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4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 3 April 2004
The Sopranos is one of HBO's greatest achievements (although I admit that I think it lost some of its momentum and spark with seasons three and four). When I first saw the show, I was hooked. I'd watch anywhere from three to four episodes a day. One of the great things about first watching this show on DVD was that I could watch any number of episodes instead of just watching one per week.
"The Sopranos: The Complete Second Season" has to be my favourite season. As much as I love the first one, this was when things were really funny, intense, dramatic and involving. The season doesn't let us down when it comes to Tony having more problems than ever before. Both in his Mafia Family and his immediate family, Tony can never get a break. His wife gives him grief while his kids keep doing things that upset him. And don't get me started on his ill mother and self-centered sister. Life isn't much better in his Mafia Family when the brother of Jackie is released from prison and is giving Tony a hard time both personally and professionally. Not to mention that his long time friend, Big P. comes back from a long hiatus when he was first suspected of turning rat to the Feds. All of this leads to one incredible and unpredictable season that showcases the show like none other.
For me, this was the most entertaining season of them all. I loved the characters, the constantly changing storylines, and the personal and business life of Tony Soprano, which is superbly balanced in this season. There's still the much appreciated humor in these episodes that were found lacking in the next two seasons. It doesn't feel like a soap opera, but a more enhanced look into the Mafia world. There's plenty of action as well as dramatic storylines that will make everybody happy for the most part.
This season comes in a set of four discs, totaling at 13 episodes. The great thing about the show is that it is presented to us in a widescreen format that is enhanced for widescreen TVs. This really makes the show that more effective because you feel like you're actually watching a movie rather than a show on cable. The picture and sound quality is great and really shows. There are some nice little extras, such as featurettes, brief previews and recaps of episodes, web-links and more.
"The Sopranos: The Complete Second Season" is a bundle of laughs, suspense, drama, action and surprises. You're always on your toes and you never know what's coming next. One thing's for sure; this is the most unpredictable season out of the four seasons (the fifth one looks pretty promising thus far). While you'll want to start with the first season if you've never seen the show before, you'll know that you will have something special to look forward to once you get to the second season. In my opinion, this is where Sopranos is flawlessly at its best. -Michael Crane
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on 8 January 2012
I usually watch sci-fi series and a lot of retro television. I watched The Sopranos series 1 a couple of years ago, and thoroughly enjoyed it. Have just finished series 2 over about 7 nights. Wow. It may be about gangsters, but this does not stop it being one of the most well-observed character pieces to appear on television. The series is consistently written opening various story threads which are all neatly concluded. The vision to create, write and produce such a series is absolute genius and faultless teamwork so rarely seen over a period of time.

The acting is top notch and the casting is nothing short of inspired, both of which are crucial to deliver the exceptional dialogue that really sets this programme apart. It is very heavy on swearing, but uses swear words in original ways. Because it is character driven, the pace of the series is slow therefore adding realism. Whilst a hard-hitting mobster drama, there are plenty of light moments, comedy, black comedy and surrealism.

With literally thousands to choose from this has to be the best season of any series I have seen. To pick some recent comparisons. Seasons 1,2 and 3 of Lost are very easy to get into, engaging, thought provoking, mostly to a very high standard with the potential to be a little ground-breaking at times. These four/five categories combined eliminate all bar a handful of programmes, but the description fits The Sopranos too. So many good series arrive from the US these days, but, like Tony Soprano himself, this series will be a tough act to follow.
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With Uncle Junior under house arrest, Tony is now the boss - beset by would-be contenders and treachery from within. Panic attacks continue, necessitating further visits to psychiatrist Jennifer - she in consequence resorting to drink and herself in need of therapy.

13 more compelling episodes (three with commentaries). Again powerful scripts and performances. Intentionally the series is at times hard to watch, the humour helping enormously. (The writing attracted James Gandolfini by making him laugh so much.) Contrasts abound. Inside the family - grace before meals; preparations for son Anthony's Confirmation, daughter Meadow's Graduation. Elsewhere - car-jacking, extortion, baseball bat beatings, killings. Tony has no problem reconciling religion with his way of life. Hell is for other people, not for him - he but a soldier, following a code.

Season 2 grabs the attention and will not let go. Members of the Mafia are so amazed at its authenticity, they are convinced some of their number snitched. Such is revealed in modest but fascinating bonuses. For what greater praise could the producers ask!
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on 14 March 2004
When I bought the first series of the Sopranos I watched it with an eagle eye as I thought it couldn't be as good as everyone had told me. It was better and so it was with this new found confidence that my girlfriend Bex bought me Season 2. I thought that nothing could match the brilliance of the first season but this just makes the first season seem average if thats possible? The storylines are better and the characters have more depth. We realise that Tony cannot live without Dr Melfi and that he has a new found enemy who wants his old patch back. This feud is the series high point as Tony struggles with his life and his profession.I was disappointed in the fact that Tony's truggle with his mother was toned down as he hardly speaks to her during the whole series.Apart from that though the series is stellar and I can't wait to get my hands on season 3. I was just wondering ..... does anybody else realise that Paulie Walnuts a.k.a Tony Sirico is the best character bar Tony on the show. If you don't realise yet then you sure will when you watch this series as he is involved in the funniest scene on tv in a long time. Happy viewing to all you wannabe Don's out there. Grazi
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on 14 December 2003
If you are looking at this review, you probably already have the first season. All I can tell you is that the second season is as good, if not better, than the first.
There are some major plot developments. Livia and Tonys uncle hatch a plan that can have murderous consequences for Tony. Carmela is doing all in her power, and I mean all, to help Meadow get into a good college. In her own sweet way, Carmela can be just as scary as Tony. Janice (Aida Tuturro), Tonys sister, comes back home, wreaks havoc, marries the former mob boss' jailbird brother, and then leaves town with a bang. One of Tonys best friends becomes a snitch for the Feds. No wonder Tony continues to have anxiety attacks and still needs to see his psychiatrist, Dr. Melfi.
The writing continues to be intelligent, and the story lines are as well thought out and engrossing as ever. I have watched the entire first, second, and third seasons and am eagerly awaiting the fourth season. I absolutely love this series!
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on 9 September 2012
Would series 2 be a let-down after the triumph that was the first series? We did wonder, but reassured by the comments here, we bought it then watched it at the rate of two episodes per night (we would have made it more, but real life kept getting in the way!) How is it possible to sustain the high standards? Did they have the modern- day Shakespeare working on the scripts?

I would never have believed you if you had told me that I would be gripped by a long-running series about a very violent Mafia boss, a series with graphic scenes of killing. Normally I run a mile from that genre, and there is the main reason that I have discovered The Sopranos so late.

Series 3 should be with us in a day or two, so our withdrawal symptoms will not last too long.
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on 17 January 2016
This TV series is the perfect combination of mobster family affairs, set against mob business violence. It verges on the comic at times, especially with the mafia bosses struggling with panic attacks in a macho world where no weakness is tollerated. The language and the violence would make it unsuitable for children.
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on 4 October 2009
Late comer to the Sopranos, can't believe what we were missing. Brilliant series 1 and 2 to date, looking forward to the rest.
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on 22 July 2015
Great entertainment and excitement
For a very fair cost we the family will enjoy again and again by one and all.
So can I now take a moment please on behalf of our whole family group to state loudly here and now
...`We Thank You`
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on 20 April 2015
The story of the Sopranos and their associates continues to enthrall in this Season. We learn more about their shady business deals and the ups and downs of married life and of their extra marital activities.
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