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on 29 November 2008
I'm no seasoned guitarist, but I have bought a couple of other guitars and this one isn't surpassed by the others. I was worried that this would be cheap and nasty, and would hinder my learning to play. I've actually found it to be quite a polished performer. One of the other guitars I bought looked to be very much the same as this one (for my son), but is in fact nowhere near the quality. The neck actually bends as you play, and it constantly goes out of tune, so beware buyers: there are some shoddy products out there. The other is an expensive bass guitar and rather a fine piece of work. The Encore is just as good. It took a few retunes for the strings to bed in, but now it just needs an occasional tweek. It's had to put up with some rough treatment from my lad as he mimics his rock gods, but it's taken it and remained shiney and sweet sounding. The amp is good enough for any home performance, the strap needs replacong quite soon and the DVD is a short lived exercise. I'D THOROUGHLY RECOMMEND BUYING A LINE6 SPIDER 3 15W AMP. A whole bunch of effects for the would-be guitar hero. This baby and this guitar sound sweeeeeeeeeet in so many ways.
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on 28 April 2014
I decided to edit my review as my last review was way too long winded. This guitar is ideal for beginners who don't want to risk splashing out big on an expensive guitar, on the off chance they might quit after six months. This guitar is also great for a little project if you want to change pick ups and volume pots and all that good stuff.

Why is it so cheap? It is made from cheaper woods, also the pick ups are made from pot metals or waste metals, so the sustain is not up to scratch. Coupled with the fact it was most likely assembled in a factory in Asia where wages are lower, now you understand why it's so cheap. Is it qood quality? Well I'm not about to say it's better than an American Special, or American Professional Stratocaster because that's a blatant lie. But it is good compared to other budget entry level guitars.

This Encore is just as good as any Squier, Falcon, Hohner, or even Yamaha Pacifica which I usually see fetch around the £170-£200 estimate. Want it cheap? Want it sturdy? Want it playable? Realistic about nut, bridge and pick up quality of a guitar in this price range? Then I'd say buy this guitar!
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on 4 October 2009
This was bought for my daughters 15th Birthday, she plays the clarinet (quite an expensive instrument if you want a decent one)and decided she wanted to teach herself guitar. I shopped around and did a bit of research and could find nothing bad about the guitar. I checked out a couple of high street instrument shops and they all recommended the guitar. The kit I bought from Amazon has everything you need to unpack and start playing - its that simple. My daughter has not put it down now and has talked me into getting a guitar to learn with her. This was money well spent, I am no pro or have any connection to the retailer or manufacturer, a lawyer by trade I looked for the catch but it does what it said on the label, I would recommend if you are looking - this is well worth the money.
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on 24 May 2010
I bought this guitar for myself as a complete novice. If there is any confusion let me first confirm this is a full sized adult guitar. The guitar itself plays well, however I have nothing to compare it to so I shall leave the other reviews posted as a testiment to the quality of the guitar.

What amazed me was the amount of items that came out of the box, it just kept coming! This pack has everything you will need to get you going. The amp is perfectly suitable for a begginner so I would not worry about rushing off too soon to get a replacement. The guitar stand is excellent, the carry bag leaves a little to be desired but is still fine. The tuner is a little tricky at first but a bit of playing around will get you used to it. The DVD is fine to get you going for your first few practises, but you will probably want to get something else (lessons/book/other dvd) after not too long. I would recommend buying a new good quality cable as the one supplied receives quite a lot of interference which can be rather annoying. The strap is fine. It even comes with a plectrum and set of spare strings! Though I would recommend buying a range of plectrums and choose the one which suits you best as this will make learning to play must more comfortable.

In summary, if you are looking for a guitar set up for a begginner look no further, this has everything you need and more.
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on 20 October 2010
I've been playing guitar for 3 years now and i've played many high quality guitars in those years. My first guitar was an Elesa DAG-IN-36 acoustic, then 3 years from then i brought this. Me and my guitar teacher both agree that this is one of the best guitars wheve seen, it sounds amazing look brilliant; i couldn't ask for more. I personaly think that this is a great bargin.

It incudes a very simple to use and accurate tuner witch is small so you can fit it in the good sized case witch inclueds a name tag and the pocket is massive so you can fit all your things inside. The case came in black! (looks even better though). Also the plectrum is stylish and thin, the stand doesn't have a neck support yet its a strong metal frame and has a rubber thing that stops the guitar from being scrached. The strap isn't leather apart from the ends and it doesn't have a shouder pad but its good guality and you can't complain about the price for it all. The amp may be small but its good quality and it has a teble, bass, volume and gain controls and a headphone input. The jack lead is a good size and one of the ends is at a right angle witch can be usful. I havent yet heard the CD but the other review say its good, so i'll leave that to you (if you by it). The back of the neck is maple and i'm only guessing that the top of the neck is mahogany yet its quite brown so i'm not sure.

I hope this has been usful.
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on 5 May 2010
Don't know much about guitars so I showed it to a friend that does. He couldn't believe the quality for the price. This is an excellent package for an excellent price. I'm a beginner and I couldn't have asked for better.
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on 9 March 2009
I bought this for my boyfriend for Valentines day as he wants to learn the Guitar and it is excellant i cant believe how much you get with this package and value for money it arrived fast and in superb condition everything you need to start playing the guitar comes with it so its ideal for beginners . I am thrilled with this buy and so was my boyfriend :)
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on 13 August 2010
I bought this guitar package for my 10 year old son. I am really impressed with the quality of the guitar and the package as a whole.
It arrived on time and very well packaged. My son says it's really easy to play and the tutorial dvd which comes with it is very easy to follow.
I would recommend this purchase 100% Exellant value for money.
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on 21 November 2010
Bought this guitar from amazon almost 2 years ago as my first electric guitar, and I have to say it did fantastically and is still playing just like it did 2 years ago.

Build- being an imitation product of a Fender Strat it's surprisingly good quality, and much better than some other imitations I have come across, though expect anything near a 'proper' guitar like an original strat, or low end Ibanez for example. The floating bridge however does seem to absolutely ruin the tuning of the guitar.

Playability- the fretboard is a little clunky making it rather difficult to get some of the faster licks you might want in. However from a beginner perspective, that is a plus, as it forces careful technique.

Amp- this is literally a practice amp and nothing else, it has no features, no positives e.g. the distortion can't even manage a single wispy artificial harmonic. It does a simple job, at an average level.

Accessories- can't complain about these they are all fine apart from that the bag affords absolutely no protection to your guitar, the teaching cd is pointless and barely scrapes the surface of guitar playing, considering the vast amount of info available on the net.

Overall 3/5, a good choice as a beginning guitar, but you will need to switch as you demand more from your playing.
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on 13 March 2010
Great purchase, everything was exactly what I could expect and was not disappointed at all! A great starting guitar for a great price (At these prices there is no need to settle for an acoustic guitar)..

The Amp is perfect too, loud enough to get a good "rock-on" but not to loud to alienate your neighbours!

I cant recommend this product enough...

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