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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 20 July 2010
I bought this for when I go and shoot in areas where theft risk is high. I thought it might take the place of my current strap permanently but it didn't. Why? It is not as well designed as my current strap from a pure 'camera strap' perspective in that that shoulder pad slides so you suddenly find your shoulder getting sore as the strap cuts in. My normal strap has the pad permanently set at the correct place so it always sits nicely on the shoulder. That said, it is light and great for stopping thieves cutting your strap and making off with you prize possession! A good strap and would buy again but if you are buying this to be your only strap, I would think carefully about it as the padding needs work and it does not wrap around the camera for neat storage like my other strap. Still, fit for purpose and a good buy for me.
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on 29 July 2011
I have come to the conclusion that there is no perfect camera strap. A lot of research and review reading led me to purchase this strap as the best option available. It is adjustable enough to be worn as a shoulder or neck strap and if, like me you prefer a shoulder version then this is really very good. The strap slides through the shoulder pad nicely and the pad usually retains its position although this depends to a large extent on the material you are wearing. The pad could be wider but it is comfortable if you are using a "normal" camera. A heavy bodied pro camera with a big heavy lens may be a different story. On my D300 it is great.
There are a number of fixing options to connect to the camera lugs/eyelets but I would not trust the supplied rings, they look puny to me. I have replaced mine with a couple of strong chain links. The strap will connect with the 3/8th" part of the strap if your camera has that type of fitting.
The integral steel cables give peace of mind when out and about although the included packaging shows the camera secured to a post and hints that the camera is theft proof. This is far from the truth as the camera can easily be disconnected in a matter of seconds if a would be thief is left undisturbed to do so.
In short, I like this strap and will probably purchase another for one of my other cameras.
The quick release feature leaves part of the strap ends still connected to the camera body so it is not possible to use one strap for multiple cameras.
For the price this strap is very recommendable as a comfortable and semi-secure alternative to the cheap and nasty straps usually supplied by camera manufacturers.
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on 7 August 2014
This would be OK for the price except for the fact that the buckles used are cheap, poor quality. I gave one a hard tug (like you might experience if a thief was trying to get your gear) and the thin, loose piece of metal that slides up and down bent. Another tug and the strap came apart. So basically not fit for purpose because components are cheap and weak. Sending it back as not fit for the job.
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on 23 July 2012
I've now used this on 2 different cameras (A Panasonic DMC-FZ45 and Nikon D5100), so here are my thoughts after a few months of good use on both.

The build quality of this strap is great and has a reassuring thickness to it, without feeling too heavy or overly bulky. As others have said it's not as flexible as a stock strap, so packing it into a bag isn't as easy, though not impossible, just a little creative coiling is needed. And unlike a stock strap there's no obvious branding, unlike my 2 stock straps that scream "LUMIX"!!! and "NIKON"!!! to the world. The neoprene sleeves are good, covering the exposed metal clips and thinner nylon connectors well, but they add a little bulk. Being closest to the camera body these tend to get in the way of the camera the most, but you get used to them after a while.

One thing I like about this strap (besides the security aspect) is the ability to adjust the length from short (to wear on one shoulder or over the neck) to really long (to wear over the shoulder like a sling). The free-moving padded section is soft with a grippy rubber underside, which doesn't slip when wearing on one shoulder. It could have been a little wider to help spread the weight of heavier camera setups but that probably would have just made the strap really bulky. It also sometimes ends up sliding down to my back when worn as a sling as I bring the camera up to my eye and bring it back down to my side, but that's really a minor annoyance.

When using it on my Panasonic I connected the nylon connectors with the included chrome split rings, as the slots for the strap were just too narrow (the nylon connectors are approximately 13mm wide and 2mm thick). On my Nikon I tried the split rings but abandoned that idea after less than a day when I noticed that the weight of the camera caused some flaking of the rings as they rubbed against the strap holes (the rings are actually copper underneath). DSLR and fine metal flakes = an absolute No-No! The connectors are just a tiny bit snug on the D5100 strap holes and the nylon has started to wear slightly on the edges. However they are so dense and well made that I don't feel like they'll rip apart or wear down completely, at least with normal everyday use.

The reassurance this strap gives you is great. It feels good with a small bridge/superzoom camera, and also quite secure when carrying a weightier mid-range DSLR. Okay, so if someone _really_ wants your camera and they threaten you with a knife then this strap won't help, but that's not the point. Maybe you're distracted for a second, maybe you're in a crowded area being jostled about. This would stop a would-be thief cutting through your strap from behind you, or an opportunist from easily unclipping a cheaper exposed plastic buckled strap. It does its job as a strap and deterrant and does it well.
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on 15 January 2010
Just what I as looking for. I've tried other straps and although they were tough they didn't provide the security I wanted. Like other sturdy straps, it has easy unclip straps, the difference with Pacsafe is that the clips can be hidden and are of superior quality. Excellent, highly recommended.
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on 7 January 2014
This worked well for me - good length, comfortable, gave me some reassurance when I'm sat in a bar that my camera was locked down to something solid and wasn't going to vanish if I took my eye off it. All for the good and, except for one minor niggle, would be worth a 4* review.
However, that niggle's a biggie; having been using it for about 18 months, on this New Year's Eve just gone the shaft on one of the catches randomly sheared, causing one end of the strap and the camera body to suddenly part company. Somewhat less than ideal, that. Fortunately this occurred at the sober end of the evening and I caught the camera before it hit the floor. Just. As a consequence, though, I'm clearly in the market for a new strap. And I'll not be getting one of these again - I don't trust myself to be that lucky twice! Also, if the connectors can fatigue and just shear off as it apparently can, I can't help but wonder how secure, exactly, the strap itself actually is? Hmmm. Perhaps, now the strap is basically useless, I'll take a knife to it and find out...
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on 21 August 2011
I bought this strap for my Nikon D5100 and am very pleased with it indeed. I was worried about it being too heavy, but its weight seems absolutely fine to me. It is a bit stiffer than an ordinary strap, but I soon got used to it. The stiffness isn't a problem when using it, but it makes it a bit awkward when packing the camera in a bag - it's easy enough to coil up though.

What I particularly like about it are the thin neoprene sleeves which cover the metal clips, thus rendering them less prone to tampering but also prevent the metal parts from damaging the camera. The underside of the padded section is covered with a high-friction 'rubber' material that really is superbly non-slip.

I especially like the way the strap slides freely through the padded section, so that when the camera is slung around my neck camera movements don't result in any tugging the back of my neck. This makes wearing the strap around my neck, or over my shoulder, very comfortable. The camera feels nice and secure when the strap is slung over my shoulder.

This product is both very functional and of high quality - excellent value for money. I can recommend it most highly. I have been so impressed by it that I have ordered a similar Pacsafe CarrySafe 300 Lockable Shoulder Strap for my Lowepro Stealth D100 AW Shoulder Bag For Digital SLR & 1-2 Lenses for Canon 450D, 1000D,500D, Nikon D3000, D5000,D90, Sony Alpha DLSR Range and Panasonic G1 Series - Black.
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on 28 May 2015
Seems a good sturdy carry strap, I like the padded bit at the neck which should make it reasonably comfortable to wear unlike my current sony strap which doesn't have one. Haven't actually used it yet as I got it to use on holiday when I want the additional security. Good product at a reasonable price which I would be happy to recommend. Dispatched and delivered very quickly.
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on 16 July 2015
Best camera strap ever.

Bought it to replace the one that came with my D610 and boy it is brill.

I now do not fear anyone taking my kit :-) Only recommendation is to get a couple of 99p keyfob keyring things (circle ones you put keys on) as i trust no connectors in the world ;-) Add them in to the mix and you are double protected :-)
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on 18 August 2015
Good strap to stop your expensive camera being snatched, as long as you have this attached instead of your normal camera strap. I bought it for a holiday abroad but once back kept it on my camera - PS would also state not worth it for the smaller compact cameras but for a bridge camera and SLR's worth it.
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