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Cars [DVD] (2006)
Format: DVD|Change
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on 1 March 2014
There's very little wrong with this 'Pixney' collaboration. It's the story of Lightning McQueen (Owen Wilson), a young hotshot racing car who's taking the world by storm on his relentless march to win the Piston Cup (think Indy Car championship). We join the action halfway through the penultimate race as McQueen, Chick Hicks (Michael Keaton) and veteran but fading all-round good guy The King battle it out for the title.

A decision to ignore a call from his crew to come in for fresh tyres ends in disaster for McQueen and the championship comes down to the final race.

En route to the final race venue, McQueen becomes separated from his lorry, Mack (ever-present Pixar contributor John Ratzenberger), and finds himself in Radiator Springs, a decaying town off the largely-ignored Route 66, where he promptly gets arrested and sentenced to repair the road.

It turns out the judge in the town is world famous racing car, Doc Hudson (the late, great Paul Newman) and as McQueen makes a new friend in Tow Mater the tow truck (Larry The Cable Guy) and finds himself falling for both Radiator Springs and, particularly attractive Porsche lawyer Sally Carrera (Bonnie Hunt), he begins to learn at the fender of the master.

The action culminates at the final race where The King, Hicks and McQueen lock horns to decide the destiny of the Piston Cup.

This is a beautifully animated, tightly-plotted story with some wonderful characters (and voice characterisations). It delivers an ending that is poignant and guaranteed to bring a tear to the eye but, most importantly, it leaves you wanting more. And that's always the way to go out.

Under the strict guidance of Pixar chief storyteller, John Lasseter, Cars is a film that works on a number of different levels to appeal to both children and adults. It's my children's generation's equivalent to, say, The Jungle Book - and I'm not sure it's possible to commend it more highly.
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on 14 April 2016
My son's loved this film since he was 18 months old, and I've now seen it at least 20 times - and don't particularly object to watching it again! The way that the whole film is shot is extremely clever, imitating the camera angles and such of a real racing circuit. The music fits in perfectly, and the general theme is nicely off-piste - looking at the decline of 1950's small town America, from the perspective of one town that's been bypassed by the freeway and left to decay...
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 5 December 2013
My 3 year old son is cars mad! He first watched it on sky and thankfully we recorded it as he wanted to watch it every day! We got him the DVD so he could watch it wherever and whenever, the case and disc itself are good quality, it arrived quickly, if you haven't seen cars yet it is a lovely story about lightning who is a famous race car who has let the game get to his head a bit! On his way to a big race he gets lost and ends up in Radiator Springs where he is brought back to reality and makes loads of new friends. My sons favourite character is "The King" Strip Weathers, even though he's hardly in the film! Animation is fantastic and a lot of clever little bits you notice as you watch it over and over! I'd recommend to anyone with a young child!
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on 7 April 2010
Our three-year-old twin daughters saw a trailer for it and chanted "Cars" hopefully every time the TV was turned on for days after. When we got the DVD, they were not disappointed.

It is a bit too long for them to sit and watch at one go but they are quite happy to watch random half-hour excepts. Watching it in sections does not spoil it because the plots are too drawn-out and disjointed even for daddy to follow.

What Daddy loves is the fantastic colours in some of the sequences. The colours seem to start where the impressionists left off and then build on them some. If you like paintings by Monet, I think you will love the life that the colours bring to this movie.

For the colours, there are two memorable sequences for me. The first sequence follows a lorry driving along as day turns to night through evening, including what sounds like a horrid cliché: purple shadows across an orange desert in the evening. That could look a serious mess in the wrong hands but really works like magic. Another of my favorite sequence has a red and a blue car racing along through the dappled shade of trees and I won't attempt to describe the changes of colour as the cars pass rapidly and repeatedly though bars of shade.

And it is all in really clear high-resolution.

I also love the quirky and playful way the landscape is carved into images of cars and car-parts, took me a few goes to recognise some of them. And lots of other quirky throw-away bits like tire-mark contrails in the sky and the realisation that the flies are actually miniature cars which is only obvious teh second time you see them. I actually smiled when I realised that the large slanty rocks behind the town are 1960's cars with large tail-fins embedded nose-first in the ground.

We all loved the characters, but that begins to touch on why the film does not work for me as a film. There are just too many strong, larger-than-life charactrs: Lightning McQueen and his lorry, Mac; Mater the tow truck, Doc Hudson the bitter ex-race car, Luigi the tire-store owner, Guido, Sally the Porsche, Sarge, Chick the cheat and on and on. All really great characters and all vying for attention.

For me, the film also has too many good ideas vying for the plot. Is it a film about how a cocky race-car learns humility; the story of the death of route 66 and the towns on it, the story of how a great race car, the Hudsen Hornet, is unfairly excluded from winning by a change in the rules; a romance between Lightening McQueen and Sally the Porsche ? It's all of them and more and I found it dissorientating having so much going on to the point where the film lost its coherency.

I give it full 5 out of 5 because it excels at the scenery. I can't imagine many people who will not be charmed by that and the lovable characters.
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on 24 February 2010
I bought this for my twin boys who are fascinated by cars and for myself as I love disney/pixar animation.

The film is about a rookie race car who is just about to win the piston cup but on the way gets stranded in radiator springs where he has to stay until he fixes the road he ruined. Whilst there everyone falls in love with him and he starts to forget about the piston cup and starts enjoying time with his new friends. He does get to race in the end and struggles until all his new buddies turn up to support him.

The animation is brilliant especially the scenery on the highway which looks realistic and the story is a nice heartwarming tale which will appeal to kids and adults. Younger children would find it boring after the first half hour but no more so than other disney movies that have more dialogue than action.

I would recommend cars and the only thing that dissapointed me was the lack of extras but the film makes up for it.
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on 15 September 2017
My son's favourite film - we bought this so he could watch it in the car on a journey, we have since bought it on BluRay! A family favourite
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on 10 September 2017
Is an old film now by modern cgi standards but it doesn't show it. The story line is very well written. The film is ideal for youngsters (5 years up) but it has enough brightness etc to captivate younger viewers. As per other Pixar films it's also got plenty of humour for it to be good for adults to watch. Perfect for that Saturday afternoon chill out with the kids!
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on 29 November 2017
I worked for Disney/Pixar for many years. I love what they do. I know the fact they never compromise on quality.
Great fun for kids. I recommend it.
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on 3 March 2010
Cars may not have the whizz-bang of Toy Story but this subtle and multi-layered story is rich in detail, characterisation, humour and message. Its pacing is simply perfect with not a single scene wasted, each one contributing in its own way to the lead character's development. And despite the length, it flies by and withstands many repeat viewings. You'll notice something new every time you see it with in-jokes and references woven into the narrative and background action.

There's a heart-warming character arc showing the value of friendship and the emptiness of celebrity but there's much more than that. There's a nod to respecting and learning from elders, hints at the perils of consumerism, emphasis on being true to one's promises and even a very subtle anti-class (possibly anti-racist?) message as we see Lightning originally hating being around rusty cars only to befriend one and in the process ashamedly admitting that "oh, I didn't mean you".

Compared to the dull, linear and somewhat muddled (who exactly is the hero we're supposed to be following?) script of Finding Nemo, I found this to be a joy. Paul Newman is simply fantastic as the grumpy Doc whose cantankerous nature is only revealed by degrees as we work through the film. Owen Wilson is the perfect counterpoint as the cocky, yet charming, lead character of Lightning McQueen and there are great cameos from Michael Keaton and Larry The Cable Guy.

Thankfully, as we reach the climax of the film there's a mixture of high thrills and lump-in-the-throat redemptive moments for many of the cast.

Pixar films are generally pretty good but this one stands out from the rest. It somehow manages to tick all the boxes for a kids film whilst somehow revealing more about the human condition than you would ever think possible from a film containing not a single human.

Joyous and the best Pixar movie by several country miles.
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on 1 March 2015
Pride comes before a fall is the moral of this story, but it all works out OK in the end (of course). It's a good racing story, showing that winning is not everything. It's well made and even adults will soon forget that these cars don't have drivers. It's fun and exciting all at the same time. A good piece from the Disney stable.
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