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4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 24 July 2008
We originally bought the Mothercare jungle mobile but that got taken straight back to the shop once we realised how loud it was. This Fisher Price mobile is great. It looks smart; the toys are of a good quality; there are two settings for the sound and even the loudest is not too loud. We bought two for our twins which works great because we can have one on the rainforest setting (sounds of the rainforest) and the other on music setting - Mozart, Bach or Beethoven. At bed we tend to switch both to rainforest setting as it is very calming. We liked the fact you can play the sounds / music with or without the mobile turning. Also love the nightlight feature. Our twins are 9 weeks now and are starting to take notice of the overhead mobile. They are definitely calmed by the rainforest sounds. Once started it runs for 18 minues. Also comes with remote control, although we haven't used this yet. Overall, excellent value for money, considering the Mothercare mobile cost the same!
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on 20 August 2009
I bought this after recommendations from friends and have no regrets. It's a wonderful toy that keeps my son occupied for ages and helps him go to sleep. It has tunes by three composers - Bach, Mozart and Beethoven - as well as rainforest sounds used on the other items in this range. It has two volume levels (I usually only use the quieter level) and a night light. You can choose whether to have the mobile and the sounds on, the nightlight and the sounds on, or the mobile, nightlight and sounds. Sometimes the mobile is too stimulating and my son can't stop watching it so I have the nightlight and music on only. There is a little bug in the middle with a monkey, a frog and a parrot that go round in between the leaves going up and down.

Good points:
- Like other products in this range, it's very well made with sturdy parts and good attention to detail. It seemed so heavy once I'd put the batteries in (3x'D' batteries) I wasn't sure it would stay up but it does very well so no need to worry.
- You get extra mileage out of it as you can take the mobile part off when your little one can reach to grab it and still use the sounds and night light setting.
- The night light is just bright enough with a lovely rainforest picture and my son likes to look at it as he's going to sleep.
- It plays sounds for 18 minutes - long enough to have a shower, prepare a bottle, make a phone call, etc!
- The remote control works mostly very well. Only works if the mobile is switched to on but has quite a good range. Avoids the need to go up to the cot and have the baby see you turn the mobile on or off.
- If you have a cot top changer, you can place it near the mobile and it's close enough to keep your baby occupied while you change them.

Bad points:
- It seems to be eating batteries, but I have had it on soooo much. He often cries out to let me know that it's stopped.
- I have wide cot bars (not round ones) with a wide top bar and have had to wind the mobile into the wood a bit to fix it into place. On my other cot that had round bars, it fixed much easier.
- The mechanism seems quite loud as the mobile goes round but it doesn't seem to bother my son at all. He is nearer the speaker for the sounds than the mobile so it is perhaps not much of an issue.

It's a wonderful mobile and has made my mornings (and his bedtimes) more pleasant. It's one of my best purchases and I would quite happily recommend it.
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on 29 April 2016
My baby loves it only problem is if you don't have the arm that connects into the control panel tight enough the mobile does not move. At first I thought that it was not working properly and realised it was because I was lazy and did not screw the arm in tight enough (DUH!) Other people complained about it too and I wonder if they did the same thing I did by not screwing it down all the way. The toys are beautiful and so are the sounds.
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on 10 February 2016
Mobile worked great at first but now it doesn't move? Changed batteries and music plays fine but it spins for a few seconds and gets stuck. If I tap it, it moves for a few seconds. It's s pity as my baby loves it when it's working.
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on 2 April 2014
5forars ago, It was just myself and my husband, enjoying life as a couple and living in a clutter free, well decorated house.
Then I fell pregnant with my first daughter and my idea was a neutral nursery with a wind up was to be soothing and will fit in with my decor.
That was until I got the wake up call that my life had wasnt so fun winding a mobile up that my baby wasn't interested in....SO I bought the rainforest mobile AND wow how things changed! The beautiful soothing classical music and nature sounds that even sends me to sleep. The colours are bright but not too garish.
In fact my daughter loved it so much that she still used the music box till recently at 3 and a half years old. She loved picking a different coloured button every night. So it provided some education as well!

When I fell pregnant with daughter number 2, my work colleagues bought me a vtech sing and soothe mobile and it was awful.
One day my 3 year old said.." U can take my music away now. I'm a big girl", so I gave it straight to my new baby girl, removing the vtech one.
My baby loves this. It immediately soothes her and she just smiles when she watches it go round. Something she didn't do with the vtech one.

OK so the leaves did start sticking a few weeks after I bought this and its just a basic mobile but it has been used every night for 3 and half is enjoyable and soothing and I hope it lasts another 3 worthy of 5 stars.

My house is now over run by toys and my girls have a pink room...but I wouldn't change that for anything!!
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on 4 January 2011
Happy with the quality and workings of the mobile, but there are 3 points to be aware of:
1 - remote only operates for an hour. After this, you have to turn the mobile off and back on again on the main unit attached to the cot. Not much use if your baby wakes up after that 1 hour.
2 - states only suitable with mobile part until 5 months. Our son stayed in a moses basket in our room until nearly 6 months, so when we bought the mobile it wasn't suitable.
3 - bottom of music box part of mobile must be 18cm (7 inches) above the mattress. If your baby is small and you have an adjustable mattress height, this means you can't have it at its highest height to make it easier (and safer on your back) to get baby in and out of cot.

Had we been aware of these points I don't think we'd have bought this item, though the actual function of the mobile is very good - the music and noises are great, the movement is lovely and our son certainly seems to enjoy it. The information above should be far more prominent to ensure customers can make an informed decision when purchasing and actually get an item they can use.
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on 26 January 2016
Bought this after it was recommended for my new born. It's been great! From the moment we but her in cot with it she was mesmerised by it. 6 months on she still is.
I wasn't sure if sh would be over stimulated by it because it has lights, sounds and movement. However it's perfect. So calming yet distracts her if she doesn't really want to be in her cot. We have been using this for over four months at night times and nap times. It is still in perfect condition and she sometimes even manages to push the on button with her feet herself (she's prett bendy and I'm sure it's accidental, however keeps her entertained when she wakes from her nap!)
We haven't actually used the remote control as we've never had a need to, but I do think it's a good idea.
The items itself is up to 6 months however our daughter is now 6.5 months and is still fine with it as she can't reach it yet so I think we will get use for a while longer.
The music is calming to and not that annoying kind of music many baby toys have. My two draughts share a room and it doesn't disturb our eldest if we even put it on the night. Sane with the lights, they are bright enough to creat a soft glow but not too bright.
The only down side is it seemed to go through a fair few batteries. It's worth buying the slightly more expensive batteries as it last a lot longer wit them.
Would recommend this product to friends and family!
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on 11 February 2016
Amazing cot mobile. I got one for each of my boy/girl twins when they were 10 weeks old and they loved it. It was their favourite toy for months. They are 6 months old and still like the music and toys but are older so less transfixed by it but from 3-4.5 months this toy gave me and the babies so much joy! Two great features are the length of the songs, much longer than other mobiles and the remote control very handy if you twins and are changing one while the other one is in the cot and the song stops but generally useful if you don't want to press the buttons to start the music again for any reason. Main downside is that the mobile does die after a few months, this happened with both my mobiles but Amazon replaced the first one the day after I wrote to them and the other twin's mobile has just died so I'm going to write to Amazon about that now but longevity aside it's unbeatable!
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on 4 April 2016
Very disappointed with this mobile. We've always had Fisher Price product and were happy with them apart from this one. First - one screw didn't match the hole so I used the blue tack instead to safe me the hassle to return the mobile etc., so it was fine but after 4 months of using it the mobile stopped turning. It still plays the tunes but as it does not turn my baby loses interests in it, so it does not do its job! The only thing I like about it, is the lively colours and the lovely shape of leaves. Shame, that the quality of the engine inside doesn't follow the quality of the outside look.
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on 22 June 2016
This was half price, and I still do not think it was worth what was paid for it. Clever movement at the top which is two way, but the music is awful, in terms of sound quality.
He has another one made by Vtech which is a sea theme, the base is a whale, the mobile an angel fish, crab etc and it has a light on the top that projects a star image.. cost less and twice as good.. I am sure that was on Amazon too.
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