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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 23 October 2002
The Immaculate Collection is where you want to start any Madonna collection off... It ranges from her "first" song Holiday to her Justify My Love/Rescue Me songs from 1990. In between are all her fantastic 80's hits, Like A Prayer and Into The Groove, 2 particular brilliant tracks but there is not one average track on the entire album! Noticable emissions are Who's That Girl, The Look of Love, Causing a Commotion, Oh Father and Burning Up - however there are only so many songs that she could fit onto it! Top album, buy it NOW!!
*** 1 word of "WARNING" the songs on the immaculate collection have been remixed (apart from vogue/rescue me/justify my love I think) so buy the other albums because they have the original mixes (usually better!!) for example the orignal version of like a prayer is 10x better than the immaculate collection mix! ***
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Here are just some of Madonna's early classic hits. When this compilation was assembled, Madonna already had too many hits to include them all on a single CD, hence the omission of Angel, Dress you up, Gambler, True blue and all the hits from the soundtrack, Who's that girl? Because of her continuous success in the years that followed the release of this compilation, a comprehensive Madonna hits collection would now require a triple CD. That is a measure of her brilliance, sustained over a very long period of time.

The set begins with three hits from her debut album, of which Holiday is the best but Lucky star and Borderline are also wonderful. Then come Like a virgin and Material girl, two of the singles released from her outstanding second album. Crazy for you, an excellent ballad, and Into the groove, a superb dance song, come next. Although the title track is omitted, four other major hits from the True blue album (Live to tell, Papa don't preach, Open your heart, La Isla Bonita) can be found here, each one of them a classic but very different from each other. Three major hits from Like a prayer include Express yourself and Cherish. Vogue (from I'm breathless) and two tracks not available on any previous album (Justify my love, Rescue me) complete the set.

Anybody who does not understand why Madonna has such a huge fan base only has to listen to this compilation to find out why. Catchy pop tunes with interesting lyrics (for those that bother to listen to the words) are Madonna's trademark, yet she manages to avoid becoming formulaic. Madonna has continuously changed her style, so you don't hear the same sound over and over again.

There is no definitive Madonna compilation yet but we may have to wait a few years for that. Until that time, this is the best introduction to her music that is available.
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on 22 June 2002
There could be no other way of making a compilation of Madonna's early work than this, and she knows it too!This is still the original,definitive and unabridged version of the Queen of Pop's early greatest hits, 12 years after it's initial release!A compilation such as this should exist in everyone's music collection and should be kept in an immaculate condition!!
The album presents Madonna's greatest triumphs with classic and catchy 80's synth-pop tunes such as "Holiday," "Lucky Star," "Borderline," "Like A Virgin," "Material Girl" and "Into the groove." In addition to this, possibly her greatest ballad "Crazy For You" and the deep and dark "Live to Tell," which has also been included on the original "True Blue" album and her collection of ballads "Something to remember." Her other successes such as "Papa Don't Preach" and "Open Your Heart" are also included and are provided with the contrasting and controversial "Like A Prayer." The album seems to have been arranged in a chronolgical way, not only of initial release, but also of maturity. Madonna's style seems to be constantly developing into more mature and personal work but every song she has made is a true gem!Just like this album!
The 90's smash hit "Vogue" is also included and can be listened to time and time again.This contrasts with "Cherish" which is pure, sing-along pop and still a timeless classic!The controversial "Justify My Love" is definately worth a listen and one can learn to appreciate the song-writing genius of this song after listening to it a few times!
Don't just stand there, let's get to it, strike a pose, there's nothing to it and BUY THIS CD NOW!
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on 13 February 2006
This was a difficult review to write because I adore Madonna's work from the 80s and most of her best songs are included here but, basically, this is a travesty of a greatest hits album.
Firstly, all the songs were remastered in 'Q Sound', which was an attempt to make tracks recorded in stereo sound like surround sound. Unfortunately, the technique didn't work very well and many of the tracks sound quiet and kind of distant.
Secondly, all the tracks apart from Vogue (and Justify My Love and Rescue Me, which were recorded for this album) are edits and, without exception, I think the original album versions are far better. A few songs don't seem too much different - La Isla Bonita, Cherish, Material Girl and Like A Virgin don't suffer too much, but a number of the others have basically been butchered. The worst offenders are:
Holiday, Lucky Star and Borderline - These tracks are from Madonna's eponymous first album, which was very dance-orientated so the originals are quite long (all over 5 minutes) and very 'bass-y' (which I love) but, for The Immaculate Collection, all three were shortened and sped up to reduce the running time of the album. Even worse is the fact that the basslines have been pushed back in the mix and the vocals brought forwards, which I feel betrays the original intent of the music. Also, the horrible guitar parts of Lucky Star have actually been emphasised, which I don't think was a very good decision.
Like a Prayer and Express Yourself - Both have had new basslines added and the gospel parts of Like A Prayer have been toned down, which is sad.
Papa Don't Preach and Open Your Heart are also noticeably different and Into The Groove is actually a remix of the original, so on the whole, I actually don't think it's fair to call this a 'Greatest Hits' as it is really closer to a remix album. I think this gets overlooked by a lot of people because they haven't heard the originals and the songs are admittedly still pretty great even despite being cut up.
My last complaint is that a few of her big hits were not included, particularly Dress You Up, Angel and True Blue but, with a limited running time it's natural that some tracks would have to be cut, so I don't see this as a serious criticism.
All in all, the songs are great but it's a real shame that they're all edits because the originals have a lot more character. If you're a Madonna fan, I really think it's worth buying 'Madonna', 'Like A Virgin', 'True Blue' and 'Like A Prayer' if only to hear all the songs included on this album (plus a few other gems) in all their original glory.
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on 16 January 2015
Still the best

Back in the day you didn't see many female artistes have as long consistent longevity as Madge. These days the charts are littered with female performers but you do wonder whether they will be around in 2 years let alone 30 years plus.

This particular album showcases her early material from the 1980s to early 1990s. you do forget just how much sounds this lady had put out. It has all the classics Like a Virgin, Borderline, Lucky star, into the groove and Justify my love to name but a few.

A worthy purchase from the Queen of Pop.
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on 30 August 2004
I wasn't even born when this album was first released but when I first heard it from my older brothers collection i thought she was a brilliant pop artist who's music is as good or better than anything that we hear today.
My top five
4.Material girl
3.Like a Virgin
2.Like a Prayer
I also totally loved last years hit 'Hollywood', Madonna's still got it after all these years.
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on 13 August 2014
I love this greatest hits album not one song on this album is a skip able song!!! I love the mixes of Express Yourself,Like A Prayer,Holiday,Into The Groove,La Isla Bonita,Open Your Heart and Vogue still all remain classic pop songs Justify My Love and Rescue me really show the way her next album was going to be like (Erotica)!!

Also get this with the DVD for classic pop videos!
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on 2 July 2015
Its ok for a bit of nostalgia ... I remembered liking the songs more as a teenager .. found some of them a bit irritating half way through the track and skipping to the next ...but still a good CD for car singing.
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on 23 August 2012
Covering the period between her 1983 major debut single Holiday and 1990's Vogue, The Immaculate Collection is Madonna's first and best greatest hits album. It doesn't include all of her singles from this period, missing the number one hits True Blue and Who's That Girl as well as Angel, Dress You Up, Gambler, Causing A Commotion, The Look Of Love, Dear Jessie and Hanky Panky it does include all of her most well known tracks as well as two new tracks the sexual Justify My Love and Rescue Me.....
All of the hits here appear in a slightly remixed form although none of them detract from the songs themselves and the remix version of Like A Prayer is absolutely fantastic.
The album starts off with Holiday and runs in chronological order through her 80s hit and while a lot of the early ones could be described as little more than throw-away pop songs tracks like Live To Tell, Like A Prayer and Vogue are classics which would be hits regardless of what decade they were released in.
If you only own one Madonna album from the 80's make it this one. You get all of the hits and none of the filler of her 80's albums.
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on 3 October 2013
I hated this woman in the 1980s as she represented everything i hate about kiddie pop. After 1990 things improved somewhat and what we have here is a set of her greatest hits that have been remastered from the originals ever so slightly which i feel is a great improvement. Her early stuff is still kiddie pop in my opinion but her later stuff on this compilation justifies the price. I bought my copy second hand for £1.26 including postage.
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