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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 12 December 2003
Those who are Mel Brooks fans will love it! Its one of the funniest films ever!!! If you've never seen a Mel Brooks production this is a perfect starter!
Hilariously funny while dealing with the serious issue of racism.
Most funny moments include, the campfire scene obviously, the singing from the people of Rockridge, and the froggy loves daddy laughing just thinking about it!!!!
Watch this film, laugh and wonder why they dont make films as funny as this now. (Im 17 by the way so my dad introduced me to Mel Brooks,)
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on 1 January 2007
Just to say that I could watch this film seven days a week and I could never tire of it! It is is just simply a piece of cinematic genius in its own way and will hopefully live on forever despite people like Mr Hutton getting rather carried away in his review and taking the film to be literal in it's "racism" etc! May I suggest that he needs a long calming holiday and to get an open mind and a sense of humour. Everyone else I know that has seen this film,both BLACK and WHITE has understood the intended controversial humour and irony.Quite simply a must have for anyones dvd collection!!
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on 1 May 2012
This is my first review on a product so I hope you like it. :)

I have been after the delux version of my all time favourite film for ages. My ghast was severly flabbered when I saw it on AMAZON and at the price I paid to. Now to the film and package.

BLAZIN' SADDLES is a very funny comedy by MEL BROOKS about a black sheriff (Cleavon Little) trying to get accepted in the white God fearing town of Rock Ridge. There are pleanty of slapstick gags through out the film ending with an all out brawl in the Warner Studios film lot. There are a bunch of crazy characters to including a German speaking Red Indian, a drunken quick draw gun slinger, a childish governer and the very sexy german show girl singer.

The items in this delux version are fantasic for collecters. The limited edition senatype, reproduced set of lobby cards and the large photos of behind the scenes was great. the only drawback was the film poster being folded to fit in the box means the poster is creased but it still is nice to have in the film poster collection
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on 10 February 2001
This is quite simply the funniest film that has ever been made. It is an absolute riot from start to finish. Gene Wilder and Cleavon Little are excellent but Harvey Korman steals the show for me as the hilarious Hedley ("That's HEDLEY!!!") Lamarr.
An audio commentary from Mr Brooks is all that is missing from the DVD.
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on 21 July 2002
I only watched this film because my best friend is a Mel Brooks fanatic and after seeing 'Men In Tights' previously I didn't have high hopes. To my delight it turned out to be one of the freshest and most engaging comedies I've seen in ages even though it may have been released 28 years ago. Gene Wilder is brilliant as the Waco Kid and Cleavon Little gives a great performance as the 'black sheriff'. I challenge you not to watch this film with a smile on your face from start to finish, purely because of the great performances by all of the cast and the wonderful humour of Brooks.
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on 15 December 2007
We had Blazing Saddles as a movie onboard our submarine back in the mid 80's. I think my watch must have seen it a dozen times, until the Control Room watch could recite any scene from it. It is brilliant. Doing the watch handover to the strains of "There was a sleepy town called Rock Ridge..." in the background was slightly surreal. Best line in the film, you almost miss it - "Bart! They said you was hung!" "And they was right...!"
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Zany humour leads the way in Mel Brooks's classic send-up of the Western, to which is added the inspired acting of Gene Wilder as the fastest draw in the West - he makes Shane look like a beginner - and the grace of Cleavon Little as the black sheriff, cynically appointed to play on the racist sentiments of the local community of Rock Ridge with a view to driving them out of the town. Some of the jokes are very funny, but the mayhem and anarchic tone are maintained throughout, leading to a most unusual finale, as inspired as it is farcical. A great campfire scene involving baked beans shows how silliness can be dissolved into pure laughter, as does the sight of Mel Brooks himself as a district governor playing paddle-ball. It was voted 6th on the list of top comedies by the American Film Institute, and it's not hard to see why - it's a film that deflates all the absurdities of Western conventions, while no doubt appealing to lovers of the genre as well.
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on 18 October 2005
I first saw this film in the cinema in 1974 and found myself on my knees between the seat, tears running down my cheeks and gasping for breath. No, I hadn't been mugged - this film was sooooo funny that I was literally helpless with laughter. 30 years on and I still find the film a hugely enjoyable romp. This was Brooks at his funniest with belly laughs from beginning to end.
Classic Comedy.
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I can vividly remember seeing "Blazing Saddles" at the cinema in Dublin in 1974. Even as the credits rolled - the entire audience was screaming – helpless with laughter as bullwhip-cracks accompany a truly cheesy yee-haw song crammed with cornball lyrics like "...Conquer bad guys near and far…Bart was his name!"

But then as scene after scene unfolded and we began to realize this latest Mel Brooks caper was a pisstake on racism using the Wild West idiom - we also sat there in utter astonishment - and even excitement. Here was a film breaking down barriers – tackling taboos and monsters - but using comedy to do it (like Chaplin did with "The Dictator").

It’s 1874 and the town of Rock Ridge is building a railroad through 200,000 acres of other people’s land and the local greedy District Attorney (a stunning turn by Harvey Corman as Hedley Lemarr) needs a way to frighten the locals so senseless – they’ll just up and leave. And one day while he’s watching hangings out his window by a one-eyed Cyclops – Hedley hits on the genius idea of making the new sheriff a black man.

Playing that part with just the right amount of inner-smirk is Cleavon Little as Bart – a smart Negro outfoxing all the rednecks as he rides into town sporting a Gold Sherriff Star, a Gucci side saddlebag and a shiny new outfit. He’s teamed up with Gene Wilder as The Wako Kid - once the fastest gunslinger in the West but now a drunk in jail. Cue an endless stream of ball-breakingly funny Wild West set pieces and fabulous one-liners about ‘nig*ers’ and hick white attitudes…

"You use your tongue prettier than a $20 whore!" Slim Pickens says after Hedley Lemarr recites a list of the worst scum ever he wants assembled for a posse. There’s a preacher at a town meeting that says of the impending doom – "We should act!" Then grabs his coat. "I'm leaving!" A bearded dusty prospector speaks 'Genuine Frontier Gibberish' you can’t understand. Slim Pickens helpfully suggests how to rid Rock Ridge of the simple folk getting in the way of the railroad - "We'll ride into town and kill every first born child!" and Hedley Lemarr replies "Too Jewish!"

Even something as simple as Cleavon standing on the town podium addressing an all-white crowd becomes loaded with black virility when he says "Excuse me while I whip this out!" and all the white women duck for cover. And then there’s Director and Co-Writer Mel Brooks as the Governor who can’t string two words together (has GOV on his jacket) and keeps lusting after his big-chested assistant (Robyn Hilton of Vixens fame). "Work! Work! Work!" he complains as he signs another dodgy Bill into law.

But best of all is the famous farting sequence where all the cowboys are sat around a campfire eating plates of beans - I remember some people in the audience very nearly suffered a coronary they laughed that hard. And equally as joyous is Alex Karras as the unstoppable MONGO –a huge monosyllabic klutz that punches horses who annoy him. And on it goes like "Airplane" – whomping you in the nuts with clever one-liners and unbelievably edgy gags - all of which lead up to a Randolph Scott joke and a very slapstick ending. Wow!

The print quality on the BLU RAY starts out very badly with a lot of heavy grain shimmering and even the occasional line down the negative. But after a short while it settles down. In truth (and rather disappointingly) - you’d have to say the picture is good rather than great. However even stretched to Full Aspect – "Blazing Saddles" still looks cool for a 1974 production. Audio is Dolby Digital: English 5.1, French 1-channel Mono and German 1-channel Mono. Subtitles are English, French and German.

Extras include: Additional Scenes, Scene-Specific Commentary by Mel Brooks, 2 Documentaries – Back In The Saddle and Intimate Portrait: Madeline Kahn (Excerpt), Black Bart: 1975 Pilot Episode Of The Proposed TV Series Spinoff and a Theatrical Trailer.

Re-watching "Blazing Saddles" on BLU RAY has been a joy. It’s easily in the top 5 funniest films ever made – still brilliantly anarchic – snotty – and fresh in a way that so many gross-out comedies of today can’t even get near.

Two black men are sent up the railway line they’ve been slaving on and sink in quicksand – Slim Pickens comes along and throws a rope. But it’s not over the two drowning Negroes - but onto the handcart (his line titles this review).

Do yourself a rootin’ tootin’ favour – and get this fabulous piece of un-pc cinematic crudity in-between your bowlegs…tarnation and varmit!
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on 4 February 2005
For those of you who have not watched Blazing Saddles, I would have to ask "Why not?" This is Mel Brooks at his best, although in fairness to this comment, Mel Brooks at his worst can be pretty grim. I wont bore anyone with the actual storyline, because that's not too important, as in essence this is designed as a spoof Western and not a deep flick that will have you philosophically contemplating our existence, and don't expect to be on the edge of your seat wondering what the next twist will be. I was contemplating rating this 4* due to what I thought was a very disappointing ending, where it just got silly (I know it's a spoof, but if you watch the film you'll see what I mean), but felt that would be unfair to the comedy genius demonstrated in first 7/8ths so didn't.
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