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Customer Reviews

3.3 out of 5 stars
3.3 out of 5 stars
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on 22 September 2011
This a great cage and can be customised to suit the buyer, I have bought extra tubes and a pod for the hamster to sleep in. For the first few weeks I would recommend removing the tubes as my baby hamster decided to make his bed inside the tubes making it impossible for me to handle him which is vital in the early weeks.
They also wee inside the tubes so you may want to put some news paper under the cage.
The home supplied is not large enough for a full grown Syrian but makes an excellent toilet.
The cage is also spacious enough for you to hang treats like corn from the roof.
The kids love watching him potter about now and this cage allows for that too.
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on 10 April 2014
Whilst it is a lovely cage, it is far too small for a Syrian hamster.
Bought this for my new hamster, and it was perfect for a month or so and then he got bigger, and began chewing the bars as a bid to escape. Read online that bar chewing is a sign of boredom so got him some more chew toys, but he persisted, and I learned that it was because he didn't have enough space.
The wheel supplied with this cage is dreadful, and I immediately bought a new one! The wheel is far too small (the hamster shouldn't be bending in the wheel, should be almost straight when running in it) so I invested in a 12" silent spinner straight away.
As with others, the platform is a bit tricky to manoeuvre in and out for cleaning. I didn't have the issue of my hamster peeing in the tubes though, so can't comment on that! Then house is apparently too small for a Syrian too, but my ham loves it, and when I tried to replace it he wasn't happy, so I have kept it.

I have ended up buying him a cage intended for rats, as this cage gives plenty of floor space. (90cm x 50cm) and have made my own platform areas for him. He now runs around content and has stopped incessantly chewing the bars. He also has a sandpit corner (with chinchilla sand NOT dust!!) which he loves digging in, and also bathing in).

I would avoid this cage for Syrian hamsters, but it may be suitable for a dwarf/robo?
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on 13 June 2014
Its an ok cage, but the shelf is difficult to put in and slips occasionally. size wise, like a a lot of cages marketed to Syrian hamsters.....way too small. wheel is tiny, he didn't ever use it to run in just too poop in. Tubes were fine but when he stuffed his cheeks he got stuck and we had to rescue him, there is no room to put extra toys or a new wheel. My hamster is not fully grown, in fact he is 9weeks old, far from fully grown, so don't waste your money like i did, 2 weeks and hes happily in a new cage.
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on 15 August 2014
I purchased this cage from Pets at Home when I first brought my Syrian home as it is advertised as being suitable for a Syrian hamster.

It is not.

This cage is much too small and I immediately ordered a Savic Hamster Heaven for £59 from Amazon which fulfils the minimum requirements for a hamster of any species recommended by the RSPCA (75x40x40 cm). My hamster was clearly very unhappy for the short time she was in this cage and was bar biting all through the night no matter how much play time she was given. The wheel provided was also much too small for a Syrian hamster and I immediately purchased an 8 inch wheel.

This mistake is really my own fault for failing to do enough research and check the measurements for this cage before buying but I would hate for other new hamster owners to fall into the same trap. Don't bother with this cage unless it it to extend another Ferplast setup. I will either be binning mine, using it as a travel cage or donating it to someone as an EXTENSION ONLY.
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on 28 August 2011
I have had this cage for years now and have used it for both hamsters and gerbils at different times and it is perfect for both. Because of the tubes this cage can also be connected to other ferplast and savic cages to expand and therre is a great range of product out there to extend this cage for your little critter.
This cage is easy to clean and lasts a long time I am very happy with it.
The only problem it has is the bed that it comes with is way to small for any animal so you will need to buy another one but the rest is really good.
Update: Although I have had this cage for years I have decide to upgrade to a Ferplast Tris, as my gerbil loves to pee in the tube and make a mess. So i upgraded to a cage which is practically the same cage but has ladder instead of tubes and is twice the height but I love this cage still.
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on 20 October 2012
The size is OK, however there is little to no room for a toilet or toys. The house is far too small for a fully grown syrian, and your hamster will be uncomfortable and hang out of the front. The wheel supplied is also too small for an adult syrian, causing their back to arch as they run which will give them long term spinal problems. The shelf is a nice addition, however if you put sawdust on it your hamster might kick it all out of the cage! The tubes do have small air holes along them, meaning if your hamster takes to weeing in the tubes you will have even more of a mess to clean up outside the cage. It would be much better size-wise for a dwarf hamster, although I would doubt their ability to climb up the tubes as they have furry feet, meaning they slip down more than syrians. If you are looking for a cage with lots of space for runaround and toys, room for a good sized bed and wheel, more accesible, cleaner with no sawdust on the floor, no bar chewing (Safer for your hamster so they don't develop sores on their noses!), at 1/3 of the price, look into creating your own Bincage! Much cheaper, customiseable and most importantly, happier hamsters!
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on 23 August 2012
This cage is alright, but beware the floor in it is very very very hard to get out and back into after cleaning, the wheel that comes with it is way to small for a syrian hamster to exercise properly, the house is too small and is badly made is hard to put together. I am very disappointed :(
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on 12 May 2015
Good as an accessory to other ferplast cages as the tubes come with it. It's our hamster's playroom which she gets to from her cage through her gymnasium! The hamster's luckier than us! Our only disappointment is that the picture is a blue cage and we received a garish bright pink one so be aware of that possibility.
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on 20 December 2014
Very good. this cage is very good because it is quite spacious and the tube are very sturdy. There are some problems there are no instructions to put the cage together which was a problem. Also my hamster mabel decided to make her bed in the tubes so you have to check the bedding every day. The wheel was small and hard to put on so I threw it away and bought a bigger one. overall this cage is very good.
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on 16 May 2012
Bought this as an extension for our Syrian's cage as he had outgrown it. Specifically, we needed somewhere to put a much larger wheel. The Laura cage is the right size to hold it, and gives him a bit of extra exercise space too.

The supplied tubes were sufficient to link the cages together. Be careful though if you build a complex link like I did; we've had a few escapes due to the tunnel collapsing under its own weight (or that of the occupant). It has now been reinforced!

We're not using the mezzanine, but it appears sturdy enough. I'd be wary of the wheel, which seems a bit flimsy, but obviously we're not using that either. The water bottle is nice and big, and the food bowl is just like the one he already had.

Compared to the more expensive Favola, the plastic seems less durable and the bars are spaced a bit further apart. The doors look a bit easier for a determined animal to pop open, but on the plus side there are two of them which makes access much easier. There's not much space for digging material; not a problem for us as he digs in his other cage, but might have been an issue otherwise. It has a smaller capacity, but were the tubing used as illustrated the animal would at least have plenty to climb on.

Overall, good for what it was bought for, but it wouldn't be my first choice for a Syrian hamster's only residence as it's just too small.
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