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Customer reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 12 May 2017
Coming from someone who thinks Ten is very overrated I have to say this is a much better album. I like how Pearl Jam balence the heaver songs such as Animal and the slower ones such as Indiffrence. Also I think the song writing is much more sophisticated and focused. Overall it is a more consistent album.
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on 30 August 2017
Happy with the product
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on 18 July 2017
Great CD. Should have bough years ago.
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on 22 May 2017
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on 26 July 2015
My favorite Pearl Jam album. Great MD sound quality.
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on 17 July 2005
I must admit to being slightly biased here because I love Pearl Jam but even I didn't think the band could come close to reaching the dizzying heights of perfection that was their debut 'Ten' but boy, was I wrong!
This, their 2nd album, actually has a more varied and experimental edge. Full-on rock anthems such as 'Go', 'Animal' and 'Leash' sit alongside more melodic songs such 'Daughter', and 'Elderly Woman...' and the funk-fuelled 'Glorified G' and 'Rats'. This is the sound of a band not afraid to try out new things and further expand their musical horizons.
Eddie Vedder's voice and lyrics are are strong as ever and his ability to tell stories through the songs is second to none, in my opinion. It is hard to pick out stand-out tracks from this record because everything is so tight and it would probably be quicker to pick songs that you did not like.
This stands shoulder-to-shoulder with 'Ten' as one of the best rock records of recent times. Please, if you are a fan of good music - buy this album!
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on 20 March 2006
When Vedder and Co burst onto the scene with "Ten", the burning question was "How the hell do you follow that?" Here Pearl Jam provided the answer with an album full of visceral savage rock and songs aimed at all sections of American society, from gun-nuts to bigoted Police Officers.
From the opening ferociousness in "Go" to the bittersweet tenderness of Indifference, in which Vedder really lets his voice do all the work to carry a haunting chiming riff this is an album that confirmed Pearl Jam as MAJOR league players.
The band sound tight, yet retain a power and urgency and fluidity straight out of the practice room.
Along with "Ten", they would never be this immediate and downright angry again...truly essential Pearl Jam
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VINE VOICEon 20 July 2009
From the opening assault of "Go" and "Animal" via the acoustic tenderness of "Elderly Woman...." through to the atmospheric closer "Indifference", Pearl Jam pulled rabbits out of hats to make one of the most magical albums of the 90's.
If you are new to Pearl Jam and want to listen to what all the fuss was about then this is essential listening. Ed Vedders lyrics coupled with musicianship of the highest order form the backbone of what is in my opinion the best the group have so far released. (obviously lots of people will disagree with me here).
What you are buying here is 45 minutes and twelve tracks of a group at the peak of their powers. Songs of racism, abuse, love lost, and love betrayed amongst other things. Both brutal and tender a true classic of the "Grunge" era (If Grunge is what you want to call it!!).
Stand out tracks for me, "Rearview Mirror", "Go", "Daughter" and "Elderly Woman.....", Magic indeed!!
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on 9 August 2001
Following the sweeping epic "Ten" was always going to be tough . Or so we thought . The boys from Pearl Jam showed how easy it all was when they released this blistering album , and consequently held the record for five years for the fastest selling album in the world ..EVER. Moonwalk on that thought Mr Michael Jackson. It's easy to see why "Vs" struck a chord with so many people - it has the intimate beauty of acoustic numbers such as "Daughter" ; the percussion led anger and passion as typified by "WMA" , "Animal " and "Rearviewmirror" , and perhaps the most poignant love song they had at this stage penned in "Dissident". Eddie's vocals are wounded and howling , yet that rich baritone is always bubbling under the surface - proving why he is the greatest rock singer of his or any other generation. The lyrics are insightful and heartwrenching as always. On "WMA " (White Middle American ) Vedder raises the political stakes and declares how easy the affluent white population have it - "He won the lottery , by being born.... police stopped my brother today ". A singer with a song and a cause to sing. The music is tight and fluid and aches to be played loud. It rushes out of the starting box with "Go" and never goes flaccid for a second. You end up shell shocked and breathless , but I guarantee you will be reaching straight for that repeat button before you know it. Truly astonishing.
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on 5 January 2003
Pearl Jam has taken some pretty firm stances throughout their career on several social issues. Abortion, race relations, poverty, and the environment are just a few they have tackled throughout their time in the spotlight. You can get overtones of this social conscience in all other music. The concept of the broken home is also rather recurrent throughout their body of work.
"Vs." is an extension of the aforementioned concepts. It is filled with amazing, and profoundly powerful, rock anthems. Songs like "Go," "Dissident," and "Leash" are great. "Dissident" did make its way to rock radio for some time. "Leash," already mentioned above, is straight rock 'n' roll. The first single "Animal," was a rather interesting choice for a single. Though I like the song, it isn't exactly radio friendly.
Contrasting the rock anthems on the record was some very good melodic rock songs. The big single off of this record was "Daughter." I never quite did get this song. But, nonetheless, it is pretty good. I think there are much better songs on the records than the ones that were released singles. "Indifference" a slow, bass laden slow song, has this "Twin Peaks" kind of feel to it. It is very cool. The song with the longest title I have ever heard in my life is one of the best songs: "Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town."
This record is one of the most prolific works of its time. It held the record for the "most records sold in the first week of availability" for several years. Before the concept of internet presale, this record went platinum in just over a week. It is amazing and a must have for any Pearl Jam fan.
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