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4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 26 July 2005
The second series of the wire does what no other programme can do, and that is somehow manage to be better than the first series of the wire.
I had to get it off months ago and have to say it is the most powerfull engaging television that I have watched. It carries on with the same characters as last time, the opposing forces of Mcnulty and Barksdale, cops and dealers, and adds a whole new layer of characters as we have a look at the baltimore docks and the stevedores, working class americans making horrible decisions to fight for the survival of their trade. It rises above cliches of cops and bad guys effortlessly and looks at human bengs struggling with what America and its intstitutions can offer them and how to survive the grim situation of poverty and desperation. It can be heartbreaking and at times blackly comic and left me in awe at such a fantastic achievment.
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on 24 October 2007
If The Wire reminds me of anything it's not a cop show but Alan Bleasdale's G.B.H. This is drama at its best, epic, politically engaged, unsentimental and populated with characters who feel as near to real people as fiction gets. It's also one of the funniest, warmest shows I've ever seen.
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on 15 October 2005
What can you say that hasn't been said in the US about the Wire? Shown only on FX on Sky in an 11 o clock slot on a Wednesday evening you would be excused for thinking that this was a show that the producers wanted to slip in without it registering on the radar. How wrong of the producers (if this is case however you will understand why it has to be shown late when you watch it) this has to be television at its finest. Effortlessly weaving characters into plots that seem so unrelated at the start you would be forgiven for thinking nothing could link them together at the start of the series. Dock workers? Murdered Prostitutes? Greeks? Russians? Drug Dealers? You really do have to watch it to realize what I mean. You will think back to an episode in which you thought had a scene of little importance to the plot only for it to become crucial to the series as a whole an episode later. I must mention the stunning performances turned in by all the actors, especially the new ones for this series who have really established them selves. With characters from series 1 brought back together with an amazing plot you can see why this show is the hit it is in America. The on-screen pairing of Dominic West (Detective McNulty) and Wendell Pierce (Detective "Bunk" Moreland) is perfect and these help to add the moments of dark humour to the series. This is a show that must be watched to be believed. I myself am particularly looking forward to the DVD version of this show, so I can watch it with the subtitles on and catch little bits of information I might have missed first time around. A must-buy for anyone...
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on 7 December 2005
The second series of The Wire is every bit as good as the first. This means that it is the best series on TV.

The second series follows on from the first with Stringer Bell struggling to keep his drug business afloat now that his boss Avon and his muscle, Wee Bay are in Prison. Daniels reassembles his team to investigate crime on the Baltimore Docks. This brings them into contact with a mysterious figure called 'The Greek' and fourteen dead Eastern European prostitutes who suffocate in a ship's storage container.

As with the first series there are no cardboard figures. This is especially true of the Baltimore Dock Workers Union leader, Frank Sabodka. Sabodka may be involved with the Greek in smuggling and theft from the docks but he does not use the money he makes for himself. His aim is to use the money to buy political influence and keep the docks open and his members in work.

All the main charactors from the first series are back including Kima, Lester, D'Angelo, Prez, McNulty and Bunk as well as the not to be forgotten Omar.

THe second series also goes into more detail about the infighting in the Baltimore Police Department. It is also a story about the decline of tradional American heavy industries such as the docks and the efect on working class Americans.

To miss The Wire is to miss the best show on TV.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 21 September 2007
If you're reading this I assume you already know season 1. Season 2 is very different, but still magnificent. We move away from the housing projects to a story of corruption, smuggling and the crumbling union power in the ailing Baltimore docks. As gripping and complex as ever.
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on 30 January 2006
the wire is the most realistic and tense thriller of a tv series in years, it offers great acting with many action set pieces and a dialogue that is very difficult to match. each character has a different presence and can relate to the modern day audience in many ways. the wire manages to portray the modern day life just how it is and tries to make a point to show viewers what is happening in todays societies and the consequences that can emerge. the wire has great acting, dialogue, action and the cleverness that could chew jack bauer and 24 up and spit them straight back out. a character in this series named omar is fantastic and offers a great and exciting performance every time he is on screen. this is a very underrated and rarely noticable tv series that once you have seen will blow your mind and immediately make you want to see the next episode immediately after the previous one. overall a great experience and rollercoaster ride that keeps you on the edge of your seat until the very last episode.
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VINE VOICEon 7 February 2007
At least as good as Series 1 I found this season of the superb Wire mesmerising. An immersive story with twists and turns brilliantly acted by a superb cast. The story changes focus this time around moving more towards the local port and the difficulties the local Union rep and his workers have. Desperate to keep the port alive the head of the union forges ties with a local criminal organisation. A chance find of a container that holds trouble for not just him but most of those involved in the plot one way or the other. Barksdale may well be in prison but he still holds power and dictates how things go down. But will Stringer Bell do as he is told? Or will he make the decisions now? Will McNulty get away from harbour patrol? His punishment for making enemies of several high powered individuals in series one. All these questions will be answered and more in this superb series. Please do yourselves a favour and watch this but only after you've watched series one. Its brilliant!
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on 24 November 2007
After declaring series 1 the best television series I have ever seen, I was almost reluctant to watch series, 2 as I couldn't imagine how the makers of this incredible programme could possibly match it.

How wrong I was. Bravely shifting the focus from the streets where the drugs are sold to the docks where they arrive in Baltimore, the plot is even more complex and satisfying than that of series 1, with more characters to take on board and understand and even broader in scope, inter-twining the lives of the dock workers, police, drug dealers and the politics of prison life.

Without saying any more and without giving anything away, this is just as good as series 1, possibly even better.

This is genuinely the best TV I have ever seen, and having already watched series 1 twice after buying it 2 months ago, I know that I will be re-visiting this programme for many years to come.

Worth every penny - buy it.
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on 5 May 2006
Like other reviewers I am eagerly anticipating season 3. The cop show is dead, long live the cop show. Great writing, thoughtfully directed, edited and produced there is much to admire here. The quality of the writing gets you involved with all the characters (and there are a lot). This is not easy watching but it is believable, involving and rewards persistence. Start at season 1 and enjoy. The best tv since the West Wing (and so far, more consistent and better written). Also worth investigating David Simon's books - especially homicide. Sadly the tv series homicide life on the streets is only available in Region 1 format - more of a typical US cop show but the writing, humour and quality still shine. Buy - rent - enjoy.
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on 16 November 2008
With the 1st season setting the scene and introducing the characters the 2nd season does that rare thing of being even better, Though the story does still contains the continuing Barksdale story with Stringer Bell holding the reins as Avon alongside his nephew are incarcerated due the conclusions of the investigation in season 1. It is the new strand that drives the 2nd series even more. It introduces the tragic tale of the Sobotka's, a family of Batimore Dockers who's head Frank sometimes goes to not exactly legitimate methods to keep the money coming in but is a generous but compromised man. So when he rubs childhood adversary Deputy Commissioner Valchek up the wrong way with a incident that concerns amongst such things as Church stained glass window, Valchek blackmails a returning Frankie Faison from Season 1 as Commisssioner Burrell for political reasons to getting him to launch an investigation into Frank's activities. When after Burrell tries to buy him off some dead beats determined to do nothing, Valchek requests Daniels langishing in the Police Evidence dungeon to put together another Details to lead the investigation including Valchek's son-in-law a returning "Prez" from season 1.

What starts out as a childhood spat gone out of control becomes much bigger when Mcnulty (now Harbour Patrol for his sins) dredges up a Jane Doe in the docks and then connects it to a cargo hold full of 13 dead immigrant girls which Jimmy makes rather maliciously fall in to the jurisdiction of his old boss Major Rawls and ends up being put in the laps of a rather unimpressed Lester & Bunk who base their investigation from Daniels Detail but when their investiagtions become connected end up becoming part of Daniels Detail and after a number of episodes, Daniels agrees to take the case off Rawl's hands in exchange for his co-operation including the one thing Rawls is loathed to grant due to his axe to gring with a certain Detective that used to be part of his squad.

This season also looks into Mcnulty's home life and is flawed personality concerning his family life and coming to terms with his demotion and his borderline alcoholism and is just about pulled from the brink when Rawls allows Daniels to get his own way in exchange for taking the 13 jane does off his roster after being convinced by Bunk & Lester that they are connected to Valchek's Sorbotka case. Also Port Cop Officier Beatrice Russell (Amy Ryan) who is initially left with the immigrant girls case till Mcnulty's intervention is a new addition and makes for an interesting a solid but more wet behind the ears member of the team who lacks experience but has connections with the Dockers including Frank himself which assists in the case and becomes a fine a valuable memeber of the Detail. Kima returns after a stint behind a desk due to receovering from her shooting from season 1 much to her now pregnant girlfriends dismay. Herc & now Sergeant Carver also return to complete the Team

Season 2 improves on the standard of 1st season by making the storytelling even more compelling, where it's Avon's nephew D'Angelo that was the concience and one of the main drives of the story in season 1, it is Chris Bauer's Frank which is the concern of series 2. Frank is loyal to his workers but is involved in what he thinks his petty smuggling and theft but becomes deeper involved with a dangerous group ran by a man simply named "The Greek".

Frank's nephew and son become embroiled in "The Greek's" operation and result in events and actions which will be life changing and tragic for them all. Pablo Schrieber as Frank's nephew Nicky gets deeper in with "The Greek's" right hand Spiros (Paul Ben Victor) who after going behind his Uncle with some scams gets offered the chance of payment in Heroin.

Nicky then see's the oppurtunity that Ziggy, Frank's son had tried to intice him into but was reluctant due to Ziggy's firebrand personality and unexperience in dealing. Nicky being a more shrewd, clever and adept at turning his hand to new oppurtunities excepts the heroin and starts dealing in his neighberhood through the local connections, cutting out Ziggy of the scheme which sows the seeds of startling actions later in the season.

Daniels and the team concentrate on tracking the drugs, Herc & Carver doing the surveilance and gathering vital info as well as the scams with the stealing of Cargo holds which connect them to Lester & Bunk's Jane Does case. After setting up wire taps and cloning the computer system the dockers use to discover the deceptions they start to zero on in on the Sorbotka's schemes, with Nicky becoming more embroiled and Frank not being aware how deep his Nephew is involved and how unpredictable is son Ziggy is becoming.

The story of the port aces' the Barkdale angle of the 1st season by presenting Bauer's tragic but decent Frank and the fate of his families involvement with "The Greek" who seems to have friends in high places who start to throw huge spanners in the Details operation. When the FBI come involved due to Valchek's thirst to bring down Frank the information starts to leak and "The Greek" becomes aware of the operation.

The strands of the Barksdale empire become embroiled in the port story as Stringer has to strike a deal with the competition "Propostion Joe's " (Robert F Chew) crew due to lack of product which see's Stringer's grip on Avon's territory slipping made more awkward by Joe's people in a particular "Cheese", (Hip Hop star Wu Tang Clan's "Method Man") as Joe has dealing with Spiros as they are providing him with a steady supply of heroin bought through on the docks.

Regulars from series 1 make an apperance, Bubbles continues to thieve to fund his habit and Omar continues to taunt Stringer as well as assisting Mcnulty in putting away a Barksdale soldier arrested due to incidents covered in season 1. Like Soprano's the characters aren't always likeable but compelling and make each episode fly by, the detail in the storytelling is astonishing and is truly masterful.

An With 3 more seasons to go I'm practically salivating for some more of this stunning piece of TV.

Yes! The Wire really is that Good!
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