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4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 10 June 2007
Had these about a week now. Good optics with very clear field of view. The image stabilising works impressive;y. I have a slight tremor and objects at some distance tend to constantly wobble. Push down the button and all is still. This makes everything so much clearer. The focussing is quick and smooth.

So why 4 stars only? They are a little heavy with all the IS mechanism, my wife feels she couldn't watch things for long, the case isn't reinforced so the expensive binocuars are at risk and the large lenses haven't protective caps.

Still, I'm very pleased with these and they impress all who try them
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on 18 July 2009
I,m very impressed with the performance of these binoculars, the image stabilisation works very well meaning that you can use these binoculars easily whilst traveling in a moving vehicle.
Also they let plenty of light in so they perform well at night.
In general use I have found them quick and easy to focus and the image is sharp and bright right up to the edges.
They come in a soft zipped case which is of a generous size making it quick and easy to put them back in as well as taking them out.
The binoculars are supplied with dust caps for the eye pieces but not for the main lenses which are fairly deep set so probably not too prone to damage.
The image stabilization is powered of 2 aa batteries which seem to last a long time, to operate the image stabiliser you simply keep a button on top near the focus wheel pressed in.
weight wise they are not the lightest 10 x 30 binnocs around but the little extra weight added by the image stabilising feature its well worth it, also they feel quite robust and solidly made with a rubberised finish. I have used them in poor weather conditions and so far they have performed well and not got steamed up inside.
I have had them for a year during which time they once got Knocked of the kitchen worktop onto a vinyl floor without suffering any damage.
Overall I give them 5 stars.
John H
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on 25 July 2008
I bought these and expected that the benefits of IS were over-stated.. however I am truly amazed. IS makes a HUGE difference to resolving power. These really live up to expectations.
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Looking at the specifications I was dubious about these: normally 10 power bins need an objective lens of 50mm or more. The lack of waterprrofing also concerned me at the price: and when they arrived with a rather flimsy case and no objective lens caps I feared the worst.

However, in the field all doubts were blown away by the performance. Bird identification was a breeze with these: I also had with me comparable priced Hawke 8 x 43 EDs (better coated lenses, waterproof, great case and lens caps) and the Canons stood up well to the test comparison. However, when the Image Stabilisation button was depressed , there was no contest: the Canon image became rock steady, and I was instantly sold.

After six months hard use, I remain a fan of these bins. They are light enough to be "go anywhere" binoculars - although much heavier than 10x25s, and the performance with IS, negating handshake, mean that I don't take the Hawkes out any more. The binoculars take one AA battery: I use rechargeables (2500 mA) and one lasts me two or three sessions (although I always carry a spare.) Of course, if the battery dies, you can still use the bins without IS, and they'll do the job.

I don't care any more about lack of good case - I carry them in my rucksack, in a bumbag, but more usually just around my neck. I don't fret about lack of lens caps: I just don't pack them with hard objects - but as they spend most of their time around my neck, I'd not want them anyway. These are great binoculars: cannot recommend them enough!
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on 19 August 2009
I had seen these binoculars recommended for astronomy and decided to risk getting a pair. They are excellent binoculars in their own right, the use of Image Stabilisation shifts them up a gear.
All four moons of Jupiter are easily visible and snap into sharp vision at a push of the button. In night conditions 'IS' definitely makes up for lack of aperture size.
I have used them for whale watching in the Bay of Fundy - the fact that the image stabilisation works from a fast moving boat is remarkable.
Depending on height, type, etc, it is often possible to read the markings on aircraft flying overhead.

I do not find the bulkier size a handicap and the weight is actually less than my excellent, smaller 8x30 Carl Zeiss Jena binos.

Battery life can be quite short specially in coldish conditions so I now use expensive Lithium AA batteries which are unaffected by cold and the last ones have lasted about a year now.

Front objective lenses are quite well set back and reasonably protected but the eyepieces do need a much better cover (separate plastic, easy to lose caps are supplied). I acquired an all-in-one (double eyepiece)dust cover from a different pair of binos that fitted. These are much better at protecting from showers and dust and remain attached at all times.
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on 11 January 2010
Bought these binoculars for my Father for Christmas 2009 having read other positive reviews. As he is in his late 70's I was hoping that the IS system would be useful in steadying his hand. Dad has been extremely pleased with them,they are so much better than the ones he had before. Yes, they are expensive but they seem nice quality and very well made. Not too heavy or bulky for him. They let in plenty of light and are nice and bright to look through. Overall extremely pleased and would recommend them.
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on 17 September 2008
I was advised to buy these bins buy a firend who has a pair. As an avid ameture astronmer am always on the look out for a good pair of binoculars, at first i was put off buy the lack of aperture, i was always under the impression that the miniumum size of a binocular for astronomy was about 7x35 which are also great, but was hugely impressed by the power of these binoculars as well as the quality of the lenses. i would say that they work as well as standard 7x50s, as a result of the image stablization. These IS binoculars are the best of both worlds as mixture of great portability and stabilazation. For standard day time use they are equaly as good, not sure how they would work for birdwatching, but i feel that they would be ok.
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on 4 October 2014
Swayed by excellent reviews everywhere, I decided to break the bank and go for Canon's Image Stabilising technology when choosing a new pair of binoculars. As you'd expect from Canon, image quality is excellent, they're really pin sharp. And battery life on the two AAs used for the image stabilising is good. Additionally, some reviews have commented upon their weight - I didn't find them as heavy as I'd expected, probably comparative to a digital bridge camera.

The 10x30s looked like they struck the right balance between (a) magnification and (b) the very top of my budget for binoculars. However, I'm not completely convinced they justify the wallet flattening price tag.

1. They're really expensive. Canon's IS technology has been around for a few years now, I'm surprised the price hasn't come down further. I'd have opted for a pair of the 15x50s but there's no way I can justify almost £900 for a pair of binoculars, no matter how good they are. The 10x30s at £300+ still look overpriced when you can pick up a Canon camcorder with (presumably the same) Image Stabilising technology for roughly half the price of these.

2. I tried a bit of amateur stargazing using these and whilst I got a good view of the moon, they didn't really help me see much else. 10x magnification is fine for viewing scenery but you probably want something a bit more powerful if you're planning on looking at the sky at night.

3. I also don't think that 10x magnification produces sufficient 'judder' to make IS absolutely necessary. Don't get me wrong, the IS technology is very good but on a number of occasions, I forgot to use it (you hold down a button to enable the stabilisation)! The view without it was just fine and without too much shake. I'm sure the higher magnification binoculars in the same range are where the IS function is a must have, for these it's a 'nice to have'.

3. The soft zipped case supplied is a bit rubbish, too light on protection for your £300 binoculars.

So, great binoculars with Image Stabilising that works well but a price tag that's difficult to justify. If money isn't an object, you'll be really happy with these. But of you consider performance vs value when weighing up a purchase, I was a bit underwhelmed.
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on 29 August 2011
These Bino's are great. The quality of the image is like watching the world in HD!

The stabilisation is unbelievable, heaven knows how they have managed to make this work. I can now sit and watch the Birds in my garden for ages. No more wobbles, it makes watching wildlife a real pleasure. To activate the stabilisation just press and hold the button on the top. Panning your vista is simply stunning, you can very easily track a Blackbird trotting across the lawn!

The stabilisation requires 2 x AA batteries to work. There's a little door at the bottom, simply flick it open and plug the batteries in. I'd recommend using Alkaline batteries - rechargables will work however they do not last as long. That is true for most electronic devices, not just these Binoculars. My first set of batteries lasted around 10 months. Of corse, it depends on how often you use them. I was 'full on' for that first 10 months, so I guess an occasional user would get over a year!

The image is crystal clear, even if you wear glasses. They are heavy to hold and substantial in size, however I quite like the fact that they are like this. They come with a carry bag and strap, there is a strap for both the bag and the Bino's. One of the eye pieces can be adjusted for a different focal length too.

The focus dial is smooth and reassuring and will certainly not slip if the Bino's are accidentally jolted.

This is a buy once piece of kit and should last a lifetime. "Buy Cheap, Buy Twice" - I would certainly recommend buying these if you're serious about watching wildlife (or Sport). It really will make it a pleasurable experience.
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on 3 September 2013
The bins themselves are hard to criticise really, they do exactly what they claim to. However, IS can only do so much. Unless you have something like St Vitus' Dance or Huntingdon's it will smooth out your small hand tremors that are part of our natural workings. My binoculars are now a year old with sporadic use and are still on the same batteries, but don't take it from that that the AA cells will last a year - if your workload with these is longer and more regular, best to keep a pair of replacements somewhere close by.

BUT the IS can't iron out gross movements like if you're on a pitching boat deck - nothing will cancel out oscillations like that. But it'll help a bit. I confess I'm slightly disappointed here but I did know beforehand that IS has practical limits, from using several of Canon's cameras that have it fitted to their lenses.

This is a solid lump in your hands. The focus adjustment is as per the norm for field glasses, and the eye pieces have flexible foldback tubes to allow spec wearers to get their spec lenses up close to the bin lenses without risking glass to glass contact. Nice idea. But folding them back isn't all that easy, which must sound pretty lame - till you actually try it.

The optics are beautifully clear and give a brilliant image. And so they should, for the price charged. Canon is never shy of writing high price tags, nor does it believe in giving you any more than it must.

I'm referring here to the ridiculously flimsy/cheap carrying case, equally simple and cheaply made eyepiece lens caps - is anything more easily lost than these? And a complete and total absence of any effort by the factory to give objective lens protection - not even a simple cap is provided, nor is there any easy way to fit one as far as I can tell.

It wouldn't surprise me to find that buried at the back of some Canon catalogue is a cap for these lenses, priced crazy high. It's what they do with simple accessories like lens hoods for their cameras, and other accessories that are often included with the main item from other manufacturers. Not with Canon.

But they do make good kit. Even so I resent strongly this disregard they have for providing a full product while charging lots. They seem to be getting away with it.

For simple occasional keep-in-the-car use, these are overkill. But for "serious" users like bird watchers, rifle shooters or wildlife freaks, all will love these things.

But I still feel riled about those caps and the carrying case. So much so I've begun using a midrange Lowepro camera case instead - I can easily also get a G12 camera into it as well as have ample room for one or two other small items. And it'll protect the binoculars far better than the thing you get with them. Check the Lowepro range, if mine is obsolete now there'll be other models to do as well or better. Mine is a Nova 1 AW - already had it in the cupboard doing nothing so no outlay for me.

The binoculars in use deserve five stars but one is deducted for Canon's attitude with the details I've moaned about above.
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