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VINE VOICEon 11 February 2017
I found that the H25s’ went from fairly pants to magical in the first ten or so hours of use. Once run in they are very neutral with a flat frequency response and a tonal accuracy that some may term a little clinical; similar in nature to Grado Headphones (but without the mid-range emphasis). Not as warm and exciting as my AKG 451s’ but overall more musically satisfying. In my opinion far superior to the Sennheiser Momentum 2 that everyone raves about. Not designed as commuter portables, but if you need a small pair of real audiophile quality headphones that afford a reasonable level of sound isolation and real musical satisfaction then definitely try them out. Great monitor level headphones if you are into mixing and recording your own music. Can be critical of poor quality input so better with CD quality or higher resolution input. Bottom line is that I never feel as though they have any significant faults in their presentation and they draw me into the music. Recommended.

Sound quality. Lots of portable headphones are designed with low frequency bias. The H25s’ are not and have a very neutral and detailed presentation with a fine tonal accuracy. Every part of the music just sounds well balanced and right. They also have a wide sound-stage for closed cup headphones. If you are not used to this presentation then you may consider them a bit analytical or clinical but persevere and you may start to be absorbed in the detail and musical dynamics and find the H25s’ highly musical.
Well made. Very sturdy phones and most parts are replaceable.
Limited microphoney from the cable. So if you tap the cable you don’t get a large booming in your ear.
Even at the full retail price they are worth it.
Reasonable sound isolation.
Strangely Comfortable. Initially you are aware of a significant pressure applied by the headband to the ear pads and I expected this to become uncomfortable over time, but it doesn't. You are always aware that you are wearing the headphones but the pads soften quite quickly and you get used to the pressure. For me it never becomes uncomfortable and the ear cups do not move around and cause irritation.
Good if you wear glasses. The design means that the ear-pads do not touch the arms of glasses.

No carry case or bag supplied.
Bulky. The headband and size of ear cup mean that they are not particularly good if you are listening to music whilst lying down.
They are not really everyday portable headphones.
Make everything sound great, however they really deserve to be used with at least high quality CD resolution music sources.
Not stylish but very functional looking.
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on 27 January 2015
Excellent headphones! I am Audio Engineer and I can tell you these are great allrounders as they are very good for mixing but you can use them with your mobile/mp3 player as they're only 70 Ohm and are quite loud.
You don't have the huge bass as the ridiculously overpriced Beats but everything is sooooo well defined and balanced. Anyway, you would never buy a pair of Beats if you have a personality.
In the music production/engineering world, I see more and more people using HD25's, so I think that means something. These are sold as DJ headphones but they're way more than that.
They're better than many, more expensive, headphones that I have tried.
If you want loads of deep bass go elsewhere, these are not for you. These headphones are about quality, not quantity!
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on 22 September 2016
I first bought HD25 in 2008. I was little disappointed at first, when i realized that only headphones itself isn't enough for good sound. But after i got myself a Beresford Caiman, i had the best time ever with these cans!
However, i sold them in 2012 because i wanted to try HD650's. Oddly enough, they sounded way worse than HD25's. Arcam iRdac and Lehmann audio Rhinelander fixed the situation. But all those years i was really curious, what would HD25' sound like on this system. It was really difficult to be satisfied by hd650's (maybe because of the amount of money i had to spend to achieve enjoyable music listening experience).

Well, i needed a decent pair of cans to fill my days in work. I somehow felt being risky by buying HD25s because i saw that Beresford Caiman is discontinued. I'm glad that i decided to give them one more try, except this time with Audioengine D1.
Headphones came first. Tried them on my Nexus 6P phone, wich really isn't the best option to power up headphones, but boy oh boy! They sounded phenomenal just straight out of box! I was really stunt of how enjoyable sound is. I missed that tight bass.

I spent one week with D1 dac and these headphones now. I can't be happier, i think. There is not much to talk about the dac itself, it's doing solid job. But i'm amazed by forgiveness of these headphones. They sound so FUN!
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I amazed how good these are. I was amazed how flimsy these seemed but its the lightweight that give this impression.
Everyday i use them to mix and every day they get better as you wear them in. I can hear my sets better and it has made me more fussy as mistakes are picked up but placing beats in the right place makes a better mix.
I used the jvc xtreme for the first 10 mixes and i have just finished vol 11 using these and the excitement to start vol 12 using these is fantastic.

To get these worn in i left them on a mp3 player
24 hrs 50% vol day 1 + 2
24 hrs 75% vol day 3 + 4
48 hrs 90% vol day 5 + 6
This has made a significant difference
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on 15 July 2014
As others have said these headphones are excellent. Stereo separation is distinct and the audio quality is very, very good with highs, mids and bass all being clearly rendered. Audio books and the spoken word are so clear in these cans! For on-ear headphones they do an excellent job at drowning out most ambient noise but not all of it. While walking next to a busy road you can still hear the traffic.

They are lightweight but robust and can be adjusted in so many ways to fit your head's shape and ears. Some have said that they are uncomfortable after wearing them for some hours and that they press the speakers hard into your ears. I've not found that to be the case and you can adjust the split headband to make it less compressive. I love the fact that everything is replaceable so you have no worries about using these hard, wherever you want.

The 1.5m cable is a great length as it enables me to keep my iBasso safely in my pocket but still use the headphones.
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on 27 December 2014
Very happy with these headphones, they are comfortable and produce a great reference sound.
I hear parts of the music that I never heard before and these headphones do not seem to colour the sound, you hear what was recorded.
They do not look like expensive headphones, which not only manes that they are less likely to be nicked but also that the money has gone into giving you a great sound. I like the fact that should I break a part I can replace just that part rather than be forced to bin them.
As I have a largish head (i.e. one-size-fits-all does not apply to my hats!) and whilst on first use I thought "ooh, these are a bit snug" they are actually a great fit with sufficient pressure on the ears to keep the headphones still but with no uncomfortable pressing on the ears.
The default pads were fine but as I bought the velour ones (at the same time) I have put them on and I think they are marginally more comfy. If I had not bought them at the same time I probably would not have bothered to get them until the original ones had started to wear out.
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on 6 May 2014
At the price these should've come standard with an in-line volume control. That, along with the fact that I could not find a Sennheiser product to the job, is my only gripe. The sound is great, a really wide sound and excellent instrument separation. From reading other reviews my main concern was the apparent head-clamping discomfort - I found this to not be the case. The split headband seems to distribute the pressure, I generally use them for an hour at a time and experience no discomfort.

One of the main factors in choosing this set was the replaceable cable, it seems to be a massive design flaw in the other 99% of headsets that they don't have this option. Having ripped through 2 sets of Motorhead Bomber headphones (it seems catching a train to work in a bank is more rock n roll than they can withstand) I can say I've owned these for about 6 weeks and no problems.
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on 22 May 2015
I've had this product for nearly 12 months now, so thought I should write a review.

Having used them rather extensively in both club and casual environments, I could not speak higher of a pair of headphones. The isolation is good, levels are relatively balanced (although would not recommend for mastering at all) and they provide a good all-round, multi-purpose pair of headphones. The rotatable ear piece is handy for djing in a club to listen to a monitor easily, although I tend not to use it. The cable is a suitable length, it can get a bit wound up but is no problem to untangle.

One of the best features is their durability; they're near impossible to break and having been used for hours and hours, they still work good as new (with the exception of the headband loosening a little). For the price they are an excellent purchase, would particularly recommend for any DJs considering the option - paying a little extra for these compared to the HD-25 SP. Would also vouch for these over the TMA-1s which can be a little heavy on the lows.
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on 5 January 2015
Had received a pair of Bose SoundTrue over-ear headphones for Christmas, but was disappointed with their low volume and weak bass response. They just didn't sound like £150 headphones and were outperformed by my £30 AKG pair.

Because I listen to and DJ drum & bass music, I decided to return the Bose pair and got for the industry standard in headphones used by DJs around the world - the Sennheiser HD 25s.

The difference between the Bose & Sennheiser pair is night and day: more pronounced bass, and a crisper sound. They really sound like they should for the cost.

The sound isolation is also much better, and importantly (because I listen to these on the train), there is much less sound bleed, which means I don't need to worry about the volume of my music bothering other people while commuting.

As for comfort, they are snug on my head but I have worn them for extended periods of time already with very little discomfort. The split headband helps with spreading the weight across the top of your head, and the angle is adjustable.

Build quality is quite plastic-y but they do feel solid.

Overall, I would highly recommend these headphones - especially if you listen to electronic music and/or DJ.
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on 23 November 2015
WOW. These are brilliant headphones. I am sure the reason you are reading this is that you have heard the same about these beasts. They are quite light and sturdy. I have hated on ear headphones as they have never felt comfortable and have always hurt but these did not pose that problem. They are quite comfortable and light on the head. I would say go ahead. If this is your budget and preferred colour then BUY. If you are still in doubt then do check out some blogs on youtube of people evaluating headphones. If you think you still aren't convinced then do check them out at some store or some friend. Great buy since I have never invested even half of the money on headphones. No regrets with this one.
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