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Customer Reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 6 March 2007
but it's let down by the lack of special features. Again and again this happens: we get the show without the features that the US fans get. It's a small complaint, maybe, but it does detract from the boxset. It leaves a bitter taste in the mouth and it's hard to ignore, hence the four stars, rather than the five it deserves.

Overall though, this show is, as I have stated in the title, incredible. Brilliant acting, dramatic storylines and genuinely frightning monsters combine to make it one of the most involving shows in the past few years. The episode 'Bloody Mary' frightened me so much I couldn't sleep that night. Or it could have been down to the exam I had the next day.

Either way, though, this show is not to be missed. It might not shock the hard-core horror fans, but the talented Padalecki and Ackles make it much more than just a worthwhile investment. If only it wasn't so underrated.
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on 6 May 2012
I recently bought Season One of Supernatural without knowing anything about it, I had seen no reviews, trailers or information about it so I didn't know what to expect. All I can say, is what a series! I watched all of the season in 5 days and it did not disappoint. I tend to watch the Pilot of a show, and if it doesn't seem any good, not watch again. Well this pilot had me hooked from the start, desperate to watch more. Supernatural delivers on every aspect, fantastic acting, clever story lines, great music and constant twists and unexpected events. The chemistry between the two main actors makes them very convincing as brothers. The show is all about said two brothers who road trip across America hunting all kinds of supernatural beings. The show even makes these supernatural beings and their whole universe seem real, and it's clear there's a lot of research done about the lore surrounding some of the creatures. Each episode had me desperate to know what would happen at the end, and you end up really caring about the characters. While a lot of the show is dramatic, and at times, heart-breaking, there are some extremely funny moments, and excellent one-liners. This has now fast become my favourite show, from start to finish, it is entertaining. So watch this show, and you will not be disappointed. I usually watch comedies/sitcoms rather than horror/dramatic shows, but this show is so good you cannot miss it. The season finale alone was so amazing, I couldn't stand the wait for the season 2 DVD to arrive.

My personal 5 stand-out episodes of Supernatural Season One-
. Pilot
. Faith
. Dead Man's Blood
. Devil's Trap
. Phantom Traveller

Make sure you invest in this show!
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on 11 August 2007
"Supernatural" is just outstanding!A mixture of comedic moments along with darker and more emotional subject matters-the show goes from strength to strength!Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki's relationship as brothers is undeniably realistic, a credit to their acting abilities! I love the change in character of both brothers and the ongoing plot in both seasons is kept up with surprising power! Shocks, horror and disaster combined with twists and jokes makes this a must see show!If you loved Angel or Buffy then this is a definite....1000x better, faster, intense and full-proof storyline! Absolutely ace!
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on 16 October 2006
If you like this sort of thing, of course.

Where shall I start? Well, the chemistry between the actors is great. A lot of people measure how good a film is by how good-looking the actors are (I've done it sometimes as well), but in this case - I think that the actors worked well together. In a way, you could really think of them as brothers.

The storylines in most of the episodes are interesting as well. To be honest, when I first saw this series, I assumed that it would be quite boring, since all the main characters would be doing is travelling around the country looking for the Supernatural. I must say that I was pleasantly surprised.

For a first season, this series looks very promising - and is actually one of the few series I've started watching almost as soon as it came out. (I actually saw the third episode first).

I do have the complain that the UK version of Season 1 doesn't have any special features, though. It would be nice to see those.
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on 12 February 2007
Supernatural is a real wonder to watch. Each episode is packed with excitement and anything less than 5 stars would be an underscore.
With each episode different yet each season having an underlying plot, supernatural is a show that can please anyone within 10 mins of starting to watch it. The only thing i can comment on about the dvd is no special features which is a bit dissapointing but overall supernatural is the best show out at the moment.
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on 28 July 2016
Im a bit of a late starter.
I was recommended this by a buddy and told its a great series. He did say series 4 and 5 are a little "off and weird" but they get back to being great the next series.
Two brothers, Sam and Dean Winchester, witness their mother's paranormal death as children and grow up trained to fight by a distraught father who wants nothing more than to hunt down the thing that killed his wife. That sounds like my sort of thing.
So I watched the trailer and mow Im hooked and the whole series has been purchased ready for a marathon epic stint.
Amusing, clever and absorbing, light entertainment at is best
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on 15 December 2007
For me, this has to be one of the best things to ever emerge from the US. The acting, writing, directing, effects and sheer scale of this show is overwhelming. The main characters are superior to any others I have watched so far, which is helped enormously by the acting talents of Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles who, aside from being incredibly easy on the eyes, really make the Winchesters 'real.'
Some people have been complaining about the shoddy effects of the show but, to be honest, the monsters always have, and always will, be a backdrop to the fact that this show is all about the Winchester brothers.
All the episodes in Season 1 are fab - the weakest episodes being Route 666 or Bugs - and really help develop the characters.
I really cannot praise this show enough, Eric Kripke did a brilliant thing when he created it. Be warned though, the series finale is horrific and will leave you craving more.
Season 2 is even better, I just can't wait for the Season 3 DVDs!!
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on 22 August 2011
I absolutely love this show, and so happy that the first season has finally been re-released on blu-ray!

The first season keeps it different, with a different monster each week. Only taking a couple of episodes this season to explain the mythology that has run throughout the whole series. It's great revisiting the early episodes.

The best part of having the first season being released on blu-ray, is finally having access to all the extras from the US release, as well as a few more great additional stuff. The biggest addition is the Road Map, something that appeared on the season 2 dvd.

The Road Map has interviews about the each episode's creation, running about 5-10mins each. Interviewing key members from the production. You can also toggle to read up on some of the folklore on each episode, as well as read 6 passages from the Dad's Journal.

Another big addition on Disc 3, is the Paley Festival Panel Discussion which runs at over an hour! This is a great Q&A, which is only hindered by a very boring and wooden interviewer. If you can get past him, you get really good information about the creation and running of the show.

Getting too used to other shows has made it annoying that there are too few episodes with audio commentaries. But the road map makes up for that a little, though not everything you want to see covered may not be explained.

Show: 10/10
Extras: 7/10
Video: 10/10
Audio: 10/10

This isn't a big thing, but the blu-ray was posted without a slip cover to match the other season releases (seasons 3-5 have a slip cover, I don't know about season 2).
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VINE VOICEon 3 January 2011
This show has a lot of flaws, but it has some really good qualities as well, and it's so worth getting through this first season because the rest are awesome.

When it first came out I tried to like it but after 4-5 episodes gave up. Now, years later, I can't stop watching it and am currently working my way through season three.

This first season isn't the best. It was their first one and they weren't comfortable yet, but once they get into the swing of things the show really picks up.

What's amazed me as i've been racing through the seasons is the underlying plot. At first I thought it was just each episode as a stand alone as they encounter different supernatural/mythical creatures of lore and nightmares, but as it progresses we find out more and more and the plot thickens. It is so intricate now I literally can not stop watching them. I'm hooked.

I'm also a bit embarrassed to admit it's a scary show. Not many shows/films make me hide behind the couch, but this is one of them. At the same time, it is one of the funniest shows i've seen in a long time.

So if you enjoy paranormal shows with a kick (Ghost Whisperer, Medium, Buffy, Angel, Charmed, etc)then you should enjoy this series. And like I said, the first season isn't the best, but it is so worth getting through because it just gets better and better.
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on 14 June 2016
Give it a go.... feed up of waisting money on box sets that get you invested then cancelled half way through a series. ...This is just the beginning of a major .. long running ... The longest running series of its kind...In the US ... you can pick ithem up real cheap 2nd hand and decide if it's for you ..what have you got to lose ...

cheap 2nd hand .
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