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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 14 December 2005
Before listening to this CD I was quite aprehensive, because I was worried that the CD wouldn't display Carrie's true potential as a singer and performer. I was wrong.
The CD opens with a bang in the form of Wasted, and closes well with Inside Your Heaven. Here Is my track by track rating, and personal review...
1. Wasted - This is a good opener to the CD with a catchy chorus, despite the song going on for 5mins, you wont get bored. Great Song with Infectious chorus. 8/10
2. Don't Forget To Remember Me - This is a nice song, about moving away from home. Nice chorus and well written make this a good sing along song. 7/10
3. Some Hearts - One of the CD standouts. A very pop track, but wonderful vocals and a super chorus. One of my personal favourites. 9/10
4. Jesus Take The Wheel - It's not a heavy religous record, but has some great references. Beautiful chorus and great vocals. Another stand out song. 9/10
5. Night Before (Life Goes On) - A nice song, that really lets Carrie's voice take centre stage. She holds some killer notes, however the song itself has a fairly complicated story line to it. 7/10
6. Lessons Learned - A good song, with quite a country feel to it. Wonderful chorus, but easily forgettable. 7/10
7. Before He Cheats - A track that really shows off some personality. Great vocals, with a good chorus. 8/10
8. Starts With Goodbye - A Lovely song about ending love. Wonderful vocals, and Carrie's vocals really shine. Perfect chorus that is catchy yet not annoying. 8/10
9. I Just Can't Live A Lie - Another Album highlight. Perfect vocals, and I can see this being a big hit, in america and over seas. 9/10
10. We're Young Beautiful - Good song but my least favourite on the album. Reminds me alot of Charlotte Church on this track, although she maybe over does it abit on the singing side. 6/10
11. That's Where It Is - The Album Highlight. 90% Perfect, only the verses let this song song down. Not much more to say! 9/10
12. Whenever You Remember Me - Nice song, but doesnt live up to its predecessor. Good strong chorus though. 8/10
13. I Ain't In Checotah Anymore - Here we see Carrie's writing style, and how she would pan a song out. Well writen and nice chorus. 9/10
14. Inside Your Heaven - The winner's song from American Idol. Good strong vocals, although the lyrics are abit cheesy. Good however. 7/10
Theres my review, i hope you enjoyed it. Carrie's album is a must buy for any AI fan, and also someone who likes country or pop or even country-pop!
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on 4 June 2006
Even though I followed series 4 of American Idol, I know that many people will be put off by the fact that Carrie is the winner of a reality tv show if that is not there kind of thing. But I would just like to say that this album is definitely worthy of buying and is not cheesy in the slightest. If you hadn't knownwho she was, you would not be able to say this was her first professional album. There is a mix of country and contemporary country with the acclaimed song "Jesus, take the wheel". Overall I would not hesitate to recommend the album..good start to a very potential career!
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on 14 February 2006
i never thought american idol would find someone to rival the wonderful Kelly Clarkson but i was definately wrong!
this album catches you right from the first listen,my favourites being some hearts, starts with goodbye,thats where it is and before he cheats which is packed full of attitude that you'd never expect from such a sweet looking girl.
Although its not quite up to the standard of kelly clarksons fantastic 2nd album breakaway its streets ahead of kellys first offering.
Proving that talent show winners can with the right people behind them produce a fantastic album,i predict big things for carrie in the future and im sure it wont be long until the british public pick up on her.
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on 6 February 2006
i watched american idol from the very begining and pick carrie as the winner and boy did she deserve it .some might say she looks cute and is squeeky clean but can she sing !!!!!!her debut album "Some hearts "is a great album something for everyone especially all you die hard country fans ,my favourite track is "jesus take the wheel "which miss underwood took 2 number one in both country and mainstreem charts .over all i would give this album 9 1/2 out of 10 takin the 1/2 off for her been to damn perfect haha (im only jealous )lets hope her next album will be as great keep it up carrie
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on 2 January 2007
After watching only the final of American Idol 4 online and seeing Carrie win, I immediately decided to buy her album and wasn't disappointed one bit! She has an amazing voice that can rival original American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson, and the album is simply packed with brilliant songs. Favourites for me are Wasted, Jesus Take the Wheel, The Night Before (Life Goes On), Before he Cheats and of course her first ever single Inside Your Heaven. Can't wait for her second album, hopefully it will be evejn half as good as her first!
review image review image
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on 11 August 2011
Carrie underwood has power in her voice and is a good singer.
She can belt out the notes and looks good on video but her songs sound a bit similar
after you've heard a few of them.Hasn't got Taylor Swift's subtlety.
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on 7 June 2006
I had Carrie Underwood's debut album 'Some Hearts' on order and delivered by Amazon only weeks after she won American Idol, but have only decided to write after reading the mixed reviews. The album is truly breathtaking. Every single song is great, with my personal favourites being, 'I Just Can't Live A Lie', 'That's Where It Is', 'Some Hearts' and Whenever You Remember'. Can't wait to hear her next album. Yes she won a talent contest and you can try and knock this girl all you like but you can't deny she can definately sing. Go out and buy this album and keep Carrie at the top where she belongs. She's a gorgeous girl, with a god given talent. We love you Carrie. Keep Singing.
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on 22 September 2011
1.Wasted-great song..typifies the album in terms of striking story telling 9/10

2.Don't Forget To Remember Me- 10/10...this one couldnt have been better....i found myself identifying with so many lines in the song

3.Some Hearts-catchy tune 7/10
4.Jesus Take The Wheel-great inspirational ballad 9/10
5.Night Before (Life Goes On)-Carrie's atsory telling in this album is surreal 9/10
6.Lessons Learned-powerful 8/10
7.Before He Cheats-great creativity and light hearted 8/10
8.Starts With Goodbye-good ballad. 7/10
9.I Just Can't Live A Lie- 6.5/10
10.We're Young And Beautiful- upbeat country track 7.5/10
11.That's Where It Is- 6/10
12.Whenever You Remember- ups the ante again. 8.5/10
13.I Ain't In Cecotah Anymore-follows on from track number 2. carrie at her best 9/10
14.Inside Your Heaven-good ballad 7.5/10
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on 27 March 2013
This has got to be the 1st album that i've liked all songs on by a singer or group. All these songs are fantastic and even pick a song that i like. And this is her 1st album since winning American Idol in 2004. This album is a cross inbetween Country and Pop. I would suggest you buy this album and you'll become a carrie underwood fan
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on 24 April 2013
I have just received my physical copy of Some Hearts. After previously listening to album download I had on my IPod, I knew I just had to get the CD.

Wasted - The album opens with this beautifully told story. It really gives you an impression of how perfect the storytelling is going to be for the duration of the CD. Wasted is simply stunning - 10/10

Don't Forget To Remember Me - Anyone that has moved out from their parents house, or even people that are planning on doing so, will be able to relate to this. It's a moving account of a girl's journey into the city for the first time without her parents. This was obviously a well chosen track for the album, as I can imagine Carrie can relate to this very well - 9/10

Some Hearts - There are only two tracks on this CD that I find bland, this title track being one of them. It's the fastest track on the album so far, but it's lyrics are pretty mediocre. However, Carrie's once again flawless vocals manage to redeem this basic song. - 7/10

Jesus, Take The Wheel - This was Carrie's first official single, and it does not disappoint. Even if your not heavily religious, or even religious at all, you can still feel the emotion that this song brings. The video is also worth a watch, but don't forget to bring the tissues. - 9/10

The Night Before (Life Goes On) - Lyrically, the story telling of this track is superb. It's quite complex however, so you will need to carefully listen to it, otherwise you will most likely be left confused. Vocally, it's yet again incredible vocals from Carrie. - 9/10

Lessons Learned - This song has an almost rock feel to it. It's a powerful and very meaningful song about how even when your heart maybe breaking, or everything feels like its going wrong, it will still be a lesson learned in your life. Uplifting! - 8/10

Before He Cheats - Men you'd better watch your backs if your lady has been listening to this. It may give her some crazy ideas, involving your beloved cars. For me, this is one of the best songs on the album, and if you've purchased this CD, you have presumably heard this one before. Lyrically it's lighthearted and fun (in a crazy 'I'm gonna wreck your car' way) and vocally it's strong and sassy -10/10

Starts With Goodbye - I'm sure most of us have been in a situation similar to this before. Your in love with someone, but you know it's not working out, so you have to end things even though emotionally it may kill you. Beautifully written with equally beautiful vocals. Perfect! - 10/10

I Just Can't Live A Lie - Again, same with the last two tracks. This one is simply flawless. - 10/10

We're Young And Beautiful - Upbeat, Fun, Very Country. Not much more to it. - 8/10

That's Where It Is - This is a really sweet song, and very easy on the ears. She delivers vocally once again - 10/10

Whenever You Remember - Now, this along with Some Hearts are by far, in my opinion the worst tracks on the album. This is probably slightly worse, as not even Carrie's vocals can save it from being dull. It really is as the saying goes 'dull as dishwater' - 4/10

I Ain't In Checotah Anymore - This is Carrie's first and only co-write on her debut, and it's very easy to tell that this was written about her personal experiences with fame, and the lifestyle that goes with it. If you're looking for a serious, autobiographical song about fame then this isn't for you. If, however you're looking for something fun, upbeat and a little bit silly then this song is perfect for you.

Inside Your Heaven - This is was the American Idol winner's song, and was added as a bonus track. It's amazing vocally, and lyrically it has everything you could possibly expect from a winner's song. - 9/10

This really is a phenomenal debut country album. In fact, it's a phenomenal debut album in any genre. It just proves why Carrie Underwood has seen the tremendous amount of success she has done since winning Idol. She is simply incredible.

WARNING - If you do not like slow songs, this album is not for you. It is filled with them aside from about 4 fast/mid-tempo tracks.
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