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3.7 out of 5 stars
3.7 out of 5 stars
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on 16 February 2007
This is a bit of a complicated one. If your a die hard Anne Rice fan and Interview with the vampire offended you DO NOT watch this film because you may choke on your own fury. Really this film should be watched as a stand alone vamp flick and NOT the sequel to Interview. Personally I really love Interview and if I knew that this film was the intended sequel and not just a 'based on' rip off I probably would have hated it. Saying that I watched it as a stand alone and thought it was pretty entertaining. Stuart Townsend plays the lucious Lestat who goes to sleep for a few hundred years but is then awakened by a new wave of metal music and a change in humans attitudes. Then decides to join a band and releases vampire secrets in his lyrics to p1ss all the other vamps off. In doing so he awakens Egyptian Queen Akasha(Aaliyah), the mother of all vampires who wants to make Lestat her new King and rule mankind. Aaliyah surprisingly does a pretty good job and Townsend does his best in this one even though hes obviously working with a script that is a bit daft 'Her blood is like liquid fire, MORE!' and he does comes off as a homosexual Bela Lugosi impersonator but if you watch this film with a bit of humour it can be pretty good. The soundtrack is really impressive and the featurettes on this dvd show the special effects, one about the music with Chester Bennington(Linkin park) and a tribute to Aaliyah which is quite touching. I would say give it a chance. It's not the best but it's a job well done for a genre of films that can go so wrong so easily and go and check out the soundtrack and the score which I can definetly say are totally awesome.
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on 12 November 2003
Queen of the Damned is the sequel to Interview with the Vampire, however it is very different in both pace and style. You might say that it is akin to an MTV movie video of a Vampire film, and indeed music does play a very important part in this film, however it is much more than that.
The story-line is fairly simple. Lonely Vampire (Stuart Townsend) is woken up by Rock Music. Lonely Vampire decides to become a rock musician and to challenge all the world's vampire's to reveal themselves. Meanwhile, Lonely Vampire's music inadvertently wakes Akasha, Queen of the Damned (Aaliyah)who sees human's as food. Lonely Vampire must decide whether he will rule the world with Akasha, throw himself to the mercy of the other vampires or spend eternity roaming the earth with the investigative librarian who's taken a shine to him.
Stuart Townsend and Aaliyah look amazing with both having all the sexy vampiric qualities you could want from an over-zealous bloodsucker. The sound track is fantastic... very Rock/Metal/New Punk-ish and dripping with sliding chords and waning metal guitar semi-tones (and definitely worth buying).
All in all, whilst this Vampire film isn't a classic, it does have all the things you'd want. Over-dressed long-haired, beautifully preserved young vampires. Plenty of blood sucking and spontaneous combustion. Tortured, mournful vampires who've grown very tired of their lonely existence and all this wrapped up in a stylish, musical montage.
Definitely worth having in your collection... just don't expect anything too intellectually challenging.
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on 16 August 2009
If you've read or plan on reading The Vampire Chronicles, on which this is based, do not bother with this film. It will leave you highly irritated and you will rant incessantly about it.

If however, you're not arsed about reading the books, give it a go and you'll probably enjoy it.
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on 23 November 2002
I have to say this is one of my favourite films,Aaliya was perfect as the title character & Stuart Townsend carried of everyones favourite brat prince flawlessly & not forgetting the really good supporting cast too!
I do have a few bad points to say although it is a good film and the character are true to the books (well mostly), The anchients play a very important rule in the book but are hardly if at all featured. Some of tose who appeared but didn't make it to the film were,are Mekare(Mharet's twin sistetr,they make a up a large amout of the 3rd book),Louis(interview's main character),Gabrielle(Lestat's mother and 1st fledgling),Daniel Malloy(the boy from interview),Magnus(Lestat's actual maker),Eric(Mharets companion),Baby Jenks,Azim &theres afew more but I dont want to bore you.
Although it wasn't really that true to the books it did work in its own right as a really enjoyable vampire flick and adds a more likable Anne Rice character to the big screen aposed to the evil version of Lestat in Interview with the Vampire. Also he makes a much more enjoyable hero to watch,then the ever depressed Louis.
Oh and how could the film also boasts an outstanding soundtrack featuring the likes of Chester Bennington(of Linkin Park), Marlin Manson,Wayne Static (of Static X),Jay Gorden(of Orgy) to name a few.
This film really is worth seeing. Enjoy!
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on 27 November 2014
A cult classic for a reason! The cast are amazing and it's a well written plot, leaving the viewer gripped. The characters are amazing.

Lestat has awoken & decides to become the closet thing to God on earth - a rock star! His music reawakens the queen of all vampires, who only wants destruction on earth. This is a must for all those who love the vampire genre
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on 29 October 2014
I remembered watching this movie on Cinema it was dismal. Being a fan of Anne Rice The Vampire Chronicles between 1995-97 as a Teenager, interview with the Vampire stars Brad Pitt really did Justice, Both Brad and Tom were not my type of Actors but they looked Angelic and seductive so beautiful and otherworldly, Kirsten Dunst before her Fame Debut as a self pitted woman Child immortal as years rolled by, will go down in history. That movie is unforgettable unlike some film nowadays.

Unfortunately Queen of the Damned is forgettable, and Camp. Stuart Townsend did not carry the movie as an EMO looking vampire. I loved Aaliyah but she is better at singing than Acting. One thing that I find frustrating is the ancient Historical inaccuracies, Akasha is suppose to be Sumarian from Uruk that later became an Ancient Egyptian Queen. Sumerians language is Turkic, modern day turks recognized over 300 words than any race could translate straight away. So Akasha is meant to be Oriental looking or native American, even The name Akasha is a Turkish word. I noticed for years our culture is being hijacked and later on stolen.
Even the Akasha's Husband King Enkil, is from the Sumerian God Enki whom we once worshipped 7000 years ago.
It was the Black Activists in America that started moaning about the Ancient Egyptian roles playing in Hollywood, without reading the Book, Akasha is Sumarian not African.
Now they are stealing Sumerian culture saying they are black..oh please! Do they understand ancient Turkish language from the cuneiform?No. But they are trying to take away the Olmec Indian of Mexico saying olmecs are black, now they saying they are the First Americans not the proto-mongolians since crossed over to the Ice age.

It is a movie of political incorrect fodder and self indulgence for lying thieves who are not proud of their own culture and want to hijack and steal other races ancient History. They won't ever be happy because down deep they know it is untrue, Sumer IS NOT their ancient History. They never worshipped Inanna and Enki, only Ogun, ayida wedo, Mawu-Lisa the true AFRICAN GODS and should be more appreciated and black activists should learn count their own blessings.

Hollywood should have used the same director, writer and the Cast: Tom Cruise reprise the Lestat role, and Cher should have played the Ancient Queen, at least she has Armenian and Turkish heritage mix, plus an Oscar winner, her magnetism and screen presence would have been captivating, along with her outstanding regal Beauty to be more suited as "the Queen of Heaven". It would have been a better movie and would surpassed interview with the vampire.

Instead Queen of the Damned is The worst movie ever, even Anne Rice hated it, if she hates it. Then I rest my case.
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on 1 February 2014
Vampire Lestat ( Stuart Townsend) takes a nap for a few hundred years because the 18th and 19th centuries were boring. Apparently life begins at a NIN concert. Lestat joins a band and somehow is instantly a success in an age before Simon Cowell (must be a chapter they skipped from the book). He openly claims to be a vampire to the dismay of vampires in hiding and taunts them, "Come out come out whoever you are." It didn't take long for him to pick up the modern accents and slang.

There is a lot of loose talk of loneliness and "the dark wasteland of eternity" apparently a theme designed to appeal to the immortals among us, for some reason I failed to connect to it.

Our title character (Aaliyah ) makes her first real appearance about halfway into the film. Catchy title, but it really was all about him and not her.

The film is a modern erotic thriller without sex and nudity, something that most filmmakers can't accomplish.

Now what if "Concrete Blond" was composed of vampires and they had a battle of the bands...

I did not read the Anne Rice books, so I don't know how bad the adaptation was or wasn't.

I enjoyed the music in the film more than the acting. Stuart was great in his role and I am still scratching my head at Aaliyah's accent. Was that was supposed to be ancient Egyptian or something? Sounded more Akkadian.

Some f-bombs in music lyrics.
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on 25 October 2012
All I can say is "Suck it and see" - you may just be captivated as I was.
Having owned Aaliyah's Age Aint Nothing but a Number on vinyl for far more years that I care to remember, I bought this to check out the one Aaliyah film I had never caught on tv.
What I never expected was to be drawn into a beautiful, thought provoking and very different love story with an amazing sound track which does justice to a good quality surround system. There were so many beautiful sets, and did I spot a Giacometti sculpture in one of them?
You may hate it, but there again, you may well find it a little gem as I did.
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on 14 September 2013
Chances are you are only going to like this film if you are a big fan of Aaliyah and even then maybe not because she is not really up to this role having neither the stage presence nor voice for this part and I feel it was unfair of the film-makers to put her in this role. But to be fair they had no idea about the rest of the casting either since only the actor playing David can actually act well in the part they've been given.

Add to that the terrible hash up of the plot ripped haphazardly from the pages of Anne Rice's two books and given the most awful corny cliched dialogue that you spend most of the film laughing and it isn't much of a film at all.

The supposed great music isn't so great either or at least the way the sound is treated in the film makes it insipid and uninspiring. Unless you are a huge fan of Aaliyah or you are having some friends round to watch a bad film for a laugh don't bother. If you've read the books then don't expect anything even vaguely resembling what you've read.

One spoiler to press this last point so stop here if you don't want to know -

In the book the vampires do not attack Leystad at the rock concert, which makes sense. They are angry with him for revealing their secrets publicly so attacking him en masse in front of a huge crowd of humans as they do in the film is, well, just a bit daft isn't it?
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on 30 November 2013
Having read and enjoyed the book I thought I'd give it a go. It's okay. I enjoyed it but it's nothing special and not a patch on Interview With The vampire.If you've read the book I'd suggest you might be disappointed as the sensuality and graphic horror within the book is seriously lacking in the film hence it's 15 rating but entertaining enough.
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