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4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 17 July 2009
I had a pair of Bose QC2 phones and thought they were the box deluxe. The QC2s are a bit big and when the lead needed replacing I thought I'd give the NC250 phones a go. I must say that I am very impressed with them. You are able to use them with the noise cancelling switched off which is an advantage over the Bose QC2s. With the NC switched on, these cool looking phones really come to life. Deep Bass, good treble and a boost in volume that brings the sound on my Sony mp3 player to a good level. The noise cancelling is as good as the QC2s and damps down the noisy deisel engine of the Transit van I drive. They are just about small enough to wear outside without destroying your street cred and look good in metallic black. The lead is shorter than some phones but for mp3 player usage I think they're fine. A new longer lead is easy and cheap enough to buy as it's a standard stereo mini jack. The battery needs replacing about as often as the QC2s after something like 20hrs. The first time you insert the AAA battery in the right ear cup it's a little tricky, but it's not that difficult and I can do it blindfold now (not that I've tried!)
Overall I'd say these phonesare as good as the Bose QC2s and at only a quarter the price, well worth the money. Highly recommended!
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on 21 October 2009
I bought these prior to a trip to Crete. They cut down aircraft noise by over 50%.
They are very comfortable and also look great and the sound quality is superb. The sturdy carry case is extremely handy when you are on a plane as it houses a convenient zipped compartment which holds the adaptors for use on the plane, along with spare batteries (take a few spares as its possible at first to leave the phones switched on which drains batteries quickly).
They are a good alternative to the pricey Bose phones and I would recommend them strongly.
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on 2 February 2010
Got these headphones just after Christmas, in preparation for plenty of flying this year.
i've only used in ear headsets before, and although they did a good job i found they slipped out of my ear too regularly.

I went on a business trip in January which was a 7 hour plane ride away and i was excited to try out my new headphones.
when i put them on and switched on the Noise Cancelling, i thought i'd gone deaf they got rid of so much noise!
the music and soundtrack quality coming out of these babies was excellent.
comfort wasn't a problem, i kept them on for nearly the whole flight, and the same on the way back.
and when i did take them off, i was amazed how noisy the flight was. Brilliant.

if you run out of battery (which i haven't yet) the headphones are still usable.
the cable can be disconnected, which doesn't sound like a biggie, but was quite useful.

So overall these were 5 star for me, did the job perfectly and didn't break the bank!
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on 20 June 2010
These headphones are really really nice. I bought a pair for my girlfriend at first, and she was over the moon and said they were amazing. :) I too, was staggered how good they were when I tried them on, so I went out and bought myself a pair as well!

I've had a few noise cancelling headphones in the past, but none of them have been nearly as powerful or as hiss free as these. In fact, there is virtually no hiss at all. The bass also sounds incredibly crisp compared to other noise cancelling headphones I've tried!

I say 'virtually no hiss', because there is just no hiss at all when you haven't got any music playing through them, or when you've got the track paused, and for Rock music, or pretty much any sort of music played by a band. But audiophile quality they are not, as I listen to a lot of classical music, (especially piano, as I play the piano) and one thing that I noticed as soon as I played piano music through them is that there seems to be an audible distortion of the very high frequency harmonics of the sound when noise cancelling is turned on, especially through the left ear-piece!

In fact, I sent mine back and got a replacement pair because of this, just in case, but the only difference in the new pair is that although they do distort the sound slightly less, they do it through both ear-pieces instead of just the left.

Either you will notice it or you won't. (my girlfriend hadn't noticed at all until I had pointed it out and made her listen very carefully several times over)

To be honest, you get used to the tiny bit of sound distortion, and when you compare it with the amount of white noise you get with other noise cancelling headphones, it's hardly worth worrying about. I use the headphones on the train almost every day, and the improvement over listening with other headphones is staggeringly good.

If you are an audiophile who likes listening to classical music, then you will most probably find the slight hiss caused by the sound distortion quite irritating, but if you don't consider yourself an audiophile, you probably won't even be able to hear it. (you'll just think I'm making it up) And if you listen to music with cymbals in, you DEFINITELY won't be able to hear it!! ;) It's barely noticeable, just annoying for anyone who likes their music to sound absolutely perfect, and for each ear to hear the same quality sound!!

It's just a design flaw anyway. It's todo with the placement of the microphones and their housing, and --may-- be able to be rectified somewhat with some cunningly placed blue-tack... But it's up to you what you do with your £100 worth of headphones!! I take no such responsibility!!! :P

Apart from this, they're great! They're certainly the best sounding noise cancelling headphones you'll get for this price, and JVC always have a better build quality internally then most of their competitors. (I know this for a fact as I've taken a lot of electronics stuff to bits in the past)

Overall, they're a wonderful piece of kit! If you're faced with a noisy environment in which you want to listen to your music, these are the things to get!!
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on 12 January 2011
I spent some days comparing different noise cancelling headphones. I probably ended up comparing the same ones as you :) After days of indecission, I ordered these ones, the JVCs. The price was more than fair and, after all, these were my first NC headphones, so they looked good for my "experiment" and, if I liked them, I could always buy a better pair next time.

I was not dissapointed. These headphones do exactly what I thought they'd do. They're comfortable, light, sound quality is very good and noise cancelling is... well, tricky :) You must bear one thing in mind not to be dissapointed when you use them. Let me explain: I first thought NC techcnology was removing all the background noise, but the technology only works with low frequencies. This doesn't only happen with the JVCs, but with every noise cancelling headphones. High frequencies can't be removed, I don't understand why, I guess it's because of some constraint around the technology or the wave physics itself. Anyway, the JVCs remove a lot of noise, you notice that even in quiet environments. I use them at the office, during flights and in trains, and I'm more than happy with my purchase. Recommended. Thanks for reading :)
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on 28 December 2009
I bought these headphones for my wife ,after she tried to buy me some Bose ones whilst on vacation.
Whilst not being able to justify the cost of Bose kit ,which will only get used a max of 4 times a year(flights),these JVC ones seemed reasonable for the wife who can use them at the gym as well as on flights.
The headphones come in a stiff case which protects them well.
The build quality is excellent,with the rotating ear pieces moving smoothly.
The sound quality is great,and there is very little difference when you switch on the noise canceling(unlike some other models i have tried).
The only down side is that the ear cups a little on the small side(or have i just got big ears?).
Overall a good quality item and value for money.
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on 13 September 2009
I read other reviews and will not buy into the Bose experience again. Too expensive.

These came highly rated and at a sensible price less than £100.

As soon as you open the high quality zipped black box it is apparent these are high quality headphones. I had not used anything like this before and was impressed by the difference when I hooked them up to my Ipod and turned the headphones on and off while listening to music. The music sounded pure and crystal clear. Then I tried them with an iPhone and the clarity of speech was impressive and far better than noise cancelling bluetooth devices.

The next test will be a long haul flight but everything looking very good so far. Very comfortable and light. I don't think keeping them on for several hours will cause any discomfort.

Overall so far very good and I am very happy with my purchase.
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on 14 August 2009
These are my first noise cancelling headphones, so I have nothing to compare it with.

I bought them to use it on the train and London tube, and they do exactly what I wanted. They block most of the lower frecuencies noise. It's amazing when you switch it on and the noise just dissapears. They work even better when you are listening to music.

As an example, I listen to some podcasts that unfortunately the volume is low, so when travelling I had to have the volume to 100% to be able to hear them properly, now I can hear them very well at 50% of the volume.

The build quality is really good, with leather, and a handy hard case to protect them when not in use.
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on 8 July 2009
I have used these repeatedly on long haul flights and found them to be superb at reducing the engine noise. So much so that I tried to sleep in them without any music being played.

Unfortunately, they don't cut out the noise of screaming children or people incessantly talking around you.

I've also found them to be effective in the office where they reduce the noise of the air conditioning. Just turn them on and within a couple of seconds there is a sudden and dramatic change as the ambient background noise just dissappears and silence is bestowed upon the wearer.

Sonically, the audio quality is good, not the best, but significantly better than average. I wouldn't use them in a recording studio environment but they're good enough for most people,

Higly recommended.
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on 27 February 2011
Just got these and they look fine. However, I can see what other reviewers are on about regarding fitting the battery, it's a scary business. The instructions for fitting the battery, which are sadly inadequate, simply say to remove the ear pad and install the battery but there's no indication whether it's the soft material of the earpad that slips off or if it's some kind of whole unit . Well, it turns out it's the whole ear pad including its chassis but considering the force required to prize it off, something you resort to after several minutes of frustration, there's a feeling that you might be in the process of breaking the whole damned thing into small pieces. And it comes off with a crack reminiscent of breaking plastic. The locating lugs inside, which hold it on look flimsy and hardly likely to survive many battery changes. However, it does click back into place firmly but with an equally scary crack! So, we'll see how long it survives but I am left wondering about it's life expectancy.

On the plus side, the sound reproduction is pretty good. I haven't yet tested them on all sorts of music and after thirty years of standing in front of cranked guitar amps I'm probably not the best judge but they seem to do the business, as good as or better than the Seinheiser I've been using for recording, notwithstanding the small earpads. Noise reduction is pretty good too. I tested them on my iPod with something soft and melodic while the computer I use for recording studio work (and which is fitted with pretty mean studio speakers) was blaring some blues in the background. Didn't shut it up completely but it knocked it back to the point where it was no big deal. Not a fair test either, it's not really what they're designed to do so I'm quite optimistic that they'll deal with aircraft noise pretty well, which is really why I bought them.

As for comfort, well, they weigh nothing and the on- ear (rather than over-ear) fit is good enough to close off the gaps without, and this is a major point, too much pressure. If you wear specs when listening you'll know how some headsets can really dig the legs of your specs into your skull and be quite painful after a while.

Nice lightweight and robust case in which there's a zipped pocket to keep the two-pin in-flight and 1/4 inch phono adaptors (which come with it, so don't buy any) as well as some Valium for when it comes to changing the battery.

Would have had five stars if it wasn't for the adrenalin toxicity of getting into the battery compartment.
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