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4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on 26 December 2003
All you people who claim this to be a rubbish album must be about 70 years old and have hearing problems- Busted are the best band around at the moment and in my opinion are just as good, if not better, than Blink 182. Busted came 3,2, and first place in cosmo girl's 101 most wanted guys and also won "Best band in the world- ever" in smash hit's poll. I don't see greenday and blink winning any of these awards.
Their light hearted lyrics and catchy choruses really get your head nodding, and rocked-up numbers like "3am" make you want to jump up and dance.
This album is totally worth the money- I got it a couple of days after it was released and I still love to listen to it everyday, all the way through.
Those people who critisise Busted for "immature lyrics" and "punk wannabes", you belong in an old folk's home or the "Deaf/ Blind department" at the nearest hospital.
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on 30 November 2003
Who cares if it's punk or if it's pop, noone can deny that they are a marketing dream. Whoever thought this one up clearly saw a way of making a quick buck and good on them. They've got three lads, all undenyably good looking, got them to write hilariously funny (and catchy) songs and made a considerable amount of money in the process. Who cares if it's as cheesy and manufactured as "pop idol" because if they are giving people the music they wanna hear then good on them. We'd all like to be in their shoes, they are young, talented and loaded.
This album shows a different and more polished side to the band and the standout tracks are '3am', 'crashed the wedding' and 'why'. Some say they are an insult to the world of punk but if they are making succesful albums, then does it really matter?
Theres a stigma attached to being a busted fan. If you ever admit to liking this band then youseem to have your "proper punk fan" label stripped of you. There shouldn't be because again they've made a cracking album thats selling like hotcakes and they are having fun in the process!
Don't waste your time pretending to think it's a con, refusing to buy their albums and protesting that you hate them. Your not fooling anybody! I can't wait for the day that people accept this band for who they are and appreciate that they make undenyably popular and catchy music.
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on 29 December 2003
I'm 24 and probably the oldest reviewer doing Busted, but who cares, I'm fixated! I was given this album as a surprise gift and from the moment I put it on I was hooked.
Busted, as other reviewers have noted, have grown up - but they don't do it crudely. Potential obscenities have been replaced by sweet little sound effects and the sexual overtones of several songs will go over the heads of younger listeners. Each track brims with enthusiasm, and you can tell that the boys really enjoyed making this album. They sing about real life, and real experiences, and you warm to them for their frankness. "Air Hostess" replaces "What I Go To School For" as the boys graduate into the grown-ups' league; the angst of "You Said No" is painfully inherent in "Fake" and "3am". What comes over in this album is painful and humorous honesty. "I find your sense of humour spiteful, it shouldn't make you proud" (Who's David) alongside classics like "I messed my pants when we flew over France" (Air Hostess).
There are no trips to the Year 3000 on this album - but the Year 2004 should be a good one for the boys.
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on 20 November 2003
Having bought and liked the first album from busted, i went out and bought their second effort, 'A present for everyone'. I was pleasantly suprised at the development that busted have taken since their arrival in the charts with the almost geekish 'What i go to school for'. Their sound is an improved rockier one, with darker, teen angst songs that will no boubt hit the spot among the, all too documented, suppressed teenagers in this country.
Typical topics are confronted throughout the album, which most teenagers will relate to, such as looking for and losing love, being a geek, and having girlfriends which are geeks('She wants to be me' showing the latter in an amusing fashion). All of this culminates in a more mature sound throughout the album; and without the risk of losing their target audience.
Particular praise must go to 'Why', solely sung by Charlie, which starts off as a ballad and develops into a fast paced rant about love and the shortcomings of it. Another particularly striking song is '3am', which again tackles the subject of love and shows off their more rockier sound.
Disappointments of the album are 'Air hostest' and 'Crashed the wedding' which both show that they have not totally rid of their immaturity. Also the topics they tackele do get repetetive, and i question whether at their age they have experienced all that they claim. Apart from this the album is an enjoyable listen, which does show a development from their self titled debut.
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on 2 August 2004
I'd like to respond to the few individuals who seem determined to review every Busted release and give it 1-star (complaining that it should only really get zero stars).
These people miss the point of Busted (and the good that Busted and McFly are doing for UK music).
I'm a father of two children who like Busted and without Busted they would be listening to brain-dead pop bands who play no instruments and just release copies of other people's songs. It is good that once again we have bands writing their own songs and playing their own instruments. It is good that kid's are being encouraged to pick up a guitar rather than attend dance lessons!!!
I listen to real music ranging from punk bands like The Clash and Rancid, through sixties pop of The Beatles and Rolling Stones, eighties pop of Echo & The Bunnymen and Jesus and Mary Chain through to more modern bands like The Manic Street Preachers and Oasis. I also listen to rock music from the likes of Guns & Roses and Iron Maiden.
I would much rather see Busted or McFly at number 1 in the UK singles chart than naff manufactured "so-called" performers like Westlife or Will Young.
Even if you are not a fan of the music, how can you critisise a band for writing their own songs and playing their own instruments?
Find something better to do with your time than just write stupid reviews of Busted releases. Busted deserve respect for going against the flow of manufactured pop.
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on 10 November 2003
I have heard the all songs all the way through as im a member on the street team and it goes without saying that this is the best album i have ever heard. Different but with the same Busted touch to the first album it beats it hands down and with tracks varying from air hostess to 3am it has everything!
Definately one to buy!
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on 11 February 2004
If you want to hear some of the most amusing lyrics in modern music and a more emotional Busted then this is the album for you!
"Air hostess" is reminiscent of the "What I go to school for" track from their debut album, so you're on familiar ground here.
"She wants to be me" is an insightful piece describing a girlfriend mimicking the boyfriend's style. The song emphasises the view that personalities merge during a relationship and individuality is lost. 'She's stealing my identity' is a repeated line. The points made here are serious, but made in a light-hearted way.
"3AM" stresses the difficulties of trying to move on after a relationship. The song has some lyrics portraying a careless attitude, others denial and desperation.
You may assume "Fake" is about pretending to be someone else. Once you listen carefully to the lyrics you realise it's a much more embarassing scenario. The subject matter isn't one that you'd expect people to sing about!
This album certainly stands up to repeated listening. "Meet you there" and "That thing you do" are great songs to sing along to. "Why" combines moving lyrics with a real rock sound and "Over now" has some particularly heartfelt lines.
Each member of the group has a distinctive voice and vocal style. The tracks are addictive and sung with genuine feeling. These boys are gifted.
'A Present For Everyone' certainly sheds Busted of the typical boyband image. This is because they are singing about how it feels...and doing it in their own way.
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on 9 February 2004
This is just as good as the first busted album, if not better! There's more tracks on this album including the brilliant 'Over now' and 'Better than this'. Busted have a more mature sound on album, and James' vocals on 'Can't Break Thru' are fantastic. If you're a true Busted fan, you'll be totally addicted to this...I am!
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on 7 December 2003
When I initially heard this album I acknowledged the obvious progression in their song writing direction. The songs are a lyrical equivalent of the young American teen movie genre: with moments of fun, sadness, and overt boyish anxiety concealed with humour: "So baby tell me now do I need to measure...?" Baby, and what indeed do you think you need to measure? Fortunately not too obvious so the littlies in their fan base will be able to remain innocently oblivious to any sexual references!
This album is different from its predecessor so it would be pointless to offer a direct comparison. However, I've noticed that the song writing has been split more equally on this album, so it's good to see a group effort.
I'd recommend this album for any music lover's collection as it offers an eclectic mix of young, fresh punk/pop, demonstrating a real appreciation of lyrical manipulation and mercuriality.
It certainly would be a good present!
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on 20 November 2003
I brought the album on the day of release and having waiting for ages i knew i wasn't gonna be let down!
Air Hostess reminds me of Dawsoons Geek; the tongue in cheek humour abd brilliant lyrics, Who's David and 3am are superb tracks
She wants to be me is one of my faves but the tracks that i feel really showcase all their voices are why, meet u there,nerdy, loner in love, falling for u and fake. They are all very good and have funky lyrics, also some are more seriuos and deep than others
Its a must for every busted fan
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