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on 27 February 2013
I purchased the four disc box set sealed and new. Having already purchased X-Men 1 and 2 I was looking forward to the perceived or implied extra feast of a !.5 Two Disc Edition. Sadley this had been left off of the extra features.I would not recomend 1.5 due to its poor editing and thought in its production but on the plus side I purchased a new 2 Disc DVD case cheapley .X-MEN 2 GREAT.
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on 19 April 2014
It's the two films, both pretty enjoyable as far as I am concerned. But if you already own them and are thinking the 1.5 might be adding to your collection that isn't really the case. It is a rather cheap seeming tactic to make it seem a new product. It is the original X-men movie with some extras... just as the first dvd release of the X-men movie had.
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on 5 January 2015
vere good
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on 15 November 2003
I fully agree with all the positive reviews of the X men films that I have read. This is a truly bumper set with as much time to be spent watching the extras as the films themselves. I was particularly impressed by Mystique and the tribulations that the actress went through in order ro prepare for her performance. The idea of somone who can take on the appearance and behaviour of anybody elsehas enormous possibilities which, I think have so far been very much underutilised. In a future X men production I would like her to take the central role where many more of these possibilities can be realised.
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on 2 September 2014
a good deal
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on 19 July 2013
I enjoyed the films very much as Hugh Jackman is one of my favourite actors. I wasn't so keen on the disc's with the footages on as they were a bit boring in comparisan to the main film.
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on 30 December 2003
Most films have a standard "bare-bones" (no-extras) dvd and a "special edition" dvd with all the extra features. The X-Men films are the same, in 2000, the original X-Men dvd was released with a normal set of extras but in 2001, the special edition was released (X-Men 1.5) containing all the extras that you could wish for. X-Men 2 had the same but both were released at the same time.
The difference between the 2 box sets is that this one (the one with the red top) contains the special edition dvds and the other one (the blue and silver one) has the bare-bones ones.
The films:
X-Men is the blockbuster that re-established comic-book movies as credible entertainment, part character drama, part super-hero epic. This is a very good film and any problems with it are solved by X-Men 2 (Director Bryan Singer said that the first movie is almost a prologue for what is to come) as X-Men often feels like it is just setting up the characters and basis for bigger adventures to follow.
X-Men 2 is the big one, the first half has the feel of a political drama/detective story which perfectly builds up to the superhero mutant action finale. There are some great scenes including a teleporter attack on the White House, a "coming out" scene which goes horribly wrong and a final fight between two mutants, both of whom can heal from any injury in seconds and who have metal claws built into their hands.
This is a worthwhile purchase for anyone who likes the films and is interested in how they were made. The Extras cannot be beaten (the menus are fun too, the movie disc menu of X-Men 2 is great)
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on 6 October 2003
X-Men was a joy to watch when it first came out in the cinema as it was a blockbuster with all the fast moving action that implies but it also tried to give the main characters depth, exploring what it is to have these powers that scare 'ordinary' people so much and showed two ways of handling the situation. Try and take the world over or use your powers for the good of the rest of humankind. I liked also the background to Magneto and the way this meant that why you do all the traditional hating of the bad guy, you still feel a sympathetic understanding towards him, probably in the same way as Charles Xavier himself does and a hope he'll change his mind.
X-men 2 in a sense is more of the same except it builds on what X-men starts. It deepens relationships, especially in a love triangle between 3 of the x-men, and portrays the younger generation coming through and growing up and making their own choices about their lives. There are also a few genuine powerful emotional moments which changes the pace of the film now and again effectively and gives you a chance to catch your breath.
Both are well worth seeing as the films that set the present trend of super heroes films with more humanity and depth than spandex.
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