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4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 9 February 2016
Sometimes headphones or IEMs can bring out great resolution in music but sound a little too clinical and neutral... NOT THESE. These have tremendously clear vocals and instruments, but most importantly... they give you a fun listening experience. You will definitely pick up on new things in songs if this is your first upgrade to £100+ headphones. What's the best feature for me is the control of all aspects in songs. Not sure how to describe it... but they pace the songs more accurately giving you more time to pick up on all those little features in songs you previously have never heard.

The bass is wonderfully controlled, never too prominent... very smooth... bass heavy tracks are controlled in such a way where you still get the big bass sound but not at any detriment to the other instruments and vocals.

Acoustic gigs and even big large stadium gigs are energetic and fun. Freddie Mercury's vocals at Wembley are crystal clear and it gives you even more respect for his vocals live. The harmonies from the others come more to the foreground too which is a joy and something less expensive headphones have never did for me.

Sound isolation is great. Wore them on the subway and heard very little noise while in motion.

They are comfortable to wear, some others have complained about them clamping the head and having to wear them for a couple hours at a time... i don't have this problem, wore them for four hours when i got them!

Another criticism I've read is the sound stage being narrow... again I feel the sound stage is the same as any other headphones I've had, wide enough for that fun stereo effect.

No cable noise while walking either.

You may want to use a headphone AMP to get the most out of them, although I'm not saying they are quiet... an AMP just takes them to the next level. i use a Topping NX2 (£40), but you can get a good amp even cheaper, try Fiio.
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on 21 May 2016
These punch well above their weight. Note I have owned the high end offerings from the likes of Beyerdynamic (T1, T5p, T70 and the T90, all sounded great but had their pitfalls which became too annoying given the price), whilst there is a slight loss of soundstage, these are incredible and I do not miss any previous headphones I have had listed above.

These are very comfy and after 50 hours use will really come to life. In an ideal world, they do sound better with a good feed, by that I mean good quality lossless music, a good DAC such as AudioQuest Dragon Fly, or better still, the Chord Mojo. Fed by a mere iPhone they sound good but lack some volume. Give them a Macbook and the ante is increased, add the above DAC/HPA into the equation and you are left with awesome sounding headphones which are great for on the move too. I would describe them as being very neutral, bigs bags of SPL at hand should you like to listen to you music this way. Bass is also fantastic, they also block out noise seriosly well. If you are considering any headphones by Beats, please do not buy them. These are miles ahead, end of.

I tend to use them with the AudioQuest Red DAC and Mojo, mostly the latter as it has the edge in terms of solidity and detail. I love how you can crank up the volume and these things do not go all floppy on you at all. It is very apparent why many top DJs use them, all parts are replaceable and they are also very comfy, super light etc.

I have owned and sold many headphones over the years and these will not be sold. If anything I may buy another pair to simply keep in the box.

You may wish to note the copper cabled version sounds slightly better than the steel coiled, marginal but noticeable nonetheless, more smooth and less harsh.

If you have any questions, i'd be more than happy to oblige.
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I have used these professionally for sound recording for about 15 years and whilst not without their issues (detailed below) they do suit me quite well. I have tried various other professional cans but I have to say that I keep coming back to these, for the price they can't be beaten.

First and foremost great audio quality, clinical sounding which can reveal faults in noisy headphone amp circuits.
Good fit, the slit headband, padded head band and earcups work well. The length of adjustment of each earcup is also impressive
Good seal, almost as good as Bose QC15s in acoustic noise reduction level but without the active element.
Very repairable. As they get older things get worn out, the headband pad, the earcup pads and once thet get very old the actual adjustment on the earcup sliders gets very loose. Sennheiser stock an amazing range of spares for these headpones.
Great cable, not curly and not too short, just right with a good right angle plug on the end.

Comfort, for me I find they press on the outer part of the ear a bit too much, after about 2 hours I have to take them off for a few minutes
Earcup connections. Often I need to re-seat the electrical connection on one or more earcups as the sound in one of them cuts out. Doing this usually cures it, it's not a dead driver just a dodgy connection.

Oh and a little tip, get the optional velour car cup pads, Sennheiser HD25 Earpads Velour much more comfortable than the included ones
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VINE VOICEon 31 August 2004
Sennheiser have a reputation for producing low power accurate and easy to wear headphones to cater for consumers and professionals. The HD 25 is the pinnacle of their art. It has good sound isolation and a comfortable headband. They way a fraction of rivals such as Beyerdynamic DT100s and are appreciably louder. Just about every component on them are user servicable (parts can be obtained from the likes of studiospares.com) which is makes is more favourable than the rare Sony MDR 7509 professional series.
They only come in uber fashionable black and are wired with a short single sided cable making them as at home in an iPod or a mixing desk. HiFi snobs would prefer electrostatics or obscure makes with a matched headphone amplifier but for those of us who live in the real world, HD 25s are as good as it gets.
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on 26 October 2008
There are many brands of headphones out there that are designed for DJ use, and many of them are from well respected names in the DJ world such as Technics and Pioneer.

Ignore them all.

After starting off on the slightly cheaper HD-25 SP versions way back when (same sound and cup design, but different headband) i am now on my second pair of HD 25s and so far have never found any other pair that I would replace them with.

These are THE headphones that professional DJ's use. The sound quality is second to none, the isolation is good for inside noisy clubs and the cups are a little smaller than other brands which makes them much more comfortable to wear.

If you look at pictures of any of the "big name" DJs playing live, be it in Ibiza or London or New York, (and barring the few that have sponsorship deals and get paid for wearing/advertising certian brands) these will be the headphones that you will always see.
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VINE VOICEon 11 February 2017
I found that the H25s’ went from fairly pants to magical in the first ten or so hours of use. Once run in they are very neutral with a flat frequency response and a tonal accuracy that some may term a little clinical; similar in nature to Grado Headphones (but without the mid-range emphasis). Not as warm and exciting as my AKG 451s’ but overall more musically satisfying. In my opinion far superior to the Sennheiser Momentum 2 that everyone raves about. Not designed as commuter portables, but if you need a small pair of real audiophile quality headphones that afford a reasonable level of sound isolation and real musical satisfaction then definitely try them out. Great monitor level headphones if you are into mixing and recording your own music. Can be critical of poor quality input so better with CD quality or higher resolution input. Bottom line is that I never feel as though they have any significant faults in their presentation and they draw me into the music. Recommended.

Sound quality. Lots of portable headphones are designed with low frequency bias. The H25s’ are not and have a very neutral and detailed presentation with a fine tonal accuracy. Every part of the music just sounds well balanced and right. They also have a wide sound-stage for closed cup headphones. If you are not used to this presentation then you may consider them a bit analytical or clinical but persevere and you may start to be absorbed in the detail and musical dynamics and find the H25s’ highly musical.
Well made. Very sturdy phones and most parts are replaceable.
Limited microphoney from the cable. So if you tap the cable you don’t get a large booming in your ear.
Even at the full retail price they are worth it.
Reasonable sound isolation.
Strangely Comfortable. Initially you are aware of a significant pressure applied by the headband to the ear pads and I expected this to become uncomfortable over time, but it doesn't. You are always aware that you are wearing the headphones but the pads soften quite quickly and you get used to the pressure. For me it never becomes uncomfortable and the ear cups do not move around and cause irritation.
Good if you wear glasses. The design means that the ear-pads do not touch the arms of glasses.

No carry case or bag supplied.
Bulky. The headband and size of ear cup mean that they are not particularly good if you are listening to music whilst lying down.
They are not really everyday portable headphones.
Make everything sound great, however they really deserve to be used with at least high quality CD resolution music sources.
Not stylish but very functional looking.
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on 27 July 2006
Wow. These only arrived today, and they've not been off my head.

I'm hearing things in my music collection that I'd never heard before. My CDs have layers of sound I'd not heard before, it's a whole new listening experience. Wish I'd had them sooner. The earpads are quite small, but they really do cut off the rest of the world. I can hear a small amount of exposure when they're on someone else's head and the volume is right up, but not enough to identify what is being played etc.

The one wire is a big plus, the only downside being the head band is a litle tight. Overall, tho', I can't recommend the quality of these enough.
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on 7 December 2011
Excellent sound quality, take it from someone who produces/dj's electronic music.
Ambient sound isolation is superb and response is crisp and clear across all frequencies right down to a punchy and tight low end.
Volume is loud with only a hint of distortion at the top end. comparing with the much heavier but equally priced allen&heath xone xd:53, I would have to say these have the edge in sound and are certainly more comfortable to wear for long periods.
Only thing I would mention is that the basic edition only come with one set of ear cups and non-extendable (non-coiled) 1.5m cable. worth bearing in mind if you plan on using them to dj.
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on 30 November 2013
I bought these fantastic cans primarily for DJ use after I was advised by another far more experienced DJ that my cheap open back Sennheisers would damage my hearing as I was having to crank them up far to much to hear what I was monitoring above the din of noisey bars and clubs. So in the summer of 1997 I bought my one and only pair of Sennheiser HD25s which to this day are my go-to cans and the ones that of which have never ever let me down. I used these solidly for ten years of DJing doing 2-3 gigs a week really pushing them to their limits where they withstood anything I could throw at them. Despite all parts being modular and replaceable all I have ever had to change was the ear pads which had split due to being pulled on and off constantly as well as being squashed into record boxes and having all manner of alcoholic beverages spilt over them. I occasionally now have to adjust the left cable but thats it. I cant think of an electrical product I have used(and in the HD25s case abused)that has lasted as long as these.
The sound is a little clinical but extremely detailed and precise with a thumping low end and impressive highs. Background noise is handled well meaning you can really shut yourself away with these and concentrate fully on what your monitoring. Construction is rugged and as you can tell by my story pretty much indestructable with a solid double headband and thick steel cable. Some users have complained that these are a little tight but I found this an advantage and although they are snug to your ears they will never shift or fall off no matter how jiggy you get.

You could say my HD25s have gone into retirement now compared to the first 10years of their life but I do use them daily to listen to CDs, DAB radio and movies through my AV reciever and they still sound fantastic and never miss a beat. Despite being 70ohms they are pretty east to drive meaning if you just want some commuter headphones then they should be fine with battery operated devices(avoid the 600ohm version for this type of use though). Yes they are expensive but in my opinion worth every penny and I dread to think how many cheaper less well made pairs I would have got through over the years. Also for the hard wearing design and incredibly durable cable(plus more power)these are a much better investment over the similar but cheaper HD25 SP model(I tried these and detested the swiveling ear cups which caused the cable to bunch up and tangle under your chin).

I cannot recommend these enough and over the years seem to have become the the industry standard monitor headphone. Just watch any live broadcast whether it be sports commentators or live music and your pretty much guaranteed to see a pair of HD25s glued to their heads. TV cameramen, sound recordists and pro DJs also swear by these so dont just take my word for it, take note of the professionals and treat yourself to possibly the best(in my opinion) sub £200 cans on the market. .
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on 13 September 2012
I was in need of a headphone upgrade. I'm so glad i chose these. There is a reason why the worlds best producers and DJs have these - It is because they're the best. The thing is with these headphones is, the sound quality is so good, you will be literally "wowing! during your first listens.

I bought these also because I am a massive dance music love. Trance and House are my main genres and thee headphones really bring out the best in these genres. The bass which will mean the kick drum is very much excelled at it really is as if you're in a club. The mids and lows are also crystal clear.

These headphones block out the sound and sit very comfortably on your head.

A must buy for anyone who wants the best. You wont be dissapointed!
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