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on 11 February 2013
Crocs are great. I wear them almost all the time. In winter I use good Merino wool socks and they're just fine in all but really rainy weather. I wouldn't use them for climbing rocky mountains, or for walking in really wet, muddy fields, but for everyday use at work or play they are great.

BUT. Buying mail order like this is a lottery. You would think they would be identical no matter where in the world they are made, and indeed that must be the intention, but it turns out that is not the case. (Other buyers online say the same thing too.) The pair I've been using over the last year-and-a-half I bought in a local shop. They were black and said 'Made in Italy' on the sole. The size M9/W11 fitted me just right. This time I bought two pairs - a black pair and a 'chocolate' pair. The 'chocolate' pair were 'Made in Italy' and are a perfect fit. They feel just about the same as my existing pair, although slightly tighter due to being new. The black pair on the other hand say 'Made in Mexico' and are smaller. Not measureably shorter or narrower exactly but much tighter over the instep. Just felt wrong. I checked the picture on the Amazon listing for the black ones and the picture actually says, 'Made in China' so I guess it's a bit random which ones you will receive.

I somehow doubt that anyone at Amazon will be able to tell me where the various styles and colours are actually made, so I'm not sure I would buy them from Amazon again. They do offer FREE RETURNS, but I'm in the process of returning these and it is a bit of a pain. You have to pay the postage first and then they (hopefully) will refund that eventually. It is a little unclear from the system whether they will actually refund. (I've been getting different messages about that at different stages of the process. Amazon have usually been quite good in this regard in the past.)

(Update: Amazon refunded the postage without a problem.)

Unless Amazon can discriminate and tell us where the shoes are made (people with narrower feet may actually prefer the Mexican ones) then I'm going to be buying in future from smaller suppliers whom I can phone and ask what is written on the soles.

(Update: I just ordered some of these elsewhere. A bit more expensive from a smaller company of course but they were able to check that they had the ones I wanted in the 'Made in Italy' version and ensured that I was sent those. Not the super-cheap Amazon price but I'm happy to pay £5 more and actually know what I'm getting.)

Oh, and the 'chocolate' colour is not the colour of any chocolate I've ever seen. In fact, if you are ever offered chocolate this colour you should not eat it under any circumstances. The colour is more like khaki green/grey, or an olive colour perhaps. It's an OK colour. In fact I quite like the colour. I'm just puzzled that they chose to call it 'chocolate'.
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on 19 August 2014
I bought these to use instead of slippers indoors, as I have plantar fascitiis, a painful foot condition where you benefit from all-day arch support and shouldn't go barefoot indoors. I wanted something to slip on and off easily which would give me good support but not be too hard on my heels. Crocs seemed like they would fit the bill.

When the Crocs arrived, I checked their size and the length was consistent with my other size 9/US W11 shoes - Clarks, Sketchers etc. So far so good. Even so, I found them really loose on because they were so wide, even with fairly thick socks on underneath. I already knew Crocs were supposed to have a roomy fit, but I shouldn't be shuffling around the house in them for fear they will slip off (even with the back strap in place. I considered exchanging them for the next size down but I suspect my toe will touch the inner edge and they'll still be way too wide, so decided to return instead (free and easy enough, as long as you have a printer and Collect+ is available in your area).

I am giving them an average star rating despite my returning them, as the sole felt comfortable and supportive in the right places, and I suspect they'd be great for people with wider feet. The roomy fit type is definitely not for me though, so it's back to wearing trainers indoors for the time being.
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on 15 January 2014
I love my crocs. They are by far the best home shoe you can find. Ideal for housework as they are non-slip, very comfortable,easy to clean and durable. They can get a bit warm in summer so I ordered their flip flop version too, also very comfortable. Good on the seaside too.
I honestly would never buy them for their full price as to me they are more of a slipper than anything else so I always look for a deal when buying crocs and I certainly found it on amazon at £9.99 for the pink candy colour which is lovely btw. I ordered a size 8UK and the crocs itself says 10 as I suspect they go by american sizes. They fit perfectly and I have no complaints. i wouldn't personally wear them to go out into town but it's down to personal taste. Nice practical and functional shoe.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 5 September 2010
My feet are basically size 8 and I have a fairly high instep, and in some shoe-styles I have worn 8.5 or even 9 comfortably.
I ordered size 8 and 9 (UK sizes) from here, and had to return the 9s - they were far too loose. The size 8 are OK, but even then a little loose. If you can't try a pair on before you buy, I would advise being prepared to return them if the size is not suitable. From my experience(I have 2 pairs) if I did want to wear these every day for walking, I would need a smaller size 7.5 perhaps (but I am not sure if they deal in half-sizes).

I wear them basically as slippers around the house, and up and down the path to the bin or in the garden to put seed for the birds etc. They are (naturally) very comfortable, and more supportive than regular indoor slippers. They also give my feet a good deal more protection than normal slippers from stubbing my toe (I have several broken toes).

I actually think they are pretty ugly as shoes, and I definitely would not wear them for shopping, walking etc. Personally I think they are are on a par with wearing pyjamas to the supermarket because you feel "comfortable".

But,I like them for what they are, and if this pair ever wear out I will buy more.
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on 24 August 2015
This is my first pair of Crocs and I am very pleased with them. They were recommended by a work colleague after I had been moaning about the difficulties I experience trying to get shoes to fit my misshapen problem feet. These clogs are comfortable and surprisingly lightweight, I shall be getting a lot of wear out of them, I'm glad I've found them. They are reasonably priced too compared with what I normally pay for shoes from specialist shoe shops, even though I can only afford to buy those in the sales.
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on 16 June 2014
I read the reviews and agonised over the sizing. I am a UK6 (Ladies) with a wider foot. The Crocs I am discarding are a 7 and really much too big. Too Wide and too long

I finally decided to order a 7 again and send them back for a smaller size if they were much too big.

With dread I took them out of the box this morning and thought 'These look smaller' and indeed they are MUCH smaller than the old ones. They have the same sizing on them. The same markings. Even made in the same place Italy.

The fitting is still wide but the length is much shorter

In my case this is good as the fit is much better

I think Crocs should get their act together over the sizing. Even if you try on in the Crocs Store that doesn't mean it's what you are going to get online.

Fast delivery from the seller considering it is free postage

Would not hesitate to use again
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on 31 July 2012
I bought these despite all the discouragement from my friends as they known as a fashion disaster. The good news is that they are extremely comfy, I actually forget I am wearing them and on several occasions I have accidentally walked outside in them and shown them to the world (Must be a Sin!). Despite other reviews I decided to do some research and found that there are three manufacturers of these Croc lines, either from China, Mexico of Italy all of which are supposedly made out of different material and have different qualities such as the sizes may be different.

This is a review for the Made in Italy Crocs (which I believe are only available in Black and Navy but its best to check the pictures, I think it may also be available in White)


Extremely Comfy
Fits perfectly
If your a half size I'd recommend the next size up e.g 5.5 should get a 6
Good quality
Easy to clean


Fashion Disaster (but who cares I'd rather be comfortable than wearing some shoes giving me blisters, corns and bunions!)

All in all a brilliant product for Made In Italy Crocs, I would definitely recommend
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on 30 July 2012
Never had Crocs before, for some time ago I bought a pair for my daughter and she likes them a lot, so I decided to try.
They are very comfortable, light and washable. Nice footwear to walk around at home, garden, beach etc.
But take care with the sizes!
Normally I am UK size 11, but after reading same reviews on Amazon, I consulted the fit-guide on the Crocs online site [...] and for my feet size (29,5cm) they recommend UK size 12.
Based on that I ordered size 12 and they fit perfectly!
My Crocs came in black, are "Made in Italy" and don't have any strange smell.
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on 19 March 2012
I cannot speak too highly of these ! I bought them last year for a long camping trip, thought they'd be great on a campsite and quick and easy to kick off inside the tent. I have rarely worn anything else since ! I used to always wear slippers in the house, i wear my crocs now. Gardening ? Crocs, walking the dog on a dry day? crocs ! I have to remind myself to put on proper shoes to go to work ! They are very light and comfy and a quick wipe over restores them when grubby. I am SO thrilled them. Do remember they come up quite big , I usually take a 4 1/2 shoe but am quite comfortable in a Size 4 Croc. Not pretty to look at but quite marvellous !!
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on 11 July 2014
We have 4 pairs of crocs - 3 pairs are from when they first came out so years old cost £40 each but are great! Yet this pair are extremely hard and are made of a totally different compound to the previous ones. They don't give at all just rock solid side and foot bed. Its like walking on hard pin heads. These were for my wife - she tried on in the house but have rubbed both her feet till they poured with blood. They are smaller sized than the previous pair she has yet they are supposed to be the same size!!. There is no comparison to the originals...Regret the purchase...Returned and Amazon have refunded..thankyou Amazon..excellent customer care.
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