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Customer reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
Lennon Legend [DVD] [2003]
Format: DVD|Change
Price:£8.99+ £1.26 shipping

on 19 August 2017
some good songs a bit of hit and miss for me
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on 27 December 2013
Good dvd
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 30 May 2016
This DVD is a collection of music videos of some of the best songs from John Lennon. This DVD was issued as part of the 'Lennon Legend' project (which also included a 'greatest hits' CD). The aim was to present a selection of music from across Lennon's solo career - including tracks that were only released after his death.

Here we get 20 music videos, for the following songs: Imagine; Instant Karma; Power To The People; Cold Turkey; Whatever Gets You Through The Night; (Just Like) Starting Over; Woman; Jealous Guy; Love; Beautiful Boy; Watching The Wheels; #9 Dream; Mind Games; Happy Xmas (War Is Over); Give Peace A Chance; Working Class Hero; Stand By Me; Nobody Told Me; Borrowed Time; and, Mother.

Most of these videos were made at the time of the original release of the songs. Some are recordings from live shows. And a few have been produced more recently, constructed from archive footage and blended with new material.

In addition to the 20 music videos, there's a feature-length documentary on Lennon and his solo career. This is a well-made DVD, with high production values. I fully recommend it to fans of Lennon.

Just to say, the special edition of the 'Working Class Hero' CD includes a bonus DVD - featuring all of these music videos. If you're after both a collection of Lennon's music on CD and on DVD, then I suggest you take a look at that item.
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on 17 August 2016
Not a great fan of the Beatles as I thought they were very over rated.
But Mr.lennon's solo material is excellent & there isn't a bad track on this dvd.
It is here in DTS 5.1 / DOLBY DIGITAL 5.1 & PCM STEREO.
It also includes a musical photo gallery / animations & 15 minutes of extra tracks.!
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on 4 November 2003
Essentially the story of John through his image and best loved solo music.
Many of the songs are accompanied by complete videos (e.g. "Imagine" - the famous John & Yoko walkabout around their estate and "Instant Karma" an interesting mimed Top Of The Pops Performance)whilst many more are accompanied by haphazard scatterbombing of moving image focussing on key phases of Lennon's life - police arrest,the long haired eccentricity, his love for Yoko, New York politicism, the contented bread making family man, his untimely death and his hero worship directly afterwards. Credit must go to Yoko for allowing such an open account to be made commercially available for the fan. Overall Lennon's life, though cut short, appeared to be a personal triumph moving from the insecure and confused Beatle to the contented mature adult.
The highlight from the main package was the newly made "Irish" video that accompanied "Just Like Starting Over" clearly produced by the same stable that made the Beatles "Free As A Bird". If there is criticism to be levelled the "Power To The People" images were a little hectoring (as is the song of course)and the home video of Sean for "Beautiful Boy" may have been too personal?
DVD extras include his cartoon animations,a picture gallery tastefully set to the instrumental behind "Imagine" and most impressively a video clip from Lennon's last live performance.
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on 24 September 2017
Great DVD
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on 27 July 2017
Fab DVD!
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on 4 February 2005
It's a great package, love the menus and can't fault the picture quality given the source material. I cant comment on the 5.1 as i don't have it.
1. Nice to see the OTHER version of the TOTP 'Instant Karma'. The one on the DVD is the black polo neck version. The one on the 'John Lennon Video Collection' was the flowery shirt/denim jacket version.
2. REALLY annoyed to see that for 'Cold Turkey' they've overdubbed the single version on to of the live version footage from 'Live In NYC'. The video made for the single is GREAT. Why substitute this??
3. The video for 'Mind Games' is so lovely to see. John wandering around surrounded by people who are obviously surprised and pleased to see him. Imagine wandering around NY (im not sure thats where it is , having never been , but I presume it is) and seeing JOHN LENNON! What GREAT footage and it saddens me watching it when you realise that was it was this ability, for him to wander around and not get TOO hassled, that ultimately killed him. Fantastic film but also, the saddest on the whole of the DVD. Made me cry in fact! I so wish I could wander about outside and bump into the late great Winston O'Boogie! I look at all those people in the video and think 'You lucky baskets!' :(
4. Loads of the videos have had stuff added in and/or taken away so that means in order to still have the originals we need to hold on to our vidoes of the 'John Lennon Video Collection'. For example 'Give Peace A chance' has been changed, there's lots of footage missing of the bed in recording with footage of war and conflict and marches added in. I would have prefered to have the ORIGINAL promo made in the 60's for the promotion of the single AT THE TIME. Lots of the 84 videos have also been tampered with. 'Nobody Told Me' includes a false start, but with footage from 1972 on the
screen and they've tried to make it look like we are seeing the recording of this song but we're not (cos we know!). The song also ends and doesnt fade and they've grabbed clips of John where he COULD be saying what we're hearing but we aren't. While it looks ok and we can pretend, I'm not sure if I like it.
5. Oh, and why exactly did John and Yoko wander around New York with stethoscopes, sticking them on every one and everything? What was that all originally filmed for?
6. I DO like how a lot of the songs don't fade and you get to hear how they really ended. ('Give Peace A Chance' and 'Nobody Told Me' being 2 that I remember)
7. I wonder why alot of re-editing of videos was done? The beginning of the original 'Nobody Told Me' has gone (the whispering bit), many bits have been moved about or taken out competely. I don't get it.
Anyway I see I've waffled on a lot. I'm not moaning, just making comment. It's a great DVD but I thought I'd be able to get rid of my old video. I can't. A lot of stuff isn't here.
One thing i forgot to mention was the new video to 'Starting Over'. It is truly SO sad!! It starts off with Johns quote about being 64 years old and living off the coast of Ireland with Yoko looking at their scrapbook of madness. It then goes on to show what could have been John and Yokos retirement home, filmed off the coast of Ireland (by the same bloke who did 'Free As A Bird'?). We get to see in the house, Johns old guitars and amps, old writings and set out on the table, all old photos, as if John's putting together his aforementioned scrapbook. Then a wind come along, blows away all the old photos and we end up flying around the sky with the photos. A cartoon drawing of John and Yoko then flys around for a bit before disapearing in a puff of cartoon smoke. The camera pans back down to earth and the IMAGINE memorial in Central Park and we see the Dakota, and then youcome back to earth and are reminded that John didn't get to 64 and all what we just saw was what we all wish HAD of been. It's VERY moving.
This reminds me, at the end of too many of the videos we are reminded what happened on Dec 8th 1980. Makes for depressing watching when a lot of the videos make you remember constantly that John was taken away!!
Mark Jones
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on 17 October 2004
I'm a big Lennon fan and looked forward to this release. However I was really disappointed with it. That's not to say the music isn't great and the restored/previously unseen footage isn't riveting to watch, but for a superstar who was one of the most filmed people of his generation (and who also prided himself in being filmed ad hoc diary stile), a fair amount of these videos are newly created and don't actually feature him as such. From casual fans to fanatics, this and other aspects of this DVD will be annoying and distracting. I'll start off with the audio. On this side of things you'd think they couldn't go wrong, but they have. Some of the songs now don't fade out as they have always done previously. They continue until the song breaks down. Now for die-hards this will be a bonus - to hear a bit of the song that's never been heard before, but to the casual fan it'll be unpolished and unwelcome, certainly not the way I would expect John would've wanted his music to be presented on his 'Best Of'. The 5.1 surround mix is also pretty lame, as any audiophile will tell you is true of most surround music remixes done at Abbey Road these days. They don't make it 'surround' enough. Listen to this DVD then listen to Queens Greatest Video Hits Vol 1 and you'll know what I mean. Still on the surround mix, they've replaced a chunk of vocals on Jealous Guy with an inferior take for some unknown reason. This totally ruins the song for me. Now to my main gripe - the videos themselves. Most of them have been newly created for this set, criminally in a couple of instances replacing the original promo films with footage that tries to be in the spirit of John or interpret a facet of his personality instead of being the real deal if you know what I mean. A lot of it is slick and well filmed e.g. the video for Starting Over which signifies John's connection with Ireland, but I'm sure John's fans would've been happy with more instances of film of John, even stock footage, where an original promo film wasn't available, as long as it actually had John in it. Instead in the case of Starting Over we get some film maker's attempt to get artsy fartsy with what ends up looking more like an Irish Tourist Board advert than anything else. And this is repeated over and over again. If it wasn't for the real quality footage on the DVD such as the previously released but now restored films for Imagine and Stand By Me, the Top of the Pops Instant Karma performance and the previously unseen film which accompanies Mind Games, I'd tell you to save your money, give this blatant 'released for the Xmas market video hits compilation for an artist who didn't film many videos' a miss and buy the CD instead. There is too much filler video wise. Now onto the extras. These are mostly clips and photos that have been available before so nothing to write home about. 'Everybody's had a hard year', was in the 1988 Imagine movie albeit in an edited form but even so hardly merits the 'never before released performance' tag. Finally, the included booklet is basic, serving primarily to list the songs credits etc and that's where my last observation comes. On 'Give Peace a Chance' the song is credited as being written by John Lennon. I have the original single and it distinctly says Lennon/McCartney. I even remember a John interview when he explained why he joint credited Paul with the song. (He said it was a thank you to Paul for helping him with The Ballad of John and Yoko) Some folk will say this credit change is because of Paul's much publicised reversal of the Lennon/McCartney credit on the Beatles songs he covered on his last live album, 2003's 'Back In The World', but Paul's credit is also missing from the CD version of Lennon Legend which was released back in 1997. Is this a certain Mrs Lennon naughtily using her position as keeper of John's legacy to have a swipe at his old songwriting partner? Tut tut! If John were only here now.......
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on 29 December 2006
This collection was so disapointing. It seems there was some kind of John Lennon super hero who saved the world that this dvd was all about. It had nothing to do with the Lennon I remember who's charm was admitting his faults. This is a glossed over, Yoko marketed vision. Why not use the original promo videos that where made at the time, they where excellent & hold such an important place in all our histories.

All I what is some truth, this is all a lie.
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