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Customer Reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 25 November 2006
Excellent product and very easy to install if using the ISO connectors. One thing the instructions don't mention is if you don't get a 'goodbye' message when you turn off the ignition you need to swap the power wires over. Easily done at the in-line fuse holders. Red to orange and orange to red.

This should solve the problem of lost settings and ensure the product works as intended.
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on 2 March 2011
Excellent product , fitting is straight forward, additional wiring is required for individual vehicals to mate with the CK3100,so that it co-ordinates with your onboard entertainment & navigation systems if fitted. these can vary in prices so some homework needs to be done, The CK3100 is simple to set up, however some tools need to be purchased if you have to remove any entertainment systems and a some knowledge will be required, if you attempt to play with the vehical electrics get some proffessional advice first. Be aware that disconnecting batterys as recommended, may alter your vehical computer units and may have to be initiated once reconnection is made. The CK3100 has a clear easy to read display unit that you can attatch in almost any position to allow the driver to see without distraction. I have fitted these to my fleet cars to avoid any of my staff losing their licences and endangering other road users whilst staying in communication. I have received good feedback from the users and can recommend this product.
Decruz1017 Company Director. Care home Group.
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on 23 October 2005
This is a fantastic little unit BUT there are some phones that it is not immediately compatible with - for example the Sony Ericsson K700 and K750. These phones require the very last software version to be uploaded to the unit - a bluetooth enabled laptop or similar - is required.
If in doubt about compatibilty try searching in google for 'parrot 3100 k750i' or similar.
Other than that initial setup problem, it really has been superb.
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on 8 February 2005
I used to have a Jabra head seat but found the battery life just usless so spent quite some time looking round for an alternative. I also tend to change my phone quite often so hard wiring wasn't really an option.
I chose the over the Ericsson bluethooth set as my mate has the ericsson and i find the background noise terrible. Recieved my box and had it installed and wired into my existing car stereo in about 10 mins flat. What a dream. When i opened the box and saw all the wires i thought no but its very very easy...
The sound quality is fantastic and I have had no complaints from callers the other end. All in all a superb piece of kit and well worth a look though your might want to shop around for a cheaper price...
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on 26 November 2007
I brought this through amazon nice fast delivery
Easy to fit (once I got the stereo out ) All the cables were supplied take out the two iso fittings from the stereo, fit the two supplied in there place, then fit the two from the stereo (the ones you pulled out)into the sockets on the new cables, these connect to the blue control box which you hide under the dash some where.
Fit the display on the dash with one of the supplied brackets (the mic can sit on the top of the display)run the cable from the display and the mic back to the blue control box job done.
Pair up the device and away you go the sound quality is great far better than other kits I've used.
Easy to set voice dial, see your phone book etc
In fact a great bit of kit
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on 21 January 2011
Installed into a Honda CRV 2002. Fixed the mic to the map reading light cluster just in front of the rear view mirror. Positioned the display just below the radio.

Crystal clear audio on both ends of the calls tested up to 55mph. Car's cabin noise quite high from road noise and climate control was on high, none of this noticed on the other end of the phone.

Installer made the error of forgetting to swap the 2 live feeds around (Known install glitch with this model) and it was rectified instantly. Be sure to get your installer to test that the unit holds its settings (Language, volumes etc) once the ignition is turned off and back on.

A couple of things I really like about this model

- Auto dimming display, perfect when night driving.
- This does not claim to be a bluetooth music device, but I played music files from my nokia e52 whilst paired with the 3100 and amazingly it came out the speakers with average quality sound. I listened to an internet radio station which I was playing on my phone whilst I drove around town, pretty neat! (control is obviously via the phone, the 3100 merely sends it to the speakers)
- The ring tone on your phone is played when a call comes in (unlike other makes where it plays a standard ring regardless of the phone)
- Signal and battery displayed
- Separate volume setting for ring and in-call (unlike others where you turn up the volume in a call and then nearly have an accident when the next call rings because you left it loud)

The buttons are solid and the backlit display is easy to read even with a pretty strong sun glare on it.

Pairing was simple, just use the phone to search for a new audio device, enter 1234 code and hey presto. The device synchronised the phone book instantly upon pairing and the first time took about 3 mins for 240 entries. Each time the phone pairs thereafter the synch just picks up the changes and it takes mere seconds.

Make sure you set up voice dial on the parrot device itself. If you do not then it will route an attempt to do a voice command to the hand set which is nowhere near as good and wont cope with background/road noise etc.

remember that the 3100 does not have full blown voice recognition, it merely matches the name you say to a name you pre-record and save to a phonebook entry, which means you need to go through your phone book and record a name for each entry you want to be able to dial by voice. First time takes about 2 minutes as it prompts you to record a few number categories (Home, Mobile, Office etc) so you can then specify the correct one from contact with multiple numbers within it. If you normally refer to a cell phone a "mobile" then remember to record the word "mobile" as the device walks you through the different category recordings because it will display the word "cellular" and the first time I did it I inadvertently said and saved the word "cellular"....and then couldnt understand why it didnt know the word "mobile" D'oh!

Subsequent voice recording takes less than 10 seconds per entry. I suggest you do all recording with your engine running (but stationary of course) and your air turned on so you have a little cabin noise which will be more like when you use it on the road whilst driving.

Good kit!!
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on 13 August 2008
I had mine professionally installed so encountered no issues there.

I find I have to manually activate the voice-recognition prompt by pushing the green button, but then have no problem in the unit recognising the name I want to phone. Not as it should be, but not a major issue.

The main and very serious criticism is the sound quality at the "other" end. The person I'm speaking to, invariably has real difficulties in hearing me because of background noise - the faster the vehicle speed, the worse the reception for the other party.

In the car, I can hear very well so am not distracted by having to strain to hear what is being said, but many times I've been asked to call back when I've finished my journey because I can't be heard. That is not acceptable.

My daughter has the same CK3100 and experiences the same problem - above 50mph hearing by the other party becomes difficult and does reach the level of impossible. I drive a Focus any daughter a Yaris so bigger vehicles with less background-noise may not suffer as badly.

I assume this problem is recognised by the manufacturer as some other Parrot units have 2 microphones but I don't know if these units are better.

This is a real and not exaggerated problem - if you want to buy a Parrot, check out the units with 2 microphones and test it at the other end, with the vehicle travelling at 55mph+ not inside the car where reception is excellent.
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on 1 October 2011
Installed in '04 Mondeo. Working with Nokia phone.
Would give it 9 out of 10. (Update - down to 5 out of 10, based on Parrot response).

- Great piece of equipment, works very well, would recommend it.
- Only let down was poor documentation making obtaining & installing cables / connectors slow & difficult.

- Works through car speakers, so very clear in the car.
- Excellent directional & noise-cancelling microphone (installed by rear-view mirror). Other person hears clear voice, and can't tell I am in the car, even at motorway speeds.
- Voice recognition system works well for complete hands-free experience.
- Connecting to phone & accessing phonebook worked straight off.
- Switched through ignition & transfers call well between car & handset
- Setting up system & voice commands was simple enough

- You can register up to 5 phones with it, but only 1 can be linked at any one time.
- Beware if you are removing an existing car kit - in case the wiring has been tampered with.

- Documentation. Finding the wiring / connector information to make sure I was installing it correctly took ages, and was unneccessarily painful. Installation was actually straightforward, but I wanted to KNOW that I was doing the right thing.

Things to watch for:

CHECK the cabling before you buy. There are two installation options:
- aux-in to your stereo (2-wire), or
- between the stereo & the speakers (8-wire) using ISO connectors (the way I did it).

Ford stereos don't use ISO connectors, so you need a conversion kit (I don't recommend the wire-cutters & soldering-iron approach).
There are multiple kits, depending on the year & model.
I needed the 'up to 2003' kit - even though it was a 2004 Mondeo.

Figuring out which cable kit I needed, and making sure I had the right one, was tough. The information is v. poor. I guessed lucky!
Parrot need to provide more helpful information (ideally drawings / photo's of the back of the radio, so you can be sure which one you have).

Make sure you know this bit before you buy. Then it's plain sailing.

Update (dropped two stars):
Emailed Parrot to suggest improving the cabling documentation on their website. They replied (promptly & politely).
BUT - their main reason given for NOT providing good documentation was that it would take work from the specialist installation companies. And they recommend seeking specialist installation. This is v. disappointing. Parrot should provide customers with the information to make their own decisions, not withhold information to force them down the 'specialist installer' route.
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on 30 September 2008
After trawling through the internet and finding which bluetooth unit to buy, the only option was a parrot based one. However, the choice between a 3000 & 3100 LCD versin was the fact that I could see if the mother-in-law was calling !!!!

I purchased the CK3100 and a loom for my stereo and they arrived within 24hrs. Being quite a technical person installation was very straight forward. If you are handy with a screwdriver and take care on removing facias etc then this is a straight forward job. I located all the cables and control units by removing my glove box and putting them out of sight. The downside is the manual is very vague when it comes to connecting to your headset it does not tell you if you need an additional connecting lead from your stereo to your headset. Also, on some cars you need to swap over the two fuse carriers. This can be found online, but not in the manual. This sort of information you have to find out for yourself. If installation is an issue there are several automotive companies that will install the unit for less than £200. BMW charge £325 !!!!!!!!

After installation which I did in a very slow methodical manner (which took me an hour) I put the unit to test. Operation of the unit along with pairing is described sufficiently in the manual. I set my phone, the wife's phone and the daughter's phone to pair with the unit. As the unit will only utilise the one it picks up first, it is very simple to connect to another of the paired phones if required.

The voice commands are recorded easily and you do not have to use the words they instruct you to i.e. 'Phone', you could use 'Call' for example or 'Hang Up' where you can use 'End'.

The only downside is the because when the voice commands are recorded, the radio is muted. When you are driving hoever you have your stereo on. With this, if it is too high, the unit will not pick up your voice to make a hands free call. The only way around this is to either turn the stereo volume down or off. Not a big problem, but then again not hands free.

I have also managed to upgrade the software on the unit using a laptop and bluetooth connection. This was very simple and well described on the Parrot website where you can download the software application, latest software and instructions on how to upgrade software for free.

The clarity of sound making and receiving calls is excellent and no-one has yet informed me that they have had issues when making or taking calls using the Parrot unit.

The wife and daughter are not technically minded (no disrespect) and nor are they at the front or middle of the queue when it comes to gadgetry of an electronic nature, but they found it very simple to use.

All in all £89 for a Parrot unit and a connecting loom for my headset = Bargain. Far cheaper than an OEM.
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on 25 February 2007
I purchased my parrot ck3100 from carhifionline, delivered fast and well packaged. Installation took about half an hour on my vw transporter van, it turned out to be a case of removing the radio, removing the existing plug connectors, pluging in the parrot connectors to the radio and then the existing connectors back into the parrot connectors, mounting the mic and control unit and that was it!.... i remember thinking 'bloody hell it works!'....its not often things are that good, I've had a few cheep car kits before and they've been crap. So i'm pleased that i decided to spend a bit more for someting that works!......oh you'll need to re-enter your radio keycode when you finish, so make sure that you've got it.
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