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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 18 June 2013
Im an oldie, I mean 75 year oldie, I heard part of this playing whilst browsing in a local shop.
Asked the manager who was singing...wrote it down, ordered it and find it great easy listening.....
Meybe Im not so old after all.
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on 13 May 2001
After recently obtaining a copy of the Craig David "Born To Do It" CD, I was absolutely blown away by the unique melodies that are produced on this album. Though his style is similar to Donnell Jones, R. Kelly, and Eric Benet, Craig David I believe leads the pack by offering the same beats as his American counterparts, but he also adds flavor to his album by adding instruments that don't make it sound like the same old R&B we keep hearing. If Craig keeps making tracks as good as the ones he currently produced, I think this boy will blow up on the international scene in no time. Like many others, I am trying to get word of his album to everyone I know here in Cali and hope that his success and music will be a strong presence in America in the very near future.
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on 17 August 2000
This album is a collaboration of smooth lyrics and slick instrumentals. It very much caters for an R'nB audience, and "Born to do it" definately has the flavours of US R'n'B, but with a lacing of UK garage sounds especially with the massive hit "Rewind", you can't help but feel proud that this boy is 'one of ours'!
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on 18 March 2001
You know what? Born to do it is an amazing album, great for relaxing to, but also there are some great dance tracks as well. This album is definately one for R&B fans but the suberb tunes are also under the influence of garage and dance. Craig's got a suberb talent for singing/songwriting and anyone who doesn't appreciate it should not try to comment on the album. You have to appreciate wicked english R&B to buy this album. Craig will go far in America and as he's so young there should be many more years of massive hits and hopefully more duets with Artful D (which I must add is a brilliant album as well!) Every track is a number 1 on this album, particuarly Bootie Man, Walking Away and You Know What. I went to see Craig on tour and it was an amazing show, he was so energetic and brilliant live. But stop reading this, go out and buy the Craig David album. NOW!
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on 18 November 2002
In light of Craig's recent release "Slicker Than Your Average", his first offering "Born To Do It" is far more steeped in the essence of UK R&B that he was brought up on. The album takes every effort to make him sound as British as possible without the heavy hip-hop beats of the second. The singles show his pure class over his US rivals, with the original guitar riffery that one would not expect from over the Atlantics R&B heavyweights. '7 Days' and 'Walking Away' illustrate the versatility of a catchy hook and good instrumentation. In summary, if you have to make a Craig David purchase make it this one, the range of vocal talent this boy shows here is far superior to the newer material that illustrates how much the USA has robbed him of his UK style.
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on 17 August 2000
Okay, so people may not agree, but Craig David has done very well, especially for a debut! The song Rendevous (song 3) is great, as is Booty Man(song 9). A varying mix of music, which not a lot of artists do on one album, and there is not one bad song among them. This has been on my cd player, practically 24 hours a day, since i got it at 8am monday morning (thanks to amazon!). Listening to it now in fact! I must admit, when Rewind first came out i wasn't sure, but now i like it, and my fave has to be 7 days!
When is the new album out? okay i'm kidding, but when he said he was born to do it, he certainly was!
Deserves 6 stars out of 5!
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on 15 February 2001
Born to do it? He certainly was, but the problem for me is that he just keeps on doing it throughout the CD! This album contains little variety but if you like the style it could be for you!
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on 6 June 2003
Ok well this album has been around for a few years now, but I thought it was wrong for me to overlook it as it deserves a review.
This was the debut set from Mr David and its one which took the world by storm.
Craig's Uk Garage meets acoutic guitar style makes him unique and this album made him not just another rnb singer.
Track 1
Fill Me In
The first solo single Craig released, and one major hit. Lyrically he has not made a better song, and in my opinion this is the definitive Craig David song. Strong Lyrics backed with garage beats. Superb
Track 2
Can't Be Messing Around
Craig shows a different style in this one, with an introduction of his abilty to MC. What this track also shows, is David's use of simple lyrics "onetwothreefourfive,sixseveneightnice, ten come and let me hit it again"
Works perfectly.
Track 3
He shows us he can do the slow jams as well as anyone. This track is beautiful. The musical arrangement is so very sweet, and Craigs vocals are untouchable.
Track 4
7 Days
A number one for the booty man. Not one of my favourites due to the corny lyrics! I like clever lyrics but this is a bit too much. I think ya all know the chorus by now...
Track 5
Follow Me
Craig can do sexy tunes too. This is R Kelly style bump n grind wit ya woman. "Follow me follow me to my bedroom" This is top notch soulful RnB.
Track 6
Last Night
This song uses the same melody which Craig uses in the Artful Dodger track "Rewind". Once again i feel that this track shows the best of Craig David.Lyrically he is just so ahead of the game, although people would disagree , claiming childish lyrics perhaps? But i feel the feel good style shown in his music and particually this song is needed in todays music climate.
Track 7
Walking Away
The 3rd single and the 3rd massive hit. Another beautiful song, and so very chilled. If your reading this I would suspect you would have heard this by now, so i'll say no more but its excellent.
Track 8
Time To Party
Suprised this was never made a single. Its got pop appeal, catchy chours etc. Another feel good track which follows the trend of the album.
Track 9
Booty Man
Cheese of the highest order. This is craig David in his full lyrical corniness. And the great thing is he knows it, and he tells us! "With Lyrics to make you say damn, the Booty Man can"
Its a very nice track and one worth checking out.
Track 10
Once In A Lifetime
A personal track it seems, and one which we see Craig opening up and telling us how he feels. Which he doesn't tend to do (well up unitl the title track of his new album "Slicker than your Average"
Track 11
You Know What
Oh yes oh yes, this is a killer track. I said i'm feeling it feeling it...
This is my favourite track on the album, and one about how you feel when you find out your girl has been stringing you along.
Top Stuff
Track 12
When the crowd say bo....
This is a garage Anthem which was a big underground hit.
It made Craig David and he should never forget that.
Its a top album and one which I believe will go down as a classic, no matter what Craig David does in the future.
If You like Rnb and you haven't got this album then you must aks yourself... why?
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on 21 December 2000
A disappointing album which after hearing the appealing 7 days and walking away seemed to have a lot of potential. Unfortunately this was not realised. Too samey too bland too everything execpt striking.
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on 8 March 2001
He doesn't do anything for me at all. I was ready to switch off after the second track. I found this album rather tedious, each track sounds the same. His voice is annoying and the lack of consistency throughout makes this album weak. This leaves me with one thing left to say: Don't Believe The Hype.
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