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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 27 February 2014
We had quite bad mould on our bathroom sealant and I didn't really fancy cutting it all out and re-sealing it so thought I'd give this product a go.

So glad I did! I sprayed it on and left it for 30 minutes, it cleared up most of the mould but left some. I sprayed it again and left overnight and it was spotless - back to bleach white.

Highly recommended.
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on 18 September 2015
I recently moved in a new property I was renting which has a lot of mould in the bathroom - both grouting and the silicone mould. I thought I would have to spend a day scrubbing the grout and replacing the sealant ourselves (not a job I was too keen on doing).

I thought I would give this a try after all the reviews - it was worth trying for £5 before trying to replace the sealant. I did 2 treatments on the bathroom and washed it lightly with a damp sponge. I was shocked at how good it worked. I thought it would be decent on the grout but I didn't realise what a difference it made to the sealant until I looked at the 'before' pictures. I am much happier with the bathroom now and hope to keep in under control. Would highly recommend!

Edit: Satefy-wise, it is good to use gloves and keep the window open (and door shut) for several hours. I did not find the smell too offensive, it is very bleach-like and not something you want to get close to but nothing extreme. The packaging does need to be assembled as - for safety reason - they like you to disable the tube so no one accidentally sprays it (despite an off/on spray mechanism on the nozzle) which is a good idea. It was really easy to assemble and it is not something to worry about.
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on 24 February 2013
Firstly let me just explain a few things. I am a man. I am a big man with tattoos. I am a big, tattoed heavy metal appreciating Yorkshireman and as such I know I am not supposed to get excited by cleaning products!
I am sorry to say that I have failed in living up to society's stereotypical view of me. This product is AMAZING! Our house has been a victim to patches of black mould and mildew for years and despite numerous attempts to banish them forever I have failed miserably, UNTIL NOW. After spraying it on and leaving for half an hour the results were like magic, it has removed marks from silicon sealant, grout, UPVC window frames, painted plasterboard walls and ceilings, the lot! And what's more, the stains have failed to return as they have so many times before.
I cannot praise this wonderous product enough, if you have issues with mould and mildew, don't hesitate CLICK AND BUY IT NOW YOU WONT REGRET IT.
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on 22 March 2010
I had terrible mould problems with a shower. The worst bit was the sealant around the shower tray which was mostly that tell-tale orange colour, and black in places. I have spent ages scrubbing with a toothbrush and neat bleach, which worked on the tile grouting, but didn't touch the sealant. I had to give up as I was going to spoil the seal eventually, and was resigned to replacing the sealant, and having to do it again every year or so. Then I read some good reviews for this stuff, and thought I would give it one last go. I am amazed - I have clean, bright, white sealant - and the whole shower looks like it's just been fitted. It was so easy as well - spray on, walk away for 30 minutes, come back, fall over with the shock of getting a brand new shower, pick yourself up and rinse it off. Absolutely no elbow grease whatever. It's now a real pleasure to get in there for the first time ever, as this problem existed when we moved to this house. It also worked wonders on a ceiling where we had a damp problem a while ago - black mould also vanished after leaving it for 30 minutes. 6 weeks later - no sign of it in either place. No doubt it will come back in the shower eventually, but I'm not bothered, because a quick blast with this stuff will shift it before it gets nasty. Yes it is strong stuff - but not so that you feel it's doing you harm. Open the window and walk away for frequent breaks if you have a large area to do like I did. I found it safe to use on the ceiling by standing on a chair and spraying at an angle so that it wasn't directly above me and couldn't possibly drip onto me. It wasn't dripping by the way, but you do need to be careful. Strongly recommended.
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on 11 April 2015
Very effective.... Close your eyes, nose and hands.... Don't allow kids near... Keep proper ventilation....

I sprayed before I go for sleep and morning I don't see the mold. See the pics uploaded by me.
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on 20 January 2014
I've been desperate to find a product that would remove the dreadful mould on my bathroom times, and worse still on my window edges, where it had penetrated the silicon sealant. Before finding this product, I had very limited success in getting rid of it from the grout,but absolutely no success in removing it from the sealant.

I eventually got a professional to try removing the mould. He did a better job, but couldn't remove all of it off the grout, and again, none off the sealant. He eventually advised me that I'd have to get someone to regrout the walls again.

I happened to stumble across the product online, and thought I'd give it a go and pop down to Robert Dyas and buy a bottle. I happened to bump into a stranger in the store who was also frantically looking for exactly the same product as neither of us could see it immediately on the shelf. She'd used it before and was raving about it and needed another bottle!

She assured me that it was 'brilliant' and that I wouldn't regret it.

With this recommendation in mind, I went straight home and put it to the test. I was amazed. The worst affected area on the window just started to disappear right in front of my eyes. It's not perfect by any means, but it looks a lot better than anything or anyone else I'd tried before. There are a few stubborn areas still, but there is definitely an improvement.

The instructions on the bottle say to wash it off, but in my opinion, you don't really need to. On the bathroom grout, I just left it on and it seems to just keep working and a lot of the mould has completely vanished, even better than the pro who came round and had a go.

It isn't cheap, but to me it's worth every penny, and could save you a lot of money. The only other drawback would be if the professional mould removers could be out of business if word of this product got out!

Just a warning - it is very pungent smelling. Definitely open a window whilst your are spraying it. It would also be a good idea to where gloves and to remove all objects near the affected area whilst you spray.
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on 27 September 2011
This product was superb - it has removed all the horrible mildew and mould from my shower that other products failed to do. Would recommend strongly.
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on 6 October 2008
I had problems with brown staining inbetween the tiles of my shower and also brown and pinkish stains on the silicone round the shower tray.

Tried everything to get if off and was considering getting it re-grouted due to it looking so grubby.

Heard about this spray so thought I would give it a try. Its amazing!!

Spray on the shower tiles/tray etc and leave for 30 mins then use a wet sponge to wipe off. My shower is so white like it used to be and required minimum effort using this spray.

I would advise to keep the area well ventilated, wear rubber gloves and perhaps a mask for your mouth as the smell is quite strong (bleach smell.

I have recommended this product to everyone I know as its so good.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 9 August 2016
There are very few cleaning products that stand out from the crowd but the HG Mould Spray is one of them.

I was initially going to remove the mouldy sealant and reapply it but because this did such a brilliant job, I’m not going to.

You can see from my photos just what a great job it did with the shower and my kids bath toys which mould had spread on to.

I also used it on a Little Tikes car where rain had spoiled the seat and the mould or dirt would not budge even with a jetwash. Previously I had used it on a painted and wallpapered wall where it did a sterling job too.

It’s so easy to use, spray the area 4-5cm, wait 30 minutes, wipe with a sponge and spray again and wait 30 mins. I did it twice because the instructions state silicon sealant should be sprayed twice.

I’ve definitely got a little bit more work to do in the corner of the shower but I’m more than happy with the impact of the product.

Totally worth it!
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on 18 August 2009
Like most of the other reviewers, I had a problem with black spot mould on the window sealant in my bedroom. Even though the window fitters used anti-fungal sealant, there's only so much it could take before the nasties started to grow and multiply. I'd tried a number of ways to shift the mould, ranging from kitchen and bathroom cleaner to neat bleach (including the icky-sticky Domestos Grotbuster) with little in the way of success.

Chemically, there's nothing particularly special about the HG Mould Spray - it's sodium hypochlorite (the main ingredient of bleach) and sodium hydroxide. You spray it on, leave it for a while (10-15 minutes) and then sponge it off. And guess what ... it works! It might take several applications to shift really stubborn mould, but after a couple of applications the sealant on my bedroom window frame looks far, far better than it did in that you can now tell that the sealant underneath is actually white!

There are a few gotchas though: first of all, it's fairly nasty stuff, especially if you have sensitive skin, so a decent pair of rubber gloves is an absolute must. Also essential is ventilation, because this stuff really, really stinks - it's not an offensive odour, but it is like bleach to the power of ten. It won't attack silicone sealant or uPVC, but it *will* make short work of any shoddy paintwork if you leave it on for too long - it'll also bleach fabrics, so keep it off your curtains or upholstery as well.

If you want to keep things clean and mould free, go straight for this and accept no substitutes - it's that good.
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