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on 12 March 2017
Fun Game, Amazing gameplay, mechanics are a little tricky to pick up but if you like taking the time out to learn a new, complex, fun game then this is perfect! I played Halo Wars before buying this and this is more of an in depth and expanded version of the game. It would be nicer to have it more easily explained though. Seems like a lot all at once but the story, characters and gameplay/mechanics are all good :)
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on 25 April 2016
Prompt delivery. Having played prior versions of Blizzard's Warcraft and Starcraft a long time ago, it was great to play this new version. Ultra plays smoothly on an i7 / GTX950 / UHD system. Note that the DVD only contains a small 2 Meg setup file (and the product key). Be prepared for a longgggg download...
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on 13 May 2017
This game is just a Warhammer 40k rip off really but not to bad.
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on 2 April 2017
son enjoyed them
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on 24 July 2015
Love it
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on 10 December 2010
Make no mistake Starcraft 2 is a good game and does improve in some respects on its excellent predecessor. There are a number of issues though..


(i) Unless it has never been played before, there is no point in buying a second hand game. Blizzard require that you log in to a Battlenet account to start, whether or not you intend to play online and once linked to an account there is no going back.You can't decouple the game from the account. So you have to buy both the game and the account.

This is a further problem in that you have to repeatedly log in which takes too long to do. Loss of the spawn function is also annoying.


(ii) I found the narrative sections rather tedious and they don't really bear too much repetition.

(iii) The difficulty remains as it was and can be varied if it all gets too much. There are times when everything goes to pieces very quickly indeed (perhaps too lifelike).

(iv) The graphics remain first rate but were less of an improvement than I was expecting;

(v) There are times when it is a little repetitive but it is on balance worth having.
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on 4 April 2013
I'd love to review the game - but i cant - i spent ALL even patching it only to find battle net messing me around. Even despite linking it to my account, finally, i still cant seem to play it at all. Thoroughly confusing and thoroughly disappointing. Bought as a gift for my son but he has yet to play. Complete joke. Attempting to try it again tonight.
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on 8 June 2011
Battle.net account required to register the game & play. Also takes quite a while for a first install, for all the patches & updates to be downloaded & installed, all in all took about 40 minutes to install & update in order to play.

This is my first time playing this series with SC2, my only previous experience with modern/futuristic RTS games has been the old Command & Conquer series, although i have played a lot of WW2 RTS games like Company of Heroes, Men of War & RUSE etc... so i was quite skeptical coming into this, but happily my doubts & concerns about if i was going to like this game were soon quashed, as i settled into it & that this is a really good game actually. If you haven't played the original, like me, then its okay as the game still eases you into the game, as it slowly introduces you into how to play(pretty simple) and gradually drip feeds you new units as the missions role on.

I was expecting this to be a simple RTS game, but i was soon pleasantly surprised by the, RPG , i suppose i would call it, element of the game. You don't just roll from one map/mission to the next, the game has intervals where you, Jim Raynor, can talk & interact with your crew in a point & click game style interface, upgrade your units, research, watch the t.v news about your mission affects or hire merc units to buy in missions etc... later on in the game there are also some points where in a, Mass Effect , game style you get to choose out of two options who to side with/to help. I've done about half a dozen or so missions & playing on normal difficulty, and i have to say the learning curve is quite easy to get into this game, so don't worry if you haven't played anything like it before.

The games vibe to me, as a noob of the lore, seems to be something along the lines of a futuristic take on the American Civil war period(apologies if i am off the mark to the experienced players), the characters have a mix of regular American & Southern accents, and at one stage were in a struggle to overthrow the Terran Confederacy(a bit like a roles reversed of the Union). So maybe this is right or not, but from the accents, western style bars, and the main character sipping bourbon while his mate Tychus Findlay(a prisoner released by a company to find alien artifacts, all the while imprisoned in a set of armor, until the job is done) seem to have an old western style friendship.

So basically, the jest of SC2 is that in SC1 you, Jim Raynor, were a Marshal for the Confederacy, but events occured where you joined in the rebels, Sons of Korhal. fighting against the oppressive Terran Confederacy(the most advanced human colony) and soon the Zerg too, an alien, starship troopers, bug like enemy. And you did win that battle at as cost, as the leader of the rebels, Mengsk, used a powerful weapon to draw the Zerg to destroy a large confederate city, which made Raynor question Mengsks abilities. but more than this, your love, Kerrigan, was captured becasue of Mengsks betrayal, & turned into an elite human/Zerg hybrid, the Queen of blades, now leader of the Zerg. The confederacy folded though, and Mengsk, announced himself emperor over the Dominian, so Raynoe stole Mengsks flagship the Hyperion, and escaped to plot his revenge. So as events carry on, in SC2 your start out as a rebel/outcast, and an opourtunity arises to start stirring up a rebellion against Mengsk, but things soon spiral into a mixture of goals. Your old buddy Tychus turns up with an offer of going after Alien artifacts, and the Zerg return with the Queen of blades, so you certainly have your hands full.

The voice acting is very good, each character has their own unique personality & it comes across well in the game. The music is also top quality, a range of songs that you can play via the cantenas jukebox, as well as the music which accompanies the cut scenes in the game, which are simply spot on, on all occasions, fantastic. The graphics likewise are good, I only have an ATI 5850 and i can play this with Ultra settings enabled, and it doesn't stress my graphics card like other games, eg. The Witcher 2. Although multiplayer maybe a different kettle of fish.

In conclusion, firstly my apologies if i have the lore wrong in some way. I have really enjoyed playing the SC2 campaign to date, i know the multiplayer has a lot of support, but i prefer SP mostly in games. So i can at least say the campaign is very enjoyable, there is a lot to do, different approaches to each mission and you get to have a say on a few occasions on which course you get to take. No need to be an RTS player to enjoy this, as it has an easy learning curve to get into the game(more so if you understand the lore better than me ;-p). Highly Recommended for the single player campaign alone, well worth the money.
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One can only respect BLIZZARD for not setting a release date before they knew they could meet it. No matter that this was the most awaited game for over a decade, they would release it "whenever it would be ready". Well, it is ready, it is here and it rocks. Too bad they kicked the respect bucket in the end. But first things first.

Seasoned and new gamers alike will appreciate the simple yet highly enjoyable gameplay. The factions are well balanced and the units perfectly valued. You gather minerals and vespene gas, you build your defenses, you upgrade, you expand, you gather your forces - and you unleash hell. Repeat as needed until satisfied.

The game is much faster than the original. Resource gathering, building, researching and expanding all go faster now. This is something that will appeal to most and I for one liked it. It conveys an enjoyable sense of urgency, adding to the immersion. And because the game is richer and deeper, the tension just keeps mounting.

The game designers either enjoyed STARSHIP TROOPERS one times too many or they are fond of killer bees documentaries. Either way, be prepared to have to deal with a lot of swarming enemies! The plains shall be soaked in Zerg blood leaving you with a thick metallic aftertaste of accomplishment.

Visually this game is GORGEOUS. It looks like C&C4 was supposed to (but failed miserably). The units are detailed in design yet clearly discernible whereas the environments are superbly done (although not that variable). True, I could do with somewhat more realistic graphics but I can see that this could only be done at the expense of clarity when the number of units rises. What needs a bit getting used to is how some of the buildings do not look that different. No complaints about how they look but one can easily confuse them and build the same building twice.

The story picks up just where SC-BROODWAR left off. Following each mission nicely done videos move the single player story along (no spoilers, not to worry) that, although we are given the illusion of choosing between different paths, apparently they converge towards a predestined end.

Why only 3 stars then? Well, in a nutshell: GREED.
Apparently ACTIVISION's influence is not very healthy to customer relations. Together with BLIZZARD they are trying to turn the StarCraft franchise into yet another World of WarCraft phenomenon - and, at the same time, using STARCRAFT II as the vehicle, turn BattleNet into the new STEAM. Unfortunately this results in a barely palatable product and using your fan-base to advance your corporate ambitions is always tacky.
Although priced even more than a full premium game, this is not a complete STARCRAFT sequel. You would not know this by its price-tag(!) but this is only A...THIRD of the game, the first part of three: you can only play the Terran campaign. The Zerg and the Protoss campaigns will be released independently later (and priced as if they were full games, one could safely bet).
To add insult to injury, one has to keep spending even more money if he wants any "premium maps" and "premium content" sold only via the BattleNet. Since this is a game that will be played mostly online don't be quick to dismiss this if you have a competitive streak.

Much more serious is the NeverLettingGo-OnLineActivation requirement. The game will ask for activation during installation, which also includes signing up to BattleNet (and, yes, this means that even this expensive game never becomes yours to keep). But that is not all: a periodic OnLine confirmation is also required EVERY THIRTY DAYS, FOREVER. You can play offline but no more than a month between re-activating.
Unlike the latest EA and UBISOFT flops (which have an idiotic Always-OnLine requirement), with SC2, after its initial Activation, you CAN play a single player game (campaign and skirmishes) without logging on to BattleNet. Only, to do this you have to log on as a ..."Guest" (I know, a Guest to your own game and your own computer...). You will be able to save your progress but you cannot tie it to your BattleNet account later, so any progress or accomplishments are lost for your online Account. After your 30 days are up you have to re-activate once more.
That is why a Broadband Internet connection is included in the minimum system requirements. You can decide if this bothers you.

Remember how we could take our original STARCRAFT CD to a gathering of friends, Spawn it on everyone else's PCs and start a LAN party? Now one can play with his friends only through the BattleNet - and the Spawn function has been eliminated! Yes, that means each one of your friends now has to have his own original copy of the game!
The brass at the top conveniently forgets that the ability to Spawn games was the main reason both STARCRAFT and DIABLO acquired such huge fan-bases.

This is a good game, one I think we will be enjoying for years - or for as long as BLIZZARD shall allow us to do so. However, I had higher hopes for BLIZZARD's respect to its own customers.

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on 24 March 2012
I came into the StarCraft universe through a clone, namely Atrox, and when that lead me to the original StarCraft I was so glad I picked it up for whatever pittance it cost.

I've been a fan of the franchise for as long as I've known it existed, and when I heard the news that a sequel wasn't just in the idea phase, but was almost ready to be released, I was beyond excited. It had taken long enough, right?

Let's just say that this is one instance where the hype didn't disappoint.

Would I have liked to play all three chapters of the story at once? Sure, but that's because it's a fantastic story!

This is a full game, no question. The upgrades systems are well thought out, the new additions to the unit lineups are exceptionally fun, and what little time was spent playing as the other races made me eager for the expansions.

I don't often buy video games when they're released. If I do buy a game I usually wait a year or two, but I will be buying the next two chapters of StarCraft II as soon as there's a pre-order button to be pressed.

A hearty recommendation from me, a casual-medium gamer.
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