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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 16 July 2007
After the season 2 finale 'Live Together, Die Alone' the ramifcations of that cliffhanging ending are revealed. The main plot focuses on the exploration of the mysterious Others, for the first time we see their flashbacks, find out about their hierarchy, discover why they are on the Island and how they came to be here, we also learn at last where the Others live. The major subplot for season 2 was the tailies, the major subplot for season 3 is the outside world (I'll say no more but it gets pritty crazy).

After a finale like 'Live Together, Die Alone' which revealed many of LOST's closest kept secrets the first few episodes of season 3 (up to episode 6) are inevitably quite slow moving. However, once you hit episode 8 the action doesn't stop, from here on we get the best episodes ever seen in LOST, we have new and exciting discoveries - the best since season 1, some solid answers, some brand new mysteries on par with the introduction of the Numbers back in season one. We have the BIGGEST character connection so far, forget the nitty gritty connections such as Jacks dad sitting with Sawyer at a bar - season 3 takes character connections post crash to all new depths. Depths many of us never thought they would reach.

The show continues it's many themes including life and death. Now we all know LOST is quite infamous for killing off characters but the death toll in season 3 rises to giagantic proportions. There is a very sad departure in season 3 of one of our most beloved characters. Plot twists are a many and the biggest cliffhangers can be found in season 3, most notably at the end of 'The Man Behind the Curtain' and 'The Man From Tallahasse'. These cliffhangers have made fans sweat for the first time since 'that' cliffhanger at the end of season 1.

Season 3 differs from other seasons as it is more fast paced. There are more happenings, every episode is significant unlike the filler episodes in season 2. Infact the action is so quick and in such a high quantity that you'll be wishing for it to slow down. But above all season 3 provides some solid answers including how Locke ended up in wheelchair, what happend when the failsafe key was turned, what was the DHARMA Intiative and how do they connect to the Others, we also get to find out where that cable leads to that Sayid found back in season 1.

Now obviously I have to comment on the finale. I think an ending should do three things, firstly it should give you something that makes you feel that it's been worth your time, secondly it should keep the interest in the show until the next season, and obviously it should provide closure to the story being told. The last minute of season 3 provides just that, and it's easily the best ending to any tv show I've seen. It's put everyone in a position where they have absolutely no idea where this show is going, and to do that takes talent.

The flashbacks - now in their third season improve upon those of season 2. We have some genuinly interesting flashbacks that do reveal new information about the characters. We also get some flashbacks of the Others - Juliet and Ben - flashbacks don't come much better than theirs.

My favourite episode of season 3 (excluding the finale) is 'The Man From Tallahasse', which is worthy of being a finale episode in its self. The reveal of why Locke is in a wheelchair is TV gold, it's one of those legendary moments of LOST. The worst episode has to be 'Expose', I know most people think it's 'Stranger in a Strange Land' but I actually liked that episode it gave us at least a bit of info on the Others system and how they work. 'Expose' on the other hand dosn't progress the story in anyway and simply delays finding out anything useful.

Roll on Season 4!
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on 1 October 2007
The main reason for reading this review is to decide whether or not to buy this boxset. The answer is simple - if you have seen seasons 1 and 2 then YES, if you haven't then NO. (unless you just buy those boxsets as well!)

Personally, I am a big fan of LOST, but I have been there from the beginning. For non fans (heathens though they are) I can appreciate why it might not appeal. On the surface of it, the premise is simple: lots of survivors of a plane crash trying to find out where they are so they can be rescued, but as any fan will tell you the show offers so much more.

The background to major characters are slowly revealed, we learn what has happened on the island, the conception of good and evil is constantly challenged, and there are twists aplenty. Most of them catch me completely by surprise (such as the episode 13 "the man from Tallahassee").

Without knowing what happened in series 1 and 2 you wouldn't understand what is going on. However, this series is arguably the best yet. A good mix of action and suspense, much more is revealed of the mysterious "others" and while we don't learn much more about the main "Losties", the series finale features some amazing revelations in Jack's life "off island". The cliffhangers sets up series 4 really well, with fan sites full of speculation as to where the story will turn next. There are a few filler episodes, but even some of these are very cleverly written (such as "Expose")

After this season was finished, the creators announced that the show will end after 3 more series of 16 episodes. We are surely going to get less filler episodes now that the timescale of the show has been established.

I couldn't call this a "must buy", because most fans will have already seen it, but anyone willing to take a punt will not be disappointed.
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on 3 November 2016
Weird loss of control using this DVD!
The actual episodes are fine nothing wrong with the visuals or sound quality it's when you get to the end of the discs that you loose control of ur DVD player? Normally discs return to main menu at the end but these discs just cut off to a blank screen. You can't eject the disc nor can you turn the player off using the control nor will it eject the disc or turn off manually using the buttons on the player?
To change and eject the discs I had to turn the power off at the mains and then turn it back on.. weird?
Tip stop or eject the discs on the last credits of last episode of each disc to avoid this happening.
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on 12 June 2007
I got the first episodes of the mini-series from a friend in America many weeks before they came to England and I was gob-smacked, I think the miniseries was absolutely fantastic and the rest of the series rocked!!

I think the story lines were all great and the explanation of the other Dharma hatches pleased many of us who were getting disappointed with the lack of answers and seemingly endless barrage of questions.

Several new questions have been posed such as: Who is on the boat near the Island? Are they all really dead? Or did they fall into a rip in the space-time continuum?

My only problem is that I think the series lagged a bit in the middle with the story lines of Pablo and Nikki, I think that these characters were unimportant and pointless and while their fate was chilling and disturbing, I think the whole of the episode involving the two of them was simply filler where the producers had a couple of episodes with nothing in them The two part season finale "Through the Looking Glass" saw the return of two fan-favourite characters in the form of John Locke, and Walt. (Albeit the latter only having a single scene and about 3 lines of dialogue)

I think the acting from all the major characters was excellent with standout performances from, Matthew Fox, Terry O'Quinn and Michael Emerson (who play Jack, Locke, and Ben Linus respectively) I think Emerson was fantastic throughout this entire series and his part in the finale is excellent, also worth mentioning are pretty much all the other major characters including Evangeline Lily, Josh Holloway, and most definitely Naveen Andrews who plays Sayid Jarrah and provides us with a sterling performance yet again.

Some stand out episodes are:

Enter 77: with a brilliant performance form Naveen Andrews in a flashback

The Man from Tallahassee: We find out how Locke became paralysed (I won't spoil it!)

The Brig: When Locke and Sawyer confront a nemesis who had ruined both their lives.

The Man Behind the Curtain: Possibly one of the best episodes in the series bar the finale where we "meet" the mysterious "Jacob" who is mentioned several times throughout the series.

And of course the season Finale Through the looking glass: even with the death of Charlie I think it was a great way to end the series especially with the revelation at the end of Jack's flashback involving it being a flash forward!!!

In short an absolutely brilliant series with only one or two episodes that I didn't like (and you may like them more than I did)
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Before the final and largely unseemly demise of this masterful television series - Seasons 3 and 4 rocked. And it can't have escaped fans notice that in 2014 - the "Lost" Box Sets are now 'so' cheap on BLU RAY as to be an irresistible bargain.

But lovers of the show should note that the 'American Editions' of Season 4 and 5 on 20th Century Fox (which aren't very well highlighted as such) are REGION A LOCKED - so no matter how cheap or enticing they look - they won't play on our machines unless they're chipped for 'all regions' (which most aren't).

Check before you buy - stick with the 'UK' variants and you won't be doing a John Locke - tearing your hair out...
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on 6 June 2007
I don't watch much in the way of TV shows, but this show has had me hooked since I first saw it (something Heroes failed to do 3 times).

I really don't want to go into much detail at the moment (don't want to spoil it for peeps who haven't seen it), but it's an ace season full of a bunch of twists and turns that you might not expect.

If you've got a pulse, this season will have you laughing, on the edge of your seat and holding back the tears (hey I'm a guy, I'll admit it).

I'm looking forward to the boxset, though I'm slightly dubious (sp?) about the release, especially since it isn't out in the US till a week or so before Christmas.

Regardless, roll on the end of the year and especially next February.

I'm telling you, I'm going into withdrawal all ready lol
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon 6 January 2008
Ever since the early 90's (when TV peaked with TWIN PEAKS) had I to come across such an engaging Series! Weird (in a good way), Insightful and Intelligent - and with much better luck with scheduling and ratings.

The secret in my opinion: truly SMART writing; well-ahead planed plot and characters not only interesting but also one cares about to follow week after week!
Faith and Reason, Fate and Choice, Dogma and Intuition, Nature and Nurture, Good and Evil are, all, in a constant dynamic equilibrium, raising everyday issues under extraordinary conditions to render all the hues discernible and debatable.
Come for the story, stay for the Philosophy.

If you liked the X-FILES you will appreciate the mythology been interwoven with the action (instead of mythology episodes alternating with action episodes and, thus, pretty much ruining the rhythm of the series).
If you liked TWIN PEAKS you will appreciate the skewed reality and the blurry boundaries between reality and fantasy.

The 3rd Season surpassed even the 1st one in plot twists and reversals. Lighter on background stories, it focused more on the Others and Ben's hold on them through the spectral and mysterious Jacob. It also featured one of the gutsier cliffhangers ever: a flash-forward that, had it not been pulled off so skillfully, it would have killed all interest in the show.
True, as expected after the huge success of the show, some...dilution is detectable (the producers are probably worried of running out of ideas) - yet we should be counting our blessings. Even the worse LOST episode is much better than anything else on the air.

This DVD release features 6 disks on the episodes and a 7th one with all the extra features: out-takes, locations, interviews, bloopers and commentaries.

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on 2 June 2007
Short and sweet as usual:

why oh why do i have to wait till october for this boxset and febuary for the new series?!

Oh by the way, this series is the best out of the 3 so far. We delve deeper into the mysterious others, the dharma iniative and a really shocking twist at the end that puts most peoples theories into doubt.

A must have!
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VINE VOICEon 11 February 2009
Without doubt this is by far my favourite season of Lost and the most pivotal. Building on the exposition of the previous seasons old questions would be answered and new ones asked as well as setting the series up as a launch pad for the next seasons. The focus of the season is without doubt on finding out more about the others as indeed the opening scenes show.

One thing which was handled poorly in previous seasons was the focus of characters, where as previously the show had focused on a few central characters with others dipping out this season has the action spread more evenly throughout the cast. The island also gets more explored this season and new locations are introduced (some teased at very early in the series) and the majority of the flashbacks have more relevance and are better quality than previous years - indeed the twist of the finales flashback is pivotal to the series.

Throughout this series the status quo is changed, characters change sides and are changed forever as the action and pace moves at a breakneck pace. I cannot recommend this box set highly enough.

Notable episodes this season for me are:
The cost of living.
Not in Portland.
Flashes before your eyes.
Enter 77.
The man from Talllahassee.
One of us.
The brig.
The man behind the curtain.
Greatest Hits.
Through the looking glass.
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on 12 June 2007
The first half of this season was a bit clunky, it was really teasing when an episode would have an exciting plot, end on a cliffhanger and you would be sweating in anticipation as to what would happen next. But it would not get back to these interesting plots until about two episodes later, the episodes of which were filled with pointless stories that,although entertaining, distract you from the big, EXCITING picture.

But then at about episode 14, the series dramatically changed and the 2nd half features some of best lost episodes to date, and what i beleive to be one of the best television finales ever.

I don't really want to give away the ending, but i will say that the finale is fantastic because it leaves you wanting more,but it also will provoke enough debate and speculation to hold them comfortably until the next season.
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