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on 1 August 2017
Such a simple device, but works really well. I had an array of garden shears that had dulled to the point they weren't any use - each time prompting me to just replace them and consign them to the shed drawer. It got to the point where the drawer was full, so I decided to give one of these a go. I screwed the sharpener to a piece of wood, so that it could be held securely in a vice. To sharpen a set of shears, you simply line up the blades and insert them into the corresponding slots; then drag the blades back out whilst applying pressure against the sharpener. Repeat this several times and like magic, your shears are like new again!

I've now sharpened a number of sets of garden shears, clippers and kitchen scissors and everything is once again super-sharp!

Really happy with this - it's a great little invention!
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on 21 October 2017
Superb product. Very easy to use. It comes with the screws to fix the sharpener to a flat surface, I used a wall in the shed. Within seconds my shears were cutting better than they had for years.

No instructions were included but it is a very simple tool. You need to fix the sharpener to a flat, steady surface. Make sure the sharpener is facing the correct way (one side sharpens the other has the sharpening stones covered in plastic). Once fitted, place the tip of each blade of the shears into its hole (left blade left hole, etc.) apply slight pressure to keep the blades in contact with the stones and push the shears into the sharpener. Do this 2 or 3 times and that is it, sharper blades.
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on 19 May 2017
This is really good. I am a teacher and I sharpen my sewing scissors on it all the time. It needs to be fixed down to something. I have fixed it to a lump of wood and I rest it onto a bench hook which is secured into a vice. You have to put a fair bit of pressure onto it for a good result. well worth having though, particularly for sewing scissors as they blunt very quickly in my classroom.
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on 26 May 2018
I've had one of these for years, bolted to the workbench in the shed and find it invaluable for garden shears, so when I wanted one for indoors (scissors) I was delighted to find them again. It does need to be fastened down firmly to use it but for indoor use I have screwed it to a piece of wood which I can hold firmly in a small craft vice which is attached to a table top. It's important to read the instructions even though it's pretty basic. They warn not to slide the blades back and forth on the sharpeners. For shears and scissors you push them away from you, and for sharpening a single blade you insert it from the other side and pull towards you. I have nice sharp scissors now!
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on 19 December 2016
There is actually really do work your ment to screwed it on down but I just hold it down and pushed the scissors or sectors through the blades and it really does work if anybody gives it a bad reviews because they don't know how to use it
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on 5 January 2017
Sharpens really well. Was going to get new shears, but changed my mind after using this.
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on 11 January 2016
This is so easy to use, provided you don't try to force scissors closed when applying them to the sharpener. Used with a light touch and with a slightly greater pressure applied when pushing away rather than towards oneself (the opposite of what you might expect) and the sharpener works really well on all sizes of scissors. Beware!: the sharpener must be fixed to a wall or other surface. Using it 'freehand' really doesn't work at all. Also, note that, if scissors have been sharpened to the wrong angle (or on the wrong faces, which usually scraps the scissors) the sharpener won't work and you would need to take off more metal than this sharpener is capable of removing, with a grinder, to reset the correct angle.
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on 9 May 2017
I used this sharpener on my garden shears yesterday. The shears had never been sharpened and were not cutting the hedges properly, but after sharpening I could not believe the difference. I would recommend this product
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on 8 October 2012
Got these on the strength of other reviews and I am very pleased indeed I did. The garden shears in question are 30 years old, have never been sharpened in that time and have been subjected to much abuse cutting things that were too big for them by application of muscle power. I really was going to buy a new pair thinking the shears were past redemption, but opted for the sharpener as a low cost alternative. Three goes through the sharpener and the edge is like a razor and now cuts individual blades of grass.

The sharpener can screw to any surface, the back of the shed door in my case and that works well. The two fixing screws are plated so shouldn't rust outdoors and the gadget itself has a strong plastic body that ought to last a long time. The screws bite into wood easily with no need for pilot holes and it's simple to fix the sharpener, in literally two minutes. The sharpener copes with two cutting blades, or one (as in my case and you just push the one blade you want honed through) or wavy blade shears. It's easy to use by putting the tips of the blades in the slots of the sharpener and then pushing while holding the blades to the sharpening steel with moderate closing pressure as they are opened up. No skill required to get the correct blade edge angle.

A miracle restorer of blunt blades and can't recommend highly enough.
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on 4 November 2014
This is a very effective bit of kit. Not the most robust housing but the business end is really very good. The device should ideally be screwed down to a board that can be clamped to a workbench, or similar. It can be mounted vertically but I think this method would lack the control needed and may result in the top of the housing snapping.

Follow the instructions exactly, regarding the motion needed to push the blades through the apertures. The tungsten carbide sharpening blocks appear to grind rather than 'strop' the blades, as there is a residue of steel filings left behind after use.

I found that only four or five strokes through the device was enough to restore my blunt shears back to perfect working condition.

Although this is easy to use, I don't know how it fairs with scissors. It may just be too brutal for such finer tools.

Just a warning though; make sure the sharpener is facing in the right direction (this is embossed on the housing). If it is the other way round, the little beast will grind off the wrong edges of your shears.
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