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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 21 February 2005
What can I say? One of the greatest rock bands in the world collaborates their best songs on one album. It's got to be good!!
The album includes amazing songs from the albums "By The Way", "Californication", "Mother's Milk" and "Blood Sugar Sex Magik". It also has a song from the five year period in which their brilliant guitarist, John Frusciante, left the band and was replaced with Jane's Addiction guitarist, Dave Navarro. You'll also find a few songs that don't appear on any other album.
However, I feel that some great songs have been missed off, such as:
"Warped" from One Hot Minute
"The Zephyr Song" from By The Way
"Can't Stop" from By The Way
"Around The World" from Californication
"Nobody Weird Like Me" from Mother's Milk
"Knock Me Down" from Mother's Milk
Unfortunately, they have chosen to concentrate on the latest line-up of the band (with Chad Smith on drums and John Frusciante on guitar), so there are no songs from the band's earlier period with (among others) Hillel Slovak and Jack Irons. This period includes such funky tunes as:
"Fight Like A Brave" from The Uplift Mofo Party Plan
"True Men Don't Kill Coyotes" from Red Hot Chili Peppers
"Behind The Sun" from The Uplift Mofo Party Plan
Although, I can't criticise this album too much as the bands founder members, Anthony Kiedas (vocals) and Michael "Flea" Balzary (bass), have been in the band since they began making records, so they're on every song!
With the band's raw energy, talent and in some cases downright craziness, this album definitely deserves your attention - and your money!
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on 29 February 2004
I mean, I love the red hot chili peppers, they are one of the greatest bands of all time but this greatest hits is a bit disappointing. i mean, none of the songs on here are bad, but they could have made a 2CD greatest hits bringing the whole 20 years of great music together, [and yes I know *What Hits?* And the other greatest hits '84-'89 could be bought for that] but to have a greatest hits that doesn't include anything off *Freaky Styley* or *The Uplift Mofo Party Plan* is just wrong.
Good idea to put videos for the singles on the Greatest Hits though
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on 13 December 2003
Actually, this album is not very disappointing. I can hear some of my favourite songs from their albums in just one album. Yet, there are great songs which aren't included in this album:
1)"Aeroplane" -Great song, I like the children voice, also the ending bass.
2)"Can't Stop" -It's much funkier than "By The Way".
3)"Love Rollercoaster" -Where the hell can I find this song in their album?!
4)"I could die for you" -Their most romantic song. EVER!!!
5)"All Around The World" -Why didn't they put this on this album???
6)"Shallow Be Thy Game" -It ROCKS!!! But it's a bit underrated.
I don't know why, but "My Friends" is the only RHCP's song with Dave Navarro. And we can also find "Higher Ground" in their old hits album "What Hits!?". Anyway, this is still such a great album to buy, because it contains great songs such as "Under The Bridge", "Give It Away", "Soul To Squeeze", "Road Trippin'", and also 2 (why's it only 2??!!) new songs, "Fortune Faded" & "Save The Population", which are really great to hear. I really hope this WON'T be their last album ever (as we can see in other bands/groups greatest hits albums which mean their FINAL album).
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on 3 November 2004
This is the album to get if you wish to get a good taste of the Red Hot Chili Peppers in their new found musical direction. For those who wish to "funk out" this is not for you!
The album has all the essential chill out songs which have made the Chili Peppers a household names. There is a perfect blend of the classic songs form "Blood Sugar Sex Magic", "Californication" and "By The Way". No doubt the style of these songs has been deliberately chosen to make the album very accessible for the old and young who whish to by some Red Hot Chili Peppers. The only thing that I frown upon in this selection is the order in which the songs have been placed - all the well known songs have been placed first. This may make album seem a bit dull after the first 4 songs - since it lacks any "hits" after this point (with the exception of "By The Way" and "Fortune Faded" - and people may wish to turn off.
My advice is don't! There are songs on this album which give people a taste of what the Chili's used to be - but without scaring people off. There are echoes of the funk days in "Suck My Kiss" and "Higher Ground" both of these off their early Frusciante days following the death of their original guitarist Hillel Slovak.
If you do wish to get a better taste of the pre-Frusciante days then "What Hits?" is for you not this album!!! Its on the "The Uplift Mofo Party Plan" where the best Chili's stuff is to be found. I think its sad that they have almost totally overlooked their past...
Also although not true Red Hot Chili Peppers material I would have liked to have seen some of John Frusciante's recent solo work on here as it is truly the best music he has written!
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on 17 November 2003
Red Hot Chili Peppers are my favourite band and i was thrilled to hear that they were bringing out a greatest hits album.
I'm dissapointed by the number of very good songs missing. Also, why the hell has it only got 14 of their 'greatest hits'? Surely it should of been a double CD with 25 or 30 tracks.
Songs that i'm upset are missing are:
Sir Psycho Sexy- Fantastic track. Strange lyrics, wonderful guitar at the end.
Venice Queen- This song is SOOOO underated. It's an incredible song, probably in my top 5, if not top 3 Chili songs.
Cant Stop- One of their commercial songs. Nothing special but still very good, and IMO better than the similar By the way.
Aeroplane- I was amazed not to see this on the track list.
On Mercury- Only half expected to see this. Some like it some dont.
Zephyr Song- Surprised, one of their more famous songs, and one of my favs.
Walkabout- so good even my dad likes it! The song is amazing, often overlooked.
And there are others that i would argue for as well, but you get my drift. It's called 'greatest hits' but IMO and every chili fan i have spoken to, it clearly isn't, which is dissapointing. However it still gets 4 stars, because frankly there is not a bad song on there, every song still oozes class. I just think it could of been alot better, especially if it was released as a double CD.
The best 2 songs on there IMO are 'Under the Bridge' and 'Other Side'. I go through spells of preferring one to the other, but these are definatley my top 2.
The new tracks are good, especially 'Fortune Faded' which tragically has only made it to number 11 in the UK chart over here, with the talentless Busted #1, what is this world coming to!
Chili's are one of the greatest rock bands of all time, but this is a wasted opportunity to really show off their talent.
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on 17 January 2004
The CD, I'm sure, would be great, if I could only listen to it. It contains anti-copying software which means that you cannot listen to it on your computer, or put it onto any digital music player, which unfortunately include my iPod. If you listen to music on your computer and want to copy it, it won't work. Stupid record companies.
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on 15 August 2005
The Music: Fantastic! But the album is copy protected, it does not allow you to download to your PC for personal use, which pretty much removes most contemporary uses of a CD. A disgraceful act covering the backs of corporate fat cats. DO NOT BUY, buy a CD that is not copy protected, so that you can choose on what media you listen to your chili album.
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on 4 December 2004
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Greatest Hits
Review by Adrian Hoskins
I'm an old git. Been into rock since the 60's man. Heard a stack of brilliant sounds, and a whole lotta crap besides. So why am I writing a Chili Peppers review ? Because this is the most exciting, energetic and essential album since Led Zeppelin One. And if you ain't got that, you ain't got nothing......
Chili Peppers are musically at least twenty levels above anyone else I can think of -
Kiedis' inventive lyrics and stunning vocals, Flea's inspirational bass, Chad's stonking drums, Frusciante's magical guitar licks, and Rubin's brilliant production make it worthwhile investing in a new sound system just for this album.
Impossible to pick a favourite track - Under the Bridge, Californication, Scar Tissue, Other side, By the Way, Soul to Squeeze, Parallel Universe, Higher Ground, Universally Speaking, Breaking the Girl, Save the Population ? Never heard so much brilliant music on one album. Priceless.
"sometimes I feel like I don't have a partner, sometimes I feel like my only friend is the city I live in, the city of angels, lonely as I am, together we cry"
"these smiling eyes are just a mirror for the sun"
"autumn's sweet, we call it fall, I'll make it to the moon if I have to crawl, and with the birds I'll share this lonely view..."
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on 25 December 2005
This is one Greatest Hits album you must have! Unlike the previous RHCP Greatest Hits/Best Of albums, these are actual hits. (Well they didn't get too high in the charts, but the singles on the other Greatest Hits/Best Of were never released into the charts, well at least not the UK's.) If want to know what the tracks are like he's a slight description:

1.Under The Bridge- A true classic rock ballad. 9/10
2.Give It Away- A hard funky rock tune, with a little bit of innuendo. 9/10
3.Californication- Another, brillant metaphoric rock ballad. 10/10
4.Scar Tissue- Again another brillant rock ballad. 10/10
5.Soul To Squeeze- Yet again a 4th rock ballad, but not as good as the others. 5/10
6.Otherside- The 5th ballad, but its a good one. 10/10
7.Suck My Kiss- A bit crude, but rockin' tune. 8/10
8.By The Way- A brillant track, a great mix of rock ballad and punk rock. 9/10
9.Parallel Universe- Again like By The Way it mixes to types of rock together.9/10
10.Breaking The Girl- Do I have to say it again? Yet another ballad, but unlike the others, it sounds very different. 8/10
11.My Friends- Yes, another one, sounds abit like Breaking The Girl, but better. 10/10
12.Higher Ground- A brillant cover of the Stevie Wonder classic. 10/10
13.Universally Speaking- A slow tempo, but cheerful song. 9/10
14.Road Trippin'- Yep, another, But the whole song is acoustic.
15.Fortune Faded- A brillant track exclusive to this album, sounds a bit like a heavier version of R.E.M.'s "Orange Crush". 10/10
16.Save The Population- A bit like Otherside, this is again an exclusive to this album. 8/10

A brillant album at best, good for people who like rock ballads.
- This refers to the Clean Version.
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on 1 July 2016
Such a good album and love listening to it. The only downfall is that you cant copy it onto your laptop to then download onto your Ipod, the music is all blurred because its protected which was a bummer, least I have a CD player in my car is all I can say.
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