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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 16 January 2011
Claying is simply the secret to that glossy finish you see on brilliantly detailed cars. I had read about it for a long time and seen amazing results with people that had used it, however the price seemed a little high for my liking but I thought i'd take the plunge and give it a go.

Well how glad am I for that! It left the surface of my 'black magic' Octavia vRS completely mirrored and had that really deep wet look finish that I desired. The clay itself was so simple to use and because it isn't abrasive there is no right or wrong way to clay really providing the surface is 'wet' and the bar isn't grabbing. A small tip - If the bar 'grabs' and doesn't glide along the surface it is because the surface isn't lubricated well enough, the quick detailer included worked brilliant as clay lube however I used a fair amount claying the entire vehicle but what else could be expected? This was probably the first time the car had been clayed and surface detailed which became apparent in the amount of s**t on the bar which I had to remould about 20 times during the claying.

This has definitely transformed the way I look at car care and detailing now and claying will be included in my quarterly detail.

However I do not think I will be buying the meguiar's clay bars again as I have read brilliant things about Bilt Hamber's soft clay bars which are about the same price as the megs re-fill bars however can be used with water as lubricant and not expensive quick detailers and also the bars weigh a lot more than the meguiars bars.
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VINE VOICEon 19 April 2011
Wasn't sure what to expect with this product, the instructions were simple and it just looked too easy.
I washed the car (a 6 year old silver saloon) with a relatively inexpensive shampoo (Turtlewax) and left it to dry. I could feel the usual little lumps and marks on the car, tree sap and tar marks which wouldn't budge without something abrasive.

I sprayed the detailer solution on one half of the bonnet to try it out, opened the small soap bar sized piece of clay, kneeded it a bit, then started working on a small area. There's little resistance on the detailer solution, the bar just glides over - the lumps and sap marks disappearing with little work. These end up embedded in the clay bar. Once 'dirty', you just fold the clay bar over and use another side.
Any excess detailer solution can be wiped off using one of the microfibre cloths.

At this point, the paint surface of the car is smooth to the touch, which was a surprise to me.
Once dry again, the wax can be applied (a small 'trial' sized bottle is enclosed in the box) which seems to not cause as many swirl marks as the Autoglym Super Resin polish I usually use - however the wax may now be easier to apply as the paint surface is now cleaner. In use, it's much the same; wipe on - then polish off when dry.

The final results are pleasing - mirror like finish, no swirls, from relatively little effort.

Addendum: 5-6 months on, I didn't expect much wax to be left, the 'beading' effect gone from bonnet, roof and bootlid. I tried a fine grade Bilt-Hamber clay, which has the advantage of just requiring water as a lubricant, using a plant sprayer to apply. This seemed just as good, with the previous claying and wax making the job this time round far easier. With the time saved, I used Autoglym resin polish before the proper wax. Given that the Bilt-Hamber clay was 3-4 times the size of the Autoglym product and about half the price; if you want to clay regularly, this will be more cost effective than repeatedly buying this kit. For the newcomer or very occasional user, I stand by my recommendation of the Autoglym kit.
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on 17 May 2014
I was sceptical at a clay bar kit, initially thinking it would be difficult to use. I bought as had tar spots on back and sides of my car, and could find nothing else that would remove them. This takes minimal effort and I had the whole car done within 40mins. Great for removing visible and invisible paintwork contaminants. Paint work feels great!
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on 16 February 2012
If you wash your car week in week out with your standard sudsy bubbles and handy sponge, you could well surprise yourself , and give this stuff a try ! When you THINK your car is clean, try try the "bonnet test"! Lightly run the back of your hand over your bonnet and you can feel tiny rough areas , that is the engrained contaminants that are attacking your car every time you turn a wheel!

Try using the clay bar over your car, after you buff your paintwork dry, then wonder like I did, how did all that gunge get there, and why is it not visible to the naked eye? How come all those contaminants that turn the bar orange and brown ,oxides etc, sit on the lacquer and are unseen?

Basically, using a good liberal amount of the detailing spray and rub the bar over each panel, then dry off with the soft towel.

Proceed to use the polish and buff it all off again , then feel the difference over your bonnet, the back of you hand will feel the smooth mirror shine, and no gritty bits!

It is pricy but worth it, worth doing every couple of months at least, more if you have a very pricy car that gleams and it will stay looking amazing much longer with this little kit!
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on 2 July 2013
I recently cleaned my black coloured car, and found suspicious rust like dots on it, not a few, but plenty of them. I initially thought it might be some pollen or tree sap, but soon realized it was something else, and very difficult to remove. Most likely the car got a lot of rail dust, typically picked up on the road from brake pads of other vehicles. Anyhow, I tried different things to get rid of them, but nothing worked. Then I found plenty of forums referring to claying cars to get rid of this stuff, I gave it a go, and it did the job - and the car looks sparkling at the same time.

The process of claying though, one should add is very time consuming, so be prepared to spend some good time doing this. Ideally I would find something else that can do the same job significantly faster, have read about the Iron X and others, but not sure I dare use it on the paintwork. Would be interesting to know though if any good but it also contains a bunch of chemicals I think, so such product may be best used by professionals at their worksites.
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on 11 August 2014
Purchased the kit and have been amazed by the results! Following the kit's directions, we washed the car, applied detail spray and clay to small areas at a time, worked each area until the roughness was gone, and then put on a coat of wax. From start to finish, the job took 2 - 2.5 hours and the result was outstanding. Highly recommend this stuff, with a good waxing afterward.

Was time for our daughter to get her first 'new-to-her' car, and we ran across a Pontiac Sunfire that a dealer had taken in trade... low miles for its age, but the thing was uuugly. Maybe the former owner had a paint shop? The car had layers of clear, tan, and white overspray on it. Weird... but good for me. I ended up negotiating the price down to a ridiculous level and carefully drove that car home (hard to see through the windows).

A couple of weekday nights -- that's what it took to completely clean the Sunfire with this Meguiar's clay kit, and the end result was way beyond even my expectation. I worked on small areas at a time... seriously small, like under one square foot, and here is the process used:

* Wash the car, rinse well, and lightly dry
* Pick a starting area (mine was the roof) and a starting point (center-front)
* Spray the to-be-worked area liberally with the detail spray (helps loosen contaminants from the paint)
* Work the area with the clay; tight circles of uniform pressure
* The clay slides around on top of the spray, picking up contaminants. Keep the work area wet with the spray.
* Fold the clay over on top of itself as it became soiled; try to use unsoiled clay as much as possible
* Liberally spray the work area as you go; if the clay is sticking and not sliding easily, the area is too dry
* As one area gets clean, move to the next... body, windows, taillights, headlights, wheel rims -- we had to do everything
* When finished with the cleaning -- wash, rinse, dry, and then give your car a good waxing

If you would like to see before & after pictures, please navigate to the clay bar's main sales page, scroll down to where the "Most Helpful Customer Reviews" section starts, and look to the right of that area for the "Product Images From Customers" section. Seriously dramatic difference after cleaning with the bar and then waxing.

There was one last step... my buddies had seen the "before", so I invited them over to see the "after" as my wife and I presented the car to our daughter. For the most part, the guys were so shocked that it took a cold brew (or three) to revive them! Needless to say, our daughter was thrilled (why she nicknamed the car "Daisy" we'll never figure out).

The results provided by this excellent product are directly related to the amount of time and effort put into the job. No magic here; not gonna get a new car look with just a light spray-on and hose-off effort.

If you are willing to put the right amount of thought and effort into the job, we are sure that you will be quite happy with your results too. Highly recommended product!

Go for it.
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on 30 September 2010
Bought this more of a trial than anything and the result was me being speachless!!

Its true the little rough/smooth on the front of the box i thought it was a gimmic but i was wrong.

I bought this Step 1 and Step 2 (Step 3 has a sample in the box) and done my car.

The result.

I don't want to drive it now as i dont want to get it dirty!!

It takes a lot of time but the looks that i get driving down the road is well worth the 6 hours worth of work!

All girls like shiny cars ;)
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on 9 October 2015
I have been detailing my cars for a long time now, used many different brands but fair to say that Meguiar's range is top.
Clay bar system is simply the process to remove contaminants from the bodywork.
Tree sap, oxidization, tar, over spray etc.
Guessing you already know a bit about washing hence looking at this product and i could go into a lot of detail but i'll offer my two pence !

This is how i use it, wash the car as normal (snow foam it if you can) using 2 bucket method, rinse and leave wet, then panel by panel just spray the mist (you wont need much mist as the car is still wet) and make sure each panel is properly lubricated as incorrect clay bar use can scratch the paintwork.
Apply hardly no pressure and rub the bar on the panel like your using an eraser, you'll hear a slight coarse sound as the contaminants are being removed then dry that panel with a good quality microfiber cloth.
Knead the clay to find a clean side and carry on throughout the car. You can also use on glass, once the whole car is completed wash the car again, then dry as normal.
I blot dry the body with large microfiber towels and never rub to dry (just an old habit)
Rub lightly with your hand across the bodywork and you'll see that it is like glass, beautiful.

Clay bar does remove wax so it is very very important to apply a wax afterwards or else the paintwork is unprotected. Once you've waxed it the finish is amazing, when it rains the water will repel and the car will stay cleaner longer.

I use the clay bar a lot and no matter how new your car is, it will get contaminated being outside and driven so clay barring is a great way to keep the bodywork in tip top shape.

In this kit you get 2 clay bars (slightly fatter than previous kits) the detail mist and a microfiber cloth which is always handy
The Meguiar's range is massive, all their products are fantastic.
Highly recommend ! Thanks.
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on 3 October 2013
I bought this over a year ago with every intention of setting to my ageing Honda Accord with its swirly marked and lacklustre paintwork but could not find the time.
This week, with good weather, I took the plunge. Initially I thought this was going to be really messy what with the detailing liquid and sticky clay but surprisingly not.
I found the whole process straightforward and relatively easy. I was even able to leave waxing the car to the following day, so clean was it when I had finished with the clay.
It was when I had completed waxing (with Zymol rather than their quick wax that came with the kit) that the fruits of my labours were revealed. The finish is just astonishing with a glass like finish and a depth of shine that I didn't believe was achievable. All the swirl marks are gone, the paintwork is as smooth as silk and even a few light scratches have disappeared.
Worth the outlay and effort?
Without a doubt.
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on 14 March 2017
At first I was sceptical but after using it, followed by a proper wax and polish the surface feels silky smoooooooooooth.

Whilst using it, along with a decent lubricant, the colour of the clay changed considerably from white to a very dark grey. This stuff really does remove the muck from the surface that washing doesnt.
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