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I have this holding a 42" television on the wall and I am very happy with it. The TV sticks out no further than a radiator and feels perfectly solid there.

Maybe the instructions aren't the easiest in the world, mainly because they make it all sound more difficult than it is to put the frame together and attach it to a wall. Assembling the frame is easy, attaching the arms to the TV is easy and then clipping the TV onto the frame is easier still. I was expecting to have to wiggle and manouevre a bit but was amazed to see that it clipped on straight away.

There are a few extras, like a spirit level, and decent-looking HDMI cable, a key ring with a light on it and a cleaning cloth. Presumably to keep the TV clean, but I will probably use it for my glasses. The only thing I don't like is that there are two strings hanging down with little handles on. These are for releasing the lock if you want to dismount the TV and I do worry that kids might pull them. It should be easy enough to just hook them over the frame or use blu-tack to hold them out of the way.

Given that this works perfectly well, I really can't see why people are spending upwards of 10 times the cost of this for other brackets. I paid for next day delivery and it was still cheaper than the cheapest bracket in Argos or Currys. If I ever decide to wall mount the downstairs TV I will absolutely get another of these.
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Having never heard of this brand, I was a little more than apprehensive about buying but I am so glad that I did as this is an amazing TV wall bracket. It is basically a really straight forward uncomplicated wall mount. This was really easy to install and comes with all necessary hardware, screws bolts, washers etc. the value for money element is only enhanced with the rather nice high spec HDMI cable, a nice cleaning cloth and also a little keychain torch.

The mount needs to be assembled from the supplied pieces which is a quick and easy job, the instructions aren't the best but its pretty easy to figure out. the main element which goes onto the wall comes in 6 pieces is really easy to assemble and very sturdy. the two bars to attach to the TV
come assembled and just require bolting to the back of the TV (all screws and bolts supplied for this). the two bars do come with two dangling cords which are used to release the TV from the bracket. I have just pushed them up behind the TV so they are out of the way (you may not want blue cheetah paws hanging down as part of your décor). The cord releases a clip which grips the lower part of the frame when pulled open this means that the TV is removable from the wall otherwise it is solidly clipped in and does not move. The hangers attached to the TV are a claw system when attached to the wall mount, and hook on the top bar then snaps a clip into the bottom bar to secure the TV.

The bracket took less than 30mins from unpacking to been fully installed, it comes with 2 spirit levels a tiny one which can be clipped to the frame and a more substantial one which is magnetic and looks at horizontal and vertical lines. You do need a good drill and a screwdriver but everything else really is included. So I can now rest easy that when the kids run about my 42" TV is secure and not like before rocking precariously back and fourth on its stand. My bank balance feels a lot safer now. I would definitely buy again for other TV's I might get, for the price you can not beat the product or the service for delivery (I have prime so I ordered at 12.30pm and it arrived at just after 10am morning after).
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on 17 February 2014
I installed this today for a new Samsung 32" LED TV. The frame assembles pretty easily (although the instructions were less than clear on which way round to mount the two upright supports), the nuts that hold the frame together seem to be an imperial size which is annoying.

I also had problems mounting the frame to a brick wall, the raw plugs that come with the kit are very low quality (ie. they spin in the hole you drilled for them - even though I used the right sized bit, drilled slowly and didn't use hammer action, they still didn't take), I had to use my own raw plugs in the end.

One last gripe, with my 32" TV you can see the frame quite easily unless you are standing dead in front of the TV. With today's thinner bezelled TV's 32" is right on the borderline of what I'd use this bracket for. It would be fine for 37"+ but I don't like being able to see the frame so easily.

On the positive side it's sturdy and easy to mount the TV on once the mounting frame is up. It's also good value (you get an HDMI cable and mini spirit level included) - or maybe this is a waste if you already have one.
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on 15 October 2013
I've used a range of wall mounts in the past, including some apparently built to support an aircraft carrier.
It's difficult to argue with such mounts, as they strike a chord in any technically minded person for their wonderful engineering.
With the much lighter TV sets of today however, such engineering wonders are really not needed.
What is needed is a strong but easily handled mount, which provides a good and secure home for that precious flat screen.
That's where the Cheetah APTMM2B comes in.
It is a straight forward, no nonsense wall mount, easy to install and complete with all necessary hardware.
As well as all the appropriate screws, washers, spacers and wall plugs, this mount also comes with a rather nice high spec HDMI cable.
The mount needs to be assembled from the supplied pieces which is a quick and easy job requiring a screwdriver.
With a trusty power drill, just four holes in the wall are needed to take the heavy duty plugs and screws.
In minutes the mount is up and ready.
Attach the hangers to the back of the TV and hey presto, the job's done.
I bought two of these and have mounted a Samsung 47" LED and as Samsung 55" LED with no problems whatsoever.
The mount offers a reasonable degree of tilt adjustment and the TV can be easily positioned from left to right by sliding the hangers along the mount.
All in all, a very competent and user friendly mount at a cracking price.
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on 17 April 2016
Don't normally feel compelled to write reviews but the product is excellent. The bracket was easy to assemble and the perfect size for a 40inch TV. The bracket comes with lots of holes for attaching to the wall making bracket placement easy. The bracket allows the tv to slide across the top allowing for invaluable flexibility whilst locating the TV unit.

The little clips at the end of the strings hold the bottom of the TV to the lower half of the bracket. They make removing the TV so easy. Tilting angle is great with a low profile to the wall.

Would have got five stars if the bolts that came with the unit suitable for my TV, I needed short bolts to attach the hooks to the back of the tv.

Addendum: I have since been contacted by the company selling the product to see if they could assist and to provide a partial refund for the inconvenience of not having the correct length bolts. it is clear that they care about their product. Would give an extra half a star if I could.
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on 18 March 2016
It's okay, but:
1. Product require assembly of each part of the frame. For ease of shipping, this product is made of small parts, so the back frame comes in 6 main pieces that have to be assembled together. End product is bit flimsy with very thin steel, but it works.
2. Plastic release tabs looking like cat paws look great but are magnet for kids trying to pull them, so those should have a piece of velcro to attach them on the back of TV unit.
3. HDMI cable is waste of money and time. Mine didn't work at all, so don't even bother.

On the plus side, kit comes with nice velcro tapes to pull all cables together and small spirit level.
Overall it's flimsy and I was bit concerned to use it for 55" TV, but it's been on the wall for the last 6 months and I had no problems.
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on 25 February 2015
very impressed .assembly was effortless, was apprehensive about the low price for wall mounting a 47 LG , its been up all day mounted to both wall joist and drywall.All fittings included , instructions are clear and they even give you a quality hdmi cable , spirit level ,cable tidy and a keyring with torch.Be recommending this everywhere , just measure up the wall and think it over for ideal position .Perfect .
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fixed this to the wall in living room,

I was sceptical because of the price and the fact I had to make the frame (very simple)
However after hanging of it and pulling the bracket by pushing feet against wall (hanging on bracket)
I felt more than happy to hang my television on it

Simple step by step instructions,
Excellent quality
Excellent price

I honestly have no negative things to say about this purchase,

100% recommended
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on 6 March 2016
Great mount, solid and was easy to fix to a stud partition wall, plus it comes with a good quality long HDMI cable. I did fit flat washers on the four screws that attach the two upright arms to the TV, as the spring washers did not fully span the gap and went slightly off centre, it may have held fine but I didn't want to take any chances.

The quick release mechanism is very handy to quickly release the TV to gain access to the rear connectors, however, this can be either a plus or a negative because the TV is not fixed in place and can slide left and right with a bit of effort. In my situation this was a plus, as the 2 wall studs that I attached the frame to were not centre to where I wanted to position the TV so I could slide the TV across to centre it. The 2 release cords can easily be hidden from inquisitive hands behind the TV.

The tilt mechanism seems to work and securely holds the TV at the correct angle, plus there are 2 locking pins supplied if you did want to have the TV fixed flat against the wall. In all a decent quality mount at a great price.
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on 30 May 2016
I'm really quite pleased with this. The bracket is easy to assemble and seems like a really good product. Comes with 4 coach bolts and they were good enough to support my 50" TV. Flexible HDMI cable is also good. A bit long for my needs, but I just hid the excess behind my TV. Overall, a great product. I'll be buying another when I come to mount the other TV.
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