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on 31 March 2008
This is a great little radio! First it looks fantastic (every one who's seen it likes it), feels exteremly well made and most importantly sounds excellent. It is of course possible to buy the additional speaker for this if you want to get a stereo sound but personally I haven't bothered. The quality and volume of the sound as it is is excellent and one of the radio's key features is how neat it looks on it's own.

The radio can be powered by AC or a separately available rechargeable battery and can receive Digital or FM broadcasts. It also has a line in socket (for plugging an ipod/MP3 player into) and a line out socket for plugging into a hi-fi as well as a headphone socket. There's also more features on it than I had expected e.g., various display options you can get when in digital mode.

I'd read up quite a bit on digital before I plumped for this and what I'd read had stalled me a bit. First that, surprisingly, the digital broadcast was supposed to be of lesser quality than a normal FM broadcast (if you know about bitrates then FM is equivalent to about 192kbps whereas digital is usually at best 128kbps). The other more worrying thing was that although digital radio has been pushed heavily of late, in fact the UK is out on a limb a bit in that we are using an old digital format (DAB) and most of the rest of the world have gone with the newer DAB+ format which allows a higher broadcasting quality. This may not sound too much of a problem but, yes, you've guessed it, the current DAB radios won't be able to pick up DAB+! It's not clear yet though when the government will decide when we go with the new format, considering how many people have now bought radios on the old format!!

I can however still very much recommend that you buy one of these despite the points above because 1.) to me the DAB audio still sounds better than the FM audio (and I'm fussy about these things) and 2.) the digital formats aren't likely to change for some time and until they do you'll enjoy a very good radio!
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on 13 November 2010
Well....I took a long time deciding on this radio. I have never had DAB radio but currently have a silly arrangement of two analogue transistor radios by my bed, so I can listen to one station in the night then wake up in the morning and listen to a different one without having to re-tune. Messy, I know, but it worked for me.
Until one of the radios broke....
So I decided to treat myself to DAB and have one with pre-sets so I would only need one radio on the bedside table.
Some of the reviews I read on this site and many others put me off a bit (time display being faulty, lots of bass sound, volume problems, case not fitting properly etc). Also, should I go the whole hog and get the next model up or even the evoke 3 ???
In the end, I thought £77 was worth a punt and that all I wanted was basic radio and a clock on it.
Ordered it Friday, received it today (Saturday) on free super-saver delivery.....
All I can say is, if it helps anyone out there, I have found it staggeringly simple to set up, it sounds great, I live in a valley but am getting 100% digital reception, it looks lovely and I know I'm probably a philistine but to me the sound quality seems just right....not bassy at all, and certainly better than what I was getting on my FM/MW transistor radio.
Hay, I might even treat myself to the battery pack in case I want to take the radio around with me, but at the mo, it's perfect and needs nothing else.
If you're put off by the negative aspects that several people seemed to have mentioned, I'd say risk it if you just want a nice little radio. If you want bells and whistles, maybe buy the next one up.
I like it anyway :)
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on 21 October 2008
I have been using this model now for seven months,and apart from only getting about fifteen channels, when I thought I would get dozens as it's digital I am still quite pleased with it.But what really made me sit down and write this review is that I had to send it back today as it started playing up which does happen, (but you do get a two year warranty).Unfortunately you have to send it back to pure at your expense which is not cheap as you need to insure it as well for peace of mind. If you buy it from amazon like I did they will only exchange it within six months after which you will have to send it back to pure. Bear that in mind if you are buying one (it's a lot easier taking it back to a local store) under pures two year warranty.
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on 8 December 2007
I have my Evoke S1 for over a month now and am please with it.
Good points are:
1. Access to 25 radio stations
2. Sound quality is great. There is no hissing etc even at minimum volume level. A previous review mention there is but I can not hear any DAB interference and I live in a poor FM/TV reception area.
3. Setup is all done automatically e.g. tuning & time setting.
4. FM reception is also great in case your local station does not broadcast DAB.
5. The 'new' display is very clear compared to the previous model.

Not so great points:
1. Slightly too much bass? I think ... :)
2. A separate speaker is required for stereo effect.
3. Quite expensive for just a radio
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on 23 January 2010
I received this DAB radio as a Christmas present and I am really pleased with it. It's well made, fairly compact with a sleek and pleasing 'retro' look. The instruction manual has clear instructions and made for an easy, first-set up. It is easy to use and has an energy-saving, standby function, which displays the time when not in use (very useful). The radio automatically tunes into the available DAB stations and up to 30 radio stations can be stored in its pre-set buttons. The sound of the radio is really clear and has a good balance of treble & bass tones.

I am really delighted with this radio as I now have more radio stations to choose from, all of which are perfectly tuned - no more horrible crackling, bad reception & white noise!!!
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on 4 December 2008
On the recommendation of a friend I picked up a DAB radio to have some music to listen to with the girlfriend in bed. This one sounded good, so I picked it up with the internal rechargeable battery suggested by another reviewer.

It's really great. I turn it on as soon as I wake up, carry it into the bathroom, then upstairs for breakfast. Listen to it beside the computer, in bed, in the park, it's been such a little boost to my life with its multitude of channels, great sound quality, portability and ease of use.

OK, it's just a handy little radio, but still I love it.
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VINE VOICEon 28 December 2007
I bought this radio 2 weeks ago and I am very happy with it.
Firstly I think is very well priced and looks almost as good as the £200 models ( that can be a bit too small ).

Secondly the cherry finish looks stilish and makes any room look good.

The sound is a good as it can get with digital radio and can fill a big room without distorsion. You can program it to wake you up in the morning with your favorite station ( has 2 types of wake up mode weekdays and weekends ) , the brightness settings can be adjusted to night time.

The power sourse looks cheap and ugly so I invested £25 on a Pure VL-60924 ChargePAK E1 battery which are long lasting rechargable and you do not need to take them out as they recharge from the power supply.

In summary this is the best digital radio for under £100 with a classic look.
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on 21 September 2011
When I bought this I was aware it was probably over priced. But it's not often you can afford something as aesthetically pleasing as this. So it was worth that bit more. I bought it a few days ago and it's never been off, BBC6 fantastic. The sound is good, I'm a hi-fi guy but I kinda miss those early days of listening to punk on the radio, though the sound is crystal clear. I stay in a flat and the volume played high fills the place. There is no distortion at full level but I will probably buy the other speaker for stereo sound. Verdict a good buy. Go on....
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on 18 August 2009
Read all the reviews for the Pure Evoke 1s & quite rightly it does exactly as it says on the tin. Quality is superb & stereo is available via the headphone socket.The display is green OLED it's so easy to read at any viewing angle.You can also choose display auto-dim or manually set the brightness(brilliant for unobtrusiveness while using in the bedroom to avoid waking up the "other half").I opted to purchase the "battery-pak" (also from Amazon) this is most useful for portable listening (no leads/wires).My only gripe is it's a tadge expensive.I've chosen the cherry veneer instead of the usual maple. Personal preference really.Again another brilliant speedy service from Amazon.
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on 1 October 2010
I bought this radio on the basis of a favourable Which? report. It is as they describe - a good little portable with easy programming and programme selection, but the sound is not completely clear (not Pure??). Reception is good throughout the house unlike with the FM radio it replaced. Annoyances: 1. The on/off button is small and similar to the channel buttons, so it is easy to mistake and hard to find in the dark, 2. The volume setting reverts to the same level each time it is powered up and you have to wait until the selected channel has tuned before you can adjust the sound level; given that (as with all digital radios) there is a 10 - 15 sec delay after pressing the on switch before the channel, this is irritating. The rechargeable battery (an extra) seems good, but I wonder who would want to buy a small portable radio without it as you cannot use any other sort of battery; I think this is a gimmick to give a lower headline price.
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