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4.3 out of 5 stars206
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 29 November 2003
Having read other reviews who trashed this set for not including 'Return of the Pink Panther', while I agree that it's a shame we couldn't have the COMPLETE set as the box claims, 'Return' wasn't included for the simple reason that MGM do not own the rights to this film, as it was made by Lew Grade's ITC company and not by MGM/UA. Grade wanted to make a Clouseau live-action TV series but director Blake Edwards convinced him to make it into a film. When the box office bells rang loudly, MGM were suddenly convinced that the series had life and produced the films you see in this box set. It is misleading for them to label it as a limited edition complete series however, and 'Return' is absent from the new documentary, so Clouseau's comeback is incorrectly regarded as 'Pink Panther Strikes Again'!
However, the picture quality throughout this set is superb, beautifully shap and clear images, with remastered surround sound stereo so you can enjoy Henry Mancini's seductive theme music coming from all the speakers. Best of all, the films are presented in their original anamorphic widescreen scope. The extras are impressive too, with an all-new documentary, a 1978 TV special and 'The Unknown Peter Sellers'. Blake Edwards also provides an interesting audio commentary over 'The Pink Panther'.
'Trail of the Pink Panther' isn't a classic in the series but deserved to be included as a tribute to Peter Sellers genius, and a reminder that no-one else could (or should) play Clouseau.
All in all, while it would have been more perfect if 'Return' had been included, this is still a highly collectible and impressive set.
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on 30 January 2005
Like many of the reviews so far, it is disappointing that Return of the Pink Panther is not in this collection. But it was never destined for this box set - Return is licensed to a completely different distributor. Lets hope it will be released soon with a restored & remastered widescreen DVD release.
Like many, the inclusion of Trail raises a few questions. I do not object to it being in the collection, but then why didn't they include the follow up movie Curse, which would more neatly complete the series. Ok, it may not have Peter Sellers, and isn't one of the gems of the series, but at least it has more of a plot than the Trail clip compilation.
The other alternative would have been not to release Trail in the package but to create an extended edition of Strikes Again with the additional Peter Sellers footage Trail contains. The reason for this is that all the PS footage from Trail comes from unused out-takes from Strikes Again.
Anyway, despite this, and a flimsy cardboard & easily damaged presentation box, the other movies in the series featured in this collection are absolute classics. My own personal favourite - Revenge!
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on 27 August 2007
As has been said so often in these reviews,why do we have no "Return of....."and yet have to tolerate the really bad(and worse not funny) "Trail Of......."?
This with the exception of "Trail Of....."is a GREAT set.
Why does everyone put "Trail Of......"down?Well, since you ask(and even if you don't),I shall tell you!
In 1982(2 years after the death of Peter Sellers)for whatever strange and misguided reason,Blake Edwards decided to make another Pink Panther movie.Yes,I know his star was dead,but that didn't stop our Blake.He cobbled(literally) together old PP outakes,new scenes made to shoe horn in with the old,and flashbacks from old PP scenes.Sadly considering that Peter Sellers is not in many of them, and the ones he is in are not that funny (if they had been they would have been in the PP films they were made for).
The joins show too,the scenes sometimes fit very awkwardly together and those actors who WERE in the originals suddenly look older in the newly shot scenes.
Blake Edwards should hang his head in shame for the disrepect this does to the memory of Peter Sellers,if he intended it as a tribute(which is indicated as such at the start of the film) it's a strange way of expressing it.If he did it for the money then that is worse.
I would say buy the set,which is worth the money.Watch "Trail of........"
after the other films, just to see how a director can destroy a wonderful idea with a final self inflicted shot!
Lynne Frederick's(Peter's widow) sued Blake Edwards for $14.5 million,I don't know if she won,but she certainly deserved to.
Mind you Blake Edwards didn't learn,in 1983 he made"Curse of the Pink Panther"which didn't have Clouseau in it at all.It featured an American detective,Sergeant Clifton Sleigh,who was it seems a transatlantic version of Clouseau!Now,to add insult to injury in 1993 Edwards made "Son of the Pink Panther"(Yes! Clouseau's son) again with no Clouseau,no humour and no plot!
Well, enough is enough,and I think you are adult and intelligent enough to make up your own mind.
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on 9 February 2004
Like everyone else I was disappointed to find that the Return of the Pink Panther was left out of this (you will find the explanation for this in another review). The Return is one of the better films (who can forget the sequence involving Clouseau's bungled break-in to Lady Litton's hotel room?) and I prize my VHS copy. Nevertheless this set is still worth buying - the quality of the DVDs is good and the packaging imaginative.
For me this is not a series but rather two groups of films: The Pink Panther and Shot in the Dark which have a definite 60's feel to them and then the three '70s films (the absent "Return", "Strikes Again" and Revenge") which are essentially a vehicle for Sellers in various costumes. The Trail of the Pink Panther is hopelessly disjointed and simply an embarrassment - it should really have been scrapped and certainly not made part of this collection (interesting/sad fact - it was David Niven's last film - he was rapidly succumbing to Motor Neurone Disease at the time and all his lines had to be dubbed as his voice was so weak).
Despite all this there are some classic moments, not least in "Strikes Again" with Clouseau's attempt to get into the castle where the mad Dreyfuss is holed up (the muttered "swine moat!" as a soaked Clouseau pulls himself once more out of the moat gets me every time) and the tooth pulling sequence in the same film.
Don't take these films too seriously as they don't stand up to much criticism. Despite dodgy scripts Sellers' brilliance shows through, albeit in a series of glimpses.
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on 31 January 2006
I LOVE the pink panther movies - they have a real innocent silliness about them which makes me cry with laughter every time.
However, the Return of the Pink Panther is very much the best of the films and where is it? it ought to be on the ultimate collection surely!
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on 1 December 2003
Return of The Pink Panther is missing for the simple reason that MGM does not have the rights to it. ITC financed the film and still maintains the distribution rights, which surely is not in their best interest to sell off as long as MGM continues to reissue the films. What would have been nice here is to have entered into a one-time joint effort for a comprehensive 40th Anniversary set.
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VINE VOICEon 2 January 2004
The Pink Panther films are undoubtebly among the most classic and funniest films ever made, and Chief Inspector Clouseau is one of the most memorable comedy characters ever to appear in a movie. Peter Sellers was a great actor, as he proved not only in these films, but in many others too.
It is therefore a shame that this is not a 'complete' collection. The omission of two Pink Panther movies (and especially the omission of 'Return of', which judging by the below comments is many people's including myself favorite PP film) leaves a noticable gap in this collection. What makes a Pink Panther collection interesting is the progression and development of characters from film to film. Not having 'Return of' in this collection means missing the Clouseau character at it's best and most developed. In my opinion the films went down hill after that, with 'Revenge of' being just a re-hash of the same tired formula and with the same old jokes showing the films had run their course. And, as far as I am concerned, 'Trial of' will never be played on my DVD, it is just a shamefull cashing-in exercise that should never have been produced.
So, although the first three films in this collection are hugely enjoyable, one can't help feeling disappointed and think wishfully about how good this collection could have been if only....
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on 12 April 2010
If you are feeling a bit down in the dumps and you need some big belly laughs , you know the ones where you can't breath and the tears are streaming from your eyes so that you look like you have a bad case of hayfever and allergy problems. Well let me just say one thing " Peter Sellers " and a huge dose of this fantastic Pink Panther DVD box set. It is the funniest of the funniest films ever made, especially the later ones, don't get me wrong the early ones are very funny but Mr Sellers really comes in to his own in the seventies panther films escepecially with his many disguises and the many mis-haps of his investigations as Inspector Clouseau...... LOVE THEM!!!!!! 5 ***** and more for this box set.
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on 11 November 2003
A wonderful and long overdue collection of the Clouseau Odyssey. Although I agree with previous comments about the omission of Return of the Pink Panther and the inclusion of the ghoulish Trail...the rest more than makes up for it. How wonderful to finally have decent versions of the original Pink Panther and A Shot In The Dark (the latter, incidentally, previously done on Broadway with William Shatner as the detective!). I know the first film was more of an ensemble piece and that Sellers had not yet fully developed his character, but I have a great fondness for that film - not least because of the ravishing Claudia Cardinale and the exquisite Capucine (Robert Wagner could have stayed at home, though).
The best thing about the bonus disc is the cartoons. The documentaries are interesting rather than revealing. And the state of some of the clips show just how beautifully the films have been restored. Sellers may have been a tempermental prima donna who was increasingly difficult to handle and to work with, but when he was good, he was v-e-r-y good. And, as we Grumpy Old Men are fond of saying: They don't make films like that anymore. Enjoy!
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on 9 September 2006
I was gifted this collection set and have to say that all six discs have given me hours of pleasure. The quality is excellent and the extras are just superb. However,and this is why I rate it with 3 stars only, I feel badly let down and not a little disgusted that the third Panther movie in the series is missing.

'RETURN OF THE PINK PANTHER' is one of the best in the franchise and as a great Panther fan I'm totally at a loss as to its exclusion. This is NOT the Complete Sellers Collection as stated above. I wrote to MGM months ago for an explanation but have received no response. Can anyone who might know the reason for the missing Clouseau please clear up the mistery.

Not that this is in any way Amazon's fault but it would be helpful if the issue could be explained through their good offices.


Rob Cowie
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