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4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 11 December 2007
Like most other Young Ones fans who grew up in the early 80's, this has been one of my most eagerly awaited DVD's ever.
Presented over 3 discs, we have series 1 and 2 on the first two disc's whilst the third disc contains a couple documentaries which are interesting but could have been so much better had all the cast and Ben Elton taken part.Still its not a great problem as its the programs that we are interested in more than the extras.Also Demolition' and 'Summer Holiday' contain a full audio commentary by Paul Jackson.
They are presented FULLY UNCUT and that includes the episode Boring which has several what we would now call racist terms spoken by a policeman (abit to a white person) which almost never gets shown on TV.
All the music interludes are included too which again were missing from previous releases.
All in all this is a superb box set which should not be missed.
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on 5 March 2011
Oh yes, this still raises a laugh 28 years on.

Anarchic students sharing a poxy, cold, depressing flat in London while virtually never attending to their studies. The setting for many mishaps and surreal adventures punctuated by guest appearences from bands of the day (which at the time was annoying and only included at the insistence of BBC to get a higher budget, but now...well, where else can you see the rare 4-piece line up of Motorhead performing Ace of Spades, The Damned singing Video Nasty or Madness twice?)

Even now I can still quote lines from this virtually verbatim and we used to have Young Ones parties in the 80s where someone with rich parents (i.e. who owned a VCR) would show all 12 episodes over a Saturday afternoon.

The weird humour, subliminal flashes (the one from a Western is the end of Carry on Cowboy) and talent of the 5 main players makes this a show that ranks alongside Monty Python's Flying Circus for longevity of quality.

Some touches were quite subtle (the Narnia piss take was years ahead of its time or the reference to Lord Scarman from the racist copper) while others were so OTT it defied belief (Vivyan's pregnancy, the flood episode, Neil covered in snot).

This presentation has the full versions of the songs that were cut from previous entries (including Subterranean Homesick Blues as Neil goes to join the police) and has the full "Bigoted Bobby" sketch which was hilarious then and should never have been edited (he's talking to a white guy and he's wearing sunglasses...OK!!!)

The University Challenge sketch is still funny, if only for having Vivyan kick Dr House in the head.

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on 14 October 2015

There are some great reviews on this one and i would not dream of attempting to type a long and boring effort , so just a quick one for me .

I was a youth of the 80's ( im 47 old woman now , i can not believe how i left it so long to relive the experience ! . very funny, very naughty and all jolly good fun . If only we had something on tv now that came near to touching on comic genius ....i rather think i had, and still do, have more than a touch of Neil in me ( sometimes ) other times Rik !!

I used to watch this series in my bedroom on the big portable tv , back in the days portable tvs were huge and heavy , now they are all credit card slim and as light as a feather

All in all , a must have for your collection. RIP to the brilliant actor and comic genius that was Rik Mayall
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on 8 March 2016
What can you say about the young ones? A comedy cult classic featuring the anarchic duo of ade edmondson as very metal vivian,the great and sadly missed comic genius of rik mayall as the peoples poet rick,the brilliant longhaired hippy neil played by nigel planer and the kool kat of the group mike. It was the in programme of the decade,where anarchy and activism was lampooned and the thatcher regime reviled.add special guest performers like motorhead,and cameos by the fab duo of dawn french and jennifer saunders,mix it with the larger than life comic alexi sayle then you have the cult classic of the 80's. Well worth buying this dvd.
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on 27 November 2013
This series is absolutely fantastic, I watched all 12 episodes the day it arrived. And, it arrived pretty quickly considering I live in New Zealand!! The extras are quite good as well, I really enjoyed them - I was pleasantly surprised because BBC DVDs are often missing extras altogether. I wish they still made TV like this!
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on 16 May 2010
It's good to go back to an original type of comedy. The character's are big and the jokes slid in throughout each episode. Love it
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on 17 June 2014
I bought this DVD set to re-experience this comedy classic of my teenage years. Rik Mayall's tragic death came only a few weeks after my purchase. From watching his Young Ones performances again, it's easy to see how great a loss Rik Mayall is to the entertainment industry. However, at least the legacy of his comic genius will live on for many years to come. Rest in peace, Rik.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 3 April 2014
The terrifying genius of this show is that anyone who was a student at _that_ time can watch it and recognise the house as either being their own, or some close acquaintances' own.
The characters and the dynamics are captured beautifully. O.K. it's exaggerated a bit and real life characters don't really map onto the show's characters but there are echoes.

Our Neil was called Peter; miserably unhappy hippy who kept arriving home with lost strangers needing somewhere to sleep. I think he lived entirely on sprouts and saved enough out of his student grant to open a deposit account.

Our Mike actually was called Mike. Forget what I said about not mapping, there. Same grooming, style, attitude, hairstyle, facial expression. Taller, though. I suspect that the TV Mike was written by one of the waifs and strays that Peter had over to stay one night.
Of course I, personally, don't map onto any of the characters at all. Well, I don't map onto Rik. Rik was an amalgam of several characters who came visiting and read terrorist poetry. A character they missed was the landlord's mother but she was so horribly weird no-one could have believed a character based on her. :shudder!:

If there had been DVDs back then - or even video tapes - we might have stayed in and watched something like this excellent series and wondered if it would ever date.
Unfortunately it _has_.
It's still eminently watchable though

The kid likes it too, but she does keep shooting me knowing, withering looks at those moments when she thinks she's spotted something that HAS mapped onto my mysterious, could-be-embarrassing past. I just live in the comfort of knowing she's completely wrong.
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on 30 October 2007
It was a few months back when I saw on a popular website that a ton of outakes of Young Ones would be put onto this upcoming DVD. And as a huge fan I thought excellent. Yesterday (the release date) I bought the DVD with the happy knowledge that I would have in my possession the greatest Young Ones DVD ever....
During the making of the Young Ones Paul Jackson, Geoff Posner, Ed Bye, Alexi Sayle, Lise Mayer, Nigel Planer, Andy De La Tour and Mark Arden recounted many stories about the show - but where the heck was Rik Mayall Ade Edmondson Ben Elton or Chris Ryan? Or were there any behind the scenes shots of the set that could have been included? What about the outtakes? There was none of this which would have made such a difference to this DVD.
Yes, fans of the show know how the Comedy Store showcased the alternative comics of the late seventies early eighties and how this came to be the fuel for the Young Ones.

I've rated this 4 because there was no Rik Mayall or Ben Elton which in view has strongly let the side down.

But never the less the extras aside this is a brilliant show long live the young adults.
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on 24 April 2016
I saw this brilliant anarchic comedy series first time round in the '80's & it's as funny now as it was then. With elements of Monty Python & The Goodies, the characters blunder through their daily routines with hilarious results. It also has the added bonus of a live band playing in their living room on occasions. One of the best comedy series to come out the 1980's....!
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