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on 29 December 2013
I recently bought this iPod classic from a local PC world on sale after my previous 7th Gen classic died after dropping it one too many times.
I have decided to post a review on here as it might help some customers wondering if the Volume cap issue was addressed by Apple.
The good news is yes, it has been. With Firmware version 2.0.5 there is an option to Disable "EU Volume Limit" within settings.
The bad news is that most existing iPod Classic 7th gen owners are unable to upgrade existing 2.0.4 firmware revisions.
I'm not sure if this was done consciously by Apple in order to make customers go out and buy new iPods but it's a possibility.
I have tried to upgrade the firmware of my friend's iPod classic 7th gen from 2.0.4 to 2.0.5 but it simply does not work. There are various forums confirming the same problem.

If you are in the market for a new iPod classic and were worried about the much reported volume cap then you can rest assured it's been addressed. just make sure you pick up the latest iPod classic 7th Gen.
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on 4 June 2014
There is a lot of choice when it comes down to portable devices for on the go entertainment, from basic storage / playback "boxes", through gadget rich touchscreens, to audiophile quality FIIO type mp3 players.

I wanted a solid multimedia capable device with proven reliability and quality, which has a track record of surviving the rigorous commuter trip or longhaul flight, and with a battery which lasts the journey. In addition I needed a capacity which did not require a high level of selectivity when deciding which of my extensive music and video libraries to transfer to the device - an issue that I found increasingly frustrating with my previous 16GB Nano.

This led to just one option - the 160GB IPOD Classic. Massive capacity (I just sync my entire library), long battery life, iconic design which I actually prefer to touch screen, colour screen, and still small enough to be incredibly portable with shirt pocket sizing.

Provided you can live with apple software limitations I would have no hesitation in recommending the Classic as a must have accessory for reliable on the go multi-media.
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on 9 August 2013
Apple don't describe the current iPod Classic 160GB model as either 6th Generation or 7th Generation, it's just that the current iPod Classic model followed the 5th Generation and vendors have taken it upon themselves to label it such. Since the 5th Generation models the iPod Classic 160GB has been through two iterations - fat and thin. Originally the 160GB capacity was achieved through a dual platter hard drive - hence the fat descriptor. Since the Classic 160GB's relaunch in 2011 it has used a single platter hard drive - hence the thin descriptor. This model is exactly the same as: Apple iPod classic 160GB - Black - 6th Generation. Do yourself a favour, save £30 or so by buying the current model described as 6th Generation as it is exactly the same as this model but cheaper [think about it why don't directly sell the 7th generation model - because it's no different to the 6th generation model, that's why].
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on 27 February 2012
This has to be one of the best ipods ever with a huge storage capacity and impressive sound. I have had several ipods (nano, classic, touch and the ipad) and although I love the ipod touch and my ipad, the largest capacity for both is 64gb which is quickly filled up. I use the classic for hundreds of audio books (thank you Audible!), podcasts and of course loads of CDs.
The sound on the 7th generation is better because of an upgrade to the hard drive -apparently. Geeks will know more than me about this than me. All I can say is that if you are a serious listener you need this ipod.
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on 31 July 2016
The definitive iPod brought upto date. Im not a fan of the touchscreen iPods as I like to be able to skip tracks, pause etc without taking it out my pocket while walking the dog which is where this version shines. Unbeatable memory and battery lasts for absolutely ages. Way tougher than the touchscreen equivalents. I had an earlier version of this which survived daily dog walks, hikes, mountain bike rides, years of building work, drops galore including a few into puddles and the screen finally died when I caught it deadlifting 160kg...tough in other words. Meanwhile a gentle breeze has rendered several iPhone screens cracked of mine so far. I you want a music device that is simply that, buy this one! Great quality sounds, plenty of EQ options and decent earphones (although I can't get them to stay in my ears but thats just me).
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on 12 April 2014
Gadget Outlet have done a horrendous job at trying to cover up the fact that this is second hand. It is incredibly obvious; no screen protector on front screen, dust marks/finger prints/wipe marks on screen, poor attempt at putting a cover on the back (loads of air bubbles. Would Apple really do this?), the ipod arrived in SLEEP mode (not off; it should have the apple logo when you turn it on), and when I synced it up it says it is formatted for Macintosh ( i don't own any macs and the previous user obviously tried to restore it on his mac). Avoid Gadget Outlet at all costs. They are scammers and are charging full price for a substandard quality product. Thanks a lot gadget outlet.
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on 16 November 2014
The best music player until now. I am not an Apple fanatic (except for my Beatles LPs) so I hesitated before buying my first iPod Classic. I needed something simple to plug in to the car Hi-Fi, with enough capacity to take all my music. I now have 45Go on it.
I don't like the iPod touch, and as soon as you want big capacity, they are hellishly expensive. You can't change the battery, so one of these days, my iPod is going to be Kaput. So I have bought another one as Back-up. This is already justified, as 2 months after Apple discontinued the Classic, buying a new one on Amazon is already double the price ( £400 for 160 Go+).
I tried other MP3 players before getting my iPod, but they were too complicated for use in a car.
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on 15 April 2013
It is almost a given that Apple will kill off this iPod in 2013, and that is a real shame as just holding it you get a feel for the quality of the device, the purity of this being about the music and not about throwing birds across a screen at popping pigs etc. This device has only one real purpose and that is to house your entire music library. It is a superb piece of engineering.
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on 11 February 2014
The last time I had a full size iPod was years ago when you could hear the hard drive whiring up and down and the thing was the size of a brick.
The latest iPod Classic is an entirely different piece of kit. Small (ish) and sleek (ish) but with a huge capacity and very slick software.
Being used to iPhone and iPad you have to step back in time very slightly to get used to the wheel and it would be nice to have a built in speaker as per other iGadgets but of course that defeats the object of the really superb sound quality.
If you have a monster music collection and/or lots of audiobook and podcasts you can't go wrong with the Classic.
And the battery lasts ages.
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on 15 April 2016
Best version of the Classic iPod. Pity it still isn't manufactured in this format anymore, as it hasn't been bettered; and with the leaps forward in technology one would have thought that Apple would have come up with a version beyond the 160 GB capacity. Nevermind, still brilliant and unbettered!!!
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