a "Mum" is, it can't understand you very well. I often find myself frustrated, and after several aborted attempts (calling the wrong people, etc etc) I have to take my attention away from driving just to make a simple call, using the manual contact options.

I'm on Firmware version 2.2, which is the latest software for the unit, as I write this review. This could be so much better. Parrot need to sort out the voice bit, basically. If you are mainly going to use it to play music, there are plenty of other options out there. If not, well, this is definitely not the best for making hands-free calls! So I guess I don't recommend it.
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on 28 January 2011
What a fabulous piece of kit!
We have used hands free kits in our cars for a number of years - the Vauxhall factory fitted one way back in 1999/2000 being the first which was great but VERY expensive. We then moved onto the Parrot CK versions which again were excellent. This meant over the years we had come to expect a lot from our hands free kits.
When my husband was involved in a no fault accident which wrote off his vehicle, we insisted the replacement car was fitted with the Parrot Mki9200.
Connectivity with a variety of mobile phones has been brilliant. It plays music and pod casts from my ipod without any problems.
When software updates are available, the ease with which these can be updated is fantastic - even for someone totally non technical like myself!
Calls can be accepted and made effortlessly. Conversations are clear - the double microphone is even better than the one utilised in older versions of the Parrot.
When we had a query about one of our older mobiles not appearing to fluidly connect, the Customer Service staff at Parrot were brilliant, responding very quickly and advising how the problem could be resolved.
We even have a photo of one of our dogs on the screen (please don't all laugh - it's the simple pleasures in life that make technical gadgets extra special!)
We do quite a lot of motorway driving and would not have a car without a Parrot fitted.
I cannot recommend this highly enough and really cannot understand why particularly company cars/vans are not fitted with Mki9200's as standard.
Get yourself one today and you will in future always demand your car is fitted with one!
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on 10 August 2009
The parrot installed easily when used with iso connectors. Iphone would not sync and recognise the parrot and vice versa. In the end i went on to the parrot website and downloaded the latest software update on to a flash drive and then updated parrot. everything then worked and synced with iphone so my advice is once all the cabling has been done before doing anything else update the software. The voice dialling feature can be annoying sometimes as it has no consistency when speaking it doesnt always recognise spoken words which did work previously. This is not a problem with the detatchable screen and wireless remote.
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on 26 April 2014
OK product but whenever we turned the steering wheel and caught the remote, the button kept falling off and we had to hunt around the car floor to find it on several occasions. generally ok product though and the connection was fine - could have been a bit louder.
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on 9 December 2013
Firstly, I didn't buy the Parrot MKi9200 through Amazon. I got it from work via Vodafone/Unipart. Initially I thought it was brilliant - a neat looking screen, simple interface, good call quality and very good voice recognition. I connect my iPhone via Bluetooth to listen to music too and the clarity is excellent.

The problem is that the control unit keeps losing contact, so you can't initiate or end calls, change the volume or use any of the menus. At first I thought I was doing something wrong. Then I changed the batteries. Then I had the unit replaced. Fine for 6 months then the same fault. Then again. Then again. I am actually now waiting for my third replacement unit and have had dozens and dozens of service calls. The service I've had from Vodafone/Unipart has been excellent throughout, very helpful staff who keep escalating it to the manufacturer but seemingly get nothing back.

It's infuriating and dangerous that you can't use the unit as designed. I can't understand how I can be so unlucky as to have had this many faulty units - there must be a design or manufacturing error here that others must have experienced?

As I say, when it works it is excellent, but no piece of technology should have to be replaced three times in 18 months! Avoid!
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on 21 November 2011
The Parrot is a brilliant piece of kit - easy to control and quick to connect. The hands-free is clear and easy to use. The display is excellent.


Installing this kit in my merc E class was a nightmare. The power and earth loads were swapped over and the adapter lead needed to be heavily modified. Many brains spent much time trying to get this working.

The line in, ipod and USB replay only seems to work through the front speakers and does not work through the car amplifier. The signal comes from the Parrot system (small and low power) and this drives the car speakers. The playback quality is poor and not really satisfying for music, but fine for telephone or listening to audiobooks.

On balance, good kit that trys to do do too much, and watch out for installation nighmares!
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on 17 November 2015
I'm surprised the Police haven't banned them! ;-)

Bought this from Halfords about three years ago and I've had no end of problems with the wireless communication of the little control device (£50 to replace!!) and the main 'brain' mounted behind the dash. Very irritating and dangerous while driving as you're never sure if the buttons are working or not. You end up tapping at them repeatedly in the hope that something will happen! I've wasted far too much time, money and nervous energy on this finicky little unit. The index finger on my left hand is half an inch shorter since I got this thing!

The little screen isn't a great help either. As you press the buttons on the control panel it toggles between day mode (too bright) and night mode (unreadable). If you want a calm, quiet and peaceful journey......don't buy a Parrot BT car kit!

It worked grudgingly, as described above, with my iPhone 4s for a while but there's been no firmware update for about a year now and a lot of functions and display items are missing when used with an iPhone 6s.

Seriously not worth the money. I highly recommend saving up (you'll end up spending more on this unit anyway) and buying a quality dash-mounted unit by a long established company like Pioneer or Alpine. There'll be less fiddling and fussing around which will be far safer for all us road users.
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on 7 February 2011
I fitted this today, it took half a day to fit, had to find the switching live and the constant live to get it to work. also I had to set up the mute as I have 5 speakers (one in the middle of the dash that the lead doesn't turn off)

I connected to my iphone via the bluetooth and tested with a call fine. However as soon as you unlock the iphone it mutes the stereo for a few seconds now... i want it to mute when it is on a call or dialling only.

Then plugged into the lead to charge the phone and it started to play whatever i had playing already without me asking it to. I couldn't get it to stop without unplugging and the only way to control the music is to use the parrot controller (which had a flat battery at the time) This is quite annoying as i want to choose the music i want to play via my iphone but there is no option for this.

i have a firmware update i downloaded this evening to apply to the parrot so i hope this fixes these niggles.
Upgraded the firmware via usb stick. Very easy.

1 charges phone whilst listening to music or just the radio
2 wireless controller saved adding more cables
3 connects via bluetooth and work quickly and easily
4 multiple phones connected at the same time wired and/or wireless

1 cannot pick and play direct from my iphone
2 can only adjust the sound via the parrot from the iphone not the stereo
3 finding contacts is easier on the Iphone, the scroll and pick is poor
4 choosing music is tricky, much easier on the iphone, but you cant....
5 sound quality isn't that great from the iphone through the parrot, just adequate
6 no option to disable parrot iphone music control

This kit is ok, however it could be better, is there any alternative out there???
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