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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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This light is bordering on too good to be true.

It is surprisingly bright. Put it this way, we had it in our tent with a full-size camping lamp - this tiny light lit up more of the tent, and was brighter, than the camping lamp.

The first time I turned it on, I looked straight at the LEDs as I thought the light would be wimpy - it actually hurt my eyes.

One of these lights up and entire room in our family tent - it is good at short-range, bright illumination. Perfect for inside a tent.

One incidental but great feature is that the hook fits into that little hole in the zip tab (that you pull to open & close the zip) on the door of a tent bedroom (well, it fits ours and I assume that they are all a standard size. If it doesn't fit yours, you could just put some string through the hole and make a loop). Firstly, this means no more waking in the night and wondering where the torch is. Secondly, you have an adjustable reading lamp (move zip to adjust position). Thirdly, you have a massive tab to open and close the zip.

Using the hook, the lamp shines at a 90 degree angle to the vertical (hence why it can be used to read a book). The hook is attached to the lamp by a ball-and-socket joint - as a result the light beam can be pointed in any direction (i.e. if hanging it from the ceiling of a tent, you could point it at any of the 4 walls or anywhere in-between).

The hook folds into a recessed area in the rear of the light. To get it out, just flick the light (I couldn't lever the hook out with my finger). The hook then pops out enough to pull out fully with your finger.

These lights are sold under a variety of names (IOSSS, Rolson, Uni-Com) but all appear to be identical, save the Uni-Com one which has the bonus of a second hook (allowing the light to point at 180 degrees to the vertical, i.e. straight down, in addition to 90 degrees).

Having bought one of these lights for a camping trip, I bought more - one for each bedroom of our tent & the lounge.

Since returning from camping, we use this to double up as a reading light on our bed when needed (it is made from steel, so the magnet sticks to the headboard).

Edit 26/8/14: These LED lights are evolving. You may also be interested in this one (a larger lamp): Rolson 0.5W/ 36 LED Work Light
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on 29 January 2012
First time I ordered Rolson Tools 60702 24 LED magnetic lamp with hook I received it from Amazon's Jersey Merchant, Indigostarfish.com. It was very handy, magnet and the hook at the back, exactly what I wanted, ready to use and good price. I loved it so much I immediately decided to order 4 more.

My second shipment came from zizzishop. When it arrived, I was really dissapointed. My new lamps didn't have "rolson" written on them and on the back they didn't have CE mark. It was clear that even though I ordered exactly the same item as before, I received replacement lamps from some different unspecified producer (not Rolson). Two lamps (out of four) came with scrached plastic in front. One lamp came with magnet in the back missing. They didn't have batteries included (3 AAA per lamp) so I had to buy them separately.

So, even though the original product deserves five stars, be aware of the fake ones!!!
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on 4 April 2010
We bought a light very similar to this from a petrol station a few months back - and were very pleased with it. So when we saw this on Amazon recently decided that we would buy another.

It's really very bright and the batteries (3xAAA)last a good time. The magnet on the back means that we can just stick it on the fridge - so find it for use in emergency when we have a power cut.

It doesn't have a very focussed beam - so don't expect it to be any good for searching into the distance - but great around the home and for outside jobs where need background lighting.
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on 15 July 2011
Going to my first music fextival this year i decided that i needed a light for my tent, i came oonto Amazon & found this bad boy. It looked excellent & reading the reviews it sounded even better, although the reviews were good, i didnt realise how good the product was.

Not only does it come with batteries but it also has a little hook to grab onto the tent to act like an actual light you would have at home.

It is very, very bright & perfect when trying to get those god forbidden wellies off in your small tent during a rain-storm, brightens up the WHOLE tent & not just a part of it.

I had every intention to leave it up there when finished but the product is so good & small i decided to bring it back & is now being used in a downstairs cupboard which has allowed me to find thing lost months/years ago.

Yop marks for a top product!

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on 27 April 2010
This is the most useful light I have ever purchased. You can hang it from something convenient, just rest it on its edge or back or use the magnet on the back. You can conveniently illuminate so many things especially difficult to get at places on a car. Its small size helps in this regard. For such a small unit the light output is fantastic. Cheap enough to buy one for the car, one for the house and one for the shed. A product really worth having.
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on 18 August 2011
This unit has a diameter of just under 69mm and a height of 37mm.
Running of 3 * AAA batteries it powers 24 5mm LEDs.
With brand new batteries it dips the Voltage down to 4V drawing 230mA.
With moderately drained batteries the Voltage dips to 3.5V drawing only 130mA but the unit still remains too bright to look directly at.
Assuming 1500mAh batteries they should last about 10 hours although it's subjective as to when the unit is sufficiently dim that the batteries need replaced.

Unfortunately an internal inspection of the unit shows that all the LEDs are wired in parallel with one 3.3 Ohm resistor in series. A better deign would be one resistor in series with each LED. The single resistor design allows for a phenomenon called 'thermal runaway' where one LED takes more than an even share of the current, heats up and as a result takes even more current, this cycle continues until it is destroyed. This is less likely to occur if the unit is only used for short periods of time.

Mounting is done by a powerful magnet or a hook, neither is as useful as might be at first imagined. Some way to screw it to a cupboard wall would have been nice.

All that aside it's a good unit for the tiny price.
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on 4 December 2010
Bought 1,found it very useful for the house and the garden shed. Bought another 2, handy should there be a power failure. Good value. Batteries provided which is another plus.
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on 21 January 2010
I bought one of these and am so pleased that I will buy several others.
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on 26 September 2010
Bought for camping. Brilliant product. Very bright and last ages on one set of batteries.
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very bright and the light is like a torch as you can see if you compare the 2 picture i have put on the first one that looks the brightest is the rolson the second one is just a similar size led light so there is a big difference
the light is made of a very hard rubber so has a nice feel to it. also it has a hanger on it that folds back into the casing when not used it also has a small but very strong magnet so you can mount it to anything metal
it is not a sensor light but still very good and bright if used just as a torch
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