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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 21 August 2004
Most, by now, would have heard the first three singles of this fabulous album. Apparently, the whole album is about vocalist Adam Levine's relationship with his girlfriend and muse, Jane, and to appreciate the songs you do have to make the effort to listen to all the words. The Album kicks off with their debut 'Harder to Breathe', a fabulous rock song that grabs you from the first time you hear it and makes you sit up and listen. The second track is the equally wonderful 'This Love', their second single. The third track 'Shiver' is quite unusual, but still commercial. Next up is third single 'She Will be Loved', a very sweet, gentle ballad.
'Tangled', the fifth song on the album, is also quite mellow, but like all songs on the album has some wonderful lyrics. 'The Sun', is quite an unusual song too, very laid back rock. 'Must Get Out' is one song that needed to grow on me, the lyrics are great, but the tune does not grab you instantly. However, it is followed by the jazzy, laid back 'Sunday Morning', which is the perfect tune for that time of day! The piano on the next track, 'Secret', allows it to follow with a similar jazzy, easy listening feel, but they lift the tempo for the next number 'Through With You', and its petulant sounding hook (this is a good thing - honest!). Track eleven is 'Not Coming Home', a funky number about the end of a relationship. As the album starts with the first flush of new love, you will notice that the lyrics start to become a bit bitter towards the end of the album, which is about the end of a relationship. Thus the album finishes, quite aptly, with a rocky track named 'Sweetest Goodbye'.
I have used the term 'laid back' several times in this review and I think it sums up Maroon 5's music well, as the album is full of laid back, effortless rock music.
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on 4 June 2004
I bought this album having heard "Harder to Breathe" and "This Love". I was a little apprehensive because I'd only heard these songs a couple of times before, but they were so good I just HAD to buy the album. It was definitely worth it!
If you've heard any Maroon 5 song before and liked it, then I am certain you will love the album. I know it's sometimes hard to decide whether or not to buy an album when you've just heard one or two songs by the band- but I can tell you Maroon 5 do not disappoint. I highly recommend this album, I haven't stopped playing it since I got it a few months ago.
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on 19 June 2004
I'd only heard Harder to Breathe and This Love, and for me they stepped slightly too far over the pop line for my liking. I got even more sceptical when my mum begged me to get it off someone, you can understand why. I did however eventually listen to, and I put my hands up, i was greatly mistaken, it is by far one of the best albums out this year.
She Will Be Loved has to be one of the best songs on it. His vocals remind me in some distant way of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. The guitar and piano playing were incredible, they blended in so well together, the whole thing was a music miracle! Shiver, The Sun and Must Get out are the songs that really made this album. And i bow down to the bands producers for allowing them to release such a fantastic album. You can't categorise this kind of music, it's in a league of its own!
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on 2 February 2005
No wonder this album has been so successful, it really is amazing. When Maroon5 released "Harder to breathe", I just thought they were like any other band, nothing special and nothing different. How bloody wrong was i? Most albums I have to listen to a few times before I get into it, but on the first listen of "Songs About Jane", I was hooked. The album is a collection of brilliant tunes written mostly by Adam Levine (vocals, guitar) and Jesse Carmichael(keyboards, vocals)about Levine's ex Jane. I couldn't possibly put their music into one particular genre, they're a mix of soul, rock and RnB. In my opinion, the best songs are the keyboard-dominated "Sunday Morning", which is probably one of the only songs on the album which reflects the good side of Levine's relationship; "The Sun" and "Secret" which is one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard. Ryan Dusick's drum beats are brilliant, and Levine's vocals are original and always full of emotion. I would recommend this album to anyone, and if you like "Songs About Jane", then you should check out Maroon5's album "1.22.03 Acoustic", which includes versions of "This Love", "Sunday Morning", "She Will Be Loved", "Harder to Breathe" and "The Sun". It also features a Beatles cover, "If I Fell" by Levine and a cover of AC/DC's "Highway to Hell", where drummer Ryan Dusick is on vocals.
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on 31 January 2004
Really quality album, prbably more of a 4 and a half star album
Alerted to the band after having seen them support Matchbox 20 at Wembley, I checked out some of their stuff
Then, when i was on holiday in Australia i heard harder to breathe, and i was hooked. I assumed the rest of the album would be similar...I was wrong. Its got quite a jazzy feel to it, especially on the track sunday morning and i understand what reviewers mean when they say theres a bit of a boyband feel to it - however, somehow they can pull it off by keeping some good guitar sounds going on even if the vocals sound like daniel bedingfield...
Regarless of this 'boyband' sound, it is an awesome album. Stand out tracks being harder to breathe, tangled, sunday morning and this love, the guitar on shiver also very cool
Looking forward to their gig in april
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on 29 January 2004
Towards the end of 2003, the Christmas hit movie 'Love Actually' came to the cinema screens, and this, it seems, is where Marroon 5 make thier devue. 'Sweetest Goodbye' appears on the Love Actually soundtrack and is a great introduction to the band.
An incredible mix of R&B, rock and pop gives the US indie band a unique sound and for this they've reached small fame. On January 16 2004, Maroon made thier first known UK TV appearance on Top Of the Pops.
Tho they haven't made it to the top of the UK charts, they are there in the top 20. This is not a CD to miss out on - making a change from the usual Pop, Garage, Rock etc, they've a sound thats different from anything before - and we in the UK like it!
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on 25 February 2004
I am one of many people who heard 'Harder to Breathe' and, hooked, took the plunge and bought the whole album. Smart move. 'Songs about Jane' is a great record; from the catchy singles, 'Harder to Breathe' and 'This Love' to the achingly heartfelt 'She will be Loved,' it is both a crowd-pleaser and an original, innovative collection of songs.
The autobiographical title is reflected in Adam Levine's lyrics. (Jane is a pseudonym for Levine's ex-girlfriend, though one wonders whether she will remain in the past tense for long once she's heard this album). Levine is honest, bitter, nostalgic and optimistic, and between them his songs provide anyone who's ever been in - and out - of love with something to relate to. The music is difficult to categorise - 'Sunday Morning' is uncannily Jamiroqui-esque, whilst other tracks remind me of anything from U2 to Counting Crows to Stevie Wonder. That said, a lot of the tracks could have been sung by Sugar Ray too. 'Songs about Jane' has elements of jazz, rock, pop, R n B, and just about any other genre you'd care to mention, and it fuses them well.
In general this is a great record - it manages to strike a balance between conveying genuine, raw emotion and avoiding melodramatic overstatements. It's different from anything else in my CD collection, and I look forward to Maroon 5's undoubtedly bright future.
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VINE VOICEon 17 July 2004
This CD is easily the best CD I've bought this year. There is a mixture of different styles on this album, thus something to satisy everyone; but the most amazing thing is the way the band blend different styles. Influnced by rock and indie music, Maroon 5 combine this with their hip-hop and R'n'B influences and finish with some really interesting sounds, one of which is demonstrated in the mainstream track 'This Love'.
You may be familiar with 'Sweetest Goodbye' which featured on the 'Love Actually' soundtrack. This is a brilliant finish to the album, perfectly suited to lead singer Adam Levine's voice. and very different to the more 'funky' element of 'Harder to Breathe' and 'This Love'.
If you're sick of all the manufactured pop and are looking for a band that not only write their own music but care solely about it before anything else, check 'Songs About Jane' out!
If you enjoy this CD, I recommend in addition the brand new Maroon 5 live acoustic CD, and the track 'Woman' which can be found on the Spiderman 2 soundtrack.
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on 6 February 2004
i first heard Maroon 5 (like everyone else it seems) on the love actually soundtrack, then heard the single "harder to breath" and went straight out and bought the album..and how pleasantly suprised i find a band that fuses so many different sounds and styles (funk, rock, jazz, soul) but never feels messy or too much is going me there are no real stand out tracks and no fillers as every track is sooo easy on the ears.
its about time a band came along with a different sound and they dont get much better than this...i can sum this review into 3 words for you...SUPERB...BUY IT.
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on 29 December 2003
Harder To Breathe attracted to me this album, that along with the reviews...
'They sound like Matchbox 20'
'John Mayer joined them for a track'
'Sound like Santana at times'
It seemed very promising - but the album suprised me.
It was full of backstreet boys like tracks! Don't let that put you off, they are great tracks. This album swings from inspired grooviness (is that a word?) to sweet ballads.
At the end of the first listen I was confused - one minute they sounded EXACTLY like Red Hot Chilli Peppers, then Matchbox, then Santana, then Backstreet. Puzzled? Yes. Thrilled? Yes.
There are no weak tracks on this album, it's fantastic.
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