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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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On a routine flight from Australia to Los Angeles, an Oceanic Airlines flight crashes. The survivors find themselves on an uncharted island, miles off course. If anyone is looking for them, they are looking in the wrong place.

If it were a matter of simple surviving, these survivors might have had a chance. But that's not all there is. A strange creature kills the pilot. A group finds a radio signal calling for help that's been going for years. And this group is not alone on the island.

Of course, as the group settles in, they get to know each other, and relationships begin to develop. Other relationships begin to fall apart in the stress of the situation. And everybody has a story, which is told to us in flashbacks, complimenting the action on the island.

I tuned in for the pilot for many reasons. Survivors on an island always interest me. And I'm a big fan of ALIAS, also from one of the creators of this show. I was hooked from the beginning and couldn't wait to tune in each week to see what was going to happen. With 14 main characters, some only get a scene or two in some episodes, but we might learn about them in the next episode with a series of flashbacks.

Everybody seems to have their favorite characters. Many people tuned in for Dominic Monaghan, fresh off of LORD OF THE RINGS. Matthew Fox was also a well-known name before hand. Personally, I was thrilled to see Daniel Dae Kim, who I've been watching show up on various shows since his days on CRUSADE. And I've also enjoyed seeing Mira Furlan from BABYLON 5 on another show, even if it's only as a guest star.

It seems the more we learn about the characters, the more questions that are asked.

Some people find that frustrating. The season finale leaves us with no answers to the questions we've had all season, and the number of questions have only increased. Personally, I don't expect all the answers until the show is over, so I'm willing to wait out the ride, hoping that Abrams won't give in to pressure to give us answers like he did in ALIAS. I also hope we get answers before the show ends and it's not dragged out needlessly.

So, is the set worth it for fans of the show? Absolutely! The show is presented in wide screen, which was what it was shot for. The surround sound is incredible. You can hear the bugs in the jungle or the waves on the shore. Yet the sound effects aren't overwhelming. They're just right to make you feel like you're there. There are five commentary tracks with various members of the cast and crew. And the seventh disc is nothing but bonus material, with documentaries on the creation of the series, casting (with interesting casting videos, sometimes of an actor auditioning for another roll), and creating the pilot. For fun, there's information on Driveshaft and bloopers. Plus nineteen minutes of deleted scenes. The set itself looks nice, but the way the discs are set in the case makes three of them hard to get out. You have to move out the one in front to get to the one behind. It's not a big issue, but it is annoying.

This shows combines an intriguing story with interesting characters and great writing and acting. I can't wait until season 2 starts.
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on 1 January 2008
From the first episode of Lost i became completely addicted. Very rarely does a TV programme come along which blows you away, the last that did this for me was Band of Brother's.

The basic idea of the show has been done before, plane crash on a mystical island, passengers survive and hope for rescue but this is where the magic of Lost kick's in and all sort's of strange happening's start scaring and surprising the survivors.

Each episode is based on one of the main charecter's and with how they are dealing with the island while showing flashback's to their past so you learn about the type of person they were before the crash.

The mystery and suspense had me hooked, the location and scenery was beutifully shot and the music compliments the show perfectly. There's not one weak episode out of the 25 and the end of season cliffhanger was brilliant and left me gasping for more.

There's something for everyone in this programme and i would be amazed if you don't enjoy it! Brilliant!!
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on 30 January 2010
My partner loves this series and I just about tolerate it hence 3 stars. I am going to try to give a balanced review of why you might or might not enjoy watching this series that reviewers have reviewed as `absolutely brilliant' down to being `absolute rubbish' without giving too much away.

Why you would enjoy LOST

If you want something at the end of the day to take your mind off things then it will definitely do the trick. The basic scenario is interesting - plane crash on a desert island that is far from deserted - and the characters well-defined for the most part and interesting, with flashbacks to their lives before the crash helping you to understand them and why they do the things they do. None of them are pure blood goody goody brave heroes and most of them are at best flawed and at worst severely dysfunctional. Plenty of surprises in the flashbacks as you find out that what you thought they were they are not at all. In fact, if you like mysteries you will be up to your ears in them with plenty to think about.

Even in the quieter times the action is still quite fast-paced and the kind of camera-work used in Heroes is used here too. As long as you like sci-fi you'll be in your element by the middle of the second series. The overall situation is fairly realistic and be ready for a fairly high body count, even including central characters. The contrast between different characters and the dynamics are interesting and tend to be fairly fraught creating more drama than just the situation itself creates. The episodes are 40 mins so watching 1, 2 or 3 in an evening is possible giving you a lot of flexibility. Since it takes place on a tropical island you might also enjoy watching it for all the sunshine if, like us, you live under grey skies for most of the year.

Why you would not enjoy LOST

It isn't that any of the above is not true. In some cases it is that it is too true. For instance, you may find yourself suffering from `mystery overload'. The first series quickly generates over a dozen mysteries, very few of which are solved, even by the third series by which time several more have arisen. The dysfunctional nature of so many of the characters and their almost total inability to communicate may irritate you, especially when you would have thought that with their background they would have had better communication skills. The collective survival of such a group may strike you as highly improbable. You might find you don't actually like many of the characters and don't really care what happens to them. Unfortunately, or realistically depending how you look at it, it isn't always the ones you don't like who die. If you love HEROES you won't necessarily like this. It is less well structured overall and you'll probably find the characters a lot less likeable.

If you thought this was going to be a realistic account of survival on a desert island you'll be bitterly disappointed as the sci-fi elements kick in and take over in series 2 and doesn't let up. If you abhor plot flaws there are plenty. Here's an early example - a French woman who can speak good English and knows she is not in French territorial waters sends her distress call in French - Duh! If you can't watch surgical operations without cringing there are a fair few bloody ones along the way as the main character is a surgeon. You might feel cheated after watching an hour or two of flashbacks on a character and next minute they are dead and only pop up again in other people's flashbacks (there is life after death for a LOST actor!).

I hope that is a fairly good overview and will help you decide whether this is for you or not.
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Hopes were not terribly high for "Lost," the action-drama about a planeful of castaways lost on a tropical island. "Gilligan's Island" all over again? Not quite. This mysterious show rapidly turned itself into a runaway hit. Mystery, drama, the supernatural and horror seep into this series, turning it into one of the most intriguing shows on television.

The series opens with a wrecked plane on a beach, surrounded by panicking people who manage to escape the wreckage. Jack (Matthew Fox) manages to group the refugees into a makeshift camp on the shore -- but soon they hear strange noises and see palm trees being trampled by a gargantuan monster. And when he ventures into the jungle, with the mysterious Kate (Evangeline Lilly) and junkie rocker Charlie (Dominic Monaghan), they find the still-living pilot. The pilot reveals that they are hundreds of miles off course, and no one will be able to find him. Then he gets eaten by an unseen monster.

Now the island is occupied by a motley band, including a strange warrior-sage with a knife-throwing knack, a traumatized con man, a pregnant girl whose baby holds a secret, a secretive Korean couple, a snobby rich girl and her exasperated brother, an Iraqi ex-soldier, and a "dude"-talking chubby guy who has a dark secret of his own. Despite Jack's best efforts, the group splits into two camps, and tensions grow between them.

And there are even worse things coming -- the survivors are not the only ones on the island. A possibly crazy Frenchwoman (Mira Furlan) is hiding somewhere in the jungle, and the murderous "Ethan" kidnaps and nearly kills two of the survivors. The island itself has mysteries -- mysterious monsters, voices in the woods, radio towers, a metal hatch in the jungle ground, and a string of numbers that bring madness and ill fortune...

Yes, it's a weird show. But in the midst of shallow sitcoms and endless reality TV, it's refreshing to see a twisty-turny show like this one. J.J. Adams, best known for "Alias," outdoes his first hit TV show with something totally different. The best way to describe it is as "Swiss Family Robinson," as written by Stephen King.

The gorgeous Hawaiian landscape is a contrast for such a dark storyline. Adams never reveals everything, which keeps up the suspense -- the mysterious monster (a dinosaur?) is only briefly seen by the characters, and nobody knows exactly what it is. Nor are we sure who has been there, or what is up with the island. Adams keeps viewers guessing by slowly peeling away the layers.

What's really interesting is that "Lost" is truly an ensemble show -- Adams gives every character a chance to shine, and flashbacks reveal what makes them tick. Some, like ex-con Kate, are a bit more mysterious than others, but some like the Korean marrieds and the haunted, smart-alecky Sawyer get a lot more dimension and humanity.

Matthew Fox is given a lot of attention, and he is a good actor. But it's the secondary actors that really catch your attention: Dominic Monaghan gives a simply amazing performance as Charlie, especially when Charlie goes through withdrawal, Jorge Garcia is equally good at comedy ("Dude, that was a Jedi moment!") and drama, and Terry O'Quinn is stellar as the enigmatic cubicle-worker-turned-jungle-warrior. Evangeline Lilly gives the debut performance of a lifetime, as tormented criminal Kate.

"Lost" is a well-written, well-acted show that brings a bit of mystery back into prime-time television. Creepy, funny, romantic, tragic and sometimes just weird, it's definitely worth checking out.
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on 15 June 2009
This review focuses primarily on the Blu Ray transfer of Lost: The Complete First series; Lost itself seems to be one of those programmes you either love or hate, and I think it's extremely good, with the first two seasons being especially strong.

The transfer itself is excellent, and the increase in resolution is especially noticable on facial close-ups, the detail really is better than many BD films I've seen. There is grain noticable on some longer shots and darker scenes, but in no way is this detrimental to the viewing experience - this is definately a huge step up from the original DVD.

Moving onto the presentation, I was annoyed that after loading the disc presents a trailer for the Series 4 Blu Ray of Lost - if you were watching from the start, the last thing you'd want to see is tasters of what happens three years later. However, a BD-exclusive feature is the so-called "Season Play" which allows you to create a profile for yourself, and then whenever you return to the program, even after removing the disc, the show resumes from where you left off. This is a very useful feature, and well implemented.

Finally, the extras. Unfortunately, these are unchanged from the DVD release, and though they are substantial, they offer little incentive for those upgrading from DVD.

And that leads me nicely into my conclusion, which is that apart from the dramatic increase in resolution, excellent as it is, there is little reason for casual fans who own the original set to purchase this Blu Ray. However, if you're a massive Lost fan, or new to the series, then you won't be disappointed in this commendable package.
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VINE VOICEon 15 May 2008
How did I not watch this for the whole 3 years it's been running!? It is the best US TV show I have ever seen! That is a pretty bold statement really when there's shows with CSI, The X Files, Twin Peaks and 24's standards to live up to, but this show is absolutely amazing. Never before has there been a show where there are so many main characters, all of which get enough of the spotlight to really get to know them all and their backgrounds. They are also such good characters where I was switching from loving to hating each one when different things were revealed as the series went on.

I like how each episode focuses on a particular character and the events leading upto Flight 815, with the whole mystery of whether or not they are all on the island for a reason. There are just so many questions I want answers for and look forward to working out and finding out for myself as the series goes on, such as who are "the others"? What is the relevance of the numbers? Why are they on the island and can't get away? Why haven't they been rescued yet? What is the creature that lurks in the jungle?

This show is also so addictive that I watched the whole 25 episodes in just under two weeks. Every episode has a cliff-hanger ending and the flashback sequences just add more and more mystery into the whole story. I'm just so glad that I got this in the series 1 - 3 boxset so now I can just go straight onto watching series 2, as this is not a show where you can just stop watching it after finishing a series and then wait a while to watch the next.

Overall this show is dark, mysterious, exciting, happy, sad, funny and scary all rolled into one with some of the best characters and storylines I've ever seen in a TV show. Each episode is so well made with some great locations and special effects that it feels like a short movie each time. This is now my new favourite TV show ever!
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on 3 February 2009
Well what can i say, i never watched the 'lost' series on tv, work commitments left me unable to find time and we didnt have sky plus then but enough of the rabble.

I had heard so may people raving about the series and hell were they right, its so addictive, you find yourself having to watch the next episode, I have watched the whole of the first series over 2 days.

I have now also ordered series 2, 3 and 4, hopefully they will be here in the next few days. The boxset comes in a nice sleeve with 7 individual discs also in their own cases, its well presented and well worth the £18.

Anyone who missed the tv series and is thinking of buying this go for it you will not be let down, i was not a lost fan but i can quite honestly say that I am now.

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on 12 January 2006
Having the most expensive pilot episode in TV history it was clear from the outset that Lost was going to be something special. Focussed around 15 main characters involved in a plane crash over the pacific ocean, Lost not only deals with events on the "paradise" island but extensive background history of the characters and their reasons for flying on the infamous Oceanic flight.
It is made clear from the first episode that the island is not what it seems. Throughout series one the characters find themselves in the midst of polar bears, an elusive monster, a pirate ship, a murderer, a birth, nigerian drug dealers, a stranded french woman, an impenitrable hatch and "the others".
Not only does the island contain many dark secrets but through a series of flashbacks we learn of the skeleton's in the closet's of the characters. The way the writers construct a grand collection of characters, you can become emotionally attatched to and delve deep into their personalities reminds me somewhat of "The Stand" by Stephen King. Incidentally the character of Charlie strikes a remarkable resemblance to Larry Underwood from the King novel, both being drug abusing rock stars on a journey into maturity.
My favourite characters in Lost have to be bad-guy-good-guy Sawyer, Surgeon and all round hero Jack, fugitive Kate and rockstar / heroin addict, Charlie.
My only gripe with this series has to be the infuriating cliff-hangers. It has to be said the writers know exactly how to tease the viewer into tuning in next week as opposed to becoming sick and tired of waiting for answers. Addtionally, although the final episodes "Exodus I, II, and II" are the most exciting and intense of the bunch the two unfinished plot-lines of the raft and the hatch left me in agony!
All in all i think it's fair to say that Lost in the most original and inventive series to come out of the 00's. decide for yourself. I dont think Lost is nsecessarily for everyone, it requires a lot of patience at times but its damn worth it. If you didn't catch it on TV the complete dvd series is your perfect chance to see what all the fuss is about.
For viewers in the UK, roll on Spring and the beginning of series two where apparently all our questions will be answered ... Let's hope so!
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on 6 January 2008
Lost is a show that i didnt pay any attention too on its first airing on television,it wasnt even hype that forced me to watch it recently,it was just there to watch and so from the first episode i had no expectations but that was all i needed to see to become an addict of it.
The first episode is vast in scope and ambition,a plane crash with all the trimmings and confusion packed into one episode.From the wreckage we find death and life,the survivors round up and take to a potential leader in the madness called jack,a doctor,the survivors start to form little friendships and await rescue but they are 1000 miles of course.
Over the following 24 episodes the show goes through different forms of pace,some have said that nothing ever really happens,this isnt the case,the show finds its success in going where it wants to at the expense of viewer demand or expectation.
Of the 40 survivors or so we get to know a click of about 12 or so,we are afforded flashbacks to their times before the crash to give us insight,to maybe see if they have anything in common,anything at all,episodes end with cliffhangers and equally they dont,there is some very weird stuff that happens that had me shouting at the tv and confusion is part of this show,lucky for me i have season two now as well,this is a masterpiece of drawn out suspense and you will find nothing out fast,clever trick i guess and im hooked so the creators have beaten me.
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on 2 March 2006
When I first saw LOST advertised on TVs and magazines, I honestly had no idea what to expect. One possibility was that this was another shipwrecked sitcom with a very short future, if anything more than a few series'. However, the show surpassed everything I thought it would be. The plots are thick, convoluted and never give too much away. The actors are superb because they make each character they play very believable. My favourite actor in the show is Sawyer, because of his could not care less attitude and is extremely gifted in how he plays the smirky creep one second, and then the troubled boy the next. Kate (Evangeline Lily) and Shannon (Maggie Grace) are also extremely great actresses, both very believable. The last time I saw Naveen Andrews (Sayid) was in The Karma Sutra, and the role he plays in this completely eradicates what he did for the erotic movie. All in all, I'm fascinated by this show and simply can't wait to discover what is within the shaft. Everbody I know has their own theory about the show (i.e. the characters are in purgatory) but frankly, I think the content of the show is enough to keep it going for years. Hell, I wish I had a part on it! One thing though - the Region 1 version is cheaper, and you can pick up a multi-regional player for 20 quid from Superdrug!
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