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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 25 October 2005
Six years after their last album Peace, and less than six months after Annie Lennox's wonderful performance at Live8, Eurythmics return with two new songs and a new Greatest Hits collection.
17 of the 19 tracks catalogue their impressive career up to the present: the ice-cold electronica of "Sweet Dreams...", the glorious pop of "Here Comes the Rain Again", the AOR of "Thorn In My Side", the calm of 1999 hit "I Saved the World Today". And yes, you will know most of these songs already! All have the same things in common: the impressive vocal range of Annie Lennox, the ground-breaking production and arrangements of Dave Stewart, the often clever lyrics ("sweet dreams are made of this, who am I to disagree..."). New tracks "I've Got A Life", an up-tempo dance song; and "Was It Just Another Love Affair", tender and melancholic; see them sounding as good as ever, and fit in nicely amongst their other gems.
75 million records all over the world, awards galore, artists as eclectic as Marilyn Manson and Diddy covering and sampling their material: all bear testament to the superb quality of the songs this duo created. As a collection, this set is flawless. However, this collection is essentially a re-packaging of their 1991 Greatest Hits, and given the success of Lennox's set at Live8, this does reek slightly of "cashing in". But when sweet dreams are made of this, who really cares? Not me, anyway. And nor should anyone else, if you want seriously good music you will not go far wrong with this.
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on 5 December 2005
I was thrilled to see that Eurythmics were releasing a new single "I've got a life". It is an unusual title, however, very catchy and after a few listens is embedded into your consciousness. Eurythimcs never played safe so it would have been disapointing if the song and title weren't quirky.
The other new song on this CD is in an R'n'B style and after a few listens, you can't get it out of your head no matter how subdued it seems at first.
The rest of the songs are all well known classics and are familiar to all Eurythmics fans. It was nice to see some new tracks off "Peace" included, however, I think for Eurythmics fans of old, the value lies in the 2 new songs and the fact that all tracks have been re-mastered thus improving the listening quality.
I wondered at the reason for not including "Don't ask me why", "Angel" and concluded that they may be too controversial to religious sensibilities. Angel less so, however, it does appear to be about suicide. Leaving these out makes the album marketable worldwide in the same format and more profitable for Dave & Annie as the co-production payouts for the "We too are one" era songs will not be there!
Without a doubt, it is far better to have a copy of the greatest hits CD and the single "I've got a life", however, I still count "Was it just a love affair" as a wonderful song that I wouldn't want to be without.
What I'd love to see is "Eurythmics - The singles collection". This would be a double CD with the inclusion of all the missing songs "Never gonna cry again, Belinda, This is the house, Julia, Shame, Beethoven, King and Queen of America, Revival and the acoustic version of "You have placed a chill in my heart" that made it a big hit.
Thanks Dave and Annie & please can we have some more!
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on 8 November 2013
Played so much, I have had to buy a new copy, TWICE!
I guess that says it all!
This is true talent........undiluted (IMO)

I love it all, but my favourites are played EXTRA LOUD, usually on my own in the motor car!

Catch a snatch (remastered version):

Thorn in my side
Would I lie to you?
Who's that girl
Sweet dreams (are made of this)
Here comes the rain again
You've placed a chill in my heart
Miracle of love
Love is a stranger

'.....And love, love, love is a dangerous drug
You have to receive it and you still can't get enough of the stuff ......'

Along with the simply outstanding:

Sisters are doin' it for themselves

'Now there was a time
when we used to say
that behind every great man
there had to be a great woman
But in these times of change
you know that it's no longer true
So we're comin' out of the kitchen
'cause there's something we forgot to say to you
We say, "Sisters are doin' it for themselves"
Standin' on their own two feet and ringin' on their own bells
We say, "Sisters are doin' it for themselves"......'

Enough said, I think?
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on 2 December 2005
I agree with quite a few of the comments already posted. Many of their groundbreaking classics are here but the tracks chosen for this compilation more or less duplicate what was on the previous Greatest Hits collection and seminal tracks such as Beethoven, SexCrime, Don't Ask Me Why and Angel are curiously absent with no explanation. Very early in Eurythmics career, a video entitled Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This was released which featured a live performance from Heaven nightclub and specially shot footage of some of the tracks from that album. It even had little animated puppets of Dave and Annie by Bura & Hardwick (creators of Camberwick Green). It wasn't long before it was pulled from the shelves due to reported unhappiness on the part of Dave & Annie. They also famously fell out with Dominic Mulrooney who was involved in the score for 1984 which resulted in them withdrawing their support for the project even though the record was finished and available in the shops. It makes me wonder if the tracks that have been omitted from this collection are victims of similar problems 'behind the scenes'. If this is the case, this is very sad as the result is an incomplete product that omits some of their finest work.
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VINE VOICEon 17 November 2005
This album has 14 tracks in common with the previous Eurythmics compilation. However, this time round they are all digitally –remastered and presented well in new packaging.
There are two new tracks, which are okay but not as memorable or inspired as the older material. This compilation is also missing Sex Crime 1984, which is quite an omission really as it was quite a big hit.
Eurythmics were always a rather classy act and this compilation is an excellent look at their career. From the sparing electronics of Love Is A Stranger to the downright melancholy of You Put A Chill In My Heart, the repertoire is deliciously varied.
I feel that Dave Stewart and Annie Lennox have been at their best while working together and this album should grace every collection. I just don’t want to see it out again in a couple of years with another title.
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on 16 February 2006
A really great compilation from a great band. Annie Lennox's unique vocals make this a musical treat. With excellent tracks ranging from the anthemic to the vaguely melancholic, plus the outstanding new single 'I've Got A Life' this album really is a must have! Superb!
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on 6 December 2005
Before I proceed with this review, I'd like to quote from a previous review: "It's just an old greatest hits being repackaged to make the record company more money."

I have to say that I completely agree; don't get me wrong, I am a very big Eurythmics fan, but this latest hits collection, squeezed out 15 years after the last one, has virtually no redeeming qualities at all. Yes, all the songs on it (even the new ones) are brilliant and yes, it's beautifully packaged BUT, it misses out huge gaps in the Eurythmics recording history. Whilst songs like Julia and Never Gonna Cry Again were never classics, they were still superior to some of the dross that's been placed here (i.e. When Tomorrow Comes and the dreary I Saved The World Today). There are NO songs from their 1981 debut In The Garden, nothing from the 1984 soundtrack and nothing from 1989's swansong We Too Are One. So, the classics are nearly all here, but they are woefully under-represented.

To all persons considering buying this album: save your money, find an original greatest hits from 1991 and side-step this abomination.
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on 26 February 2014
Like most compilations it displays the most popular material and unsurprisingly with this one you will not be disappointed.

Annie and Dave took several attempts to find musical fame and thankfully they did not give up. They arrived on the Synth pop explosion with classic Here Comes the Rain again, right by your side, sweet dreams and Who's that girl. They made a massive impression on the charts and even teamed up with the soul legend Aretha Franklin for Sisters song.

A very good album which showcases there finest work form the early eighties right through the nineties.
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on 22 May 2014
I really liked the Eurythmics in their heyday. Now, having returned to pop music after a number of years, their music still interests me, although some tracks are not so good. Annie Lennox is both versatile and compelling in any age.
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on 20 September 2014
Packed with memories. For any fan this is a definitive album with most of their most popular releases represented here. Takes the true fan down memory lane and is as good on the big sound equipment as it is in the car. Recommended for die hard fans and for those who want to buy one album only.
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