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Dirty - Deluxe Edition
Format: Audio CD|Change
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on 29 April 2012
I attend a monthly music club in Cardiff and April's classic album selected for discussion was 'Dirty' by Sonic Youth and I thought I may as well submit my thoughts on this forum.....

I gave the album 7 out of 10 so the question was...3 or 4 stars. I opted for 4 because the album did get better the more I listened to it.

I've always liked and admired Sonic Youth since I first heard them on John Peel in the mid 80s. Indeed, 'Schizophrenia' from their 'Sister' album remains one of my favourite songs from that decade by anyone. But try as I might, I just cannot love them. I think the reason for that is that SY just don't have enough tunes. They seem to favour noise and experimentalism over melody whereas my pallette is geared to the balance being the other way around. SY's contemporaries, for example, Husker Du, Pixies, Smashing Pumpkins and, of course, Nirvana, concentrated more on melody than noise and it is no coincidence that those I bands I love.

That said, Dirty does have enough good tunes for me to register a positive rating as there are only about 4 or 5 songs on it that I would consider as virtually unlistenable leaving enough tracks to get your ears around which range between ok to very good. Standouts for me include a brace that I remember from John Peel's Festive 50 programme from the early 90s - 'Sugar Kane' and 'Youth Against Fascism'. Also, 'Theresa's Sound World', 'Wish Fulfillment' and 'Chapel Hill'. For those of you thinking of trying out Sonic Youth, I would say this album is a good place to start. Others in the music club suggested Goo, from the year before, as also being amongst their more accessible works.
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on 1 May 2014
Dis is s***e,jus cos u r dirty (hiigh) does n'[t mean u r gd. Anything sounds gd when u r on cocaine n lsd - when they rock out I quickly stop the song,and put on another record. U can look at a piece of crap when u r lsd n it will be a beautiful revelation.
I used to like dis,had it on tape,can't imagine why now !
nO I did n't hav sonic youth problems of acid n charly delusion,I was just young n bonkers I reckon.
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on 9 September 2003
I would consider myself a big fan of the American grunge rock scene (Nirvana, Stiltskin, Bush, Stone Temple Pilots, No Doubt etc) and because of this a work colleague told me I'd be foolish not to check out this album from The Sonic Youth. How wrong was he!?! Where Nirvana know how to write a melody these 'not so youthful' lot are more content to make an unlistenable racket. As for the vocals, well, they wont win any Brit Awards for half hearted mumbling and out of tune screaming. Only on tracks '100%' and 'Sugar Kane' do they come close to writing an actual 'song' but sadly this doesn't last and they inevitably descend into a muddled incoherent mess once more. It's not surprising they soon faded after this album whereas the youth of today still proudly wear Nirvana shirts in the High Street. I suggest sticking to the classics of the grunge rock genre.
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on 1 July 2002
This is definitely the best album for a new fan to get into Sonic Youth. It has the softer (more commercial?) aspects of Goo, but is much more Sonic Youth than that album. 100% and Sugar Kane are by far the best tracks on Dirty, but the whole album is let down by Nic Fit. Yes, we all hate Black Flag, but why ruin an album over it. Cost them a star (no, it really is that bad). But as long as you just hit skip when that track comes up you'll be fine.
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on 9 January 2017
I have numerous copies of this album - standard and deluxe edition CD. Tracks from this album have been on my portable devices constantly over the years (from tapes through to mp3!). It's a brilliant album, in my opinion, highlighting all the very best elements of Sonic Youth, I don't think there's a duff track on there.

Now onto the vinyl....'Back To Black' 2 x 180g Black vinyl (with mp3 download card included). It's great to sit down and really appreciate this LP, the vinyl really gives depth to the multi layered sound of Sonic Youth and I'm again astounded that I'm hearing things that I'd never heard before in the music (which is remarkable, as said, I've had this in my collection since its birth in 1992). At the time it was all about Nirvana and the grunge explosion. I was intrigued to find out where it had all begun and have been a Sonic Youth fan ever since.

So I would say if you're considering the vinyl, go for it, I was really pleased with the quality.
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on 2 August 2017
Back in 1992 I was into Neil Young Pearl Jam Smashing Pumpkins etc .. I have always known about The Sonic Youth since the 80s but never listen to them .. Now some 25ish years later and 49years old I saw the Dirty cd with the extra cd at a bargain price I love a bargain and brought Dirty.. l always remember the Dirty album cover from 1992 it made me laugh and still has the same effect !!! On first listen to Dirty I prefer the calmer or mellow tracks I will get used to the frantic tracks ?? Over all Dirty to me is a solid album from The Sonic Youth and still sounds fresh and raw in 2017 as it did way back in 1992.. I will invest in more The Sonic Youth will buy Sister and Murray Street .. Dirty is well worth the price with or without the extra cd ..
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on 28 April 2017
NO farting about with words , this is one hell of a brilliant album (double) even by sonic youth standards,
its easy to get caught up in one then you move on to the next and so on but this has 2 of my all time fav-
sonic youth songs which is something in its self...'Theresa's sound world and Sugar kane are timeless as
is most of their music , its hard sometimes to remember just how long they have been going as a band, and
how close they were to ';punk' ...i dont know of any other band save the velvet underground which by the way
are , to me at least ..the best band i ever heard , that sonic youth come closest for their music.....i love the
pixies ,. the chameleons , and a good few more bands but Sonic Youth just go on and on.
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on 22 August 2000
This album is Sonic Youth unwittingly taking part in the grunge movement. Their most song oriented album it still decends into sheer noise as expect from them. Chapel Hill is an excellent example, it starts as a catchy song, the devolves quickly into noise before suddenly the song comes back as if it hadn't skipped a beat. Brilliant.
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on 28 October 2004
Krautrock never sounded so immitated!
OK I can't think of any female led Krautrock bands either and I really do like this LP (+ Daydream Nation). The thing is, since hearing the 1st 2 LPs by Neu! and everything by Can (then throw in some Stooges, Syd Barrett and Faust + others) I just never want to waste my time listening to Sonic Youth. Their LPs aren't bad, it's just that I'd rather listen to any of the above instead, & at one point I have owned all Sonic Youth releases.
That said the soundtrack to "Made in USA" does have some unique and beautiful moments...
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on 15 November 2017
We need more sonic youth band's! too much "safe" crap out there
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