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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 28 September 2010
Bought this as a bit of a joke present. I've seen cheap knockoffs waved around in the market that didn't seem to do much, but the reviews convinced me this one might work. Boy howdy! Does it ever!

My husband came zooming into the room with the Executioner and an evil grin and said, 'you have GOT to see this thing in action!'

CRACK, burst of light, the mosquito just vaporized. We've been stalking around the house ever since looking for stuff to kill.

I fear for my immortal soul.
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on 13 September 2013
So, if, like me you've read all the reviews and are still unsure whether to buy one of these read on......

We have a caravan which is on the edge of some woodland and we are plagued with flies all day. Like most other people, I bought a couple of the electric fly bats you can get everywhere now. To be fair, they do the job if you can get the pesky little buggers into the centre grid and stun them. Then, flip the bat over and fry till smoking to ensure their demise.

I arrived home last Friday to find the Amazon package awaiting. With ill concealed eagerness I ripped the cardboard asunder to reveal the The Executioner in all it's pristine glory. "Can't wait to try this up at the van" I said to the missus. She just glared back at me with the withering look all wives reserve for their spouses who go and spend 10 quid on a one pound fly bat. (In their opinion.)

I was instantly impressed by the weight and feel of the device. Hmmm. No cheap Chinese toy this baby. The warning stickers were also suitably impressive. DO NOT use on other humans, sheep, bison, goats, the grumpy old git from number 27, escaping criminals or in the shower. Wow. Sounds promising.

We trundled off to the van Friday evening and while the missus took the dogs out to look for roaming illegal immigrants, I slipped the two provided AA batteries into the shotgun chamber. Sorry, battery compartment. The excitement was palpable as I pressed the button, a rewarding hum worthy of Luke Skywalker's lightsabre eminated from it. This baby felt ready for action.

At this point I should mention I have been involved with electricity in one way or another for most of my 60 years on the planet. So my next action will no doubt invoke bewilderment from the reader. So impressed was I with the hum of promised power I brought the killing machine closer to my right ear (I'm slightly deaf in it) to further assimilate the throbbing promise of doom. My missus came running in when she heard the scream with a "What have you done you daft bugger? And why does your ear look like it's been on the griddle pan?" Hmm. A fair question. I can remember thinking, "Argggghhhhhhhhh. I can't wait to see what this will do to a fly after the crack I've just had!"

So, before long a medium sized fly appears and as usual, begins to taunt us. As I gripped my new secret weapon and s-l-o-w-l-y meandered towards the offending creature It buzzed off into the kitchen. I could swear it stuck up two legs at me. Just as I got to the fly, it took off and in sheer desperation I swiped the bat at it. HOLY CRAP! There was a bright flash of light and a crack worthy of Nikola Tesla's lightning experiments. The fly's wings blew off and it plummeted in a graceful arc straight into the sink. I looked in awe at my missus, then at the bat. Finally. A weapon of means to redress the balance.

I spent most of the weekend bat in hand just looking for vile flying things to kill and with each satisfying strike I knew that at last I had found a worthy weapon in my fight against the fly. The only downside is my missus has now taken control of my bat. She stalks the decking with a demented glint in her eye just willing some cocky buzzing behemoth to come and meet its doom......

This is without doubt the finest fly bat EVER. Small flies will disintigrate on contact. Larger ones will plummet to the deck stunned, whereupon you scoop them up and fry the nasty little sods. I must add, the stench of a frying fly is not pleasant, but very rewarding, especially when served with fries and a little mayo.

This is an awesome product. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

*** UPDATE *** AUGUST 2015

So, it's been a really quiet year up to now for fly extermination up at the caravan. I suspect that the boys have been warning each other away whilst sharing a nice juicy turd. "Keep away from that mad bastard at number 20 lads, he's so keen to kill us, he's even tested the bat on his own ear!"

Anyway, as a man of the world, (Yes, I've those notorious books about Gray...) and, well, it got me thinking. The missus has been getting a little frisky of late and to be honest, we've tried almost everything to imbibe a little joie de vie into the bedroom proceedings. However, there are only so many times a cold can of baked beans and some Vaseline can be classed as "different", especially when used with the chopsticks and a mouldy barm cake.

We came up to our little haven last Friday, and by Saturday Mrs Frisky was in overdrive. Not even the local ice cream applied with a plastering trowel was slowing her down, so, I decided radical action was called for. After plying her with several Vimto's she became a little giddy and thus, more receptive to a different kind of hanky panky, namely a little lightweight spanking. So, she disappears into the bathroom to "prepare herself" while I gallantly neck down another vodka and flu powder to face my duty.Any way, she took so bloody long to emerge I'd had time to conceal my surprise weapon and down another 4 vodka and flu powders, hic.

Before she could speak, with one fluid movement, I had her bent over the wooden thingy at the foot of the bed (barbed wire previously removed) with her ample derriere high in the air. Dribbling profusely, I whipped out the Executioner, (bearing in mind my though processes are now somewhat clouded due to the alcohol consumed; plus it seemed a bloody good idea at the time) I pressed the switch and whacked her across the right cheek with it. Apparently, the scream could be heard over a mile away, (how was I to know she moisturised her arse?!) and before much time had elapsed, the site warden was hammering on the door trying to see in with his glass eye. I assured him all was well, but the pong of singeing moisturised flesh was telling another story....

The police were very understanding about the whole episode and I even gave some tips on using the Executioner to a young impressionable bobby.....
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on 6 December 2015
This is my second 'Executioner' Fly swatter. My first one served me for 18 months until my son started to take an interest and thought he was 'Novak Djokovic '. The 'Executioner' quickly met a rapid demise, after being smashed around everywhere. Needless to say, I have warned my son regarding this second one, and he now just watches as I swat away.

It's a well-constructed unit, and will last a long time if given the proper care and attention (and not used for tennis or other unrelated activities).

Any fly or wasp that enters my house, doesn't stay around for long, as the 'Executioner' becomes quickly acquainted with them.

It's very easy to use, and hasn’t failed me yet. After putting in the batteries (I use recyclable ones) and pressing the small black button, a little red light comes on to indicate that a charge is passing through the steel wires. You're now ready to try out your forehand, backhand, and my favourite the 'smash' against the unwanted guests. I've found it normally kills them first time. In some instances, you have to use it twice, as the insects, survive the first 'hit'. Just a word of warning, once you take your finger of the black button, there is no charge going through and the fly/wasp will no longer be electrically swatted.

When the insects touch the metal wires, there's using a frying noise and a flash of light. Most of them, as aforementioned die on impact. It's much less messy than using a newspaper, and is way more effective. Once I've eradicated the insect, I take some tissue, scoop it up and place it in a baby nappy bag and then discard in the bin.

The 'Executioner; is very light and portable, therefore, can be moved from room to room with ease. It looks great too and is 'streets ahead of its contemporaries in terms of build quality, efficiency, performance and aesthetic image.

I normally keep mine in pristine condition, by wiping the frame with a couple of baby wipes and the wires with a dry piece of tissue paper.

All in all, this is a great purchase and the best fly killer on the market. I've bought one for my brother too, and when this one goes eventually, I'll be purchasing another one.


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on 24 August 2010
Having spent the summer with flies in the house and at work driving me mad I decided it was time to fight back. Having owned a cheap electric fly swatter in the past that my work colleague managed to snap in 2 and remold into the shape of a hockey stick, I bit the bullet and went for this little beauty.

After unwrapping her at work, we went on the hunt for flies and it didn't take long before we found a few small fruit flies lurking around a bin. I took aim and gently introduced the racket to the fly and admired the loud crack and sparks as the fly exploded. After polishing off the rest of the flies with great excitement I can honestly say it was the best 30 minutes I've had at work since a Raccoon got into the photocopier.

That evening I took it home and proceeded despite the girlfriends pleas to sort dinner out to go on the hunt for some of the larger flies I'd seen in the morning. Quickly enough a large one appeared and a battle ensued in the kitchen which eventually ended up after two swipes of the fly dive bombing from the air and skidding across a worktop to a halt beaten and fried. Several more followed and dinner was much more enjoyable knowing I had accomplished something worthwhile and prevented the dirty beasts from sitting on my food.

This little baby takes no prisoners and is certainly much better than the cheap models you can pick up. Small flies explode on impact whereas larger ones legs and wings explode if you catch them right, otherwise they just fry. We now have a small army of dead flies on the floor at work waiting for someone to hoover them up and there still piling up. If your a little sadistic and don't mind an innocent bit of fly wounding, this is the product for you.
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on 4 June 2012
Imagine the scene. It is a glorious August day (already this seems far-fetched). the sun is out, the sky is clear and the temperature is in the mid 20's.

"This", you declare with a clear tone of triumph and an unmistakable sense of purpose, "is the perfect opportunity to get the lads round and have....... a BBQ!!!"

You call your friends, "Friends!" you say, "let it be known that today we shall dine Al Fresco! Set forth immediately towards my abode"!

You open the cupboard in your kitchen that you never open, look behind the sandwich toaster and George Foreman grill there, next to the pasta maker, you find your outdoor cooking utensils and set outside.

It is half past Midday, the sun is high, the charcoal is burning nicely, your friends start to arive. "Behold the meat" you say, gesturing towards the greater than necessary selection of burgers, wings and ribs that, just 2 hours before, were in the bottom of your freezer sporting a decleration that these bags are "3 for £5, as used by Kerry Katona and Claire Sweeny off of Brookside".

You sit down to enjoy the fruits of your labour, "Let us feast as if we were in Valhalla!"


Hark, a messenger of evil draws near. Buzzzzzzzzzzz, there's another one, where are they coming from? It's ok though, nobody else has seen them yet, there's only two - you are not afraid!

Then, your mates missus spots one giving it the eye at her beef and mushroom skewer. "WAAAASP!" she shouts and starts to flap her arms about.

"Don't flap", says another, "It'll sting someone". What do you do? How will you save your afternoon. I'll tell you how my friend, you go in the house, come out dressed as John McEnroe, waving one of these bad boys.

Initially the wasps will think you a fool. "look at this idiot" they will say. Not for long. Once the first has been sent to meet his maker with one swift thrust, the rest will scarper and your afternoon is saved!

Sometimes the wasp will be stunned, simply put it in the freezer where it will fall asleep. Whilst its asleep, tie cotton round its waist, and pin the other end of the cotton to the table and slap it about a bit when it wakes, that'll show the little swine.
warning, you don't want to get drunk and put your tongue on this, it will hurt!
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on 1 September 2014
Worked well, especially on nats, mosquitoes and houseflies, with quite an alarming crack. Anything larger you have to use it up to 3 times. I found it best to hold the button for a few seconds before to allow it to charge, rather like a camera flash gun. It is best to hold it over the insect when it has settled on worktops, walls etc.I found that if you tried to swot them they just became agitated and much harder to get.
Some people have said that they thought it cruel, but I think it is much better than using a fly spray which suffocates them, which has got to be a much more lingering death. If you try squashing them with the newspaper at best you ended up with squashed fly spread over your nice clean wall complete with newsprint for the paper. If you are not so lucky you get a newsprint decorated bedroom.
One odd thing, the flies seem to realise what we had because as soon as we started to use it we stopped getting flies in the house!
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on 7 June 2010
This product is totally awesome!!!

I've tried a few different zapper rackets over the years, and none even come close to this one.
When you make contact with a fly it goes with hell of a CRACK! Sometimes they have even exploded. I have yet to make contact with a fly, moth or spider (yes, spider) that it hasn't killed in one, but be warned. If your going after a wasp, don't shock it and walk away or it may be you that gets the next shock! your gonna need to nail it a few times to kill it.

Apart from that this thing is perfect. I couldn't be without it. Great for pic nic's and BBQ's
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on 23 June 2016
This is just the best. Strong enough charge to get a satisfying zap when killing flies. Works better than the 3 layer types. Since I don't have to wait for the flies to land before zapping them, they are cleared out quickly. I live in a rural environment, so flies are a problem, and this is a great solution.
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on 21 June 2016
I am so happy with this fly killer. I couldn't wait to get using it but both my wife and I jumped when it zapped the first fly I could find. The CRACK of the thing going off was much louder than we thought it would be and a bolt of flame shot out from the grille. The corpse of the fly couldn't be found afterwards. For the rest of the evening I couldn't wait to get using it again - on anything! I had quite a good score by bedtime.

Getting the batteries free was a wee bonus which pleased me. The racquet itself is fabulous though - rarely does anything I've purchased give me so much pleasure.

There is a technique to using it though. At first I was swinging it through the air like a fly swat but that's useless, it's too unwieldy and there's a danger of breaking stuff in the house so I tried this: extend your left arm while putting the racquet about a foot in front of the fly (or other beastie), then bring your left hand closer to the fly and it will take off and dive straight onto the grille where it will be incinerated.
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on 17 June 2011

Based on the reviews I was very excited about this product and purchased 2 for fathers day (one for my hubby and the second for his dad - both are keen tennis players). The product looks impressive and the quality is excellent.

I expected flies to be killed in one hit, but this is not the case on any of the flies we have zapped. The instructions will explain that to you and in fact you can't fault the instructions because they state clearly on the raquet cover that it won't kill flies in one zap. However, review after review claims that it does. The raquet is fun, my hubby has had a bit of a laugh with it (he has his present early) but I can't bring myself to use it because it's not humane (even though flies make me sick). My hubby is starting to feel a little guilty too.

Bascially, the reason for my review is to advise that in line with the product expectations, the product that I purchased does not kill flies in one hit and if I had known that I probably wouldn't have bought one product - never mind two!

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